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Found 22 results

  1. Is there any reason why on PvE Servers, we continue to insist that an area is clear of aggressive mobs before deeding? This is a major obstacle preventing a lot of new players putting down their first deed. I think this check should be removed. I remember having to call out the local heavy squad (my brother and alts) to clear out a major champion lava spider infestation before I could get my first deed down, it was really off-putting. Why do these mobs have to be removed manually (impossible for a new player) before deeding and buying a spirit guard, is there something about it I have overlooked? Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Msg me in game (lunadew)or (Dinant) Xanadu : Are you looking for a village to join or just join your deed to a good alliance ?? Village taking new villagers, We have a large established village and a large active alliance, consisting of 50 plus deeds. Most members live in a Centralized Area so we are all very close and can help each other. In our village u can use all our shops for all your skilling needs, most are fully stocked to make getting started easier. We have many mines and an alliance wagoner. We are also coastal with boat docks and even a lake with boat canal that connects to ocean. Come take a look at us at j11 or message Dinant or Lunadew or Vynamurmir for questions or an invite. .........We do ask brand new players to use tents⛺ in village for two weeks before building homes 🏘️village . If no leaders are on to invite just find a waystone 🀄on highway and travel 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏇to Freedom Village its J11 on Xan map🗺️, there u can place ur tent in the camping area 🏕️ that also has a nice mine a few tiles south ↘️of it. Anyone in the local can invite you to join so adventure🐾 on over
  3. Somos dos jugadores nuevos que llevan unos dias jugando y estamos buscando alguna alianza de habla que nos quiera reclutar. We are two new players who have been playing for a few days and we are looking for a speaking alliance that wants to recruit us.
  4. Darkwood Forest "Where those who enter, Never leave!" Welcome to Darkwood Forest! We are recruiting new and old players to join our deed. We have access to lots of resources and we have highway access as well as access to the coast. Our deed is 23x51 in size and is still in very early stages of development. Lots of work to be done and skill to gain. We are newbie friendly and in a nice area in North East Deliverance, (F23). To get an invite send a PM to Sprigor in-game. We will teach you the ins and outs of Wurm.
  5. Hello, I have read the long thread about guided starter towns. I think, that everything that is needed for engaging new players to stay in the game can be provided by the community. I am shure there are a lot player in the game that love to help new arrivers and I mean not only those who want to sell something to them. For my opinion its hard to get in touch with the new players if they dont ask questions in the chat window. So it would be a lot easier to find them if they would start in only one player town on one of the servers. I am shure this would encourage people to even let the markets grow around this town, to gather there often and newbies would place their first deeds around this town which would also allow all those new pleayers to not only meet the old WO gamers but more important: each other. I think its so nice to start a game with other starters, to explore the game together. But at the moment new people just dont meet each other because they are so spreaded over the map. As I started I walked trough the deadly lonely but heavily built Glasshollow and was asking myself if I am the only gamer in this game. If citys are empty I hought... the whole game must be. So the first impression for a new player should be that the game is alive, that other players are around and thats not possible with so many starter towns. I know a lot of players want the new ones to start on -their- server, and that is understandable because they want their server to stay lively. But if people dont stay in the game because they find it to lonely and hard to start... that doesnt help at all. For my opinion, it would help a lot to give new players one only starter town. This would encourage people who want to help newbies to be able to actually meet them. This would help new players to meet other new players in the game. It should be a starter town to which older gamer can travel easily to (reachable by ship not to far from server borders) so that they also are encouraged to go there, use the market there and help the new players. What do you think?
  6. Hello, I want to sell my deed at C20/21 (north coast) if Independence. Its a small deed, that has a gold/iron mine. It comes with 1 3x3 house equipped with some storage containers and forges, 3 horse pens with some 5 and 4 speed horses and enchanted grass tiles. It has a big mine with forges and a smelter, a ship transporter that is in my ownership and can be transfered. Mailbox has a 84 cast on it and a HOTS tower called "Nordhafen". No decorations so far (no lamps). It has 6 silver in its coffers and I am asking for 15s or make an offer. More infos in the screenshots below. You can contact Aristarchus ingame, or PM me here.
  7. A little bit of fun and games here. I'll explain after but I invite guesses as to what happened here! When the new guy moves in and two screenshots capture two very, very different moods... without jumping to conclusions.. what happened here? lol DAY 1 DAY 2 What happened lol
  8. From my experience, in Chaos walking into other kingdoms gets you killed by guards. This is very frustrating for newbies that want to find people to help them change kingdoms if their original kingdom has very few players. Currently, one needs to send an application on a kingdom forum to join. However, many newbies don't even go on the Wurm online forums so they won't ever know how to change unless they get lucky and meet someone in neutral territory to talk with. Kingdoms should be able to control whether their guards will kill intruders. Also, perhaps intruders should be able to do a surrender signal for the guards to take the intruders to jail to await judgement.
