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Found 7 results

  1. Kataleuz's Crescendo The Village's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Start Date: September 17th 2020 Location: F24, Cadence Member count: ~50 (Pretty much all of them are dormant for now) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining it's best to reach me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, or my server Last Updated: 9/25/2022
  2. Unlike any experience, come and join an active community! We are situated in n21 - with many perks! We will not hold you down to community projects however we will assign you to a village task to help contribute. We have an open storage place, over 10x guards and tons of resources to help you along finding your path in Wurm. Weather you are learning or just would like to hang with us on discord while wurming then you have found the right place! Current Alliance Size: 10 people We have Mayors around the lake taking part in an Alliance. Current Villagers: 6 people With Roads and highways linking to different settlments. If you are interested in joining us Message me ingame: Paratus or Steelioskontos See you ingame!
  3. Hello, Kurios Estate is a reasonably small deed with plenty of space for development. Looking for someone to tend to crops, and breed animals as well as developing the deed. Any skill set is welcome as there is plenty around to grind your skills however with mining there is a heap of veins of gold on deed and a few iron veins just off deed. Only looking for a single new member but maybe able to fit a few. No payment towards upkeep is required. The deed has a fo alter on it however there is a vyn and mag alter nearby. Currently there is only my main account, Lordofcoin and my alt, Fatherofcoin as members of the deed. On arrival you will be given a small block of land to build your house and have access to everything on deed. I can also build or help to build your house. If interesded Reply here or PM me, Lordofcoin (in game). See you shortly
  4. Ready to try out PVP on Chaos? Get to Glasshollow spawn on Xanadu and get ready for bigest change of your Wurm life... Every week we gona have group tour to favorite Chaos village Valley Cove. We dont look for skills, we dont wana have you ready, WE NEED YOU! 1. All you need to do is apply for free ride here or pm me ingame! 2. Register and write Application here: 3. Get to Glasshollow spawn and you are READY to go! More info about Valley Cove you can found here: One Trip could change your Life!
  5. North Shore. Main site Current Members is * 8 * Players this does not include alts and these are active players. Deed size is roughly 35x60 with huge area to expand Location Is North Celebration Y8 x43 or D23 We are Chatting on TeamSpeak 3 We have a Facebook setup to share in game help tips, photo and more We are recruiting new and experienced players Nice Hunting area, Farming Animals Husbandry, Close to Exoduses zone line, On deed Mining, Shipping, Much more We do have rules and Player perspiration expected.
  6. Wana make one place for all what is going on right now in WP. WTS: 1k cotton at 40+ql 4 speed traited aged horses with saddles. Horse shoes 40+ql WTB: 50 Torch lamp heads 1 sac. knife Jobs: Diger on highway, aprox. 3k dirt to dig. Miner in marble cave, aprox. 2k marble shards. Builder with 50+ skills, aprox. 150 walls in difrent floors. recruting pearl markets buy or sell coins sell referal
  7. hello this village is now recrutting we are a active community that are looking for villagers that are active on deli. I am not mayor but I am helping to recrute. I will personaly pick you up and take you to the village from green dog the starter town. you will get a 6 tile house but the deed must remain with the mayor incase he decides to expand the village.Me and the and the other villagers will help you withsome stuff. Their are 2 market stalls near us that sells decent QL enchated tools curtisy of jackbeau. if you are new and don't have a village pm me in game as Dragonfire or send me a message in the forum. We hope to see you. Also every mounth I will go to puzzal plazas market so if you have money and want to go with me fill free to.