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Found 135 results

  1. Crystal Bay Estates - Finndar Hi Everyone! Patch day has come and gone, and the java update issues have been addressed. We're aware of the horse and cart issues, as well as the water sources, and will be looking at that over the weekend. There's lots to share this week, so let's jump in! But first... Valrei overhaul So we mentioned we'll be sharing some more details about the valrei system and the planned overhauls some time ago, and now it's time to share! So let's jump into it. We have some planned changes for Valrei, the mission system, and Epic in general. These changes are well underway and due in the next few weeks to a month or so. To start off, with the larger number of player gods that have been added to the game over the past few years, it is necessary to look at how those gods impact the Valrei board. Coming with this set of changes will be player gods being removed from the Valrei board once they are changed from demigods into full gods. When a player uses a Key to the Heavens, they will still be added to the Valrei board as a static entity paired to their god, but once their god wins a scenario may become a full god and removed from the board. When this happens the player god will still generate missions for players to complete, but these missions will not directly affect the Valrei board in any way or give scenario points. Scenario rewards are also being changed slightly. Coming with this update will be a requirement for players to be premium in order to be rewarded scenario points as well as karma upon completing a mission. If the player that participated in the mission is non premium, they will only be rewarded karma and sleep bonus, but not scenario points. At the end of a scenario, there will be 3 tiers of rewards The top tier will be available to those with the top 20% of scenario contributors, and contain the highest rewards of a single use tome, or a small chance of a Key to the Heavens or dragon egg for those in the top 5%. After this tier will be a second set of winners for the top 50% of contributors where there will be 3 prizes of a yet to be announced item. The final tier for the full 100% of contributors will have 5 chances for either the above unannounced item, or a moon metal lump. This will only impact the Epic servers, as Freedom does not receive scenario rewards. In addition to the above is a full rework of all mission types, difficulty and rewards. Some existing missions will be removed, some new mission types will be added, and we’ll be going over all mission types to make sure that their difficulty to complete, and reward amounts (of karma, sleep bonus and scenario points) scale properly to the difficulty of the mission. As a larger overall change to this system, the difficulty tiers will be changing from a system of 1-4 to a system of 1-7, where the difficulty of the mission is determined by the number of successful missions in a row for that god as opposed to the number of source items that god is currently holding on Valrei. This means as more missions for a given god are completed, the difficulty and rewards of the mission will increase. This applies both to Epic and Freedom, where an additional bonus on Epic will be increased help for the given god, reducing their move timer more depending on the mission difficulty. Similar to now, some missions will be available in friendly territory, and some will be available in enemy territory only according to the difficulty. As mentioned above, the sleep bonus and karma rewards for participating in a mission will be changing from a flat 1000 karma and 30min sleep bonus per mission, instead scaling with the difficulty of the mission with the very low difficulties giving less than the current defaults, and the higher difficulties giving more than the current defaults. There are also more changes planned for Valrei and Epic in general, but we’re not quite ready to release details of these changes yet. More info about these will come in the near future. All caged up A long requested addition is the ability for creatures to be loaded into vehicles, and I have a very special surprise this week, without further ado... That's right, in a coming up date creatures will be able to be loaded into cages, and onto vehicles! Different creatures will take different volumes, and they will need to be led prior to being loaded (meaning no ships full of spiders!) Upon crossing servers they retain all info about traits. Parentage and cared for status will return upon returning to the original server. Highway testing push we're gearing up our public testing of the new highway system in anticipation of releasing it with the next big update! We'll be looking