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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed the 8 'new' colours mainly, but I generally get other colours too. I'm aiming to produce a mixture of horses bred for speed and draft traits, ideally with the 'certain spark' trait which increases horses' life span by 3 months to a total of 9 months of life. **Notes on the new traits system** Since the recent animal husbandry update, there have been many changes to the traits system. The details on the update can be found here, but I'll put a brief explanation on what it means for horses, donkeys and mules here. Instead of the old 5 speed horses which were the best you could make, there are now 4 speed horses. These are functionally the same for riding. Horses with 3 or more speed traits have the new 'hot blooded' body shape, which is similar to that of real Arabian horses. The new speed traits are: You'll notice that only 3 of those traits affect movement on land, which is what we're doing 99% of the time! So if you get a 3 speed horse that's only lacking the accustomed to water (AW) trait, you have as good a riding horse as a 4 speed. There is a 5th rare speed trait, 'it is unbelievably fast' (UF), which means the animal is 'always on speed bonus similar to hell horses'. Rare traits are, obviously, rare; but when combined with the other 4 speed traits will be the fastest horses we can get. We now also have draft traits which affect an animal's ability to pull vehicles. Horses with 3 or more draft traits get the 'cold blooded' body type which is like a real Shire or Clydesdale horse. There are 4 common draft traits which are as follows: Similar to the speed traits, there is a trait that doesn't affect pulling ability, but the damage taken to gear (EG). This again means that draft horses with only the other 3 traits will be as useful for pulling vehicles as those with 4 draft traits. There are 2 rare draft traits, 'it seems stronger than normal' (SN) which gives a bonus to their ability to carry, and 'it seems more nimble than normal' (NN) which increases the maximum ridable slope. Draft horses are better than speed horses for pulling vehicles, but remain reasonable riding horses when equipped with good gear. **How to find me** Hindleap is in G23 on Xanadu as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at the Nexa Market and Sanctuary. Delivery to all coastal areas is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice donkeys in speed and draft mules in speed and draft output sheep Current stock list: New traits are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries! **New** Brand spankin' new! Loaf's Ponehmart now offers a variety of horses in self service pens, with traits and prices to suit every buyer. Located right next door to Hindleap on the Amish Canal with easy access from the north and south. Come for the ponehs, stay because you got lost on my deed!
  2. Delivery - 50c (to coastal areas) - Pickup available near Summerholt Bulk Items-Filled to order ** In Stock (there may be more available and just not yet updated) (For all bulk: crates not included) Rares Priest Services Vyn, Magnaron, Fo (ask for quote) -*-*- Custom Enchanting Pricing -*-*- Enchanted Tools (items are also on a merchant at NEXA Market & may sell before updated here) Misc Items Leather Goods Services -Travel cost may apply- Enchanted Grass = 50c/tile Genesis Cast = 50c/cast Strongwall = 1s/cast Imping Services Price quote avail upon request BS imping - 80ql and below JS imping - 60ql and below Carp Imping - 80ql and below Fine Carp Imping - 70ql and below Tailor Imping - 70ql and below Leather Imping - 80ql and below (see Spoiler above) Stone Imping - 80ql and below Please post or send a pm on forums or ingame with your request - Aniceset DYES - Please Jump to here for all useful info on ordering
  3. These lovely foals need a new home! They are two unrelated blood bays, both 5 speed and will fight fiercely. The male is Blooddream and the female Jadeecker. Great for starting a line of blood bays, or simply as a matching pair of 5 speed horses. They are located in Amish Sanctuary Market. Delivery is available, just ask for details. Price 5s plus delivery if applicable.
  4. Want to sell my birchwood knarr: 50+ QL ~50 QL Lock Mooring anchor included 7.5 silvers from Summerholt 8 silvers to any coast
  5. This lovely little boy is after a new home! His name is Eastflash. He has four speed traits and is strong and healthy. The price for him is 2s, plus delivery if applicable. I am near Summerholt, and can deliver as far as Greymead or similar distance. EDIT: This young lad is now adult and ready to work!
