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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, Im Searching German/ Eng New player to join my deed on Xanadu. i just start but all is flat and some natural flow :3 in future some crops, animals or maybe fruits and some smithing ? sailing is possible to, Docks is 1 min near us. no obligations, just have fun and come up with projects. simply being together is worth more than a duty cave. the (FlyingHill) Expect all of you Ingame Name: AirborneASE Just Pm me ingame, im online Below some urls with deed pictures.
  2. My Pants Harbour is currently accepting new citizens! What is it? My Pants Harbour is currently a workplace for traders who produce and export goods. Once finished, it will also be a public market, with our own inn, trading square, temple and auction house, where events that we'll promote will take place. Who we are? Traders! Anyone who join can either make and sell his own goods or join the Morgan Hill Trading Company, where we concentrate our productions in one big stock in order to maintain a steady supply. Where we are? Our harbour is strategically located at Xan B17, pretty close to the map's edge, where people can easily travel to and from. What we offer? Tools, security, knowledge and an opportunity to make money. We will need people who extract raw material, produce goods, negotiate, deliver or can do it all like I do! The goal is to cooperate and trade under the same flag, creating a stable, reliable and well known market. Who are our partners? My Pants Harbour is part of a HUGE alliance consisting of 27 settlements. We're also part of the Morgan Hill Trading Company. What are our rules? - Respect everyone. - Respect everyone's property. - Be nice and friendly with our citizens, allies and customers. - Always welcome and offer help to newcomers and travelers. - Keep the place nice and clean. - Don't leave carts, containers, tools or whatever laying around. I'll throw it away or push it offdeed. - Moor your ships/boats in an orderly fashion. - Wherever you mine, reinforce it. - Whenever you cut trees, remove the stumps. - Don't dig for dirt or sand anywhere near any settlement, don't be a jerk.
  3. what starting town is in the east or south east on xanadu ? thought about exploring some but wanted to start in the east or south east side , thanks kindly also,, is there a map of xanadu yet with starting locations ?
  4. Together we rise, Together we shall fall City of Oaksted Lore The fires where fresh, the shouts and screams as villagers where slaughtered within there homes. Frostalphus stood infront of him home, as it burned and crumbled to the ground. His deed was in flames. He looked around, The unknown enemy had broken in through the town walls. It was unexpected. Frostalphus remembered all the people who had helped build this place. And felt a pang of regret as everything crumbled. Right before his eyes. He turned in time to see a nogump come crashing through the gates and charge towards him. He closed his eyes and felt a painful slam as the nogumps grafted morning stars slammed into him. He slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of the lake. The Morning air smelt fresh and warm, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around, nothing was left, only ruins. Only piles of rubble where houses used to be. A nogump lay slayed in the plaza. The kingdom banner tattered and ruined lay upon the nogump. Frostalphus slowly got up and walked towards the banner, he picked it up and rolled up the cloth, he put it in his backpack along with the rest of the tools he still had. He began walking forwards, Past the rubble of the old mine door. But all of a sudden a man came out, it was his second in command, klickguy, he joined frostalphus on his journeys. Day and night they traveled. Following wherever the roads would take them. Until one day they stumbled across the steppe, and they looked through the barren wasteland, just as they began to walk a familiar and warm voice shouted. The two travelers turned in surprise as an old friend rode up on his cart. Thatdamnkid told the two to hop on and come with him to his deed. The two travelers quickly got on and they began riding through the steppe. Thatdamnkid had heard about what happened to the town and told them if they ever need help, he would be there to assist. The two travelers thanked him. And as they entered the desert Frostalphus told thatdamnkid to stop the cart. He had spotted a spot of land. The two travelers walked forwards and told Thatdamnkid they had found there location. To start afresh. Start there lives over. They began working, Klickguy cut the trees down and Frostalphus turned them into planks. They worked together and soon they had built a shack. Within this shack frostalphus planned the city on paper, buildings, rules and whatever he could think of. His imagination ran wild. City walls thick and defended well, Catapults on every tower. Frostalphus had it all planned out. Days passed as the two worked hard. People came and helped. And soon the entire land was being raised. New friends where made and skills where learnt, Frostalphus vowed that whatever happened. He would not let this city fall. Recruiting Oaksted, a city of safety, comfort and warmth, no fear of the outside world. But that is still a thought, we require assistance in the creation of this idea. We are recruiting, we need dedicated players, new or old, no matter from which background, to assist. There will be a rank system. Ranks: The Oaksted High council Lord: Frostalphus [Me] Military Strategist: Klickguy High Priest: Military General: Watkins Head of agriculture: Head of trade: Drewkatski Public