  9. Are you new, and just need someplace to catch your breath and get your bearings? Are you a veteran player who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own deed? Schadenfreude Estate provides basic amenities with no strings attached. Food, clothing, and shelter, a nearby market, good roads, and plenty of opportunities to develop whatever skills you see fit. Some paid work opportunities are available at standard rates (1 iron/action). Initial permissions are limited. Located on the west coast of Q12, Xanadu. Member of the Black Forest Alliance. Transportation to village may be available. PM Gangle for details.
  10. Hello, I am a Mayor of North Redwood looking for fellow Villages to help shape North Redwood. Whether a new villager starting in the world of Wurm or a Experienced Villager looking for a new place to call home. North Redwood is north of Pristine (E12 bottom Right of the Square on the map) Message me in-game (Topham). Chow for now.
  11. No matter if you are a new or experienced player, Akhenaten is what YOU are looking for! Akhenaten is recruiting Mayor: Filnter Who we are: We are a large village located in Kinoss bay in the southwestern corner of Independence. With abundant forests, a mountain to our backs and ample local clay and tar we have an idyllic setting, even a desert has been brought up. Akhenaten has a rich history as one of the largest and most diverse villages, with roots going back to Jenn-Kellon Home and connections to the Chaos server. The town has a very diverse community of title hunters and casual players, of experienced and new players from all kinds of time zones. We value all players who love to be in our village and love to play this great game. New or experienced mature players will find a place for themselves in our community. Find more information about us on our wurmpedia page: What can we provide: After a trial period of just one week, which you will spend in one of our high equipped barracks you will get your own house. The barracks are equipped with beds, a forge, a Large Anvil (70QL) and a personal large chest for everyone in the barracks. Every of our houses is equipped with a forge (60QL), bed, large chest and a stone coffin, but you are welcome to add even more stuff to your house and of course we can help you there. We can provide high QL tools if you need them, but we will start with handing you some decent 50QL tools out. We also have got a village priest, so even enchanted tools aren't impossible for us. Our huge farm and animal pen will provide crops and animals for you. You may also help and skill up farming and animal husbandry in our farm. Free high QL meals will be available 24/7. For experienced players we have materials and help to do huge projects and adventures are every time included into our daily life in Akhenaten. How can you become one of us? Sign up on our forum: Read this post: and follow the steps described in the post and you will be a villager of Akhenaten within a few hours/days. You are also free to PM me if you have got any questions Where we are: Image: Video of Akhenaten: [media]
  12. After hours of confusion and the 101 questions in the help channel, I have found that better use of in-game missions or tutorials would benefit all new players and also increase activity / revenue for Wurm Online. I am on my 3rd day and without having took the initiative to seek a helper - I would have not gotten very far with Wurm and possibly uninstalled it after the first few hours. The tutorial is alright but I'd advise possible links to video tutorials of the mini-missions within the tutorial... after seeing many people doing the tutorial with me and not getting through doors as they have not fulfilled the pre-requisites. (I'm guessing you lose 90% of newcomers just through not being clear enough on the first tutorial section) This game has way more potential than Minecraft / Second Life & other sandbox MMO's yet it lags horribly behind them all in terms of users and premium players. I've never seen a game so great with only a few thousand online, it's really astonishing! So with all that criticism said, I would like to see more done in the tutorial, i.e. Ghost tutorials (whereby a ghost shows you the action to perform before you do it), video tutorials, flashing icons on where to click and what to do. After having come into the real world (deliverance server) - without the help of a Blacksmith named AbsolutelyNobody I would not have really progressed... The use of help channels and asking questions helped somewhat, and the wiki also provided a huge help... but If one has played almost every MMO out there, they can quickly distinguish the problem with Wurm Online and other games. The problem is that the game should be guiding new users, not other users (Who have no incentive to) and certainly not wiki sites. These should be secondary guidance... but they have been pulling the weight for Wurm Online and the community has kept this great game going (on first impressions) One thing that is also very bizarre, is the fact that in Wurm Online, it is more difficult for the user than it is for a user that has been around for many years. A game should develop difficulty as you progress - it is almost backwards... (another factor pushing new players away) Overall my requests are: Beginner tutorial to be more clear and make use of video tutorials as well as shadow guides. Mentor system which incentivizes experienced players in helping new players, i.e. new 'Mentor' skill which increases skill gain. Missions to start off much more simpler - asking the user to kill 100 of a certain creature, before they even know how to fight (as this was not covered in tutorial) is very bizarre, also, the basics of equipping items, ranges for attack, which targets are safe to attack etc need to be understood before even fighting (This information is only found on the wiki, rather than helpful tips within the game - or so I've seen..) Regards! Kammerz - The RP Fanatic.
