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Found 211 results

  1. MrK Mart Shop smart, shop MrK Mart MrK Mart Inventory Spreadsheet Extravaganza Tony Danza Reply, DM or In-Game me at MrKettle Coastal pick up, highway connected Q19 Harmony Always offering bulk buy discounts Quality dyes, goods and rares Labour Day Weekend Sale: All dyes are buy one get one half off on orders of 20kg+ Rare Pottery Smelter 10s 50ql toolbelts 15c each Sale ends
  2. Welcome to Nomads Market As for now we don't have wide list of specialities, from time to time we will update of what we offer to the public. We'll try to do the best possible service, updating our stocks and providing information about the products. Items which can be sent via mailbox will be sent at buyers expense. Wagoner Delivery available in Independence. Currently Collection only or via Indy wagoner delivery. You can buy any amount and type you want. Leave your order here, contact me by PM or just drop me a message in game to Ksss Thank you. Taking Trade-ins for my goods/services. Items wanted in Supreme are: Horseshoes, Saddles, Weapons, Tools , Armours, Shields, Drake Hide, Dragon Scale, Some PMK Wagons(normal and rare++) , Merchant Contracts. Contact me by PM so we can discuss about trade-ins. Karma , Gems and miscellaneous items: Foresters Corner: Complete Almanac with most 90 QL+ reports 1.5s each. sold out 90ql+ of Reports will provide a utmost accuracy on seasons. The best way to preserve the Almanac is to store it in your inventory or your magic chest. Fruits: Nuts: Acorns: Maple Sap: Sprouts / Seedlings: Flowers: Cookers Corner: Wrapped Full House Pizza 94ql+ , Full CCFP , Nutrition over 94++ , 11KG+ , Random Affinity 10+hrs - 25c each. Pizza can be sliced with activated knife it will give 2kg portions, can be stored in Lunchbox which reduces decay or taken on the journey to avoid spoiling full pizza. Lunchboxes can be made on demand 40c each. Endurance Sandwiches - 50 to 90++ Quality available from as low as 1c. Cooking Supplies: Archaeology Corner: Archaeology journals underway. Papyrus Sheets for archaeology journals, once added to the journal they will become blank reports: 50+ql - 15i per sheet , 77+ql - 50i per sheet , 90+ql - 1c per sheet. Fragments: Containers , Light Sources , Burners , Furniture & Decoration: Construction Materials & Other Bulky Items:
  3. Ekino's magic chest Currently sold: Mallet w105, w104, w98 Awl w96, w103 Saw Pickaexe imbued, c102 Helm Trowel both billy sheep recipe tall tail recipe both pork belly recipe all DR - Damage reduction rune GR - Gathering quality rune TR - tending and harvesting rune Not-runed items can have non-moonmetal rune of choice attached for 50c extra
  4. Greetings Wurmians!! I'm cleaning up my deed a bit on Xanadu and have the following items to sell. Feel free to reply here or PM me on the forums.