  6. Village Updates Location: Xanadu F24 Deed Size: 51x50 Spirit Guards: 1 Citizen Count: 1 Town Beds Available: 2 out 6 Plots Available: 4 out of 4 Town Bed Rent Is Free: You can live in the village for free and will be supplied with a bed, large chest and BSB. If you decide you would like some land check the spoiler above to see what plots/cost are available. Resources: Clay, Sand, Tar, Iron, Communal Facility’s Spirit cottage: Just of Deed Communal Mine - Open: Communal Farm - Open: Communal Horse&Cart - Open: Barn/Stables - Open: Black Smith - Open: 3x3 Bedroom Available FREE RENT Town Hall/Church - Under Construction: Tavern - Under Construction: Taylor Shop - Under Construction: Mason Shop - Open: 2x4 Bedroom available FREE RENT Carpenter Shop - Under Construction: Docks - Open: Market - Under Construction (OPEN): Humble Beginnings: 25/09/15 to 25/11/2015 Humble Beginnings Nearly 3 Months On: 25/11/2015 to 14/02/2016 Welcome stranger, Let me introduce myself, my name is Louie Archer and this is my wife Madalyn and thank you for taking the time to take a look at what we and Crystal Coast can offer you. But first let me give you a little background history on who we are and where we have come from. Our story starts 8 years ago when I was lord of Rivendell which was a bustling coastal Village on the shores of Mol Rehan. Our Village was ran fair and just for many years until not only 5 months ago a dark priest came to our land and put a horrible curse on it. There was nothing we could do against such power even my wife who herself was a powerful Priest could not match this Godley power. The curse rendered all that lived in Rivendell to turn against one another and only after a few months the village imploded scattering what few remained to leave as this was the only way to be rid of the curse. We made the decision to leave for the lands of the Freedom Isles and set our hearts on Xanadu. We set sale to Summerholt in nothing more than a tiny rowing boat and a few supplies hoping to start again knowing that when we cross the border we would be stripped of all our powers and skill. Present Day It has been 5 months now since we landed on the shores of F24 and formed Crystal Coast. Unfortunately my wife has not been well after the transition and losing her power has taken a great toll on her so it has just been me doing the terraforming and construction. The Deed currently is 51x50 and the main Town (50x25) has been terraformed and ready for construction to begin. The Town will be where all the trade will take place and in time will have a Port, Harbour, Tavern, Church/Town Hall, Black Smith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason Shop where you can craft and hone your skills and not to mention an impressive market where anyone can put a trader to sell there items. Village Rules We like to run things differently than other Villages. We believe that our Citizens should be given the freedom to make their own decisions and to do that we give you the freedom to do so. A lot of villages don't give you much freedom to do what you want and not much say in how the village is developed and managed. We believe there is no right or wrong way to create a village but we think many different minds designing a village is better than 1 or 2. There are just 2 rules to uphold: Have Fun! Do not ever dig/terraform in the main town or existing roads. What Cant Be Done On Deed: Destroying Buildings: This is just to protect the Town from greifers. If you want something destroyed just ask as long as its yours that is. Attaching Locks: This is to protect the village from getting messy when villagers quit/leave. If you require something to be locked the Mayor would be happy to do it and just add you to the permission, easy! What can be done on Deed: Apart from not destroying buildings and terraforming the main Town etc you can do anything you like as long as you own the land, more on that next. Village Economy We want to create a true Village economy and below I will tell you how we can achieve this. In real life we need to earn money to live, to pay our bills, eat, clothes, tools and most importantly to play Wurm. Imagine everything was free and we didn't need money sounds great but no, if this was the case we would never advance in life and would probably die of boredom. So to start the economy you need a reason to work to make money. Well to do this we have a Tax/Rent if you like, which means to have land you have to purchase the tiles which makes them yours to do what you like with and then pay the Town a tax each week to keep it, more on costs later. If you want you can stay/live in the Town for FREE until you are ready to buy your first bit of land and then you would pay a weekly tax depending on how much land you own. You could do this many ways by buying silver from Rolfs shop or selling to the village. The Village buys any bulk items at 25% below the going price which saves you time on finding a buyer and also the traveling time to. All Tax, Rent and profit that the village makes goes to expanding and improving the village. Payment Methods & Tile Costs Payment is easy you can either pay with coin or if you want to pay with bricks for example you can do. Tile Cost breakdown: To purchase a tile will be a 1 off cost of 50 iron for each tile. The Rent/Tax there on for each tile will be 25 iron for each tile. Example: You want to buy a 10x10 piece of land 10x10 = 100 tiles Purchase Cost: 100 tiles x 50 iron = 50 copper Rent/Tax Cost: 100 tiles x 25 iron = 25 copper per week Well Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to be a Citizen of Crystal Coast please Pm