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  1. At least fishing from a chair would be cool and a potential reason to make little docks. +1
  2. Title says it all +1 it’s a good idea but keeping the same key as normal movement is annoying.
  3. What if each starting zone had an auctioneer (players cannot own/hoard unlike a trader) and all of the stuff that sits not selling for months on personal merchants is uploaded on one screen say all merchants within a region are tied to the auctioneer? This would increase sales of poorly placed merchants and would give people a reason to travel “to town” (the starting towns for the server) listing of single items only e.g. rare material and tools/weapons/armour. No bulk.
  4. Bump and update. We go on weekly adventures! And for brand new players your first month of premium is on The Pond (this is for players who have never had premium time) Message Zackaryva ingame for information or an invitation!
  5. Okay yes it may not fit however the main point is what type of decorations that we can make are unique to the player say my larder probably looks a lot like your larder right? I’d like to see more decoration options or multiple models for the same item like say two different types of larders with the same function; maybe something along those lines?
  6. Hello everyone, so here's a not really original idea but a different way of looking at it. So you're going out fishing and on your way you merrily pick bark/twigs and search for bait and after getting down to the water and fishing for a bit you have a nice haul of fish... but what about all of those smaller fish we keep throwing back in! Id much rather take them home with me and put them on display! Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative but is also actually unique to the player other than just say changing a color with dye? This being said an aquarium could be an interesting addition to the game and would complement the amazing changes to the fishing system. This would most likely have to be made from glass. This brings me to the other less unique suggestion of adding glass to the game. This could be used for decorative reasons only, so possibly add two more skills such as Glassmaking and the other Glassblowing, consider this as carpentry and fine carpentry. This could also be used to fill in those drafty windows! These additions if even applicable should for for mid-game to end-game skill progressions e.g. 50-70. Thanks for reading.
  7. We are now on the route system! Come check us out; we still recruiting and helping all players
  8. purchased 20 silver fast service, seller goes first, and most importantly great pricing I do recommend
  9. Hello the pond is recruiting pm Zackaryva in game for an invite or information. This is a new deed less than a week old all villagers have full permissions except for destroying objects and mining a cave floor. As an active player I will provide anyone with the means to success and full resources are available; membership will include a 2 by 2 house on deed or 4 by 4 off deed you will receive 40-60 ql tools and a minimum of a 50 ql chain set for joining. As well as free Vynora enchants on anything when time permits! Feel free to contact for any questions!
  10. Hello everyone! My name in-game is Zackaryga very experienced returning player but new character playing on Jackal currently. Looking for a village or a non-deeded community! Would love to help in any way I can! Feel free to message me in game. Thanks everyone!