  5. Welcome! We offer many fine items for purchase. Currently in Stock Rares Rare Huge Axe 1 - 6s Rare Huge Axe 2 - 6s Rare Huge Axe 3 - 6s Rare Maul 1 - 6s Rare Maul 2 - 6s Rare Maul 3 - 6s Rare Axe - 6s Rare Pickaxe 1 - 6s Sold Rare Pickaxe 2 - 6s Sold Rare Pickaxe 3 - 6s Rare Hatchet 1 - 6s Rare Hatchet 2 - 6s Sold Rare Hatchet 3 - 6s Rare Shovel 1 - 6s Sold Rare Shovel 2 - 6s Sold Rare Shovel 3 - 6s Sold Rare File 1 - 8s Sold Rare File 2 - 6s Rare File 3 - 6s Rare Hammer 1 - 6s Sold Rare Hammer 2 - 6s Rare Stone Chisel 1 - 7s Sold Rare Stone Chisel 2 - 6s Sold Rare Rake 1 - 8s Sold Rare Rake 2 - 6s ???? Rare Rake 3 - 6s Rare Pitchfork 1 - 7s Sold Rare Trowel 1 - 7s Sold Rare Trowel 2 - 7s Sold Rare Butchering Knife 1 - 6s Sold Rare Butchering Knife 2 - 6s Rare Butchering Knife 3 - 6s Rare Needle 1 - 6s Supreme Supreme Pickaxe Head, iron - 50s Sold Supreme Butchering Knife Blade, iron - 40s Sold Supreme Hatchet Head, iron - 40s Sold Supreme Shovel Blade, iron - 45s Sold Supreme Chisel Blade, iron - 40s Sold Supreme Pitchfork Fork - iron - 35s Sold
  6. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  7. Note: when you order please specify the name you want mailed to Available Dye of different colours Tier 1 Green/White 80+ Ql Note white only works for lamps/lanterns doesn't work for armour , wood or anything alse 1kg=10c 10kg=80c 45 kg barrel=3s Tier 2 Red/Blue 80+ Ql 1kg=20c 10kg=1.6s 45 kg barrel=4s Tier 3 Yellow/Purple/Cyan/Pink 80+ Ql 1kg=30c 10kg=2.4s 45 kg barrel=6s Tier 4 Black 70+ Ql 1kg=50c 10kg=3s 45 kg barrel=7s bulk discount available Concrete/ Ash/ Lye 100 concrete = 1s 1000 concrete =8s 100 Ash =80c 1000 Ash = 7s Lye barrel random ql = 50c Use this page for different colours or custom Dye Items for sale below (includes a price, last column) Finally managed to update rare /potions stock Rare items, statues and other rare stuff Items in merchants can also be found at T12 celebration, Archdale
  8. 43 x Valrei mission items @ 15c each Various Rares Various Recipes
  9. Going to update and post later
  10. For years we've been tearing our hair out over disappointing rare rolls - but no more! Lets compile a list of the rares that need a good / better use than saccing (some of them can't even be sacced). Please submit your personal favourites (pet hates) below - along with any solutions and ideas for uses! As the devs find us a use for all these "rotten rares", they can be finally crossed off the list. Rare Item Action (how we get the MOI) Ideas for uses / solution ? Interacting with the UI Delay MOI until a more productive action takes place Increased yield Tending / Sowing (Crops) Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Praying Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Bandaging Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Using Transmutation Liquid on a Tile Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Runes Create Rune Needs some use for rare+ runes, such as guaranteed to attach or easier to attach. Rare Stump Woodcutting (Cutting down tree) Usually accompanied by rare felled tree. Add message to highlight this or add chance for rare coins. Rare Support Beam Create / Improve Support Beam Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Wemp Plants Foraging Allow the crushed fibre to keep the rarity of the wemp plants. Rare Cotton (Ball) Foraging Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the string to keep the rarity of the cotton ball. Rare Wool (Ball) Shearing (Sheep) Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the yarn to keep the rarity of the wool ball. Rare Concrete Creating Concrete from Sand and Clay Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Peat Digging (Peat Tile) Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Pottery Shingle Create / Improve clay Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Slate Shingle Create slate Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Coffee Cherries Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Coffee Bean Beverages: Roast green coffee bean in roasting dish Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Cacao Pod Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Related threads:
  11. Odd Blades Do you do Archaeology? Have you ever made a scissor blade that was...lets just say... NOT iron? how embarrassing! This can be a problem, especially if you get a rare or supreme scissor blade, as the difference in the sale value between iron scissors and other metals can be significant. Myth: You need another blade of the same metal surely? False: No, you don't - all 'metal' type blades will combine with an iron scissor blade, and all 'alloy' blades will combine with a steel blade - you can just make the 2nd iron or steel scissor blade (as appropriate) in the forge. How do we know which metal type the finished scissors will be? Myth: It's random, isn't it? False: No, it's not random - YOU control the finished metal type, and here's how... Activate the 'odd' metal type blade and then combine with the iron blade (this also