for a chat or reply to this post I look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Closed see Summerholt Merchants for all sales All prices Are now negotiable. See merchants for Items And over 40 items new I added recently to the Summerholt Market ============= BLACK FRIDAY DEALS END IN ============== Claus: All reserves / holds during this Sale but be paid for by the end of timer ( no rain check ) prices will revert back to original after sale. ALOT of this is on my merchants at the Summerholt Market so If you request something here to buy if it has already sold I can not help this. Update: Items Added / Reserves Placed / Pending Sales Added Please Be Aware Most Items Listed are on my active Merchant.. Be patient on your purchase request.. I will check for item availability. Pending Sales will be handled soon as possible some items will have surprise discounts for patients customers. Ty My Merchant Location : Summerholt Market Xanadu Summerholt (Starting City) H/G 23/24 Open for Trades /PayPal / Reserves / Reasonable Combination Offers / etc.. Value & Appreciate your privacy? Feel free to private message me here in the forums to add a Sales request. #0 Supreme Rake 30s ( New Item* ) #1 Rare Leggat, Walnut 50ql ish 3.5s. ( Was 5s ) #2 SOLD #3 Rare Plate Leggings, Steel 70ql 5s. ( Was 7s ) #4 Rare Practice DOLL, Birch wood 25ql 1s. ( Was 2s ) #5 SOLD #6 Rare Scythe, Iron (DEATH) 60ql 8s. ( Was 10s ) #7 SOLD #8 SOLD #9 Rare Small Tri-Pod Table 3s. ( Was 5s ) #10 Rare Toolbelt 90+ QL (10-Slots) 6s. ( Was 7s ) #11 SOLD #12SOLD #13 SOLD #14 Rare Carving Knife 85QL 96 Woa Imbued 6/10 11s (( Reserved By Kevindurant )) 1 week hold !!! #15 SOLD #16 SOLD #17 SOLD #18 Rare Cheese Drill, Oak 54c 73ql 5s ( Was 7s ) #19 Unique Rare BRASS Low Weight Fit in BoK butchers Knife 90ql only 6 in all of Wurm 30s ( WAS 50S then 40s now 30s ! ) #20 Rare 9ql Hatchet 6s ( WAS 7s ) #21 SOLD #22 Rare Maul 90QL_94N_93FB_83C_85MS 11s ( WAS 12s ) #23 SOLD #24 Rare Large Maul 92+ QL 8s (Was 9s) #25 104 woa normal 80ql Horse shoe 4s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 4s ) #26 Silver Frying Pan 93+ QL 5s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 5s ) #27 101 Woa 90 QL Large Anvil 6s ( Was 7s ) #28 SOLD #29 SOLD #30 SOLD #31 Rare File 80ql 8s. ( Was 9s ) "In Demand" #32 SOLD #33 SOLD #34 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #35 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #36 Supreme 69 QL Chain Head Piece 6s #37 Seryll Rings 20-40 QL 15 Copper Each ( Was 20c Each ) #38 SOLD #39 SOLD #40 SOLD #41 Rare 91QL Saw 7s #42 SOLD #43 Rare Role Tool Cedar 90ql 81 Woa 78 CoC 6s ( Was 8s ) #44 Rare Spatula,Oak 3s ( Was 4s ) #45 Rare 90ql Leather, Studded Leggings 3s ( Was 5s Then 4s Now 3s ) #46 Rare Statuettes ALL types 6 to 12s each pm requests on QL / medal. ( ALL RESERVED ) ( PENDING SALE ) #46A Mag / Nah. 12s ( RESERVED ) #46B Libia 8s ( RESERVED ) #46C Libia 7s ( RESERVED ) #46D SOLD #46E SOLD #46F SOLD #47 Rare Rings 2s each #48 Rare high NoLocate Jewelry pm requests.. #49 Skulls: Kyclopes 8s. ( Was 10s ) #50 Skulls: White Dragon Hatchling 8s. ( Was 10s ) #51 SOLD #52 SOLD #53 SOLD #54 Rare Horse SOLD #54 A #1 SOLD #54 B #2 SOLD #54 C #3 SOLD #54 D #4 SOLD Pick Up only Items #55 Rare Sailboat 20s A Rare Large Chest loaded inside for Storage. Pick up Only #56 Rare Wardrobe 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #57 Rare Hanging Lamp, Bronze 51ql 2s #58 Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass 36ql 2s #59Rare Iron Lamp 2s #60 Rare Iron Lamp 2s #61 SOLD #62 Rare Iron Lamp 2s. #63 Rare Torch Lamp 2s #64 Rare Lamp Brass 2s #65 Rare Armour Stand 5s (( Pending Sale )) Lot to add later......... Added items: Supreme Carved Pumpkin ( very cool ) 5s Clay Shaper 90ql 90+ BOTD 10s Rare Huge Axe Blank 14s ( 1 alrdy Sold 1 More added ) Lot to add later......... Items are actively on sale so not all items may be available for sale if they have already been purchased at my Merchants. I apologize. Ty all for your patience. Keep This Forum post, Sales Related. I plan on a Huge Black Friday Sale on Nov 27th ONLY @ My merchants have to be on site to receive the deals when that time comes. Sincerely, Vortexxx
  8. The Rim of Heaven is located in the middle of G25, right on the highway to Summerholt. You could probably get there on foot but it's a dangerous road. If you PM and ask for an invite, and you haven't used your teleport, you will get an option to teleport to the village upon receiving the invite! (No matter what village you started out in on Xanadu.) The village has: An inn with rooms/beds to get you started A crafting area with everything you'll need (forges, ovens, anvils, bins, etc) A nearby port if you wish to fish/store a ship/explore the coast! Access to food and water A village mine Steppe (under construction) Endless forest for grinding woodcutting Space to build your own little house on deed (if you get along with the community, are an active player, and feel like you'll stick around a while.) Constant mob spawns - GREAT place to level your fight skill, and hunt - but as mentioned in the title, beware the trolls! 2 guard towers on deed A Fo priest (myself) In the process of building: A village farming area Possibly a pond for fishing (not sure how deep we'd need to dig to get to water level.) A church At the moment we are a small community of 3 active players and 4 inactive; 2 others are dealing with computer problems but will be active again eventually. If this sounds like a place you'd like to join, Pm Dannysgirl or Jokerino in game, or respond to this forum post. (I'll try to remember to check but I'm pretty bad.)
