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  1. Question that I don't see answered anywhere, unless I missed the answer: How/where does ship imping work?
  2. Hi Ajala! Does this mean you are in? hey! Thank you so much for this explanation. Did I completely miss this in the wiki? Because I don't believe I've ever found anything about rift scout events in there. Amazing. Site 2 has had two ogres for a year or more now. I was on my way to that site to see if they were still there, which I assume they are. Do they ever die of old age?
  3. Please help. This simple Explorer cannot find this evil alone. On a routine ride through the backwoods, I discovered ancient rift beasts that were murdering local wildlife and making the roads unsafe. Bulletin boards were consulted for dates of old Rifts in this area, but could not be found. Site 1 contains jackals and rift beasts. Site 2 had two rift ogres. I'm looking for a party of a few of us who would banish these demons back to their underworld! Let us set a date!
  4. Desperately seeking one.
  5. I'm surprised no one else has posted the same reasons as I have for playing Wurm. They are this: and this: and this!: The world of Wurm feels alive, organic, and full of mysteries. Vegetation that grows back over time, hiding secrets and stories. I can explore wilderness and come across fossils from a Rift so ancient, its location won't even show up on the forums. And I can look over the expanse before me and feel it calling me to explore it, salivating at what stories I could find. Edit: I don't believe I've ever played a game with this "organic" feel
  6. Impalongs unequivocally have rooms for rent and camping areas, both (correct?). What makes some players choose one and not the other? One would think that a room is the much better option....
  7. Olaf! Did you find your babies? If not, I've got one or two black sheeps I could lend you (or even give to you)
  8. On Deliverance, again! (The name of the deed and deed owner eludes me now.) Build the entrance to a building on the second level, connecting it with the ground via a bridge adorned by two columns!
  9. I'm eager to make server maps of three different points of interest: Inns, Temples, and Pubs. I explore a ton, and constantly find them. They are all lovely and deserve to be known. Not to mention, they come in handy when one is out exploring. Maybe such a map would incentivize exploration, a little bit. I need someone who could take care of the technical end of such an endeavor. (Does it entail a lot?) I would do the exploring and inputting. Is this feasible?
  10. As seen in a canal on Deliverance... A dyed lamp placed underwater creates a wonderful effect, the origins of which may seem a mystery at first, if your boat is wide and obscures the source of the light. The first couple of times of sailing through the canal, I thought that the walls, ceiling were lit from within. Leaves quite an impression.
  11. Flower fountains, as seen at Deliverance's 2021 Easter Impalong: