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  1. Hello First of all wery good mod. Well done. Maybe someove else ask this before but what is the keybind name of the "exchange animal" command and if I change an animal to a token is it come out from the creature list in the server files? Thanks for the answer.
  2. Thank you for your answer. Well its kinda sad I was love this feature. =(
  3. Hello wurmians! Today when I was leaded a rooster I noticed the nearby hen not started to follow the rooster. I was think this just a little but, happened in WO to sommetime and tested out. I was created an aged rooster and 20 hen but non of tham followed the rooster when i was leaded it near to tham. Is this a change in the game of a missing feature?
  4. Hello! Can anyone make these mods for me? Please pm me or post here. Dirt spell mod: Dirt spell give 50-100 dirt into the chosed container. Amout can set in config Maybe: Each spell cost some money. Amout set in config. MOTD mod Message appear in GL-Freedom chat in every 20-30 min randomly. Message lines can set in the config. Timeing based can be on wurm time. Maybe: Timed (hh:mm) messages set in config. Timeing based on real time. .
  5. Hota statue change working, previusly the tower auxdata change was worked but after the last patch its not working for me but hhere are what I reed in another topic. copy pasted from another topic! 'changing aux data give you the new ones. Just to see them after you changed the setting do a gentle push or pull and it will change to the new statue. Listed below is the Aux Data values 0 dog fighting bear 20 1 wolf fighting bison 20 2 deer 20 3 bear fighting bull 20 4 black dragon 40 5 lady of the lake 25 6 nogump 30 7 man fighting bear 20 8 soldemon 25 9 scorpion 30 Towers - setting auxdata type 1 regular JK type 2 black spiky - HOTS type 3 tall gray - MR type 4 tall with lookout - freedom"
  6. Update: Admin shop: New items as rarity strange bones for example. New mod: Surface mining (mine surface as the cave). Cave Dwellings is on (for own risk). Upcoming 2 events soon.
  7. Update: Admin shop: Four merchant full with masks xmas gifts ada&glimmersteel lumps (thay cant mine) and come decorative items. New mod: Action timer fix. This fixed terraforming, praying etc timers so thay have now the 80x boost. Bounty boost: Balanced and boosted money gain from creature killing (+20-50%) Mods update.
  8. May I was not reed all the post but can you put in the faith and favor gain too? Thanks for this great mod!
  9. Personaly I like the Worgs but thx for the tip
  10. Maybe somekind of chain item which if you put on tham thay stays in one place like a lock. +1
  11. Hello! Maybe others interested too in these modifications. - No-drop items posible to drop ( Sculpting wand, Farwalker amulet, Bag of keeping , etc). - Changeable Merchant limits like item amout, weight. - GM can add more items to the trader for stable selling not just "the piece" what I sell to the trader. - Changeable price (for example sleep powder have fix price)
  12. Hello! Im not so old in wurm and I had some break too but this it my best and most loved momment in wurm. November ‎5. 2011 , ‎Saturnday, ‏‎18:36:08 Independance SE Near FreeBear My First village : Pearl Village. Me and my 3 friend was started this game and settled on this area after a long travel.
  13. Egg uses

    +1 Cake hmmmm
  14. Greetings! Pearl town is a dedicated server hosted in France.The map is the original Ocrea with several changes. Its a free PVE server with bounty system and lowered deed cost/upkeep. The 200 skill and 80 action rate give dinamic gameplay without loosing all the challanges. The server have around 16 mods all to unlease the limits meditation priesthood farming etc. Phobia mod is installed so spiders have different modells. The two altar moved near to the spaw point (10 min walk). I created a cannal middle of the map to connect east and west seas. The starter town have publik mine, traders, market stallls and more may come. If you want to know more from this server visit the forum: Server IP: The server and forum still under dev.