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Found 12 results

  1. At night things are brighter than with the old stable client but lanterns and lamps don't lighten the area around them. Whether they are on or off, the brightness of the scene is not affected. There is a glow around them but no change to the rest of the area. Same in caves.
  2. as you know.. outside of caves, if you fill and light a planted off deed lamp, it's lit until it runs out of fuel. Within a settlement, they only light at night. (even without a Templar.) Could we make the outdoor off-deed lamps behave in the same way as on-deed? Sure they'll still run out of fuel but they'll last twice as long. I believe we'll be much more likely to manually refill them if they last twice as long. The roads between settlements could be lit up.. at the moment it's simply too much maintenance.
  3. I think it would be nice if fireplaces could work as lamps and light every night.
  4. I am not sure how hard this would be to add and i know you can get a third party clock but it would be nice if the in game compass were to have a crude way to tell the time. I have simple example of this below. ( note my great paintshop skills, lol)
  5. Hey guys Got a problem with my graphics... the ground glows bright at night... Sent a ticket and tried most of what was suggested, yet the ground still glows at night... I no longer need lamps or any source of light to move around, which is good lol but hell... my game looks awful and unrealistic So I was hoping to get some help over the issue, thanks in advance
  6. Hey everybody!! Join the Factional Fight brothers as we complete an order for a small sail boat for none other than Beacher. That's right, Beacher has finally obtained the skills to ride a sail boat and has asked us to make one for him. We share our insights into shipbuilding as well as some tips and tricks to make the slow going slightly less frustrating (just slightly). Enjoy The Ship Building Episode - Oct 5, 2013 Like before, I will be using this post to keep a log of the videos as they come out. You can find past videos from season 2 here: The Factional Fight Tunnel - Sept 28, 2013 All Village Updates - Sept 21, 2013 Animal Taming - Sept 14, 2013 Village Update #3 - Sept 7, 2013 The Spontaneous Tour of Deli - Aug 24, 2013 Truth Seekers: Bricks vs. Mortar - Aug 17, 2013 Our Journey to Indy - Aug 3, 2013 Village Update #2 - July 27, 2013 Epic 3 - Epic Combat Preparations - July 20, 2013 The Joy of Dying - July 13, 2013 Epic 2 - In Search of a Home ... Take Two - July 6, 2013 Epic 1 - I'm a Newb Again...Now What? - June 29, 2013 The Wurm 1.1 Show - June 22, 2013 Village update #1 - June 22, 2013 Season 2 Promo Video - June 19, 2013 I have also updated our season 1 thread to include all of the special episodes. You can visit our previous thread to find the links to season 1 episodes: Season 1 Episodes
  7. This is an archive of season 1 episodes! Enjoy watching the reruns You can find Season 1 episodes here Episode 19: The Final Fight - April 13, 2013 Episode 18: Entering the Priesthood - April 6, 2013 Episode 17: Let's Build a Castle - March 30, 2013 The Making of the Wurm Online Trailer - March 23, 2013 Episode 16: A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course - March 16, 2013 Episode 15: A Toolbelt for Every Job - March 9, 2013 Episode 14: Meditation and the Path to Enlightenment - March 2, 2013 The Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure - Feb 22, 2013 Episode 13: Blacksmithing 101 - Feb 16, 2013 Episode 12: It's Cooking Time - Feb 9, 2013 Episode 11: So You Want to be a Farmer? - Feb 1, 2013 Episode 10: Optimize Your Skill Gain - Jan 26, 2013 Episode 9: Everything You Need to Know About Containers - Jan 19, 2013 Episode 8: Deed It or Lose It - Jan 12, 2013 Episode 7: Newbie Tips & Tricks - Jan 4, 2013 Episode 6: Let's Build a House - Dec 21, 2012 Episode 5: Building a House ... Materials - Dec 15, 2012 Episode 4: Time to Terraform - Dec 8, 2012 Episode 3: Building Carts, Barter and Horses - Dec. 1, 2012 Episode 2: Quest for the Iron Vein - Nov. 24, 2012 Episode 1: Beginnings - Nov 17, 2012 Episode 0: Introduction Video - Nov 17, 2012 NEW During the filming of Season 1 of SNFF, we recorded some special episodes that were not included in the original list. You can find them here: Wurm Online 1.0 Special! - December 13, 2012 Journey to the Impaolong 2012 - December 18, 2012 The Impalong Arrival and Mayham - December 20, 2012 Saturday Night Factional Fight Plays Deal or No Deal - December 22, 2012 Impalong Recap and Goodbyes - December 28, 2012 The Factional Fight Village Announcement - Jan 18, 2013 The Unofficial Wurm Trailer - Jan 29, 2013 The Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure - Feb 22, 2013 The Making of the Wurm Online Trailer - March 22, 2013
  8. I've had this problem since I first played wurm and my computer savvy friends told me to try a few things, none of which worked, and then assumed it could not be fixed. It recently occurred to me to search the technical forum, and when I found nothing, to post in it. At night in Wurm I cannot see anything. Unless there are light sources around, everything is completely black. I can't sail anywhere at night for this reason, and get lost on land easily too I have Windows 7, this happens on stable or unstable, and an ATI graphics card with catalyst control center installed. I tried messing with settings on the control center in the past I believe, but nothing made a difference either way.
  9. Hi, Faeran and I are back on Deliverance after a long holiday at the impalong. In our latest episode we are back at it, continuing where we left off, however, we have been presented with a new goal and a lofty one at that. To construct the Factional Fight village. For this we need dirt, and a lot of it. Together, we discuss many tips and tricks for the newbie player and it turns out we have a lot to say. Watch it at We hope you enjoy! Griphyth
  10. Faeran and I share our journey to the Independence server to join in the festivities at the Traditional Xmas Impalong 2012! Find it at our website: We will continue to bring you more episodes that cover this exciting event and we hope to see you there!
  11. Hey everyone, Faeran and I have released a Wurm Online 1.0 Special episode. This episode is in addition to the new one that we have planned to release this Saturday. You can find the episode here: Saturday Night Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online - Wurm Online 1.0 Special We hope you enjoy! Griphyth
  12. I have decided to re-release my blog entitled "Journey to Puzzles" which chronicles my early journeys in Wurm Online. For those of you who were reading when I first released it, I apologize for not continuing it. The plan is to re-release an entry every week at and when everything has all caught up, then new entries will be released bi-weekly. I would very much like to finish the story of how we ended up where we are now, which is at Puzzle Plaza. You can find them here: Entry 1: My First Impressions Entry 2: In Preparation for a Long Journey Entry 3: Flight to Willow Pond Entry 4: The Fishing Rod Faeran and I have also started a video series which, I hope, is a little educational and a little entertaining. We call it "Saturday Night Factional Fight: Plays Wurm Online" as this was the name of our (very old) podcast series years ago on the topic of MMORPGs. The first two videos have been released at and we will be releasing one bi-weekly so keep an eye open for that. You can find the episodes here: Episode 0: Introduction Video Episode 1: Beginnings Episode 2: The Quest for the Iron Vein Episode 3: Building Carts, Barter and Horses! Episode 4: Time to Terraform I hope you enjoy! Griphyth