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  1. Auctioning my first tome of magic! Grab that fireball! Prefer to mail the tome, but could possibly deliver it, as well. Starting Bid: 15s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 50s Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Grants 'Sorcerer' Title! Proof:
  2. Where is The Garden of Fo located?

  3. This wasn't my wagoner, but a passing wagoner
  4. I was kinda impressed by the AI of a passing wagoner yesterday. I thought they only remarked the same things upon morning, evening, and bedtime. The passing wagoner remarked upon the beauty of a local mountain. It also remarked that it saw a hen and wanted to make an omelette. Is the latter really triggered when the wagoner sees a hen? - is my first question. I went to look for the hen, and found a dead one in what I think was the vicinity. Could it be that the wagoner killed a hen, or was it just remarking on a hen's body being there, dead or alive? Yet another fascinating moment in Wurm and I want answers....
  5. I'm guessing only massive bulk will do?
  6. As far as drama, was the jar of black ink for guestbook pens stolen, as well? I didn't see it on the last day, but the pens and the papers were still where they should have been. Purely curious
  7. Three questions. @VirusMD 1. Will the guestbook entries be published somewhere? They are so great 2. Is there a suggestion dropbox, similar to the guestbook entries? I have some friendly suggestions 3. How do I get some ice cream from the ice cream larder?
  8. Nirav.... You are after the very epicenter of my Wurmsoul. You really get it. You really get Wurm's incomparable gifts. I'll be watching this with huge interest
  9. I've noticed that each Impalong gets a few people completely new to the concept of Impalongs and Friendalongs. These are people who are no strangers to Wurm or to the Wurm forums. Each individual Impalong typically has its own forum thread with all the relevant info, however this is too confusing for those completely new to them. We need tidbits of info in a very palatable and fun format - how about a video? A quick crash course on the general purpose and structure of Impalongs and Friendalongs, differences between the two, what is usually found on an Impalong map (Parking, Inn, Arena, Imping hall, Dining area, etc), events that can usually be found there, getting the most out of an Impalong/Friendalong, etc. After attending the latest SFI Impalong, I realized that these events encompass most of the beauty of Wurm and are too wonderful to not know about. If something like this already exists, apologies. I wish I could make this my project, but this would take me a few months to complete, sadly.
  10. I love Wurm but can't quite stand Sermons. Super lengthy and you're not even really doing, just AFKing. Who can convince me to go through one, please?
  11. There's 0.01% chance of this ever making its way into Wurm, but imagine being able to use coffee or Kahvesi in a recipe! Tiramisu usually calls for eggs, sugar, heavy cream, sweet cheese, espresso, rum, Frangelico (a liquor), lady fingers, and cocoa - all of which we can now replicate in Wurm. It's such a divine dessert. Come on, devs!
  12. Can all the trees on a map be removed with one keystroke?
  13. Super Double Dragon!

    Question, how did you come upon not one, but two dragons on a server as challenging for uniques as Xanadu?
  14. Is that from Runescape?