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  1. Account has been sold. Nomad, thank you... nostalgia is my friend, so I understand too well what another Wurmian might feel when a player leaves. Wish there was a way around this feeling. Know that in my season of playing Wurm (there are always seasons, I feel) you've helped make my time here very enjoyable, Nomad! Geez, I feel like I'm writing a suicide note. RIP Ayuna. Lmaooo She has no premium or any items, annd has been sold. Dear Angel... I give you permission to put that on my gravestone. Folks should know that though I was but a toiling peasant, I died with a roar. Lol. On a serious note, I already sold the account:( No way to get it back, sorry, though I wish I read your post in time. But to reiterate your kind words - you're a terrific friend. Everyone should know that!
  2. Sold. Can close.
  3. Is Gary an actual player? I never see posts from player gods who used to be actual players.
  4. Settlement name of Alora (X15, Y44) changed to Linden Tree Royale. Please update. Thanks.
  5. Greetings Here is what I have for sale. Name your price, and thanks for looking! This is for a good cause Miscellaneous: 20 Cocoa Beans, average QL 17 14 Nutmeg, average QL 16 10 Goblin Skulls, avg QL 47 146 Beeswax, avg QL 45 Backpack full of Gems: https://gyazo.com/da26bbd0a9835dcf77772bd673968280 Enchanted tools: Sickle, iron, QL 34.45, CoC 50 Rake, iron, QL 70.16, CoC 31 Hatchet, iron, QL 70.29, BotD 73 Shovel, iron, QL 59.68, WoA 55 Non-enchanted weapons: Longsword, iron, QL 58.11 Two handed sword, iron, QL 59.28
  6. My first suggestion for Wurm Online (according to which, I'm 617 days old - it's taken me almost 2 years to come up with a worthwhile suggestion) is such: Make tables (and consequently, chairs and stools) useful by making the action of two people sitting down at a table summon a menu for a mini game, something simple like checkers, tic tac toe, or chess.
  7. Iberis, please see the top of mountain at S16 (formerly Rest Awhile by Elfniz).
  8. Putting this on the backburner for now. Delete, please.
  9. Freaking gorgeous! Thank you YAGA!
  10. Thank you so much for this, Valdor... If anyone wants to read of a very similar story, I found it while exploring another MMO.
  11. Hi. Yes, I've done this. When I first load the exported map into Deedplanner, I get the "External map detected" menu.... Oh, wait. I had to simply float through the cloud water to get to the deed in 3d view, though I have to do this each time for 3D view. Wurmian view always keeps me floating in this water. Also, 2d view is not editable, and everything has a greenish tint to it.
  12. Relatively new to Deedplanner. How do I make the terraformed parts of my deed show up on Deedplanner?
  13. This is it. Thank you so much!! I like how much more detailed this document is.
  14. It's for those 20% that all this trouble is worth it.
  15. Someone please give me the link to a recipe spreadsheet, that is not the "unofficial" one. It had a person's name in the title - Nexa or Nessa. I keep losing that link.