at how best to organise public testing, but the best thing you can do is jump on the test server and play around with paving the catseyes and building highways! The ongoing discussion thread with the technical gory details can be found here: Wonders of Celebration Iberis (known ingame as Hexd and Mizova) is at it again! This time she's taking her sightseeing tour to Celebration and is looking for your input on what's great to see across the server. If you have a suggestion, or know a landmark she might want to check out, let her know! Community content This weeks community content is a video by qwizat, with a tour of his twin deeds eden and dune. His village is open to all new players, so if you're looking for somewhere to start your journey, contact him! There's a lot coming in the next few updates, and we haven't even begun to tease you all about the new skill coming to Wurm, what is it? You'll just have to wait and see Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Fairly sure this has been proposed before, but why not allow Epic/Freedom trade ? I keep hearing that "oh god, those rich epic players with their 50x skillgain (not true really, pretty much just as hard like freedom to grind skills past 70) will flood our markets with easy to do 90 ql goods and ruin the economy". But is it really true? Will it ruin the economy or just give players more trading options? Maybe do it as an experiment for 6-8 months to see if it actually revitalizes trade on epic and freedom, keep in mind, freedomers will now have access to Epic market and able to sell stuff there too, rares, supremes, etc. After a decade, the wurm community seems to have grown more familiar with the servers and players so why not encourage free trade over all servers? Pretty sure a lot of freedomers would benefit for example from buying a lot of rarely used runes/rift materials from epic, or having their market open to more priests able to enchant from epic. Also epic players will have the market open to new trading opportunities from freedom and able to buy items they would rarely find on epic such as supremes or perhaps fantastic items, drake hide and scales (keep in mind until recently drops from dragons on epic were in the 0.01 kg levels) so seeing someone in dragon armor was something of an event on Epic. I think the pros outweight the cons, and it would surely merit at least a chance to experiment to making wurm a global market to see where it goes. Also, i can already see many opinions swaying in the -1 , "the market is crappy already, dont give us more stuff ", well if the market is crappy already what do you have to lose? I can't say i'm a master in economic theory but doesn't having paths open to new trade routes in general lead to positive economic outcomes and growth? Let's hear your opinions. *Addendum : maybe make a small 200x200 island port where epic and freedom can sail to , where they can sell bulk materials, statues, etc. and sail back. Suggestions on how to call this island port?
  3. Hello there! Can some one create mod which the disable x2 effectiveness on Epic server or make it x1 without food with ability on skill and xN , where N = food quality and affected skill but not more x1.99. Yep, I know -- I can do non-epic server, but The Curve very interesting for me and my players.
  4. In reading the Official Responses from the Dev. Team, I have gathered that: 1. We know the current stituation is unfair. 2. The current situation will continue until we have developed the Perfect Solution in 6 months or so. 3. At the point the Perfect Solution is completed we will release it and all will be Balanced and Fair. Therefore, my forcast for my game play is: 1. For the next 9-18 months I can expect to see fewer and fewer Lib Players. 2. During that time period I can expect to continue to receive continued deliveries of Terraforming events as I can't compete competitively in the Valrei Game and there is no point anyway. 3. During that same period I can expect that my enemies will continue to accumulate Tomes and special armor materials unapposed, as well as add more WL & BL Player Gods to their menagerie. 4. At some point in that time period the Balanced and Fair system will be released. I will be told that all is good now. The fact that my enemies have had several years of unapposed play is irrelevant get out there and compete. As a special reward we will provide you with a new New Affliction to rebuild your deeds on because the New Affliction looks more like a moonscape than Old Affliction. Wargame: "A strange game, the only winning move is to not play."
  5. I thought this might be fun. It has never really made sense, and its never really served the purpose it was intended to (promote migration to Elevation).
  6. You probably came here because you're looking for an active community of great people. You've found them! Who we are: Here at Aranea we use discipline and organization to have fun together and establish a name for ourselves throughout the realm. We're more than just a village - we aim to become the tightest group of players because we believe it's the only way to achieve the greatness we aim for! We try to keep everyone occupied within their own professions so that we're all like one organism, and we use a system of ranks within the community to reward the ones showing their determination. Don't worry if you don't like strict rules and regulations - you can still have fun with us! As we understand some have less time than others we don't let it come in the way of free and fun playtime or become a reason of prejudice. The main thing Aranea is about is helping one another, filling in the blanks where needed, making us an efficient machine. All new, returning and veteran players are helped in the way of new equipment and after a short period of initiation and testing how much of themselves they could dedicate long-term - we set them up with their own piece of land. How we work: We use a system of ranks to give people a sense of appreciation and self-improvement. The community is ran by a council consisting of the Grandmaster, the Henchman and a few Chancellors. The Council is the part of the community that establishes new laws, systems and generally tries to improve our life standard and establish order. All the other players become Recruits right after the initiation until they choose their profession and their own path. They will be provided with appropriate tools and workspace. It is always an option to raise in the ranks of Aranea and possibly become a Chancellor. That doesn't mean that the higher ranks keep their secrets or are above the rest. We are all important in Aranea. It should not be forgotten that every rank, from Recruit to the Grandmaster is an important military asset. Everyone will in time be equipped with armor and weaponry of choice and be free to hunt and join battle parties. Our goals: Our main goals are: - Gaining renown; - Becoming great as a team; - PVP (not obligatory); And most certainly - having a great time. What we plan: Our plans for the future include mostly three things, which are: organising different mass events for fun, building a beautiful settlement and most obviously becoming self-sufficient silver-wise so that we can all keep one another up with the money we earn in-game thanks to the amazing player based economy. Process of recruitment: According to the above - we have a strict system of recruitment. Firstly, a potential recruit is allowed to put up a small camp (no terraforming) right next to our deed. Don't worry, you won't get bored or feel endangered in any way! Initiates will be given various tasks or asked for help in return for protection, food and entertainment. Secondly, if the recruit passes the "determination test" they will be invited into the ranks of our community and become one of us. From now on he will be allowed to pick his profession in order to fill a blank in the team and make it stronger or become a "lone wolf" and be free from the weight of responsibilities on their shoulders. Who we need: Basically everyone! As long as you're talkative, friendly, trustworthy and don't burn out too easily - we will be happy to welcome you. We do, however, have those blanks to fill in: - Steel maker; - Charcoal maker; - Bowyer; - Mason; And considering that the cooking update will be a blast... - Brewer! In time all of the above will be given a workshop and proper tools. Don't wait - reply to this post or /tell Erevorn or Pardigan in-game! Below there is a map of how to get to us from Whitefay... The turn you must take from the highway from Whitefay is the turn that leads to Oatfish Maze - you'll see the sign. ... and a few pretty screenshots in spoilers so you don't say I spam And this is the deed in it's most current state: Live great. Live free. Live in Aranea!
  7. So we have the cooking overhaul. It's awesome, I've been spending time lately solely on finding new recipes. I managed to find my weaponsmithing affinity, a channeling one and now looking for other good ones. Also made a pizza for which my villagers love me now. There are talks going about reworking the meditation system. Good idea as well, it needs something done to be more appealing and less punishing. What about overhauling the building system? 1. New materials. First of all, there have been suggestions, ideas, questions and whines about log houses. Why not? Easy, quick way to put up a shed in the middle of nowhere without having to find iron. Especially useful to new players however it would surely need some restrictions otherwise we'd have tons of these around the wilderness. Probably more than there are now. Second of all, I've seen a suggestion about round cobblestone walls somewhere today. Why not add all types of cobblestone? Sure it would need more mortar to stick together but it would sure look nice. Third of all, imagine a nice wall that looks almost like timber framed walls but it's tougher and more like a house wall rather than a barn wall. Basically a concrete wall with rock shards or steel beams inside for strength. Teepees and huts made out of sticks and covered with leaves or hides. Basically would work like tents except they'd be available to be made in the wild. 2. New features, structures, types of walls and constructions. So far I came up with just a few nice ideas such as: - a basement (decreased decay for foodstuffs, speeds up fermentation, it's like a cave right underneath a chosen area with a floor above it and the walls reinforced) - round walls (I believe it would be rather difficult to achieve but imagine if we could finally make round towers on our castles) - shipyard (a building in which you can dig so ships can sail in if the roof is high enough) - grainmill (a wheel in the water (borders right next to a wall need to be at least 30 slopes down) OR a windmill instead of a roof that grinds cereals faster the stronger the wind blows and with both - a huge grindstone inside which you can open, throw some wheat inside and it is ground into flour over time - press house (same idea as the grainmill but it has a huge press inside that can turn strawberries into juice over time) - castle wall (double as thick as a normal wall, can withstand double as much damage but uses 2,4x more resources so instead of 20 bricks for a wall it uses 48) There could be way more adjustments, advancements, new tools, resources, walls, buildings etc etc. For now I just want to leave this idea here for people to discuss.
  8. I'd like to dare a question that doesn't belong in the suggestions section. Do we have any idea when might be given a texture map and model?
  9. I fell in love with Wurm many years ago and i have held out and will always hold hope in my heart it will return and surpass it's previous greatness. I love to play Wurm because I feel like I'm actually working towards something especially when working as a team so many Awesome memories. I just can't come back to epic the way it is. I have never and will never play Freedom/Chaos. I try to normally stay PC as possible and if I offend anyone with this next statement I apologize. I feel like epic is treated as the red headed step child of Wurm and has not been given the attention it deserves. Epic is in such disarray that i don't know if PVP will last I'm not saying that it will die out on freedom also. I feel that chaos will never live up to the full loot on every server like on Epic. The epic style of PVP was the attraction that I had to wurm that I could and would most likely lose my stuff. There were so many occasions that I would feel like my heart was going to beat out of my chest because everything was on the line, even though its just a game it gave me a thrill that I had never felt nor have I been able to find again. I feel like Epic was a game in and of itself and I don't mean this in a way that freedom is a lesser version but just such a different version and that they each deserve to have time spent on each of them equally. I love you Wurm but I cannot continue to have my heart broken update after update that does nothing to help bring people including me back to the cluster I grew to love. Treating it as a red headed step child. I know I'm not alone in the way I feel. I know I'm not the first to bring these problems to light. I also feel like this will fall on deaf ears no matter how eloquent we write our requests. In the end the ones that know they tried will know that they tried to help one of the best pvp games ever made. Basically I feel like Wurm has become the guy/girl you romanticize after but always tries to keep you hooked by promising that they will do better next time. but when next time comes its no different than before. I love you all for the experience you provided, DarnComp
  10. Ever since the new permission system was added, many things that were normally possible on the PvP cluster Epic became impossible. Many of these problems seem to be unintended bugs, and numerous complaints have been raised about them, but for the most part they have still not been fixed. This thread is for compiling a list of all of the permissions issues that epic has experienced since the addition of the new permission system, and ways that game mechanics have changed for the worse or become impossible under the new system as opposed to the old. As you post your discovered permissions bugs and complaints, I will add them to this post. Format your replies like Problem: How it used to work: A solution: Before you get into reading these, here are the most important issues that would clear up a lot of these problems: LAWS SHOULD NOT BE UPHELD UNLESS THERE IS A LIVING TEMPLAR TO ENFORCE THEM. PERMISSIONS SHOULD NOT BE UPHELD UNLESS THERE IS A LOCK ATTACHED. THE OPTION TO BREAK THE LAW MUST BE AVAILABLE. New permission system issues: Laws are upheld without live templars Problem: Deed laws are enforced even if the deed hired no templars, or even if all of the templars are dead. This has been very abusable by unjustly making actions impossible, and has allowed enemies to use deeds on homeservers in order to prevent their boats from being picked by defenders there. How it used to work: Living templars were required for deed laws to be enforced, and to break the law you had to kill templars before doing illegal actions, or go unlawful and break the law, thus putting you on KOS. If the deed had no templars, then you could do whatever you wanted. A Solution: Make deed laws take no effect on pvp servers unless there is a living templar. Allow players the option to break the laws, with the consequence that the templars will attack them and KOS them on that deed. Leading on enemy deeds Problem: We cannot lead any untamed horses on enemy deeds, even as unlawful or without Templars, which means we can not raid horses to use for PvP or raiding homeservers How it used to work: You could lead horses on enemy deeds at any time, even if the templar was alive and the permission was not allowed, because why would you abide by an enemy's laws? A solution: Either have enemy deed laws not apply to players not of their kingdom, or require a templar to be alive to enforce the laws. In the past laws didn't take effect unless a templar was alive, which meant you could kill a deeds Templars to break laws as any kingdom, but this is no longer the case, making raiding often either much more difficult or even impossible in certain situations if you are same kingdom Unlocked unowned vehicles can't be boarded on deeds Problem: You cannot embark on an unlocked vehicle on a deed if it doesn't have you in its permissions, even if its unlocked, you are unlawful and the deed has no templar How it used to work: Unlocked vehicles were always usable by anyone, because a lock should be required to enforce their permissions. This allowed for picking and taking vehicles, which now became impossible. A solution: Don't enforce vehicle permissions unless it has a lock, and dont enforce deed permissions unless it has a live templar. Can't remove locks Problem: If you are not the owner of something (chest, cart, boat, bsb, etc), you cannot remove the lock with the key anymore. The detail of an object having an imaginary owner preventing you from removing a lock with the key is immersion breaking, especially when you can already access it's contents by opening it while holding the key. You are also prevented from sailing any boat you find the key to, you may only access the hold. How it used to work: If you found the keys to something you could use them to remove the lock without needing to pick it. People often held onto high ql keys they found and over time would figure out what they went to. You could also board and sail ships as long as you held the key. A solution: Enable removing locks from objects by using the key on PvP servers Unable to take from bsbs in houses Problem: Bsbs/fsbs in houses often will not let you take from them (even without a lock), as when you try to drag their contents to your inventory it responds "You must use steal to do that.", but there is no way to use steal on the contents of a bsb. How it used to work: You would be able to take from bsbs inside houses A solution: Allow taking from bsbs inside houses, and if the house owner wants permission control or security over their bsb, they should attach a lock, rather than having 100% secure moonmetal/drake/etc storage by default/bug. Can't target same kingdom templars Problem: You can't target same kingdom templars in order to kill them and break laws. You first have to be KOS'ed somehow in order to autoretaliate to kill them, during which it won't let you change targets to a different templar, it only lets you kill the one that attacked you first, and then the next one to hit you after its dead you then autoretaliate to, etc. Not even the mayor can target his own deed's templars. How it used to work: You could go unlawful in order to target and kill same kingdom templars, in order to break same kingdom deed laws. A solution: You should be able to target same kingdom templars by going unlawful. Can't lockpick same kingdom doors Problem: You cannot lockpick doors of houses owned by a player in the same kingdom as you on elevation. How it used to work: You could lockpick any door or gate by going unlawful. A solution: Allow lockpicking same kingdom doors/gates by going unlawful. [Fixed on live] Can't kill mounts on same kingdom carts Problem: You cannot kill mounts hitched to carts owned by a player in the same kingdom as you How it used to work: You could attack any mob, regardless of if it was hitched or not A solution: Allow attacking mounts hitched to same kingdom players' carts. This is an anti-grief measure as the community will always work together against the griefers, while a griefer can't easily kill everyone else's hitched mounts on their own. Giving a lone griefer invulnerable hitched mounts so they can escape safely with loot they stole from you is a horrible idea. Non-tame/non-branded horses not moving after relogging Problem: When you crash or have to relog and you are on a non-tamed/non-branded mount while in combat you can't move unless you dismount the horse. How it used to work: Never happened prior to the perm system change. When relogging on a horse it worked as usual. A solution: Allow any ridden mount to move after relogging. This is most likely a bug with the permissions system seeing you don't personally "own" that mount. Can't drag locked boats Problem: You cannot drag locked boats, even if they aren't moored. How it used to work: You could drag same kingdom locked boats unless they were moored. A solution: If a boat isn't moored and doesn't have a captain, we should be able to drag it even if we can't captain it due to a lock. If you want to prevent a boat from being dragged, you should both lock it and moor it. Alliance/Citizen permissions on vehicles don't work off deed Problem: Added alliance Command, Passenger, Open, and Drag permissions to a sailboat. Nobody in my alliance was able to use it. Had to add them individually by name. The boat was off-deed at the time and later was able to allow Alliance/Citizens to board when the boat was on a deeded tile. How it used to work: Alliance/Citizen permissions applied to members of your alliance, allowing them to use your vehicles whether they were on deed at the time or not. A solution: Allow the Alliance/Citizen allow permissions to work off deed. We need to be able to board on our allies' boats for PvP without having to stop before a fight and manually add each individual person, wasting lots of time. Cannot load unowned planted objects Problem: Cannot load planted objects you do not own, even if you are enemy. How it used to work: You could take planted objects by loading them anytime if you were enemy, or when the laws allowed you/went unlawful as same kingdom. A solution: Allow loading of planted objects if enemy, or subject to the laws/lawfulness if same kingdom. Receive hunted status for attempting actions in lawful Problem: Now receive hunted status for attempting actions you aren't allowed to do, even though it prevents you from actually doing the action, and even though you are in lawful mode. How it used to work: If you were in lawful mode it would prevent you from doing things you weren't allowed to, and it would not penalize you since it prevented you from doing the action. A solution: Do not penalize/set players hunted for actions they attempt while in lawful mode. [Fixed on test] Can't catapult same kingdom deeds Problem: Cannot catapult same kingdom deeds unless you have explicit permission. Receive a "You seem to have missed..." message, and actually damaging anything is impossible. How it used to work: You could catapult same kingdom deeds and become KOS'ed on that deed, losing reputation for it if the templar was alive, and adding 10 to your deed's settlement reputation. A solution: Make it work like it used to. We can no longer deal with griefers if they have a deed. This update has made them as safe as if they were on freedom and removed an element of PvP from PvP servers. Alliance/Citizens of "" deed permissions don't work right on buildings Problem: If you have alliance/citizen permission to access a building, then log off until you leave the world and log back into that building, it ejects you from the building as if you don't have permission to it, and on a PvP server that means falling out of your longhouses, down off of your dirtwalls, to splat on the ground and die hundreds of slope below your deed. How it used to work: You were not ejected from buildings if you had permission on them. A solution: Do not eject players from buildings upon logging in if they have Alliance/Village enter permission. Old permissions issues (not from the new permission system) that don't belong on a PvP server: Can't sacrifice on enemy deeds (or friendly ones where you're KOS'ed) Problem: You cannot sacrifice anything (items or animals) on an enemy deed. There isn't really a reason we shouldn't be able to do this unless the templars are disallowing it. A solution: Allow sacrificing on enemy deeds as long as the templars are dead.
  11. Everland is hosted by citadelservers and runs 24/7 No lagg Skill gain: 10x Characteristics gain is super moded , up to 31 - 20x , After 31 - 2x (instead of 0.2 you get 0.01 , the real 10x) Action Timer 5x Breeding timer 3x Ada \ Glimmer 30k Creatures 60% agressive 24/7 No wipe Back up Server Mods Installed: Announcer - Shows log when some one logs in Bag of Holding - Making objects hold more items Boat mod - Very fast boats Bounty mod - You get coins for every creature you kill Bulk mod - Can place hot items into bsb Bulk storage trasfer limits - You can type in a number above 1000 to move more items Creature age mod - Horses getting older slower Creatures on water - You can lead creatures on water , all of them ! Crop mod - You get additional 3 crops when harvest (can make smaller farms now) Deed mod - Deeds limited to 50x50 size or 2500 tiles total Dig like mining mod - Dirt drops outsize of inventory to ground Harvest helper - Show current stage of crops Inbreed warning - Shows a warning when you try breed family relatives Mailmod - Free mail Moon metal mining mod - You have a chance to get random ores from mining (ada, glimmer, seryl) No Decay - Roads and bridges dont decay Sacrifice mod - When sacrifice rare items you have a chance 1\4 to get a bone Skillgain control - Fix your skill gain to exact x10 Spell mod - No priest limitations no need in linking, max favor can be used is 90 per 1 cast) Spell power - enchanted spells , less chance to shatter , higher then 104 cats (up to 250) Stable master - can turn animals into tockens and redeem them later or trade Timer fix - faster leveling \ flattening , pray and more ... Upkeep costs - free deeds making with low upkeep , all deeds start with 4s in thier coffers --- 16 square km highly detailed custom map (4096x4096 Independence size) --- HotA Events !!! Your adventure begins now ! Direct connection: Visit our Forums at: Live map: (Updates everyday after server restart) Server LIVE status: (updates every 5 minutes) --- Special offer !!! Ends at 17/08/16 Invite 2 friends to play on our server and you will get a special healer NPC to your village ---
  12. The game text: [23:23:06] Fo commands the Son of Nogumps. [23:23:06] Some Son of Nogump arrive. What it should be: [23:23:06] Fo commands the Sons of Nogump. [23:23:06] Some Sons of Nogump arrive. Or should it be "sons of Nogump"? Not sure what's best here.
