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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I play on a server and we regular players play on other people's servers and we suggest mods to the owners and they look into them before adding. I always look at the mods however I don't know if anyone suggested this yet. If so, well I'll just bring it up again. I'm sure many want the same mod. But it is that we all can't use "disintigrate" to destroy veins. Instead, we would ask a fellow staff of our server since we cannot hit to destroy them in 1 hit like GMs can. Sure we can simply mine them, but would you, yourself spend most of your time completing thousands and thousands of actions to destroy a vein, and having too much of stuff you won't use like sandstone, copper, almost everything? We've all been there, sooo much lol. So I like to have a mod that will allow us to use a blunt wep like a large maul to destroy veins that are in the way by ourselves so GMs arnt helping with them. They may help to be helpful, but it's not rlly their job to hop around destroying veins for players who are too lazy. And sometimes, GMs don't have the time to come on, or come by every time. This is what I would suggest. Thank You.
  2. I would like to sell this set for 5s. PM me or msg me in-game if you're interested.
  3. Had an idea... want to see a "dark metal" in the game so I started thinking about. Love dark metal materials in games and in the spirit of the Light/Dark forces in Wurm came up with this. You would use the regular metals (iron, admantium, glimmersteel, even gold and silver) but put them through a "follower/priest" with/or instead of alchemy, process to alter the metal. I call it "Blighted Metal"(negative and obsidian colored) and blessed (obvious opposite) Metal (positive side). I had this too..." uses any type metal but you put some negative aura material with it...blood, bone...etc... and "The spell/ alchemic liquid/follower's spirit twists and warps the metal causing it to be blighted (or blessed)!” Make it a follower benefit... (expand on follower ideas too, maybe 2x effectiveness for Priest of that belief). You would take any metal and subject it to the process of changing it to the positive/negative effects and might even alter it to "This armor benefits wearer who follow ....." and opposite aligned would suffer some sort of negative effect. This is just a starter idea. But the effects would use current metals, current Black/White dye colors, and follower 'tweaked' effects. What do you think? You could use the Bless or Desecrate in conjunction with this too.
  4. This is probably the suggestion I feel most personal and sincere about, ever. I don't remember if this was wurm or something else I played back in the day, but I have fond memories of it. Wurm's weather system is awesome, the moving clouds, the rain (albeit that it sometimes rains from the blue skies). What I miss, every day I am signed in, is gloomy weather. I love it in real life, and I would kill for it in wurm. Yes, thunder exists in wurm, but it's too rare, too shortlived and too soft. With our awesome sunny, blue sky days, and rainy days, give us (even if it's only very occasionally), angry weather. Let a storm brew up, let the lands go a bit darker as the thick nimbostratus clouds form, dense rain and brooding thunder. There is no better time to fire up the forge, or mine near the entrance... Please
  5. Just a cool feature I thought of. For daytime have the nice brown light wooden texture for UI boxes etc. Then when it goes nighttime, or you enter a dark area, it turned into a less eye burning dark colour.
  6. Please allow us to see who sends us mail. I've seen too many cases of where people are sent random things for 10s and accepted in confusion for something else, so I would like to see this get implemented for the protection of the buyer.
  7. Hi there. While learning a small amount about the lore and playing the game for a while, I thought that the appalling subject of Libila worship was underplayed. According to early Christian teachings, the Devil often tempted his converts with riches and powers. These converts were said to practice or commence in ceremonies such as the Black Mass in secret under the nose of the European populous and even at times, secretly in Christian places of worship. This is part of Libila's inscription on the Bone Altar: "Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities. Exact my revenge anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make it painful and frightening. Together, let us enter the Forbidden Lands. We are all in our right to do so!" This is not totally different from early Catholic dogma during the Dark Ages used to scare a chaotic European populous into becoming a tighter and more orderly society. With this being said, why are Libila worshipers only confined to being openly part of the HotS? Why can't they worship in secret in return for great powers promised by the dark goddess if certain rituals are met? I can see this implemented in TWO methods, though I'm sure that there are more that I'm not thinking of... 1) On certain days, moon cycles, or whatever else, the cultist should desecrate one of the three light god's domains by commiting actions such as sacrificing a tamed mountain gorilla in the domain of Magranon or desecrating an altar with the taint of Libila. 2) Seeing that players lack religious zealotry of a fictional world enough to convict a religious upstart to a crime, an obvious problem is presented. A way to bypass this problem is to make Libila worship allowed through settlement laws, which brings me to my next point... Throughout medieval history there has not only been wars between kingdoms but also in-fighting between vassals. One of the reasons for the multitudes of these mini-wars was religion. Some went as far as to call them crusades, such as those against the Albigensians or Cathars. Religious in-fighting may be possible through the tolerance of Libila worship or even the securing of holy grounds from other villages. This may even be a jumping off point for the creation of Boroughs, Republics, Duchies, or maybe even kingdoms having sort of leadership. Making a priest or champion gain faith or other bonuses through ousting these cultists (or 'witches') may be another counter-benefit to the witch/witch hunt implementation. Libila cultists, witches, secret priests, fallen priests, etc., could have powers such as a curse of lycanthropy or something while those who devote themselves to hunting these antagonists can have powers or abilities themselves. Please note that when writing this, I intend not to advocate for display a representation of Christianity, witchcraft, or Satanism in the game and do not wish to advocate for any side nor condemn any religion. I also do not intend to advocate for a furthering of historical accuracy in a fantasy game setting. I hope I didn't offend any of you If you have any issues or further suggestions, let them fly!