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  1. This happened in alliance chat the other day and made me LoL (I've permission to share this). Share yours.
  2. Wulfgar imped my sickle to 90ql. He was clear about being unable to imp it to my desired ql of 99, so we settled on 90. He also gave me a turnaround time of about 12 hours, kept his promise, and did not disappoint in any way. Thanks Wulfgar.
  3. (But if it's still being shown as looking like that on Chrome, it should be fixed for Chrome users, IMO.)
  4. Nordlys is onto something. I get the broken image thingys on Chrome, but on Firefox all the emojis look perfect.
  5. Yes, still happening. Still looks just like Finnn's image above
  6. Every single emoji has a broken image link in front of it. Makes them quite ugly and unusable. Is it just me? Has this been an issue for a while?
  7. This is absolutely amazing and what makes me love Wurm even more. And thank you for coming up with this idea. I'd be totally down for a Chess club, though I know only basics and not how to win (lol). I prefer Checkers more, but Chess is such an elegant game I can't pass this up. I've been listening to the Chess musical a lot again, recently, by the way.... which has to mean something!! p.s.: Btw, what has to be "fixed" about the chess boards? Is there a bug?
  8. Looks impressive. I'll have to visit, if location is not a secret...
  9. https://prnt.sc/E443SvskSCu3 It's close to J-13 and there is a climb of about 68 meters 🤷‍♀️
  10. This one has stones, trees, and other mobs. Why no interest?
  11. Seems to be a camp. If there is any interest, I'll drop the coords.
  12. Nice. How much is it?