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  1. Freaking gorgeous! Thank you YAGA!
  2. Thank you so much for this, Valdor... If anyone wants to read of a very similar story, I found it while exploring another MMO.
  3. Hi. Yes, I've done this. When I first load the exported map into Deedplanner, I get the "External map detected" menu.... Oh, wait. I had to simply float through the cloud water to get to the deed in 3d view, though I have to do this each time for 3D view. Wurmian view always keeps me floating in this water. Also, 2d view is not editable, and everything has a greenish tint to it.
  4. Relatively new to Deedplanner. How do I make the terraformed parts of my deed show up on Deedplanner?
  5. This is it. Thank you so much!! I like how much more detailed this document is.
  6. It's for those 20% that all this trouble is worth it.
  7. Someone please give me the link to a recipe spreadsheet, that is not the "unofficial" one. It had a person's name in the title - Nexa or Nessa. I keep losing that link.
  8. Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
  9. Any news on this? This sounds wonderful!
  10. Hello Indy. I'm from another server, but have gotten to know a chap who lives in the NW of Independence, by the coast. He's about a month and a half old, got a wonderful deed, and no folks to talk to at all. Is there any nice and friendly alliance that will let him join? His name is Shadyone.
  11. Well, I meant the actual cover photo on my profile, not my avatar
  12. Thank you so much, Angel!
  13. Bonus to those who can guess where my cover photo is from.
  14. Barbarian Retreat is no longer there. Neither is Sacrosanct deed.
  15. I want to explore each server on horseback. Looking to buy/rent a horse (doesn't have to be 5 speed) that will come with a rein and saddle, etc - that I could easily pick up near the coast. Bonus if I can "store" the horse at your place or somewhere along the coast so that when I return to explore I could just get it without having to buy a new horse again. Help.