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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to Modreth Stables. Ebony Black, Blood Bay, Piebald and all the other classic colors. In my stables you can find what you need to be faster than the wind! Soon new colors: Gold Buckskin, Appaloosa, Skewbald Pinto and Black Silver! I sell only 5 speed horses (ebony blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse). I will be happy to help you making the best choice or giving you all the informations if you want to breed them. All my horses are bred and nursed with love. They are free from negative traits; thanks to my high Animal Husbandry I can assure you very healty animals. Come to find me in Xanadu Q25, right on the coast. I usually have all the special colors (ebony black, piebald, blood bay) and the classic too (grey, honey/beige, white, brown, black). Also Bisons are pure 5 speed. Animals' date of birth goes for dd/mm/yyyy. And finally we have active bee hives for sale too; each bee hive is sold with a bee smoker and 10 sugar on the inside. Pick up only. Soon: creature cages, creature transporters, chicken coop. I also sell grooming brushes, saddles, horse shoes and everything you could need for your new little friends. Bisons. Female, adolescent (date of birth: none), 50 copper. Female, adolescent (date of birth: none), 50 copper. Female, adolescent (date of birth: none), 50 copper. Female, adolescent (date of birth: none), 50 copper. Ebony Black. Pickwarrior: male 5 speed, adolescent (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Allywild: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Minscsouth: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: 29/12/2018), 25 copper. Sweetmaestro: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: 28/12/2018), 25 copper. Wartfast: male, 5 speed, young foal (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Piebald. Silverraid: male, 5 speed, young (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Swiftstark: male, 5 speed, young foal (date of birth: 30/12/2018), 25 copper. Bloodbay. Maestrodance: male, 5 speed, adolescent (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Briskcall: male, 5 speed, adolescent, (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Eastcloud: female, 5 speed, young (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Briskblood: male, 5 speed, young, (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Hophappy: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: none), 25 copper. Brown. Black. Flashiron: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: none), 25 copper. White. Honey/Beige/Gold. Grey. Bennyclip: male, 5 speed, adolescent foal (date of birth: 28/12/2018), 25 copper. Active Bee HIves. Ql 70 active bee hive 1s. Ql 70 active bee hive 1s. Safe purchases: I will give you the horses with a low quality saddle and a rope per horse; I will unbrand them only when you will arrive in your deed. In this way, you could easily find them even if you should lose them during the trip from my deed to yours. Thanks to the saddle, horses won't move and mantain their position when unleaded; thanks to the brand, nobody else will be able to lead them away without permissions. Foals can't wear saddles. Horses can't plot course. Each player can lead only 4 horses per time. Traits explanation: Speed traits. Fleeter movement than normal: 10% movement speed boost. Strong body: 10 kg carry weight bonus. Lightning movement: 20% speed movement boost. Can carry more than average: 20 kg carry weight bonus. Has very strong leg muscles: 10% speed movement boost and 10 kg carry weight bonus. Other bonus traits. Fight fiercely: gives +1 combat raiting. Tough bugger: 10% less damages taken. Keen senses: nothing worth anything. Unusually strong and healthy: 50% more resistant to disease. Certain spark in the eyes: lifespan is 50% longer. Horse shoes, saddles and grooming brushes. You can find them on our main topic, in the "Horse Stuff" section. We sell wagons too Freedom Island (FI) wagons 30 copper each. Mol-Rehan (MR) wagon. Jenn-Kellon (JK) wagon. Ebonaura wagon. Legion of Anubis (LoA) wagon. Horde of the Summoned (HOTS) wagon. How to find me: If you are interested in my horses, you can write me on the game or leave me a message on the forum, you will find me always as Luttuosa. Or if you want, you can come to visit me to my deed; usually I am on line from 14 pm to 3 am (UTC +1 / CET Central European Time). I am located in Xanadu Q-25; Modreth is the name of my deed, on the coast. You can come from Esteron too, following the east highway and the pointing sings.
  2. Lothlorien Meadows Stables = Under New Management = 4 and 5 Speed Horses of All types for Sale new colors (piebald, blood bay, and ebony black) included 5 speed hell horses for breeding Prices 5sp horses old colors - 35c 5sp hell horse for breeding - 75c 3sp blood bay, pie or ebony - 50c 4sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 95c 5sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 1.25s FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE VISIT OUR 24/7 SELF SERVE PENS Located at F22 on Independence @ Lothlorien Meadows Just purchase a key at the trader to for your desired horse. Then retrieve your horse and place they key in the large chest next to the trader. Also available at the merchant Yule Goats - 1s/ea Snow Lanterns - 1s/ea MR banners - 50c/ea Various skiller tools Thank you for your business!
