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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to The Rare Ships and Vehicles Shop. Knarrs are the best way to sail around, especially in shallow waters. Caravels are the largest containers you can find: more crates, bulk storage bins, animal crates, a caravell can store them more than any other ship or wagon. Wagons are great to move crates, bulk and food storage bins from a place to another, allowing you to move heavy items, making easy to organize your deed or arrange deliveries. Large Carts are awsome for roaming around, alone, with friends, for hunting or just exploring the servers. The rarity increases their speed and gives them a nice glow. Our boats are usually made with archaeology woods; they are at least 90 ql with a speed rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast; if the waters should be too swallow for the caravel, don't worry, you can load them into a ship transporter from the closest shore. All our vehicles are usually made with archaeology wood, they are 85+ ql with a speed and volume rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast. In the sold section you can see the pictures of the items and also an image from the wurmpedia, to have a better idea of the wood color types. Supreme Caravel: 250s Rare Caravel: 85s Supreme Knarr: 400s Rare Knarr: 65s OR 50s + your old regular knarr (archaeology wood) OR 55s + your old regular knarr (non archaeology wood) Rare Wagon: 50s Supreme Large Cart: 300s Rare Large Cart: 40s So what are you waiting for? You can contact me or Davih here in the forum or in game (as Luttuosaa and Davihh); if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. Supreme Raspberry Caravel. Rare Lavender Caravel. Supreme Raspberry Knarr. Supreme Thorn Knarr. Rare Blueberry Knarr. Rare Camellia Knarr. Rare Grape Knarr 92ql. Rare Hazelnut Knarr. Rare Lavender Knarr. Rare Lingonberry Knarr. Rare Oleander Knarr 92ql. Rare Raspberry Knarr. Rare Rose Knarr. Rare Thorn Knarr. Rare Cedarwood Knarr. Rare Cherry Knarr. Rare Blueberry Wagon. Rare Lingonberry Wagon. Rare Rose Wagon. Rare Thorn Wagon. Rare Cedarwood Wagon. Rare Orange Wagon. Supreme Lavender Large Cart, 90ql, 10% Speed Rune. Rare Blueberry Large Cart. Rare Camellia Large Cart 88ql. Rare Grape Large Cart. Rare Lavender Large Cart. Rare Lingonberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Oleander Large Cart. Rare Raspberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Rose Large Cart. Rare Thorn Large Cart. Rare Cedarwood Large Cart (35s) 89ql. Archaeology wood colors: Pictures and Sold.
  2. These lovely foals need a new home! They are two unrelated blood bays, both 5 speed and will fight fiercely. The male is Blooddream and the female Jadeecker. Great for starting a line of blood bays, or simply as a matching pair of 5 speed horses. They are located in Amish Sanctuary Market. Delivery is available, just ask for details. Price 5s plus delivery if applicable.
  3. Can't decide which new colour you like? Want a cart with 2 horses of the same name? This isn't quite like my other twins, as these share only the same name. One is a 2 speed bay, the other is a 5 speed piebald. "Copperraffle" The Blood Bay is Aged, born on the 30th of April. The piebald is adolescent, born on the 22nd of June. Blood Bay Copperraffle has fleeter movement and strong body. Exact traits for each are listed on my Sales Page. Let's start the bidding at 2s, with minimum increments of 25c. No reserve. Snipe protection 1 hour
  4. Trident bay recruiting I'm looking for active new-old players who want a place to start his/her experiance in Xanado. My village at Q13. PM me ingame or forum. What I can Offen: A safe place where you can build your house. Clay, tar, ores on deed and at alliance deed. Helping and material sharing Knowlage sharing. Better tools armour. Good food. What I searching: Active players. Solo or group players wellcome. Priest welcome. Village Rules: Respect other players. Respect others stuff. Have Fun Progress: Farm area: Done! Citizen lot area: Done! Storage, Workshop house: In progress Cave cannal: In progress, Entrance done! Mine: In progress Stewen
  5. Ah the fun part, naming stuff. As with previous maps there are a few ground rules. Most importantly however, is to remember that the names on the map are simply the names on the map; you may call your island/mountain/bay whatever the hell you like. I do recognise that a map name tends to stick, which is why I have the ground rules. So; I will not name everything, only a few key areas/features/islands of my choosing. All the residents of an island must agree to one name or else it will not be named. Naming features after deeds is not accepted. Arguments over names by residents for any feature will likely negate any names suggested. I will not be changing the names of islands just because new people move in and want it changed. I will not consider or accept any suggestions that contain 'Oak', 'Birch', 'Pine' or any tree type. Preferably, we will avoid naming things after spiders or other unoriginal claptrap. e.g. 'Troll Island' is pathetic, while 'Goblin's Snatch' is humourous. Decisions are final. Further complaining won't do you any favours. I'm not nice, so don't make that mistake. Horseshoe Island in the NE has already been decided on. I will take suggestions here for the next two weeks, judging winners by popularity here and by asking kchat at various occasions. If you haven't participated you have no right to complain about not having a say. [EDIT] Suggestions/Decisons so far; #1 Moby Island; Dagger Isle Devilfish Island [NAMED] #2 Kraken's Wake [NAMED] #3 Silvermoon Isle [NAMED] #4 [NAMED] #5 Paramount Lake [NAMED] #6 [uNNAMED] #7 Bay of Unrest [NAMED] #8 Dragon Head Sea [NAMED] #9 [uNNAMED] #10 (Does anyone actually live here?) Rolf's Ridge [NAMED] And now, the locations; West Island East Island The first SE Island The Second SE Island The middle lake The red dragon island/mountain The West Bay (I forsee trouble for this one) The Southern bay (8) and Southern Island (9) The NE Island