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  1. Lake naming

    First, a question - how is it that only one (?) lake on Xanadu is officially named, which is Hammer Lake? Secondly, what can I do to go about naming the lake that spans I14 through H16? Can this be "officially" done?
  2. Wait, you have to share with us how you found them!
  3. Delete

    Please delete post
  4. @WhaneCould it be possible that the hitched horses are inside of a collapsed mine, since you've already looked all over?
  5. Delete

    I'll travel anywhere
  6. How many premium reward points does one month of premium equal to?
  7. I'm in the area now, and am keeping a lookout for these two hitched horses. (This is one of the things I love about Wurm - that you could be searching for something very precious to you, lost in the rugged vastness of the landscape, because it is that vast and deep, and even realistic. How many other games could say the same thing?)
  8. Things we collect

    Do you ever...give them away?
  9. Where is Hammer Lake on the map? If I explore that area, I'll be on the lookout
  10. This thought haunts me all the time
  11. Thanks for this great tip. Would you know if OBS is better than Nvidia Geforce for recording?
  12. Could any of you that are well-versed in uploading videos into The Showtime Theater forum share some tips for those of us new to the path & desiring to document our adventures via videos (not streaming)? Do you use keybindings to make recording streamlined? What are tips I should be aware of?
  13. I am speechless, Lisimba. What a community. When I'm back at the mountain (very soon), I'll let you know what I see
  14. Things we collect

    Sidereal, what should I do with anvils I find at abandoned places? Should I mail them to you? Or does this only work when this is being lived in the moment?