  3. Hello! If you don't know me yet, you should. I sell horses. Not just any horses -- the super special new colours. Sure I can sell the old colours too if you prefer (only in the 5 speed variety), but the new colours are my speciality. I try to provide the widest selection on Xanadu. Here is what they look like: The jet black colour is also a 6th speed trait, and is the hardest colour to achieve, harder still in the 5 speed variety. Yes, I have tested the jet horse against a bay with the same gear on each, and yes, I have been impressed. He zips. Here is a link to my spreadsheet / Stock List, which I update often. Older colours are 50c each. Prices on the newest rare colours are highly dependant on stock availability, but I try to provide the best prices to my customers. These prices are listed on my spreadsheet. Where am I? I live at m7, on the mid-west coast of Xanadu. Depending on your location, I may deliver. Delivery fees apply, and are generally dependent on how far I have to travel. If I don't deliver, and you still would really like a horse (or a foal!), I can do long distance sales, where I mail you an item for payment of the horse, and then leave the horse branded and outside where you can reach him and grab him whenever you arrive. I then unbrand when the horse is home safely. Send me a tell, maybe we can work something out. These babies are gorgeous to look at all day! I hope you see a name you like! Fizziepop
  4. We are located on the NE side of the map - at Lothlorien Meadows (you can find it on the community map). I don't have much time to play these days so no deliveries - pickup only. Its easy though. Simply drop by, buy the key corresponding with the horse you want (token is accessible here if you need to use it), then you can grab your horse (and drop off the key in the chest by the vendor before you leave pretty please.) Current stock and prices: 5 speed hell horses I also have 5 speed hell horses - currently charging 1s each and got a waiting list for those. Hell horses wont aggro you once you are in a cart, hence they are a vey convenient way of travelling when hunting or hauling stuff for large distances due to their speed (they do about 30km/h with some decent gear). I would not advice them for your around the deed cart but they are great for hunting trips, travelling or hauling stuff. If you can't reach me in game then send me a message here on the forums and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  5. Well, actually I picked a pair for you! 2 Adolescent Foal Young Piebald Pinto horses. They are the same age and from different parents. Perfect for your cart or breeding more lil' pintos to run around your deed. Update: they are both now Young as of this morning. Young fat Chasersouth - female 3 speed + FF and SH It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. Young fat Manwild - male 4 speed + TB It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. Pickup at P14 Blackthorn Port near Lormere or delivery can be arranged, at an additional cost, depending on your location. Bidding starts at 3 silver for the pair of same aged, non-related, foals. Minimum bid increment of 25 copper No reserve and sniper protection of 1 hr Get in touch if you are interested in other new-colored horses of various speeds.
  6. This lovely little boy is after a new home! His name is Eastflash. He has four speed traits and is strong and healthy. The price for him is 2s, plus delivery if applicable. I am near Summerholt, and can deliver as far as Greymead or similar distance. EDIT: This young lad is now adult and ready to work!
  7. Male piebald foal just born has 2 speeds carry more and strong legs and has keen senses and unusually strong and healthy this is an auction bidding starts at: 2 silvers.. increments... minimum of 50 coppers snipe protection of 1 hour no reserve no buyouts will deliver on xanadu for winning bid.. please and thanks... now let the bidding begin... otherwise pickups at Vrock Landing .. have a selection of reg. colours i can bring to fill rope edit: Not from inbred parents then fixed by priest.. all natural no magic... edit: WIll live longer with health trait and disease resistance trait.... from good strong parents Southlighning male piebald and his loverly wife Zoefast a gray haired dame about town... edit: This horse will sire many many fine horses..
  8. Can't decide which new colour you like? Want a cart with 2 horses of the same name? This isn't quite like my other twins, as these share only the same name. One is a 2 speed bay, the other is a 5 speed piebald. "Copperraffle" The Blood Bay is Aged, born on the 30th of April. The piebald is adolescent, born on the 22nd of June. Blood Bay Copperraffle has fleeter movement and strong body. Exact traits for each are listed on my Sales Page. Let's start the bidding at 2s, with minimum increments of 25c. No reserve. Snipe protection 1 hour
  9. Twins! Who wants these guys? Name is Sadrun. They share the same name and the exact same traits, right down to the bad one, which is already cured. One is a boy, born on the 27th of June. The other is a girl, born on the 1st of July, and they are not related. Old examine is listed in events window -- current examine is: [19:42:12] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. It has a certain spark in its eyes. They are only 4 speeds, but of all the traits they could be missing, I think they've chosen the best possible one. (Least impact when missing.) Description of what each of the traits do (from the code) is listed on my sales page. Depending on your location, delivery may be arranged, for a fee. (I'm at m7 on Xanadu) Bidding starts at 2s Minimum increments of 25c No Reserve Snipe Protection of 1h
  10. I have a baby piebald! Who wants him? Born on the 11th of April, this gorgeous little guy "Callosio" is looking for a proud new owner. [11:34:30] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. That's 4 speed, with Fight Fierce and Tough Bugger. He had(has) no bad traits. Located on Xanadu, at N7 (on the coast), pickup preferred, delivery available for 75c if needed. You've got only 3 days to get in on this, don't delay and he could be yours! Starting bid 1s Increments 50c Sniper protection 1hour
  11. Be one of the first to get this on Indy! (Independence ONLY due to limitations of the game.) WTT or sell this 4 speed lady. [22:23:09] You start leading a young caineosio. Picture shows her outlined and she is at "young" at the start of this auction. I have bred her from a piebald mare so color can be passed on like the old colors, Starting bid: 1s Bid increments: 25c Buyout: trade with jet / ebony black or blood bay horse or give me an offer I can't resist 1hr sniper protection