relations: Military: Sgt - Bowman - Swordsman - Mauler - Scout - Pike men - Axe-men - Civilian Classes: Farmer: Smith: Craftsman: Militia: Trader: Shop owner: Healer: Priest: Hunter: Elite class: From within the military ranks of oaksted, a group of elite soldiers are formed, the knights, the knights are oaksted's task force, These specifically picked group of soldiers are trained and toughened to there best. They assist anyone looking for help. If it's its carrying out missions behind enemy lines or defending the city or its allies. Grand Knight: The brains of the knights operation, they send out the knights on there tasks. These are the highest of the order, only 5 at a time, they each have there own company of men. Grand knights must progress through the ranks of the military and exceed all tasks given. However, the are specifically picked by the Military general and the high council. Require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Knight: Knights are elite soldiers and shadows of the city, they move swiftly executing there moves, Knights require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Squire: Squires are knights in training, these young knights are trialed and judged over a period of time, until deemed worthy of knighthood. Elite buildings: With the knights comes the chapel, this is only allowed to be entered by the knights and members of the high council. This is were they do there meditation and prayers. ================================== At the moment that is the ranking system. ================================== We plan to create a wide variety of buildings and areas. We want to name different areas of the city and streets. We plan to create: Blacksmith Forge Public Workshop Barracks Armour Castle Public Stables Cart stables Warehouses Farms [barns etc.] Public inn General housing, for the civilians. Church And so on. Laws Oaksted does have laws, these are customary for citizens. No stealing, No littering inactivity for two weeks with no good reason before hand or afterwards will be kicked out of the city. Militia will be called upon to fight if times become dire. Soldiers need to have 70+ Fs Militia need to have 50+ Fs Houses and or rooms are available via real estate. We require active players We do not want people who have a record of stealing, looting, and killing for fun. This is a community Jobs can be selected. You can do whatever you want, as long as your know how to do it. or want to learn it. We want to help each other out. We have alot planned and we need a lot of help, if anyone is interested drop me a PM on wurm, Frostalphus, and ill give you the location. We welcome all! [16:17:43] It is 10:30:50 on Luck day in week 2 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1037. [16:17:43] The settlement of City Of Oaksted has just been founded by Frostalphus. We now have teamspeak Something useful for planning out deeds. deed-planner. Download it from here. Together we rise, Together we shall fall
  5. Greetings! I'm currently trying to plan the city we're going to build out, and I could use some advice from veteran wurmians. I was wondering, what size do you think a city with... say, 50 people should be? I'm a little confused about how the deed stuff works, and I notice how expensive it can get. I'm just trying to figure this out before we thrown down the money for it. Any tips for me before we toss down the token? We're also playing on the Epic server, so there -is- pvp. Thanks! -Bashur P.S. Use some advice*
  6. I'm sure many of you have had this issue. The mayor of your village goes offline for months and it hampers village growth, or perhaps somebody who owns a lot of writs to a perticular area hasn't been on in ages and it's stopping an expansion. My Idea is to add a small textbox at the bottom of writs and Settlement Forms that allow for the addition of a sort of safety owner. You would type the name of a character into this box, and set a time period (scaling monthly from 1 month to 6 months) If you were to be offline for this length of time, the ownership of the writ/deed would default to the person whom you named in said writ. That way, if a mayor takes an extended leave from Wurm, he can safely set a 2nd in command to recieve ownership after a specific time period, letting the village get back on it's feet again. Should the original owner then log back on, the writ/deed would be re-transferred to their character immediately. it should be noted that this field can be left blank and the writ/deed would function normally. Any comments, suggestions, questions?
  7. Hello folks, im Selva, i'm 22, i started playing Wurm Online since the end of July. One week after i've started playing, i met some good guys who were recruiting ppl to their villages. However, all the 5 villagers, including the mayor and co-mayor, went away at the beginning of August, moren than 2 away months now. So , im alone, in a ghost deed, with lots of buildings locked and about to get off deed, since the upkeep money is almost gone. Why i dont put more money at the deed's bank?! Well, im almost sure they will not come back, unfortunelly, and i have no interest in feeding a ghost deed which i wouldn't have, at least, the minimum control of even my house. So, cut to the point, im looking for a new deed at Celebration, who has a nice place, decent people and recruit me as a free villager, not a slave or a second class citizen. -My location is near TapDance -Not premium at the moment, but, obviously i have plans to be -Have some stuff that might help the recruiter, if not a super advanced wealthy deed. - I'm a good villager, you can check about me with the players : Reyaa, Pepeford, Hooter, Harvest, Feasd pr Maiya.