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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  2. In the name of the mayor Psmaster i want to announce the recently created deed of New Porto (S23 at SE coast), which has space to take in a few new and old villagers, who are looking to join up a community. The village is not as big as compareable huuge deeds on Xanadu, and not as lively and densely populated as Newspring, but the village offers a fairly big workshop, with beds, forges, and BsB full with materials, free to use up for villagers and members of the alliance. There is also a big Temple/Church/Workshop/Common Quarter House that can hold sermons and has workspace above the priests! The village has access to the sea, and it has small canals leading through the village and carved into the hillside and going underground as well. "Have you ever been to Venice?" Is the village motto! Lots of bridges will follow over time! As a fan of Dwarf Fortress i immediatelly liked the idea that these canals flow into the hills and then go underground as well after leaving the Venice lagoon! The Canals run underground and there is space in a big cave, to build undergorund houses as well, if anyone likes that. I'll surely build a guest house of my own here and wait for the Carnival with my mask! ? Space reserved for sceenshots later on
  3. The Shore; Farms as far as the eye can see. I’ve had the pleasure of owning this deed for a little over a year and a half. It was passed on to me by a player called Starr, who purchased it from Martynas originally. Unfortunately, it has become a chore for me to sail from my home on Exodus back to Deliverance to maintain it, so here is your chance to grab this awesome deed spot! The deed is located at F24 on Deliverance’s North East coast, a 15 minute horse ride to the Deliverance tunnel network, and a 10 minute boat ride from the deliverance eastern boarder. Farms as far as the eye can see. The size of The Shore is 45 by 47. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 16 silver and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver and 23 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 105 days, 22 hours and 5 minutes more. Extras and Other Details: Over 50 lamps left on deed. Love tile on deed 98 cast mailbox Plenty of goodies to pick through, several high-skilled people and priests have lived here. Several forges, ovens, bsbs, crates, fsbs, rafts, buildings, and a mine to pick through Ql in stuff ranges from 10-90 Over 150 enchanted grass tiles on deed: 3 barns, each with 8, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 1 big barn with 10, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 5x11 Enchanted grass pens with 11, 2x1 pens inside. 2 pens 3x3 enchanted grass. Buildings: Workshop, Inn, Main house, Barns; East, Central, West, BahhMoo. Asking Price: 67s OBO PM me here, or ingame on Sugarfoxx This deed is a wonderful spot for shipping and farming, ideal for a mortar making mason or the tinkering blacksmith; in front of it is a large scale clay pit, so dig as much as your heart desires! The deed is surrounded by its own personal sand pit as well, and contains a wonderful boat canal into the mine [Fully Reinforced] for easy boat storage and shipping needs. Vein Info: Shoutout to @Shydow for checking some of the veins out for me, the Shydow list is: Iron; 34 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 36 MaxQL (unsure of remaining ore) 38 MaxQL (5-10k Left) 43 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 46 MaxQL(3-5k Left) 59 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 76 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 85 MaxQL (1-3k Left). 87 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Marble: 44 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 72 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 96 MaxQL (3-5k Left) Gold: 21 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Silver: 31 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Unfortunately I haven’t uncovered the others, the veins in the mine that haven’t been checked for ql and what was left are: 1 Sandstone vein, 1 iron vein, 1 marble vein, 1 rocksalt vein, and 1 lead vein
  4. WTS coastal deed Deliverance SE Windigo size 17x33 + a large extension on west side monthly cost 1s12c upkeep for 48 days guard tower enchanted grass house furnished (oven, larder, food storage bin, beds, tables, chairs, rope tool, loom, spinning wheel, chests, racks, lamps...) work house and storages (forges, smelter, kiln, full Bulk storage bins) many pens with animals (horses 5 and 4 speeds, cows, sheeps, pigs, chickens) docks (with 2 lighthouses) Path of Love on deed Mine entrance (Tin very good Qt, Iron Ulmost Qt, SaltRock Very good Qt, SandStone Good Qt mostly inside) Altars of Vynora and Nahjo Spirit castle enchanted courier 99 + Magranon rune on it +5% size Clay, sand and Tar just outside the deed Stepps on deed's border Orchads and fields Transporters PM offers please The deed has been sold, thank you for your offers Pryss
  5. i deeded it sometimes in winter of 2012 iirc, the trader still makes enough to pay the upkeep so im not desperate to sell. x26 y26 on the community map deed is non-democracy. on deed trader. mailbox 96 power. 99 ql silver vein made with a wand. 2 90+ iron veins. tons of lower ql iron veins. wooden altar of vynora next to token. on deed obelisk named mantra testimonial. prospero seems to be just in center of the server, you can grow both kinds of grapes on the same deed. Wurmplanner maps album with pictures of the deed: trying to get 35silver for it
  6. not looking for people anymore.
