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Found 54 results

  1. Looking to buy green tea leaves in bulk. Feel free to PM in game to Bdckoolaid or here on the forums with how many you have and what price you want for them.
  2. All parts enchanted - Web Armour. Steel runes of Vynora have been attached - will reduce damage taken 10%.
  3. This is a lovely stone horse staue, dyed a subtle green to mimic aged copper. 64ql, dye stats are R=80, G=159, B=142. A perfect addition to any green shiny deed! Starting price - 8s Minimum increment - 1s Sniper protection - 1hr Delivery available for a 50c flat rate
  4. Hey all, Interested in purchasing a : Green Cherry Blood of the Angels Slime of Uttacha Scroll of Binding Smoke of Sol Please contact me ingame or on the forum@Bittereinder
  5. [23:48:19] This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has 3 charges left. This auction is for a SINGLE charge of the Green cherry. Auction winner will meet me at my deed, Rainbow Retreat, on the Deliverance server, s14, and be prepared to use the charge there. Starting Bid: 45s Bid Increments: 5s
  6. Ever wanted to make a set with your own signature? Well, now you have a chance to do it! 0.45s / 0.01kg
  7. Selling this green scale set I've had for a bit, have other sets i'd rather wear. The asking price for the set is 220Euro to be negotiated through Paypal, not accepting silver at the moment as i've no use for it. Set is currently dyed black and will come with an 80ql steel great helm, also dyed black. Feel free to contact me here on the forums as I do not own the DrSatan account in-game, and do not log in to the game often enough.
  8. Hey Guys, I've got 1 singular green cherry charge for auction here, let's have tons of fun! ***PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS, FREE BUMPS ARE LOVED, BUT NEGATIVITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED*** **Don't shoot the Auctioneer, I only bring love to my auctions** [12:11:10] This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has one charge left. * Spell Granted upon use: Stoneskin. Attacker misses their next 3 attacks * Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) * Weakness: Fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) * Costs 500 karma to cast. Start Bid: 70s Bid Increment: 50c minimum increase Sniper Protect 1hr Pm me here, or ingame (Sugarfoxx) for any questions or inquiry, comment and concerns ❤️
  9. I love the cool green glow that's been applied to goblins, crocodiles and cave bugs! I'd love to see something like this permanently in Wurm, not just for Halloween. What if we allocated certain colours to certain conditioned animals? For example, angry goblins glow green, champion unicorns are pink, etc. If it was done for just a few of the animals and conditions, it wouldn't be common, but a nice treat when you find one of the rare glowy few.
  10. Looking to buy a scale set QL is not a big deal, prefer anything but red however will entertain all offers. Enchants are a plus however not required. PM via board or in game by same name as post.
  11. I have 0,26 kg green dragon scale for sale, 83,40ql - 13s. Please leave a note here or pm me here or ingame if you're interested
  12. There's been requests for public slayings of dragons. So when I found one, I wanted it public. So here we go. In middle parts of Xanadu. Plenty of travelling for everyone, but there is a dragon in the end. Loot will be public rolls for all of the fighters. (I will roll one item for myself and all the other loot will go for slayers.) Participating in killing will require 70+ fs. Preferably fighters would sign up in advance too. Blood and scale of course for everyone premium at the vicinity. Location is at M12. So preferable way for most would be by boat through the canal at SE end of Hammer Lake. Prepare for long sailing from server border. That is a true Xanadu sailing experience There's plenty of room for boats at coast and it seems alts would be within local from the water. The other way is by horse. There is side road starting from Linton - Lormere highway (if coming from Lormere direction it is after Crater of Dawn Farms. Highway turns north and next time it turns west, there is fighting doll and now green lamps to show the side road to east. From Linton direction you'll see the doll and lamps going on when road turns south). I'm adding temporary gravel road for last part. All places you need to turn to different road from the highway onward will be marked with green lamps on both sides.) edit: corrected directions. Going to pen some wild horses for those arriving by boat. Not sure on amounts yet. But there is often big herds of horses swimming in the lake anyway. Food etc. will be available for those who come early. No