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Found 6 results

  1. Fasta Åland, Åland Islands (1024x1024) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Okinawa, Japan (2048x2048) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Long Island, New York (4069x4069) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Puerto Rico (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here World Height Map (8192x8192) Made using Trangram Heightmapper and Gimp. Image below is only a preview. The actual height map is 128MB. And with it being so large, I had a hard time creating a map using this and testing that map on a test server. So I'll just post this here. If you notice, Antarctica was a tricky one. I decided on taking Antarctica's actual form and using that instead of a large landmass that covers the south. Download from Dropbox: Here
  2. Yakushima island and Kuchinoerabu Island, Japan Google Maps view of the island Made using WGenerator,, and Gimp. Map Size: 1024x1024 Download from Dropbox: Here Edit: Got the wrong link for map generator. derp...
  3. Sazirïlon - Bridgedmoons 2048x2048x4096 500 Water Depth. Download Here Ore distribution: Bridgedmoons(the translation of Sazirïlon) is an islands map I have put much love into, all without sleep for three days. At some point I had to stop somewhere. This is the result. Features: Islands! Smooth and hilly terrain! Pointy mountains that aren't terribly rounded or smoothed! Diverse biomes, diligently hand-placed and thoroughly checked! Almost every island has exposed stone for easy mining! Material stones are almost as common as iron! Version available that does not have Adamantine or Glimmersteel in the world. Is instead 85.04% rock. Clay on just about every island! Reed, kelp, tar, and peat is relatively plentiful as well! Some marshes, some have moss! A source of grapes from the north and south, so you can have both kinds! An entire island of fruit trees and bushes! Random splotches of random flowers! Around 80 dirt depth, with a maximum slope of 52-58ish. Has my entire map_action file if you were interested in seeing the 2000+ clicks I put into painstakingly painting this world. Shoddy mspaint biome map(I got too tired to touch it up more): More images and screenshots here. Notes: It should be obvious, but this map will require boats to get around. That's entirely why I made it! The oak forest to the midsouth is intentionally extremely dense. It's very easy to get lost in. You've been warned. The mycelium island has no infected trees on it. If you want there to be infected trees, you'll have to place them yourself. I'm sorry about that one. Similarly, the tundra can support lingonberries but I was unable to place any. If you want them, you'll have to place them yourself. Though I hear they supposedly spawn naturally over time? There's maybe a dozen or so pointy spikes of dirt along some rocky places. This is a side-effect of making the mountains pointy and had to be tolerated. They aren't too bad. The central mountain is probably very difficult to climb. The others aren't nearly as steep. ~May this world live on through you~
  4. My first map creation for the Dark Moon Server, After a many hours testing with the Wurm Generator. I actually got a result I consider quite satisfying. I'd like to get a few comments or ideas about this map. I prefer more Islands and not so High Mountains. here the Map view and the Topo view
  5. SERVER IP: Port: 3724 MAP (4069) Map can be found at the following link: FEATURES -Modified priest restrictions. all priests can build/dig/pave no priests can do archery -Extra mob types added in -Bounty mod -Hand crafted map -Centralized hota -4x Skill gain 3x Timers SERVER MODS -Better digging -Boat mod -Bounty mod -Bulk transport mod -Creature mod -Crop mod -Inbreed warning mod -Meditation mod -Move to center mod -Prospect mod -Salve mod SERVER DESCRIPTION The Virgin Islands Reborn is a 3x skill gain/4x timers PVP server hosted on a paid for dedicated server in NA. Our goal is to provide a server with as little Admin intference as possible and only when needed. RULES No cheating This means don't use client-side mods that let you know or do significantly more than what a player using the default client could know or do. Whether or not a mod violates this rule is up to the admins. Mods that do not violate this rule include the Live Map mod, the Compass mod, the Better Tooltips mod, and the Action Numbers mod. If a mod is purely cosmetic e.g. the No Winter mod it's fine, too. Don't abuse the server This means don't try to take the server down, exploit bugs in the server software, create a million alts, etc. Just use common sense and you'll be fine. Don't make giant walls out of dirt/sand/etc. around your deed. Huge dirt walls are not only ugly, but they make raiding a settlement a massive chore, and defending a settlement kind of boring. This is not fun, and as a PvP server we've decided to disallow the building of giant natural walls. As a rule of thumb, if you have to climb over a slope it to get past it, it's too tall. This will be enforced on a case by case basis. Only hire up to seven spirit shadows/templars to protect your deed. Another aspect of PvP we found not to be fun was the fact that a sufficiently rich village could hire as many guards as they want, sometimes upwards of 50(!). This meant that rich players didn't even have to try - if they were attacked by other players, they could just let their guards zerg rush the enemy. In order to successfully raid a settlement you need to defeat its guards, and raiding a settlement with that many templars/shadows is just unfeasible. To prevent snowballing and help new deeds compete, we're limiting the number of guards a deed is allowed to hire to seven, more than enough to handle any creatures, and small raids, but not enough to do all the work in the event of a real attack. If you need to defend your deed, you'll have to get your hands dirty. With that said we hope to see you on our server. Feel free to ask any questions below!
  6. Ah the fun part, naming stuff. As with previous maps there are a few ground rules. Most importantly however, is to remember that the names on the map are simply the names on the map; you may call your island/mountain/bay whatever the hell you like. I do recognise that a map name tends to stick, which is why I have the ground rules. So; I will not name everything, only a few key areas/features/islands of my choosing. All the residents of an island must agree to one name or else it will not be named. Naming features after deeds is not accepted. Arguments over names by residents for any feature will likely negate any names suggested. I will not be changing the names of islands just because new people move in and want it changed. I will not consider or accept any suggestions that contain 'Oak', 'Birch', 'Pine' or any tree type. Preferably, we will avoid naming things after spiders or other unoriginal claptrap. e.g. 'Troll Island' is pathetic, while 'Goblin's Snatch' is humourous. Decisions are final. Further complaining won't do you any favours. I'm not nice, so don't make that mistake. Horseshoe Island in the NE has already been decided on. I will take suggestions here for the next two weeks, judging winners by popularity here and by asking kchat at various occasions. If you haven't participated you have no right to complain about not having a say. [EDIT] Suggestions/Decisons so far; #1 Moby Island; Dagger Isle Devilfish Island [NAMED] #2 Kraken's Wake [NAMED] #3 Silvermoon Isle [NAMED] #4 [NAMED] #5 Paramount Lake [NAMED] #6 [uNNAMED] #7 Bay of Unrest [NAMED] #8 Dragon Head Sea [NAMED] #9 [uNNAMED] #10 (Does anyone actually live here?) Rolf's Ridge [NAMED] And now, the locations; West Island East Island The first SE Island The Second SE Island The middle lake The red dragon island/mountain The West Bay (I forsee trouble for this one) The Southern bay (8) and Southern Island (9) The NE Island