  7. Looking for a quick sale. This deed was created the 1st day of Pristine. Just a short walk North of Blossum, on the North facing shore. If you know the area, it has the 2 giant Colossus statues at the mouth of it's little harbor/docks area. Most buildings have been removed, except for a dock warehouse and "vineyard" building. Several BSBs and various stuff, but nothing major of value on deed. Location is great for access to Blossum market and a quick sail over to Xanadu. GOLD: The mines are fairly well developed and 8 gold veins (7 on deed, 1 perim) and 1 silver uncovered. More to discover. Utmost and VG gold veins uncovered on deed. Large horse pen, with several horses and all enchanted grass. Not sure on quality of horses, since my AH main hasn't been there to read them. Most of the surface is covered by a vineyard, with a winery in the middle of vineyard. 55x26 in size. G15 in-game map. 2.86 silver upkeep 42 days upkeep left Not going to bother with pics. Not looking for much, just a quick sale to someone that could use it for the gold and location. Price 9 silver.
  8. <DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD>I am selling my deed for personal reasons, there are no land conflicts or expansion problems. It's a lovely settlement, 1600 hours has gone into it and very many floorboards. I apologize if there are too many images, the alternative would have been a video. 90% of the deed is accessible to the public (80% can be locked) so my presence isn't `necessary` but send me a pm and i'll be happy to login to show you around. Images of settlement / Album - (I have hand picked 5 images from the album and pasted them at the bottom of this page) Images of settlement / Album - The deed has one trader on its north side and has an income of between 6-7 silver, i will gladly teach you all you need to know to maximise profit. It is a stonesthrow from the border, crossing it lands you at Xanadu < H > West Deliverance map with search function (Y15 / Indigus) What comes with the deed; 1 Trader Sailboat (cherrywood) Rowing boat (cherrywood) 1 mooring anchor Food ; 1.3k cooked meat245 pumpkin74 strawberries150 potatoes120 corn106 eyesall other ingredients in FSB , less than 60 items per. Trader Coffin - over 6 months of high quality items to sell to the trader found while exploring Mailbox - q55 enchantment 77 Stock - 9 BSB's with assorted stock and enough animals parts to grind for an entire day. 7 rare mats, mostly rock shards 80 Cotton, 2nd floor workshop along with enough wemp to start a full crop. q78 forgeq44 forgeq48 ovenq54 forgeq79 forge (I can imp the low ones to q70 upon demand) 1 Obelisk 1 Colossus of Vynora Q74 1 Loom Q75 8 large braziers, a large number of small braziers, HQ Brass lamps & Iron Lamps5 five speed horses mostly 7 trait 1 Rare small cart Freedom isle wagon and a cart, transferable ownership. 1 Harbour, 3 docks.. obelisk dock has 1 tile off deed for easy trading. EXPANSION OPTIONS North - 22 tiles - Belleau Wood (Hillgrinder, good man) East - Sea South - Nil - Bachus's Vineyard (Bachus, hibernating player, sound fella) West - 100+ tiles Closest City ; Sloppy Hollow 100 tiles On-deed space available to build if you keep the buildings currently there; 10x5 / 12x4 / 5x6 / 5x4 / 10x5 - comprising of empty space, a courtyard, parks and a barely started build between the farmhouses and the harbour. Buildings present;Twinview Manor 2 Observation Towers1 Workshop4 Farmhouses cradling 2 fields (NW NE SW SE) Painted RGB & PurpleTrader boathouseMarina2 floor merchant hut on highway(all buildings present in the image catalogue above) ORE; Entire spectrum of Iron (from LQ to utmost) inside the deed mine.Public Gold silver and marble mines very closeby (2 mins)Other ores exist in the new haven mine network, i will gladly guide you to them all. BEDS - currently 6 in Twinview