  13. We all see them many times a day in our event tab and on twitter - messages like these: They are spamming the event tab on all Freedom servers, and they also do so in the Freedom twitter channels. These messages are directed to Epic players. Playing on a Freedom PvE server I simply don't care about these events and I feel annoyed by that kind of event tab and twitter channel spamming! Please remove them from the Freedom PvE servers (or make them optional) and the Freedom tweets.
  14. Remove All Missions and Uniques from Home Servers. Epic is a pvp cluster, to much pve happening on the homeservers wtf
  15. As the titles suggests. Let's talk about the difference, pros and cons, and etc... between chaos and epic. Just a general topic for anyone looking to get into pvp that has no idea why he or she should go to one or the other. Let the battle commence: Go! Please leave out kingdom say so, we have a thread for that for each cluster "skirmishes..."
  16. Can't seem to heal animals using the Look ==> Equipment interface after today's update/patch. Using a keybind 'firstaid' and mousing over the injury, you can heal. However, if you try, with cotton active, to right click on the injury on an animal (tested on a horse and a sheep, both un-tamed and otherwise normal), the context menu sits on "Refreshing" for ever. No other menus are doing it, it's not lag, and was confirmed by multiple villagers. Urgent bug, if people don't know/use the keybind their horses might die needlessly. Only tested/confirmed on Epic/Serenity, not sure if it applies to Freedom as well.
  17. My suggestion is when a player loads the game launcher, that instead of having a population of xx is online, to have each server listed individually. Also, this applies the forums and the main site. Same difference for example applies that we don't have Freedom cluster xx people online, each server is listed individually. The same list should apply to epic servers.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am looking to recruit returning players, or existing players to join us at Draconis Tor. New players may be accepted to a satellite village (under construction). If interested PM me through the forums. My my goal is to build a player base for more PvE and PvP activities. Looking forward to meeting you! Happychappie Mayor of Draconis Tor
  19. I was wondering if the Valrei terraforming events from WO happen with on the default adventure server with epic settings in WU? My friends and I would like to play with epic settings enabled but the terraforming events would be a deal breaker for us. I wasn't able to find an answer here or on the Steam forums sadly. If they do happen, is there a way to disable them? Thank you. EDIT: I found one post that seems to say they do in fact happen but I'm still not sure. A bit more info on the server types and settings like Home and Epic would go a long way towards helping confused players.
  20. Welcome to Avuzent! PvE Server Map: PvP Server Maps: Main Server: Adventure Server Map: Not yet implemented. Website: Chat/Voice Comms: Steam Group: Avuzo Entertainment Vote Here: Staff: Owner/Admin: Llurendt Co-Admin: Remeliss Moderators (Minor admins, basically mute/kick if needed): Aedon Wrigley Community Manager: We need one! Responsibilities will include updating the various threads and helping to greet new players to the server and get them settled in. PM me if interested either here or on steam. Server Rules: Current Features: Planned Features: Speculative Features (These things could be fun, but may not be possible just now): Server Specs: Avuzent is operated by me, a student of computer science and all-around good guy. I've got years of experience with management both real world and in-game. The server machine is in my home so I am able to quickly address any issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! My staff and I are more than happy to address any problems or questions you have. See you ingame! -Llurendt
  21. First of all I'd like to say that I didn't really know where to put this thread so I post here. Also, I'm aware this is not the first time someone has an idea like this one but I'm really psyched up for it and think it might work with a bit of effort. Also, the thread talks about the freedom cluster. Also, I'm making this thread to gather votes and opinions, not to state a happening fact. EPIC AMAZING BADASS ARENA GLADIATOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS WITH ANIMALS! Possibilities: - duels; - team fights; - 1v1 championships; - team championships; - animal fights; - wrestling; - animal wrestling; - rewards. Possible/known problems: - people won't be too eager to travel all the way from wherever they are to the arena; - concentration of the whole wurm world on fighting related skills just to win the championships. Organisational matters: The arena would not be open 24/7. Instead there