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Found 7 results

  1. Ravendream is located on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map). Water path via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map) PM ingame to Xagru. I. Mining Service Ask about details, especially removing veins - I use meditation skill erupt and freeze so tile needs to be uncover from dirt above ground first. II. Enchanting grass First tile 1s, every next 50c. IV. Mixed stuff Visit our Market - 100ql crops, wemps, cotton, mixed rares
  2. I removed vein by using errupt and freeze. After that tried open the cave by tunneling, but system didn't let me do that as if vein was still there. But undeground this same tile showed regular rock.
  3. Hello, I play on a server and we regular players play on other people's servers and we suggest mods to the owners and they look into them before adding. I always look at the mods however I don't know if anyone suggested this yet. If so, well I'll just bring it up again. I'm sure many want the same mod. But it is that we all can't use "disintigrate" to destroy veins. Instead, we would ask a fellow staff of our server since we cannot hit to destroy them in 1 hit like GMs can. Sure we can simply mine them, but would you, yourself spend most of your time completing thousands and thousands of actions to destroy a vein, and having too much of stuff you won't use like sandstone, copper, almost everything? We've all been there, sooo much lol. So I like to have a mod that will allow us to use a blunt wep like a large maul to destroy veins that are in the way by ourselves so GMs arnt helping with them. They may help to be helpful, but it's not rlly their job to hop around destroying veins for players who are too lazy. And sometimes, GMs don't have the time to come on, or come by every time. This is what I would suggest. Thank You.
  4. Hello I have made new map with Wgenerator. started server and after playing few hours found out that there are no veins, only rock, sandstone and rocksalt. How to fix it ?
  5. Just saw a post here from Wulfrock on a custom mod to fix sandstone vein counts: What I would like to see is a mod like this, but that expands on the idea to include all vein types, allowing you to set an ore range for each type. So if you want Glimmer and Addy veins to be higher than 50, but not as high as iron, presto. I agree with Wulfrock that sandstone is too plentiful for full 10k veins, so setting a lower count is going to be preferable for most server hosts. If there was a mod like this before I'd created my server, I would have created more veins, but with smaller quantities in each, to provide greater access to all the different ore types, without making it too impossible to mine in a straight line.
  6. Rod of Transmutation turns any cave tile into an ore vein of your choosing with max quality and max quantity. Very handy for high quality crafting. Auction Length: 3 days from post Reserve: No Starting Bid: 29s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 2 hour Best of luck!
  7. Selling a Rod of Transmutation which changes any regular cave wall into an ore vein of your choice with 99ql and 10000qty. Considering offers, please PM.