ensures any archaeology runes on the 'odd' blade will transfer to the finished scissors!) The RUNES come from the activated (double-clicked green) blade, but the METAL TYPE comes from the non-activated blade. Here's the proof: Scissor Experiment I made some scissor blades in archaeology, of various types - 5 were in 'odd' metals, so I then made some more iron blades in the forge (shown warm) so that there were the same number of iron and 'odd' metals (5 pairs each containing one 'odd' blade and one iron blade): First, the WRONG way: I first activated (double clicked) an iron blade and then combined it with a zinc blade: The resulting scissors were zinc (see below) and the runes from the zinc blade were not transferred across. The RIGHT way: I next activated (double clicked) a zinc blade and then combined it with an iron blade: The resulting scissors were iron (metal type from the non-activated blade), and contained the runes (transferred from the activated zinc blade) The remaining 'odd' metal blades had runes (left images), so I activated each in turn and combined each with it's own non-activated iron blade to make iron scissors which retained the runes (right images): I hope this helps those of you who are lucky enough to make a rare+ scissor blade of *any* metal type, and want scissors in a sensible metal, but are worried about how to combine it. TL:DR For guaranteed iron or steel metal type from a blade with an 'odd' metal type: Activate scissor blade with the unwanted metal and combine with iron blade if metal, or steel blade if alloy. For guaranteed rune(s): Activate runed scissor blade of any metal type (with the runes you definitely want on it) and combine with iron blade if metal or steel blade if alloy. For guaranteed rarity from a rare+ blade: Activate rare+ scissor blade, and combine with iron blade if metal or steel blade if alloy.
  12. Please make rare+ compasses and toolbelts *glow* on screen in the HUD / UI. NOTE: Please have it toggle, so folks can choose to show the effect or not. This would look *really* cool on Wurm streams, if Wurm streamers' rare items such as compasses and toolbelts had UI windows that glowed just as rares do. I think UI elements could be passed through a shader and given a glow with a bit of tweaking. Even some diagonal highlights that move across the UI window and back periodically might be cool and give it some life. Toggleable of course. Rare BSBs and other containers could open a UI window that glows around the edges in this way too. Just some ideas for coolness.
  13. Welcome to the South Harmony Market! Some of the items you can find on one of the 26+ merchants include... Rares Trinkets and Oddities Leatherworking Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing Ropemaking Jewelsmithing Milks Alcohol Archaeology BoTD Enchanted Tools (300+ currently stocked and priced to sell) Many more items! Limited spots open for new merchants, if you are interested in placing a merchant, please message Volladol to discuss details. South Harmony Market is Home to the Gnome Depot Enchanted BoTD Tools Limited Time Offer! Stop by the market when Volladol is around and ask for a free Libila Enchant Cast on your item! Limited Time Offer! Bring a sick animal with you and receive a free Cast of Genesis by our Resident Fo Priest (Limit one per customer please - abuse it and lose it Custom Libila Enchants Blessing of the dark Aura of shared pain Web armor Bloodthirst Contact Volladol for Custom Enchants and Pricing! Location - S/17 We are located in the beautiful South Harmony! PM Volladol for a free summons to the market! (Summons is one way, must be on Harmony and be sure you have a way back home) Other Markets and Merchants If you wish to have your market included in this list, please message me to have it added! Hope to see you soon! Happy Wurming!
  14. WELCOME TO Take a look around and if you have any questions send a forum message or PM Burdok in-game. *** VANITY/EVENT ITEMS & DECORATIONS *** *** WEAPONS & ARMOR *** *** TOOLS *** *** SACABLES *** *** SERVICES ***
  15. blood (red dragon hatchling) - 2.5s 2x rare mallet, oakenwood (blank, QL 50) - 3.5s ea rare Hammer, iron (blank) - 4s 4k stone bricks - 1.9s/k Buy all 4k for 7. 2s (coastal delivery included) restocking
  16. Scale Set: (SOLD) Scale Set 2 (very incomplete): (SOLD) Hide Set #1: (SOLD) Hide Set #2 (Incomplete) (SOLD) (duplicate cap still remains) Bits and Bobs: Entertaining offers on everything. Thanks all Items currently sold: Blue Drake Set 78ql seryl basinet helm ALL adamantine lumps ALL seryl lumps ALL seryl helmets incomplete red drake set (1 cap still available) white dragon scale scrap white dragon scale glove Red Drake Cap Supreme Steel Plate Vambrace White Dragon Scale Jacket
  17. You are bidding on the following 95ql Rare Iron Scythe Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [101] Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s No reserve No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Item will be sent via CoD to the winner! Happy Bidding!