  13. Welcome in the Lands of Wurm, in Serenity, Kingdom and homeland from Jenn-Kellon, protected by the Withe Light, by The Holy Three, Fo, Vynora and Magranon, guide us shining bright and free, so our homeland be free off evil, war and tyranny. Me and a friend want to recrut new Players, yes, you read it correctly, new Players, because we know that it is hard to get in the game and figure out how things work, so we want to support them and educate them so they can leave the deed with many knowledge and maybe creat a own deed later. What we offer - A friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - A kind of education/knowledge - Food/water - Materials - Skillgain - A home (our deed, Wotansberg) What it needs to join us - Also a friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - Teamspeak 3 (link below) - Speaking English - Being from the Jenn-Kellon Kingdom of course We wil guide players, for example talk about to being a prist, talking about the for and against or help to choose which god, or in other questions and problems we will help, for free of course. We also will recruit players, when they dont know how long they will play, only a week or less. They should try it and the best way to try it is to join us so we can help them to figure out the game. Want to join or need more infos? Send me (Rainbowcrashger or Sauerkrautii) a PM ingame (in Local "/tell Rainbowcrashger"), post a comment below or PM in the forum. Thanks for Reading RainbowCrashGer and Sauerkrautii *Teamspeak 3:
  14. New to Wurm Online?Just arrived on the Pristine server and no clue what to do next?Feeling lost and lonely?Need a little help from some friends?Why not join the Wurm Academy and learn the basics of this fantastic game? The Wurm Academy is located not far from Blossom, the starter town. Just head south on the highway until you see a pointing sign saying "Wurm Academy". Talk to anyone in local chat to find us and get invited as a new student by one of our teachers. Everybody is welcome - as long as you are ready to be a friendly, well behaved and mature member of our community. Get more information here:
  15. Just like it says - Event Horizon is looking for citizens! We're located on the northwest coast of the server (8x 10y), which is still comparatively undeveloped area. The basic necessities - water, fuel, wood, stone, iron - are all here in town. More is available within hauling distance. It's pretty rugged out here, so we're looking for committed players who like a challenge. Respect and sense of humor are vital. We'd really like a priest around (two citizens are Vynora worshipers, but any Whitelighter would be welcome), but it's not a requirement by any means. We'd just like to have more company in town. We're looking to develop the town perimeter, so there's still room for building and creativity. At this time, all citizens are English-speakers in PST. But we're friendly and on at various times, plus we have some limited Spanish- and German-speaking ability. Interested? PM me (username is the same here and in-game) or ladyapril, or stop by in town proper.
  16. Howdy, my name is Randell im looking for people interested in joining my village - it's a nice spot on the deliverance, at 36x 41y - you can find it on the map by looking for new port side im just infront. The deed size is 51 x 21 so it's a nice space it does have lots of iron for smithing and plenty of room for animals and farming. It's right next to the water so it's a great place for the aspiring boat builder. you dont need to be a advanced player to be a villager though having skill and some knowledge is helpful . i just ask that you plan on playing the game for awhile and log on every few days at least to do a few things around the village and up your skills. The village is still quite uncompleted meaning there is a lot for you todo and you can also get a lot of skill ups from helping around the place with things like building buildings , making storage containers - farming, cutting down trees, and pretty much anything and everything. Here are some screen shots of the village There is a lot more to the village than these pics stuff like the mine and another few farming fields and the forest's on either side of the deed. Village of Hope is a really safe place for the new player we dont see much bad mobs around due to have a guard tower up the top and a guard tower down the bottom plus a templar running around as well so if you want a fight you just have to take a short walk to the massive steeps just behind the deed where you can fight a number of low and higher lvl creatures. Come check it out if you want to help shape a village in it's early stages yet dont want to take on the responsibility of running your own deed then the village of hope is for you. P.s i dont get on the forum often but im in game on deliverance server almost everyday so just do a /tell Randell or /tell Aussie and i'll be glade to have a chat. EDIT........ I closed this deed and moved right around the corner from Green Dog if your interested in the new deed and joining my new village just message me...