  9. The Eldritch Cabal is a booming little town located just a couple of minutes walk East of the Spawn Town of Summerholt. We welcome anyone interested, new or old and have had a lot of new players recently and are doing our best to teach them the ropes. We operate on respect. Show respect, get respect. That easy. Don't cut down trees on deed unless they're apple. Someone may have planted them for a reason. Don't throw things that you want to keep on the ground. There are many ways to secure your belongings until you get situated. If it's on the ground, it's fair game. These are the only rules we run by, they're short and simple. Other than that, have fun. It's a game, not a job. You can PM the following people if interested, or leave a reply here. Sigilor - Mayor Bosnar - Council
  10. WTS 20k dirt near Summerholt [Xanadu]. 1k = 1s. PM Waffo or Bosikom in game. We are at g24.
  11. Good day, people of Xanadu! The members of The Opelika Alliance bring you new from East of Summerholt! As residents of the area know, east of Summerholt has been very hard to traverse both because many people do not know the way, but also because of poor roads. So our alliance has found solutions for both of these complications. Since the first of the year, The Opelika Alliance has been hard at work forging new roads, new friendships, and writing new maps through the valleys east of Summerholt. The major part of this project has been the task of cutting a new road through the hillsides, both litter ally and figuratively. We call this road "The Summerholt Road". The highway travels through the hills, begining at the Starter City of Summerholt. The road ends at my personal deed, Vynora's Harborage, one of the central deed of the Opelika Alliance's coastline, and just a short jump away from the alliance capital at Opelika. Along side this road, the cartographers of The Opelika Alliance have scribed throughout the nights to produce a map for the people of Wurm. This map includes not only the Summerholt Road, but existing roads and even side roads not fit to be highways but are indeed there on the land of Wurm. So with this, The Opelika Alliance is proud to present this map! And with that The Alliance of Opelika wishes all of you safe and fast travels, on our roads and others! Yours truly,
  12. I've been playing Wurm for quite some time, years even, but have never adopted a faith! Vynora is the perfect match for my character's vision. And so, if any priest expects to find themselves near Summerholt (or you happen to be in that area currently) I wonder if it would not be too much to ask to be converted. I'm uncertain how these things work insofar as payment is concerned, but I would be happy to negotiate a fair deal if this is desired. Anyway, feel free to reply, pm me here, or in game (my character's name is Anthropos).
  13. WTS Rare Low Bookshelf Not Mail able But you can pick it up where it in your inventor so no loading required. Free Delivery for this piece. on Xan Very Beautiful piece asking 6 silver Anywhere else 50 copper fee unless you order more Furniture Below for a free delivery charge. Thanks Selling Normal Furniture as well. Now Open For a Trial Run Furniture Store Summerholt area... High Book Shelf's Low Book Shelf's Wooden Benches Tripod Tables Coffers Small Bed Side Tables Beds Large Carts w/t lock and key Chairs Tables Ect... Questions ? just commend below. 60 Copper Each Free Delivery with orders with 5+ pieces of more.
  14. Woodelf Harbor is a small place not to far east of Summerholt on Xanadu by the bay. We are currently accepting anyone, no matter how long or short you have played. To join, contact me through forums or in game, or message Rivard if i'm not on.
  15. Well, I came across Logi doing some work on Summerholt. Those of you who have been there can agree that it needed some...Attention. So, I started taking screenshots of Logi's work in progress! Here are a few of them from about when he started. I'll update with more later on! 10/25 - 10/24 - Logi's Screens 10/26 - Updated: 10/25 2:30am EST Updated: 10/24 9:48am EST