would be events announced in global chat and on the forums a week up front. These events would include all the things written in the "possibilities" part of the thread. All this would last a few days starting with training fights not affecting the score and ending with recreational unarmed animal wrestling. PvP fights would happen only via "spar" option to minimise the death rate. Animals can't be controlled so there would be a possibility of dying. I still have no idea how to make the team fights happen since we have no team spar option. Reward system: As I do realise championships come with rewards I'd like to present possibilities: 1v1 championships: 1st - highly enchanted high ql weapon of choice / armor set of choice 2nd - enchanted high ql tool of choice 3rd - high ql tool/weapon of choice OR 1st - 3 silver coins 2nd - 2 silver coins 3rd 1 silver coin Team championships: 1st - armor sets / bulk resources 2nd - lesser bulk resources quantity 3nd - even lesser bulk resources quantity OR 1st - 5 silver coins 2nd - 3 silver coins 3rd - 2 silver coins If you have a better rewards system idea post it below. Rewards of items would mean free beds, imps, sign up and everything else throughout the event. Rewards of money would mean a 10c participation fee from everyone and a 5c bed fee. In my opinion it seems reasonable. Again - if you think I missed something, explained something poorly or you have a better idea about anything feel free to post below. Also please take a vote in the poll.
  22. I was standing next to my forge and noticed the smoke was moving differently so I lined up my compass with the direction of the smoke, /weathered and then epicness ensued when I realised what was going on. Awesome mechanic, I think I'll ignore the weather command from now on
  23. I am currently court magus and royal priest in a PMK on Elevation. The royal priest title ( halves the cost of favor for spells) has been working at all times even prior to having over 2% land. Now that we have over over 2% land I was assigned the court magus title and it doesn't do anything. My favor tick size and frequency are exactly the same as before. - Yes, I use show all ticks in skills. - I have relogged since being assigned the titles (its been two days). - There has been a server restart since we acquired 2% land. - Yes we have exactly 2.04% land so theres no room for Wurm rounding issues (19.9996 =20) - I've tried setting my Kingdom Title as my personal title with no resolve. Now, the court magus title isn't really all that effective anyway, but it raises some concerns as to if our other 2% titles are working or not. No way of personally testing those either from what I know. For what its worth I am also royal avenger. Would having multiple of these titles nullify the effects of another? Specifically the avenger and magus as they require the 2% land for them to be active. If theres anything I'm doing wrong here feel free to let me know.
  24. Seeing as how we don't have a recruitment thing, i decided to be a forum warrior and save the Zerg from lack of recruitment Jenn-Kellon, What inspires greatness? Are we just born with it? Or is it earned? Jenn-Kellon is one of the oldest kingdoms in Wurm Online since the formation between Kingdoms Jenn and Kellon many years ago. Jenn-Kellon, always ready for a fight has set itself up on Epic, on the island of Elevation where they continue to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Some of the greatest names in Wurm Online has passed their way through Jenn-Kellon at some point, and many more continue to call this place home. Featuring a strong playerbase, mindful leadership, and excellent pvp oriented gameplay. Are you an old player looking to regain ground you lost before? Are you new and want to learn how to play the game? Do you primarily play on Freedom and want to try out Epic? Then Jenn-Kellon is the Kingdom for you. If you are interested in joining the Jenn-Kellon on Epic, try PMing these noobs in game , Awardis Amberain Ausimus Thanks to Cndo for writing the above paragraph thingy.
  25. Pretty much what title says. Ive got a server running a custom map, with freedom kingdom. Epic setting is on and i see the game refer to its cluster as "epic" now and then, but the locate artifact spell gives the "The artifact was cloaked from sight by the gods" message. I would really love to add the artifacts somehow. Any way to mod it? (I know i can simply spawn them in, but this is not a creative map. Its with other players playing fair adventure. Simply spawning em in random and giving em to people would be somewhat retarded. Ive thought of some workarounds if its not possible, like having people make a specific number of mats, items etc and "sacrifice it" to my gm for a random artifact. The sacrifice being extereme and worthy of an artifact) Pretty much i want everything wurm has to offer available on my server.