Manor and 1 in the SE farmhouse. Trees - miniature fir & birch farm on deedoak farm behind deed and on mountain 100+ Maple bordering the public sandbank highway that leads to Sloppy Hollow. SELLING PRICE - E120 --Please do not reply to this thread-- send offers or inquiries via PM(click on my name, select message)£ is my desire but I would, consider, silver as payment (100) or a Black Drake set. ​-Thank you for reading! - happy hunting 5 of 25 View from North side trader in sight South side, view from Marina South East Farmhouse, token in centre of 4 buildings with farmland x2 Workshop, storeroom, entrance to mine. Traders boat shed, north side
  9. Located at X5 Y39 on the West Coast of Release this deed is a great spot for local and SE Xanadu trade. Especially bulk goods trading due to travel times around Xanadu. Release Map: (extra orange shows unmapped road and tunnel access) Xanadu Output & Surrounding Area: This was a living working deed but can be easily scaled down to work the trader or expanded south for more usable dock space. Images updated now that it's spring see full gallery or swing on by for a day tour, when lit up at night it is beautiful from the water but most lamps we took with us. This is a multi-tiered deed mostly completed but needs finishing touches. Deed Planner 1.7 layouts available for dock and unfinished buildings. This deed comes with the following: To View Updated Deed Images: Top Tier: Farm/Garden Main Tier: Highway: Plenty of guard towers along the way. North goes to a maintained mountain tunnel next to Aberdeen takes you towards Dark Horse deeds. Following the road south then east will wind you around to Rabbits Den. Buildings/Housing Matching Houses, large incomplete workshop/storage building (almost done) Stables: Horse & bison no negative traitsSeveral 5-speed horses in all the colors Bison are 3-speed and 4-speed Several bulls and cows (not bred for traits) Enchanted grass in all stalls. 2 Marble Braziers + fountain Third Tier: Blank slate for you to build on, has one fountain Dock: Straight shot access from the top by perimeter road. North Side:2 Housing/Workshop buildingsTraderClay (one raised & flatted but tons more)Enchanted grass Horse Stalls x2Mine (Copper, Iron, possibly other ores)South Side: Dock with arched building intended for merchants. South side of dock still needs to be raised for loading/unloading and exiting boats. Large Building intended for smithing (just needs final touches)One more building and fencing intended available on deed planner Also Included: 2 Wagons (ownership to be changed at time of sale) 1 Ship Transport 1 Rare Cart (someone's leftovers, can be used on deed but no ownership change) FSB with over 1k cooked meat BSB’s with an assortment of leftovers, sprouts, animal parts, logs etc 4 Forges around QL 50 Resources Nearby: Slate Tin Silver Zinc Tar, clay, sand Marble and lead in the north tunnel by Aberdeen This is not an emergency offload: I am looking to get around 50 to 60s for this deed. Change of heart, please PM me your reasonable offers here on the forums. Some offers formally declined may be reconsidered. Edited 7/24/14: Updated Screenshots now that it is spring. Added link to imgur gallery.
  10. Looking for a Village to join? Firwood Coast wants you! Location We are located at the upper right hand corner of grid square S25 Map with location here: Features At least 2 Iron Veins nearby Large tar pit nearby Clay on deed Plenty of room to build and of course tons of Fir Trees! 'Before' Pictures of Location: Shows you around a little bit (Pictures were taken on day 2/3 after release) Join Now! To join the village you must: Play Wurm at least once a week and Follow rules/Be Respectful to other villagers If your interested leave a comment or PM with your: Username: Two Favorite skills: Hope to be Wurming with you soon!
