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  1. On Deliverance, again! (The name of the deed and deed owner eludes me now.) Build the entrance to a building on the second level, connecting it with the ground via a bridge adorned by two columns!
  2. I'm eager to make server maps of three different points of interest: Inns, Temples, and Pubs. I explore a ton, and constantly find them. They are all lovely and deserve to be known. Not to mention, they come in handy when one is out exploring. Maybe such a map would incentivize exploration, a little bit. I need someone who could take care of the technical end of such an endeavor. (Does it entail a lot?) I would do the exploring and inputting. Is this feasible?
  3. As seen in a canal on Deliverance... A dyed lamp placed underwater creates a wonderful effect, the origins of which may seem a mystery at first, if your boat is wide and obscures the source of the light. The first couple of times of sailing through the canal, I thought that the walls, ceiling were lit from within. Leaves quite an impression.
  4. Flower fountains, as seen at Deliverance's 2021 Easter Impalong:
  5. I can't begin to tell you guys how incredible this Impalong is. The hotel rooms are most incredible I've ever seen, the vibe is amazing, and the excitement is palpable. Whoa P.S.: If you're not here, you're missing out!
  6. I'll look into that. Thanks, Gawain. Cheers!
  7. I'm using Nvidia Geforce In-game Overlay recording feature. Haven't really fooled around with its settings before.
  8. Hi Gawain. Indeed, I had microphone input enabled. Disabled it, and the humming disappeared. Thank you. What about the graphical quality?
  9. I wanted the first video to be about Wurm's particular feature that I love so dearly. Already having some unforseeable issues and was hoping that some other video creators could help me. The two main issues, as you can see from the video below are: The graphical quality of the immediate copy stored on my HD is much worse than what I see when I play Wurm. I have a decent video card. There is background white noise, and I've no clue where it comes from. Here is the unlisted link to a test run: Thank you in advance for helping me.
  10. Saw this news on Reddit yesterday and couldn't wait to share with Wurmians: World's first ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian Mountains! (Wurm had this figured out in 1050 AD. ) Lol & Mycelium is actually a green substitute for leather and plastic!
  11. I asked this question in CA help yesterday, but I don't think people had time to answer. Can you folks provide me with actual examples of ways in which you've actually used these items?
  12. Really damn excited for this. And I rarely get excited about anything