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  1. The trick is to look for them in Autumn, when they are at their most vivid and bright pink.
  2. Thank you, Xheth. The bridge was built on Xanadu by someone named Aske. The bridge is in the NorthEast of Xanadu, F21... I think!
  3. I want to start making my videos soon, but if I had to watch videos with the kind of camera panning that is utilized in-game, I'd not enjoy the video at all. Any other video-making techniques anyone could share?
  4. That's all I can say.
  5. Katrat, why is it that I only see your screenshot posts as this??:
  6. I suggested Valorea for PVE and Valor for PVP.
  7. OP, this is ingenious. I'm still processing how great your ideas are! Thank you for bringing life to Wurm!!
  8. Something that got me thinking... There is a potential in Wurm that does not get utilized. Why? I see empty chairs anywhere, IRL or not, and I get sad. As an avid explorer, I find so many large villas and houses with ample chairs, tables, and gathering places... beautiful gardens with benches... I feel like most, if not all of it, never actually gets "used". Players build enormous halls and spaces, but no other soul will ever set foot upon them or sit in its chairs. Why is this? With the ability of our avatars to sit down, the social aspect of Wurm has become more immersive (with the upcoming chat bubble update, it will become even more so.) There is much potential for proper social gatherings, dinner parties, birthday parties, etc. But even at Impalongs, I've never seen players sit down together and chat. Or actually utilize a ship's ample seating and take a fun ride together. Why is this? Other MMOs with a prominent social focus really utilize these things. Tables and chairs/couches/duvans are used all the time. What is it that makes us reluctant to really be social with our avatars?
  9. I will absolutely have to come and visit. Wowza...
  10. Ah, thanks. So leading impregnated animals on deed with above 15 ratio right after impregnation, and keeping them there for the duration of pregnancy, would protect them from miscarriage?
  11. Here is a puzzle to solve: An aged bison and a mature horse both got pregnant in a very large, locked, off-deed pen that I use. Right before this, I had cast Humid Drizzle because one of the animals in the pen was diseased, which worked to get rid of the sickness. The next day both of those animals had died, and only them. Why is this?
  12. Please tell me how to run two instances of WO at the same time. I can't find this information
  13. I'm surprised that no merchant of affinity meals exists, as of now.