  11. CLOSE

    Buyout accepted to a good home.
  12. I am looking to sell my coastal deed on the Northeast Island on Release. Name: Birchwood Shores (BS for short) Size: 21x33 Guards: 1 Upkeep: over 71 days (from May 10, 21:11 MST) Veins: 2 Iron (62ql and 70ql) both on deed Location: Southeast corner of Northeast Island. X44/Y9 or 24E on ingame map Near Valaheim Market (connected by road) Clay nearby (connected by road) Reeds on deed Kelp nearby Buildings: 2- 1x3 Gatehouses 3x5 Workshop with 2 forges, loom, and all 3 altars (stone) 3x5 Inn w/2 beds 1x1 Gazebo Notes: Partially walled, fenced in farm (5x12), animal pen (5x6), Planted Orchard with multiple tree types (Maple, Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Olive, and some grapes), mostly terraformed and only about 1/2 has been developed. Cows and bull available with negotiation. Price: 10s PM here for more info.
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Smog's End up for grabs! 41y 33x SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 15x15 nicely arranged coastal deed near Freedom Docks (5 minutes walk to the Howl) 1 x forge, 1 x floor loom, 1 x bulk storage bin 1 x food storage bin 2 x sheds (1x2 and 2x2, both equipped with bed) 1 x large pen for horses 1 x unfinished row boat - direct access to the sea, - direct access to a mine, - farming space at the back - directly served by a guard tower (just off deed) - within reach of a 2x2 clay point 20s pre-paid upkeep (enough to cover the next 560 days of upkeep) Auction starting bid: 20s (including up) Buyout: 30s Minimum Increment: 2s 1 hour sniper protection SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  14. I am returning to the game after a long hiatus, and am looking for a fresh start. To that end, I am selling my old place in the northwest corner of Celebration. It is a good mix of mountain and flat, forest and ocean. It has an awesome dock with a large warehouse, is two minutes from the exo border, and another two from there to chaos. Also has a mine with tons of ore (silver, gold, iron), though it has collapsed in a few places. Has several nice multi-story houses, and a few smaller buildings around. I had intended to just disband it, but realized I cant move the trader, so I will take any realistic offer. I also own a (un-deeded) tree farm nearby that I will turn over to whoever buys this. Deed Info: Size 59x27 Perimeter: 5 tiles Settlement has 1 silver, 63 copper and 63 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver, 18 copper, and 60 iron. Shoot me a PM if you want to know more, not putting a lot of effort into this post since I am not looking for much money for it.
  15. I am selling a Water Front Deed on Exodus, Near the Northwest corner, 5x 14y. Deed comes with everything listed below the spoilers, as well as whatever else is left there. Asking Price is 25s firm. Name - [16:04:11] You enter I Gots It Before You Na Na-na-na. Size - 33x49, Upkeep 4s 23c a month, 30+ Days Upkeep Left. Screenshots in the spoilers below. Deed Area and 5 tile houses: Cattle Farm and Horse Pens 5x7 House: Deed Details: 7 1x2 Enchanted Grass Pens, come with a number of 5 Speed horses. 2 2x2 Enchanted Grass Pens. Small Vineyard with Maple Trees. 11x11 Tree Farm. 11x11 Cattle Pen with Bulls, Cows and Calves. 22x12 Area, undevloped but Level. 6x11 Area with 6x5 Add On, undeveloped but Level. Entire Deed is lamped, most are coloured. 49x7 Undeveloped, but Level area. On Deed and off deed Mine with multiple veins. Gold Veins: [15:05:54] It is of very good quality. [15:05:54] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:07:35] It is of very good quality. [15:07:35] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:07:55] It is of normal quality. [15:07:55] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:08:10] It is of normal quality. [15:08:10] The ore is starting to deplete. [15:08:56] It is of poor quality. [15:08:56] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:09:00] It is of very good quality. [15:09:00] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:09:20] It is of utmost quality. [15:09:20] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:10:03] It is of very good quality. [15:10:03] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:10:33] It is of poor quality. [15:10:33] The ore is starting to deplete. [15:10:45] It is of poor quality. [15:10:45] The ore is starting to deplete. [15:12:36] It is of very good quality. [15:12:36] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:14:20] It is of normal quality. [15:14:20] The ore is starting to deplete. [15:14:59] It is of normal quality. [15:14:59] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:15:18] It is of acceptable quality. [15:15:18] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:15:22] It is of utmost quality. [15:15:22] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:17:20] It is of utmost quality. [15:17:20] Only a few weeks mining remain here. Iron Veins [15:17:08] It is of normal quality. [15:17:08] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. [15:17:43] It is of acceptable quality. [15:17:43] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. Copper Vein: [15:08:28] It is of poor quality. [15:08:28] Only a few weeks mining remain here. Tin Vein: [15:16:36] It is of acceptable quality. [15:16:36] Only a few weeks mining remain here. Mine Off Deed - Less than a 5 minute walk. Iron Veins: [15:24:37] It is of utmost quality. [15:24:37] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:29:08] It is of very good quality. [15:29:08] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:29:11] It is of very good quality. [15:29:11] The ore is starting to deplete. [15:29:34] It is of poor quality. [15:29:34] The ore will run out soon. [15:29:56] It is of acceptable quality. [15:29:56] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:30:15] It is of very good quality. [15:30:15] The ore will run out soon. [15:30:29] It is of good quality. [15:30:29] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:30:56] It is of good quality. [15:30:56] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:31:01] It is of normal quality. [15:31:01] Only a few weeks mining remain here. [15:31:37] It is of normal quality. [15:31:37] The ore is starting to deplete. 7x5 Stone House, with 8 tile Wooden 2nd Floor and Balcony: 90ql Rare Forge 90ql Forge 50ql Oven 75ql Rare Loom 4 Bulk Bins 3 Coffins 4 Beds 52ql 97 Courier Mailbox 90ql Stone Vynora Altar Two 5 Tile Wooden Houses, with 3 tile 2nd Floor, beds in each, as well as Forge, Oven and Bulk Bins. Bulk Bins: 181 94.09ql Cotton 100ish 81.21ql Iron Lump 158 42.13ql Iron Lump 202 13.92ql Iron Lump 7 97.79ql Rock Shards 16 87.79ql Logs 94 81.26ql Gold Lump 468 31.74ql Gold Lump 657 38.76ql Tin Lump 296 51.09ql Zing Lump An assortment of 100+ Sprouts An assortment Animal Parts including Teeth, Fur, Hides, Fat, Glands etc 410 50.28ql Bricks 294 43.25ql Bricks 2000+ Dirt
  16. Hello, I just want to let people know, someone stole several horses from my place, a cow, a couple of foals and a champion deer. They were stolen from inside my enclosure (off deed) in the West Coast. Regretably I dont remember the names of the few horses that I had, I do remember however, my favorite horse, an Aged Fat Osiostrong, gray horse, and a white Goldenwild, so if you see someone using those horses, well, you know not to trust that person.
  17. The deed Vulcan Outpost located on the south east coast of Deliverance (32x 46y on (Low Res).png) is for sale. Its size is 51x29 and surrounded on all 4 sides by Palisades. The deed was planted a few weeks after Deliverance was opened. The deed is surrounded by a small desert and right at the end of the huge steppe, so its a great place for hunting. The mine has plenty of iron veins and a few silver veins, but its not expanded very much and I know there are many uncovered silver veins in the western part of the deed ("Prospected" with a priest of Magranon and the Mole Senses spell). There are also 10 forges for fast smelting of ores inside the mine. The deed also has a trader and a large magic chest. The chest has 6 damage due to 1 months inactivity, but if you make sure to open it occasionally it will last forever. It was bought 9 months ago. There are a 110 tiles farm, a 70 tiles enchanted animal pen, and a rather large area currently unused next to the 30 tile large BSB storage house. There are 5 buildings. 1 is the 10x3 storage building, 1 farm building with 3 forges, 1 6x6 house originally made to be an inn, a 5x2 smithing house (5 forges, 7 coffins and 5 bsb's) and a 5x5 house with the trader, large magic chest, and 3 beds. Feel free to ask questions. Starting bid: 50s minimum bid increment: 1s Hidden reserve: Yes Buyout: 1 gold 50s No private bids accepted except buy out. The auction ends March 13, 20:00 GMT (1 week from posting).