  18. Wellcome to GTG! we are a traders guild focused on collecting wurm market data. Our specialities are bulk rares and bulk trading but we are not limited by that. Our main trade is keeping track of supply and demand by keeping record of recurring buyers and sellers. Our main goal is to broke information and connect supply chains thus making business more profitable to the seller, buyer and to us! everybody wins. Warning: Wurm has no automatic trade, its part of the game. All the data here is manualy garthered and wrote down. The only thing that makes this data "valid" it's your own personal trust on our skills to put in on paper. Public data: Click here to consult our public data about market prices! (got info) (b) = Information of buyers for trade (got info) (s) = information of sellers for trade To buy information: contact guild masters or traders. Even if you buy information, We can't make sure you will recive the same price from the buyer/seller as we do. ==================================== || Fixed Traders Guild offers: || ==================================== || Fixed buy offer: Rare Planks 30c || || No need to ask, just COD igoro. || || Fixed sell offer: Sugar beats 1k / 80c || || Contact igoro or xmagnum. || || Fixed sell offer: Dirt 1k / 1s || || we ship 5k+ stocked: 15k || ==================================== Ingame Guild Contacts: Guild masters and timezones: Igoro (GMT-3), Xmagnum (GMT-3). Guild Traders: TBA. Guild Navy for hire: Exists, not taking private contracts yet. ======================================================== Well established markets: (high supply and demand) Bulk planks. rare planks. Small Milk barrels 45kg. Next market being worked on: Bulk Brick market. ======================================================= (other trade markets might grow slowly while we build our databases) Services we provide: (you need to contact guild traders or guild masters ingame for pricing.) Register For high profile buyers and general mass manufacturing: Find instant offers of *mostly* bulk goods to supply your trade. If we don't find stock right away to ship it we will place orders with our registered suppliers. buy ahead: by paying extra fees you can reserve items (ex: rare planks) to be sold to you before anyone else. Prices fluctuate a lot less! Since all our deals are pre-planed by the traders guild. We will automaticly adjust the proper number of suppliers accordingly to your demand. our suppliers interchangeably makes your supply chain safier, stable and predictable! helps to Avoid work interruption to gather raw resources by timing constant flow of resources. Register For Supplier, Guild navy, VIP seller and Guild trader: (might have entrance fees): Our main suppliers wares are already sold before they even finish it! Grind you way into becoming a big supplier and have you wares to sell almost instantly Our navy will be at ready to pickup goods anytime! if you manage to get in the main supply chain you don't have to worry about finding buyers anymore. sell for a fixed contract price that almost don't fluctuate. Become a preferred supplier and a VIP Seller and sell reserve your bulk stock to be sold first. Gain access to information brokers and market trends and be able to switch your prodution to high demand goods. good money for starting players and old players! Also check out our freelance Guild navy carrer. (might have entrance fees) also: if you like selling and buying stuff and fiding new clients: associate with our traders guild and become a guild trader. Planned Future services: Taxi. Private freighting for hire. Private mercenary navy for hire. Private mercenary army for hire. Motto: keep our buyers buying and our sellers selling! Good profits to ya.
