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  1. Latest update: Healing covers now heal on success like cotton does in WO. Healing covers do not destroy on fail. More items have potency values (flowers, herb, etc). Cotton currently does not heal, only stems further damage (to be tweaked again on next update). Animal parts doubled in weight (glands, teeth, etc). Creation timer for making healing covers reduced to 5s. Timer for applying healing items reduced to approx. 3s (should be instant, more testing needed). Healing cover decay rate when not in inventory set to that of other items (such as compass). This Monday should see the code updated to the latest WU update (apparently WU will be subjected to continous updates like WO, oh joy). Will reintroduce healing for cotton (albeit vastly reduced), add more advanced alchemy items, add more items from butchering animals, skill difficulty further re-balanced.
  2. For importing biomes, your grass and kelp rgb values are the same. Importing creates kelp. Lots and lots of kelp. Which is kinda cool if you want a 'lost in the cornfield' server, not so much otherwise.
  3. Rolf!

    Really, at this point all withholding the source does is slow down modding progress. Everything's there for you to see anyway, it's just you get annoying decompile errors. Charging a license fee to alter it and use it on your server would be a good way to go.
  4. Today's update: All boats have had their speeds redone. Better minimum speeds for less boring sailing times. At testing, a 99ql caravel can go 9km/h against the gale. Ship quality doubles your base speed at 100 ql. Rarity adds a small bonus on top of this. All spawn tables and caps re-balanced; gorillas, boars and hyenas join the standard spawn table. No more desert crocs. All land creatures now can have dens; so champion lava fiends, hens, roosters, cows and tortoises are a thing. All champion size modifiers increased; greenish and raging tweaked; age sizes tweaked; other status size modifiers removed. New bedroll item: can be placed outside or underground for sleeping or as a respawn point. Can be lifted by anyone. * *model is a little buggy still, will add link when it's fully working
  5. Aye, they have a hardcap of 500, with other sea creatures being 150 for dolphins/octopus/3 whales/4 serpents. Easily altered. Why they aren't just in the SpawnTable under the deepwater encounter type I do not know.
  6. And whilst doing something else entirely I stumbled upon spawnSeaCreature() in Zone.class. Which seems to be what I was looking for.
  7. Anyone found where this lies? I have the creaturetemplates for sharks etc, but they do not appear in the spawntable.class alongside the other critters. Looked for some time and cannot track it down.
  8. Zombies and skillgain changes now in-effect. Weaponsmithing is now on the same rate as every other smithing skill, various other skills rebalanced.Coming this week; minimum boat speeds, extra-long harvest periods, restored giant-sized champion creatures* and bedrolls for sleeping underground. *hopefully
  9. I had an interesting turn while experimenting with my zombie mod. They took on NPC AI. [06:48:34] <Zombie ironshroud> Can't say I fear your knowledge in Dairy food making, Ironshroud.
  10. If anyone remembers bear-mageddon, we had a spider-mageddon after I deleted all the sharks in the db.
  11. This. Happens with any game where players host servers. It is unlucky that your one died so early, maybe email an admin to try and get a copy of the db?
  12. ;P though, testing it on a PvE Home server, I am not dropping anything on death. Newbie buff?
  13. Do not appear to, at least not all the time. I haven't played in years so I have no idea if this is normal.
  14. Now added: - beds become respawn points, similar to tents. - skill loss on death removed. Some changes planned later this week*: - items once more will drop on death to your corpse. - unburied corpses will spawn a zombie at the point of decaying - weaponsmithing set to the same skillgain rate as regular smithing - modified client available that includes server-minimap - minimum boats speeds, increased maximum slope for horse riding - inventory item limit removed *subject to potential delays
  15. greenmangaming, you get an additional 22% off on top of the 10% discount. [EDIT] Well, you did until yesterday. I think with their code it's just the 22% off now.