  17. Hi, I happened to make a newbie account recently for general messing around. Obviously starting a newbie account you are given a shortsword and wooden medium shield. I decided to take up some combat skilling anyway and remembered how awful skilling shields is at the inital starting phase. The shield you are given is 10QL, when going into combat with anything, whether you're in defensive or not - blocking anything with your puny 10ql wooden shield is a rarity. The only way you can really get some skill is to constantly shieldbash weak animals, which give much less skill than blocking a hit, due to the shieldbashing nerf you're unable to shieldbash constantly for skill. When you do manage to land a shieldbash you'll likely get a 0.06 increase at 1.00 shield skill. I got hold of a 30ql shield and found this was just as bad, there's literally no point in handing a newbie a shield as they can't effectively use it. My suggestion is: Allow practice dolls to fight back and allow you to block hits with your shield up to a maximum of 20 shieldskill of any shield type & give a small bonus to shields when under 20 skill like mining timers (this bonus is NOT effective in PVP) Back when i first trained shield skill on my main account, i worked out shield skill didn't help too much until you got into the 20's, so this would be fantastic for starting with. This will encourage the use of shields rather than relying on dual weilding when starting out. Shields prolong life for newbies (should they be able to use their shield), thus less deaths of newbies, which might prevent fustraited early quitters = More players!
  18. Oakheart Shores – where people can learn in peace and safety This deed wants to be a beginner academy for friendly and open people joining the game. It will not restrict citizens by gender, religion, timezone or how often they log in. All we want is a group of people willing to learn, enjoy themselves and (necessary) speak English. The deed is located on the topmost island of Celebration, the Cherrywood Isle (BD-58 coordinates on Being an island has its advantages and disadvantages – but best of them all, it is less traveled. The deed is on the south side of the island on the waterfront. Main entrance is located east, making a connection to the (only) highway that connects the north and south sides of the island. There are deeds nearby, mostly friendly people though, but nothing very close so you can still have your privacy. The deed itself is walled off and it has a maxed out guard tower, meaning you are always safe inside the deed from creatures and have protection from the tower guards in the immediate surroundings outside the gate. All the infrastructure of the deed is already in place, so you will not have to worry about where to leave space open and where not. The Community Center Building (in the middle) has the basics already there (forge, oven, large anvil, BSB, table, bed, coffin, large barrel) and it has a well to provide continuous water. It also has a mine with 3 iron veins and a forge - and pairing that with the forest just outside the back entrance (next to the mine) gives you access to all basic resources. The owners of the deed live on the north side of the island so when in need, all it takes is a 5 minute trip to solve any problem you might have (plus, you can always chat with them when they’re online via alliance chat). The possible lots that you can choose from (see below) where thoroughly thought through and are virgin, leaving you the opportunity and chance to modify them as you wish (see rules). All in all the owners will try to help you as much as they can (or within their available time) with advices or some materials (like meals or resources not found in the immediate area). The purpose though is for you to have a good start in the game and give you the opportunity to develop your skills without needing to “start from nothingâ€, without the constant danger of creatures and in a community that just makes everything more fun . If you are interested in joining Oakheart Shores, please post a reply below with a little info about yourself and what lot are you interested in (see below) or send a /tell in-game to either Vitrelle, Thorakkanath or Inspira. Within our available time we could come to scoop you up and give you a boat ride to the island, if not you’ll just have to swim . Rules: · On your lot you can do anything you want as long as you don’t step on someone else’s toes · Existing roads and fences are not to be modified or destroyed without prior discussion with Thorakkanath, Inspira or Vitrelle · All trees on your chosen lots can be cut down with the exception of oaks, those have to remain · On the back of the deed in the perimeter – there is a forest, you can cut down those trees if you need wood, but please always replant what you cut down · Try to help each other, everyone is a beginner and together you can learn easier the game (and it’s more fun too!) – maybe someone goes into mining and tool making for everyone else, someone else does farming, etc. – the possibilities are endless · Be polite and respectful, this is a game that people play to relax, not to hear drama · We reserve the right to kick and KoS anyone that obviously does not let others enjoy themselves in the game (and also for long periods of inactivity without letting us know in advance) · If you work together you could even start your own farm outside the deed borders and inside the perimeter (blue line) – but you will need to terraform the ground and build fences and locked gates to protect your crops from intruders and animals · You are allowed to use, but not build or modify the community areas, these will be done either by or together with the owners · Lastly, these rules are meant not to restrict, but to insure a nice and peaceful atmosphere where everyone (hopefully) will enjoy themselves and the game J · The special rule: well, this is no rule , but a deed does cost silvers