  19. 1. rare axe, zinc 33ql with brass rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (10%) - 2s 2. rare butchering knife blade, lead 43ql with tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) and adamantine rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) and reduce decay taken (10%) - 1s80c 3. rare butchering knife blade, iron 35ql - 2s 4. rare carving knife, zinc 20ql COC98 with seryll rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (5%) and increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) - 2s35c 5. rare cheese drill, oakenwood 90ql WOA103 COC99 - 4s60c 6. rare file blade, iron 28ql - 2s 7. rare grindstone 80ql - 2s 8. rare hammer, iron 23ql - 2s 9. rare hatchet, bronze 89ql BOTD91- 2s45c 10. rare hatchet, copper 48ql - 1s60c 11. rare huge axe head, tin 26ql with tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) - 2s 12. rare huge sword blade, tin 51ql with seryll rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (10%) and tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) - 2s40c 13. rare libila puppet, cotton 55ql - 1s80c 14. rare long bow, willow 5ql - 2s80c 15. rare long spear, birchwood 68ql - 2s 16. rare rake, iron 55ql - 2s 17. rare saw, iron 90ql WOA98 COC102 - 4s50c 18. rare shovel blade, iron 27ql - 2s 19. rare rare shovel, iron 90ql WOA95 COC97 - 4s50c 20. rare sickle blade, copper 55ql - 1s20c 21. rare sickle, lead 66ql - 2s 22. rare stone chisel, iron 11ql - 2s 23. rare trowel, gold 51ql with gold rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will reduce size (10%) - 2s 24. rare trowel, iron 77ql BOTD97 - 3s20c
  20. CLOSE

    Would like to buy RARE Leather Studded Armour, RARE tools Let me see your RARES!!! Also looking for Yule Goat, Picnic basket, Snow Lantern, addy/glimmersteel lumps. Contact me in game, I am Kyrah..
  21. Rare Archaeology Statue of Drake 1 rare Drake fragment + 126 plain drake fragments ready to complete! (Activate the rare fragment when combining with the plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Drake statue.)  Make a magnificent statue to grace any deed! Your rare statue will be in a random metal and will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! A beautiful and fearsome Drake statue! - see below! Video of rare drake in lead courtesy of Slowmo (Screenshot from Wurmpedia / MrJonnyboy) Make it your own! Fragments will be combined (apart from the final piece) and mailed COD to the winner (included free) or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance All the parts you need to create your rare drake - Have fun! Start Bid: 10s Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection - 1 hour (last hour bids will extend the finish time of the auction by 1 hour after the last bid) Increment: Whatever! No Reserve Auction Ended with Buyout Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Good Luck!
  22. Welcome to Plebville Marketplace! DELIVERY Delivery services are local delivery to northern Cadence or coastal delivery to all servers for 1s. On orders over 10s delivery is included in the cost. CoD through mailbox is also an option upon request. Blanca's Bulk Crops CROP ORDERS I am currently accepting any order except Reed / Rice / Wheat. I am currently at 80+ farming so any requested orders will likely be in that area of QL. PRICING WAITING LIST CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK Custom Affinity Pizzas Tremors' Lumps n Stuff Carpentry Items Smithing Other Wares Rare Items and Specials Location: G-16 of Cadence, north of Sonata.