beds yet, but looking into that as well. Just depends how much time i have to actually play. ----- Some more info to the above. While to participate in actual killing 70+ FS is the only requirement, as it can be verified by wearing the title (mercenary). To be able to actually wound the dragon, you should also have high skill in your chosen weapon, recommend at least 40+, the higher the better of course. High ql weapon (2h) at least 70ql. High ql plate armor preferred, but at least 70+ chain armor a must. On loot: items will be rolled randomly. I will roll one item for myself from all available loot. Rest of loot is randomly rolled among the slayers. Every person may win only one item/charge. So any item with multiple charges will only be given one charge per winner. As it is impossible for me to guarantee the passing of item from one winner to another for their charge, I'm suggesting following: Any multiple charge item will be put up on an auction at forum and the sales amount will be divided to the winners. Two possible exception for this: 1. if someone makes an offer after the drawing of winners and can pay the amount in cash AND every one of the winners agrees to the price (one person disagreeing or unreachable (logged out/disconnected/afk forever...) means, no deal and the item goes for auction). If deal is reached, then the money will be divided for the winners of the charges right away. 2. If all the winners of a charge know and trust each other and would rather handle the item themselves than auction it: If every winner of those charges confirms separately and publicly that they agree to that and all together name the person I should give the item to, then fine with me. The item is then handed to the named recipient with full responsibility of the item. But again one winner not agreeing or not able to confirm their agreement, means no deal and item is auctioned and silvers shared to winners after that. Making sure I have list of loot to be shared and all candidates for it may take some time, especially with all the lag included in unique slayings. So expect some delay after fight before the draw for winners can commence. --- Finally to add. Original intention was to arrange this on weekend, but last weekend would not have given any time for people to prepare. Next weekend and couple after that, I cannot guarantee being online at a specific time. So this Thursday will have to do. Welcome everyone, slayers and watchers. - Nestangol
  13. Hey guys looking to auction off this set, found this green cap to toss in with it Starting Bid: 15s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  14. Start bid: 25s Min inc: 1s No Reserve No Buyout
  15. The below for 95s/e Just found this drake set in storage that I apparently don't need. High AoSP will bloody up your attacker while you take a nap (afk). ..
  16. As title says, looking to buy a charge for me, Pm me if you got one pls, Thanks.
  17. When i use timers i am always looking for that green text signaling that the time has passed and it needs my attention again but when we have finished what we needed to time for the day we are stuck with that green text until we log out and that gets distracting since my eyes are trained to look for that green text so.. My suggestion is that when we use "reset counter" that it also puts the timer back into it starting idle state like it is when we log on and not leaving us stuck with the green text anymore.
  18. Imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer about a week ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. http://forum.wurmonl...gon-armor-pics/ Available: 1 full green set with hat + a spare green hat Price: 100s/e set with hat. 90s/e without hat 12s for just the hat
  19. These are imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer a couple days ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. Available: 2 full green sets with hat & 1 white without hat. Price: 100s/e each with hat. 90s/e without. Also have a spare black hat for 12s, or you can add to the white above for a complete set at 100s
  20. I have two more complete sets for sale. BLACK SOLD Black has some excellent AoSP on most pieces and a random Web Armor cast. 80QL Price with hat: 110s/e without hat 100s/e SOLD Green has a single very high AoSP cast and 2 RARE boots. 90QL Price with hat: 120s/e without hat: 110s/e
  21. 2x Green Hat Gnome (limited edition) 8s each (only one left) cod at buyers expense from pristine Note: If you are unsure what i mean by limited edition have a look at the wiki on them..
  22. Green Drake pants 90ql with 96WA Starting Bid: 16s Bid Increments: 1s Buyout: 27s Reserve: none Anti Sniper: none Edit: Messed up the price when trying to calculate the price for the single piece. Price updated