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  1. Will travel anywhere to get these.
  2. Wow, terrific tip. Will try this asap!
  3. I'm hoping that exploration will have unexpected surprises along the way, not that there is a lack of surprises right now. But something like treasure chests, etc....
  4. Meadhalla!

    I've been dying for more events on Wurm, but looks like I'm working that day. Hope it will still be going in the PM, Eastern time zone :,(
  5. Ahh, your answer is perfect, Gnomegates. I don't think you've left anything out. You've given me hope, encouragement, and a challenge.
  6. I see a lot of interesting permanent recipes that are named after Wurm players: Poppie's Golden Spaghetti, Pingpong's bearshark burger, Pandalet's One True Pizza... How did these recipes come about, and how were they added to the game? How often do such additions take place?
  7. Can a wagon ever go as fast as a 5 speed horse? I'm discouraged as to the usefulness of my wagon, because even with three 5-speed horses wearing enchanted horse shoes and an enchanted saddle, and a hell horse, the top speed of the wagon is 15 km/h. Which means I can't really take it anywhere, especially uphill, without risking death due to a mob train.
  8. I put a sandwich inside it and it was rotten within 2 hours. It's like a miniature trash heap? I could have just put it into a pottery bowl, to save myself the headache. Please enlighten me?
  9. Please COD 4 golden hanging lamps to me.
  10. Thanks, Neopherus. I guess I don't understand the "within 1 map square of E22" bit. Doesn't this mean I should be looking at the radius of E22? Within one map square means the Avatar could be in any of the surrounding map squares, no? So I'd have to check D22, E21, E23, and F22?
  11. This is the type of mission I've never done before, but wanted to attempt: "Libila wants 4 of you to bring and give pliers to venerable Avatar of Libila. Venerable Avatar of Libila was last seen near Ponganui Docks, within about 1 map squares of E22." Have any of you successfully completed such a mission? Any tips, please? I'm to be thoroughly searching through something like 6 map squares, right?
  12. The most fascinating aspect of Wurm Unlimited for me was (no longer play it) a server's yearly Recipe Contests. A couple of times a year, a great contest would be had. Folks would submit new recipe ideas, and everyone would vote on the best ones. The best recipes would permanently get implemented into the cooking system, named after the respective winners. I hope the powers that be consider implementing this into our beloved WO.
  13. Sorry, I was joking. Scented paper doesn't exist in Wurm! Either way, I'm on Xanadu. But hats off to you for creating a unique business. Cheers.
  14. Could I have a pack of scented papyrus papers? I'd like lilac, please.
  15. I was lucky enough to get this screenshot, and wanted to show others how to tell White-Dotted Flowers (rarest in Wurm) apart from others. Note, that in the Spring and Summer seasons, this may look a bit different. Autumn is the best time to find these flowers, as they pop out quite easily with an intense fuschia/hot pink color. How do you tell regular pink flowers apart from white-dotted flowers? Above is an example. The white-dotted flowers are the ones right above the yellow ones. Regular pink flowers are below. Pink flowers are balls of pink fluff, while white-dotted flowers are succulent drops of fuschia lollipops. Why hunt for the latter? They are a status item and look stunning on any deed, plus are a great gift to give. Vynora has blessed us with these!