  23. I haven't been able to keep up with this, so consider it closed temporarily. Many items can be COD'd at a cost of 1c from a fast mailbox (1i for recipes) each or picked up from O14 Release by arrangement. Delivery is possibly to Southern PVE servers for larger orders. I accept payment in silver and sleep powders (worth 1s each), but I accept barter/swap gladly as well! Barter Cooking Supplies & Ingredients Rares & Supremes Archaeology Masks, Statues, & Wood
  24. Edit: We moved to independence and recently started playing again, the thread will be updated with new stuff for sale in the next few days Few things for sale, for now, still trying to figure out prices, feel free to make an offer if anything seems too high (doesn't mean free-lowballing) [Why no spoilers in this list? Because you can CTRL+F (search) and just type the item you are searching for, since there's a bit of everything :D] New player? what does c / w / QL / N / SP / anything stands for? check here some tools are listed as "blades or heads" : that's both because of storage space and because some people like having their signature on their tools, feel free to ask to receive the combined version instead QL96 Supreme Mallet Oak - c100 w104 +10% speed (22s) QL95 Supreme Pickaxe Iron - w104 c98 +10%ql (23s) QL96 Supreme Shovel Iron - w99 c97 +10%ql (18s) QL93 Supreme Press Oak - w94 c94 (15s) QL96 Hatchet Iron 100imbue w100 c97 +10%ql (20s) QL 95 Rare Pickaxe - iron w106 c87 +10%ql (8.5s) QL 94.5 Rare Pickaxe - iron w101 c95 +10%ql (6.2s) QL 93 Rare Pickaxe - iron w100 c87 +10%ql (5.2s) QL 90 Rare Pickaxe - iron w93 c85+10%ql(4s) QL 90 Rare Pickaxe - iron c93 w90+10%ql (4s) QL93 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c95 w101 (5.7s) QL92 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c100 w99 (5.7s) QL92 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c98 w97 (5.4s) QL96.4 Rare Pickaxe - Steel w106 c92 (8.5s) QL93 Rare Hatchet- Steel w100 c95 (5.4s) QL96 Rare File Iron - w100 c99 +10%speed (7s) QL92 Rare Shovel - Steel c95 w101 (5.2s) QL90 Rare Shovel - Steel c99 w96 (4.5s) QL93 Rare Hatchet - iron w103 c95 +10%ql (5.6s) QL10 Rare Shovel iron botd94 +10%ql (4s) QL96.2 Rare Leather Knife - Steel c103 w98 (7.7s) QL96.1 Rare Leather Knife - Steel c100 w94 (6.5s) QL95 Rare leather Knife - Steel c106 w99 (8s) QL92 Rare leather Knife - Steel c99 w96 (5s) QL92 Rare Awl - Steel c95 w96 (4.7s) QL94 Rare Awl - Steel c95 w103 (6.6s) QL94.4 Rare Shovel - Steel w98 c93 (5.2s) QL95 Rare Mallet Oak - botd 98 +10%speed (6s) QL93 Rare Mallet Oak - c104 w102 (6.3s) QL92.3 Rare Mallet Oak - w105 c97 (5.7s) QL92.3 Rare Mallet Oak - w103 c99 (5.3s) QL82 Rare Mallet Oak - c101 w101 (4.8s) QL90 Rare Spindle Oak - c104 w97 (5.5s) QL90 Rare Clay Shaper Oak - c96 w91 (3.6s) QL90 Rare Spatula Oak - c93 w93 (3.5s) Rare Mallet Head Oak c99 (2.9s) Rare Mallet Head Oak (1.8s) Rare Pickaxe Head - Iron (2s) Rare Spindle Oak (1.8s) Rare Spatula Oak (1.8s) Rare Clay Shaper Oak (1.8s) Rare Fruit Press Oak (2s) Rare Cheese Drill Oak (3s) Rare Leather Knife Steel (2s) Rare needle iron (1.75s) QL86 Rare Great Helm - Steel - wa100 (5s) QL90 Rare Huge Axe - Iron Ms95 C84 LT83 N75 (5.5s) QL66 Rare Small Shield - Oak c96 (3s) QL90 Huge Axe c81 (70c) QL73 Scissors botd97 (1.35s) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c100 (1.3s) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c97 (90c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c95 (70c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c94 (65c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c93 (60c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c91 (50c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c90 (45c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel 89 (40c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c88 (35c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c87 (30c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c86 (27c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c85 (25c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c84 (22c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c94 (65c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c82 (20c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c80 (17c) QL 93 Shovel - Iron w103 c88 (3.4s) QL 91 Shovel - Iron w99 c89 (1.8s) QL 90 Shovel - Iron w98 c77 (1.5s) QL 90 Shovel - Iron botd91 (1.2s) QL 85 Shovel - Iron w89 (70c) QL 90 Saw - Iron w92 c77 (115c) QL ~85 Saw - Iron w87 (65c) QL ~85 Saw - Iron w86 (62c) QL~20 Saw Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Saw - iron c84 (22c) QL~20 Saw Steel c83 (20c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c102 (2s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c101 (1.5s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c99 (1,1s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c98 (1s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c95 (70c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c91 (50c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c90 (45c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c86 (27c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c83 (20c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c82 (19c) QL 91 Carving Knife - Iron c91 w83 (1.1s) QL 87 Carving Knife - Iron c88 w82 (60c) QL 95.3 Awl - iron botd95 (2.75s) QL~12 Awl blade Steel c102 (2s) QL~3 Awl blade Steel c97 (90c) QL~10 Sickle blade - iron c89 (40c) QL~10 Sickle blade - iron c87 (30c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c89 (40c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c83 (20c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c82 (19c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c80 (17c) QL~20 Needle Steel c100 (1.3s) QL~20 Needle Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Needle Steel c89 (45c) QL~20 Needle Steel c84 (22c) QL~20 Needle Steel c82 (19c) QL~20 Needle Steel c81 (18c) QL~20 Needle Steel c80 (17c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c94 (65c) QL~4 Scissors - iron c90 (45c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c88 (35c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c87 (30c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c87 (30c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c86 (27c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c80 (17c) QL 32 Dredge c97 (90c) QL 36 Dredge c85 (25c) QL~20 Knife Steel c84 (22c) QL 92 Hammer - Iron w89 c84 (1.3s) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c94 (65c) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c86 (27c) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c86 (27c) QL 90 Fruit Press - oak w77 (60c) QL 99.7 Whetstone c85 w78 (30c) QL 100 Whetstone c92 (55c) QL 100 Whetstone c72 (10c) QL 100 Whetstone c71 (9c) QL 100 Whetstone c70 (8c) QL~9 meditation rug c105 (3s) QL~9 meditation rug c101 (1,5s) QL~9 meditation rug c99 (1,1s) QL~9 meditation rug c96 (80c) QL~9 meditation rug c93 (60c) QL~9 meditation rug c91 (50c) QL~9 meditation rug c90 (45c) QL~9 meditation rug c88 (35c) QL~9 meditation rug c86 (27c) QL~9 meditation rug c85 (25c) QL 45 Fishing Rod - willow c94 (65c) QL67 Compass w72 (70c) Horse Stuff: 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w80 (25c each) 8x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w81 (26c each) 10x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w82 (27c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w83 (28c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w84 (30c each) 6x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w85 (33c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w86 (35c each) 5x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w87 (38c each) 7x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w89 (45c each) 2x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w90 (50c each) 8x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w91 (55c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w92 (60c each) 5x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w93 (65c each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w94 (70c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w95 (75c each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w96 (80c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w97 (90c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w98 (100c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w99 (110c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w102 (2s each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w104 (250c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w105 (3s each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w106 (4s each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w108 (5s each) QL90.9 Rare Horseshoe w92 -10dmg Ru (3.2s) QL90.7 Rare Horseshoe w93 (3s) Combinables (Shipped in little weight, ask me if you don't know how to use them) String of cloth c83 (20c) String of cloth c82 (19c) Rock Shards c94 w86 (78c) Rock Shards c80 w78 (25c) Steel lump c101 w88 (165c) Steel lump c96 (80c) Steel lump c94 (65c) Steel lump c87 (30c) Steel lump c83 (20c) Steel lump c73 w71 (13c) Steel lump c75 (10c) Steel lump c70 (8c) Iron Lump c81 (18c) Cotton c100 (1.3s) Cotton c95 (70c) Cotton c93 (60c) Cotton c88 (35c) Cotton c87 (30c) Cotton c84 (23c) Cotton c82 (19c) Cotton c81 (18c) Cotton c78 (12c) Tooth c78 (12c) Tooth c66 (3c) Silver lump w86 (27c) Zinc lump c82 w61 (20c) Charcoal c83 (20c) Charcoal c67 (3c) 7x Champagne (1s each) Rare Champagne (2s) Soft Cap (1.5s) 33ql Star Diamond (1.5s) 3x Pottery valentines (80c each)