  18. Deed: Zen's Oasis for 10 silver, OBO - Disbanded Located: 53BB on Darkmalice Map Deed Size: 12x12 giving 25x25 tile usage (5 perimeter) Coffers: 2s 61c 4i Monthly upkeep: 1s 25c with no templars. On deed: 1 well This land is in the desert and the flattening project is almost done. It has been converted to dirt and is ready for you to start your planting. It's bare and ready for YOUR touch. There is an iron mine already established. There is also a road to the nearby tar pit. Land: The view: Resources: Just message Lucard or myself on here or in game if you have any questions or would like to purchase. We are negotiable on the price. It costs 10s just to buy a deed form and then the cost of dropping the deed is on top of that. This is a great deal. Not to mention, most of the flattening is already done for you.
  19. Hi Everyone, I am interested in selling my coastal deed on Deli "Megatown" 45x 29y. It is 23x47 with a little more than 7s in the coffers. 2s 18c upkeep without templar. Here are some highlights: 4 note worthy buildings on deed (Main house, guest house, double workshop, and beach house) Guard tower on deed (50ql) One alter for every god Extensive dock area Large mine with 4 Iron (poor, acceptable, good x2) and one Zinc vein. Two very good iron veins across the street. Several large flat areas (horse pen, cattle pen, 130ish tile farm area, farm area) A few additional unused flat areas on deed. I really enjoyed living here but I haven't found my true calling yet in Wurm so I want to sell this and lower my expenses for a while. You'll be getting pretty much everything on deed except for my tools and a horse to ride off on. I opened up the gates if anyone cares to come by and look around. Asking 20s Long wharf with shallow end for boat dragging. Beach on the left for hot chicas to sunbathe. (chicas not included)
  20. Deed name: New Eden Location: North-central coastal area of Deliverance Deed Size: 33x33 with a fair amount of area to expand. Upkeep: 2s 17c 80i monthly (time left 63 days) Starting price: 20s Minimum increment: 2s Reserve: none Buy out: none, auction will run until the end. Auction period: 4days from the time of auction starting. All bids MUST be posted here, I will not take in game bids or PM bids. There are multiple pens with enchanted grass, the horses seen in the screenshot will be included. There's a large off deed mine with lots of iron, entrances are on deed. Two decent sized fenced in farming areas The deed is completely fenced in and there's a Guard Tower - 5 tiles off the north side of the deed There's an off deed guest house that also has enchanted grasses behind it. Less then 50 tiles from the north coast All tools, materials and such left by the previous villagers will also be included. If anyone would like to come see the deed for themselves the deed is currently unlocked. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me in game or on the forums.
  21. WTS Coastal Deed 30x 4y on Deliverance Size: 23 x 31 tiles Prime location, right next to the Indy crossing. Private Iron and Zinc Vein entrance next to the deed and public Silver nearby. Nearby clay. Large forest close by. Land docks terraformed for all boat sizes. Very large boathouse right at water level to drag your boat from the house into the water. Comes with 2 forges and an oven w/ decent ql. Finished Guard Tower next to the deed. Great for builders and farmers, not very developed with lots of flat land. Shallow water for reeds Multiple love tiles on deed Friendly Neighbours. 2+ months of upkeep Asking 15s Respond to the forum, PM me on forums or /tell Griphyth in game