to keep up, so if you wish to support us in our efforts, please send us a message, you will try to get you something nice if you do so – we promise! Available lots In the image: the blue line means perimeter border, red line deed border where there are no fences built up Lot A · Second biggest lot: (9x7) 63 tiles · EXTENSIVE terraforming needed (must love to dig!) · Pretty secluded · No scenery · Probably good for: someone that likes to live in a forest Lot B · Biggest lot of them all: (5x8 + 3x4 + 4x3) 64 tiles · Medium-large terraforming necessary · Next to the mine and to the main gate · Very long and somewhat fragmented lot · Next to one of the community areas and guard tower · Probably good for: someone that likes to try out farming Lot C · Third biggest lot: (9x4+5x3) 51 tiles · EXTENSIVE terraforming needed · Next to the center · View over the water and all community areas · Can suit a wide variety of people (that like to interact) Lot D · Fifth lot in size: (7x5) 35 tiles · Very little terraforming necessary · View over the water · Probably good for: someone that does not play very frequently Lot E · Fourth lot in size: (7x6) 42 tiles – effective 7x5 – 35 tiles · Partly in water, a medium-large amount of terraforming necessary · Unrestricted waterfront lot, great scenery · Good for someone that wants to have a property right on the shore (shipbuilding?) · Could be extended in the perimeter, although no deed or decay protection! Lot F · Smallest lot in size: (4x7+2) – 30 tiles · BEST location · No terraforming necessary · Superb view from above on the water and distant lands · Close to one community area and to the Community Center building (above) · Probably good for: someone that does not need a lot of room and can use space efficienty Hope to see you around! Thorakkanath
  19. Yunia's thread on optional starter packs and the ensuing discussion set me to thinking about a couple of things. 1) The current starter equipment is a pretty good selection for a generalist, everyone's got a different play-style and different in-game goals, and some items may not be used much if at all in the first couple of in-game weeks. 2) It's currently really, really hard to get rid of middling-quality tools and other items because the absolute beginners who might have some use for them don't have any money; by the time you get your hands on any coin (or decide to go premium) you've probably skilled up past the point where a 8-12ql mallet or pickaxe is any good to you, even at a handful of iron. So, why not solve both these problems by letting newcomers select their starting equipment from Wurm's economy? The way I would go about doing this is as follows. On completing the tutorial, every player receives a non-transferable voucher for... well, whatever the current starter equipment would cost on the open market I guess; three to five copper, I think? When purchased with a voucher, this equipment cannot then be sold or traded to another player; the in-game description could mention something about it having the owner's name carved deeply into it or painted on with tar or something. Improving it by a lot, ie at least fifteen levels or so, would be the only way to remove this restriction.
  20. The community of the southeast peninsula of Deliverance recently founded Port Naltatis. This new settlement is supposed to provide a home for new players looking for a place to stay. So if you joined Wurm recently and are still looking for a friendly village to settle down, Port Naltatis may be the right place for you. There will be friendly and professional help from experienced players, but besides advice, training and coaching, newbies will be encouraged to accomplish things on their own - helping them to learn how to become successful Wurmians. (So, no free high ql tools, people! ) The players in the area are friendly, mature and helpful people; in return we expect you to be a well-behaved citizen and a good neighbour. As this village is meant to be a kind of "beginner's academy", we do not expect people to be permanent citizens. We would rather encourage you to find and build your own place eventually. There is currently room for up to 5 villagers, but we would like to start with 3 new players to see if the concept works out. Port Naltatis is on the southeast coast of Deliverance, next to Serendipity Bay. The community map coordinates ( Map.png) are: 40x, 35y. You may also wish to check the detailed map of the area: http://forum.wurmonl...ipity-bay-area/ If you are interested, please send a PM to Tekari, Turiel or Yaga - or just contact us in game. ----------------------- EDIT: Most of the experienced players in our alliance are online during European evening hours (~17:00 -22:00 UTC). This could mean that, depending on your usual playing time, you might experience a slight problem getting help and advice from us if your time zone is considerably different from GMT. This is NOT meant to discourage non-European players from joining the village - it will just be easier for you if you also use to play during European evening hours. .
  21. Hello fellow Wurmians! We are a new, small and evolving village, on Independence. Our village is recruiting, and we are accepting new aswell as experienced players, and give them a warm welcome! The settlement is purely based on labor, and taking orders from other people(which includes alot of crafting) We LOVE to hunt, and there is a steppe nearby. We encounter alot of spiders, but no worries, if you are new, we can train you The citizens don't need to be premium, but because we do alot of orders, we can get you premium if you can prove you are worthy You can PM Aziandood or Neoking if you would like to join. If you'd like, we can pick you up at Freedom Market(FM) The settlement is marked as 44x26y on the map, as shown here: Currently, our village has: BUILDINGS - A farm - An animal pen - A workshop - A food storage - Housing district RESOURCES -Access to Iron ore