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Found 34 results

  1. I'm Want to start a server with 5-6 people, (or twice that, if the first group want competition) I'm a new (Ish) Player to this game. I have 250 hours and have a grasp on how to play, but not much on where to go from there. I thought that i would play this in a particular way, something to get me motived, something to grip me into the experience I want to find a group of 5-6 players, of similarly inexperienced (or more experienced, i do not mind people who just want a small, private server experience joining in on this, especially since i will be doing alot of the server management on my own, the help is imensely apreciated) players who are willing to be dropped haphazzardly into this sandbox world to do whatever, and fight over scraps of iron lumps. I Have my own, personal, dedicated host so there will be no Fee, or payment needed to enter or anything. If you'd like to contact me for more details, i suggest you add my discord HyruleOrphan#2678 As i will be able to tell you more from there needless to say, i want to play this game, and just get a group of morons (such as myself) to play it with, and experienced players, if this somehow interests you, are invited too.
  2. I heard about this game for the first time cause I saw it posted in the MMO Sub on Reddit. Said it was coming to Steam in a week (I think 5 days from now) so I decided to give the original servers a go to practice and learn. I've got experience in survival games and MMOs of all kinds ( the skills system reminds me of Everquest 1 and I love that) I had a rough time Day 1 when I played it all day. Could not figure out what to craft to get going to where I could eventually get rid of my starter tools and sword. I also tried a PvP server and didn't really understand how things worked so I have a few questions if someone could be so kind to answer them for me. 1. Could someone explain how PvP servers work? I'm a big PvPer mainly because it adds more caution and fear to the game which adds more interactions to the game weather good or bad. What are Kingdoms? Can you change Kingdoms? How can you change Kingdoms? Why does everyone start in the same Kingdom? Is there anyway to tell what Kingdom a random player is in? Maybe by examining them or something? I ask all these PvP questions because that's where I started was the PvP server and I attacked an AFK player on their own deed near the starting city and now I am always Kill On Sight and being ''hunted'' whatever that means? How do you remove hunted btw? 2. How does it work when transferring from the PvP server to the PvE server? I heard your skills nor items go with you so it's basically like having one character on one server and one character on another but you can't transfer anything back and forth and your skill levels will also not go hand in hand. 3. The PvE server has one island/map that is PvP? Can you build and live on that PvP island? Is there rare resources there? What's the reason for a PvP island on a PvE server? 4. I saw in a comment somewhere that PvP servers have rare resources or something to that extent. If that is true then why doesn't everyone just play on the PvP server since you can't transfer the resources back to the PvE server? 5. Someone told me that starter gear was ''no drop'' meaning you don't lose it on death or anything. Well if that's the case then why did I completely lose everything in my inventory when I died on a PvP server? Was it because I died to actual PvP? Even though it was by the hand of a spirit/ghost and not an actual player? 6. I was reading the "Guide to the Freefolk'' and they made it sound like you could buy Premium with in game currency? Like 10 silver was enough for 2 weeks or something? Is that true? Is there a difference in the Premium you buy with real money vs. the Premium you buy with in game currency? Do they give the same exact benefits? 7. Where do you see how much coin you have? I know I have zero starting out but it's nice to know these things. Also, are their banks to keep it in? Or is it just bound to your account and you can never lose it even on PvP servers? 8. Is there a mail system in game? Can you send mail to other people directly or to other villages? How? 9. Can you craft/make notes in game and leave them in different inventories or give them to other players? 10. I heard something about community made maps that are very detailed and have way more detailed than the in game maps. Where do I find those? 11. Heard about the priest system or something about praying to gods to unlock magic. And I also believe I saw some altars at the starting city? Anyone got more info on that? Is it best to start praying as soon as you start a character? Sorry for all the questions guys. If I would have known this game was out 15 years ago I would have tried it back then.
  3. Hi guys! I have created an in depth video guide to the tutorial and getting started in Wurm Online. If you have any troubles understanding how to get through the tutorial or want some general starting information, join me as I walk through the tutorial and explain things as I go along
  4. With the discussion of Quality of Life improvements, I've started to think about the things that made my start in Wurm difficult. I'm thinking specifically of the first few hours or days. So... What are the things that made Wurm difficult or discouraging for you at first?
  5. Added a newbie to the deed and right after accepting the invitation to join he got the option 'Do you want to teleport to (deedname) now?' I think this is an awesome addition. Thanks.
  6. It breaks my lil heart to watch the CA HELP tab and see the number of brand new players just getting completely obliterated by huge problems at the start of their adventure. A lot has been done to make the game more accessible over the years; it's all very impressive. The problem, as I see it, is that new players seem to always go to Xanadu. Now maybe that's not true - perhaps it's equal across all the servers - but the ones in trouble, the ones that cry in vain for assistance are invariably on Xanadu. So here's my basic idea: let's not give Xanadu as an option to toons created on fresh email addresses. Assume that they are brand new players, and stop them going to the biggest, most murderous, most isolated, most awe-inspiring server until they have skilled-up, or perhaps they're joining friends already there on an established deed. Something like that. Speaking for myself, I'd cross half a server to help a noob bleeding to death in the woods, but I cannot do that on Xan. Nothing against Xan; I am just thinking about the new players and the realities of being dropped into the middle of it. I'm really not trying to revitalise the older servers; I have interests on several servers including Xan, where I have deeded 3 times in different places. I like Xan. Xan doesn't like noobs. I think a mechanic along the above lines would lead to an increase in the Xan population as people will aspire to go there, and they'll be playing long enough to make that a reality, because they'd have survived better on the smaller servers. Sorry that i didn't write this better, but I hope you can see my point, and that the idea is actually helpful.
  7. A common issue that I've seen in the CA HELP channel that seems to cause new players issues is that they lose access when taking an unowned cart onto a deed. From what they say they are unable to move the cart afterward. There is a notification for boats and tents which covers some permissions information but it seems like the carts are left out.
  8. How to set up an auction: Step one - Start a new topic in the Auction section of the forum. Step two - Fill in the title and tags (usually the type of item and rarity is enough for tags) Step three - Add a timer and bidding guidelines For the timer, you want to click here The tool is very simple, pick the time you want your auction to last and click on create a timer. Step Three (Continued) - After you click on create a timer, this is what will pop up below (the time is up to you to choose, you're not obligated to set it up for 7 days this is only used for the tutorial) Step four - Flavor text, and bidding instructions ( you want to be as clear as day when you add bidding instructions to avoid confusion or bid withdraws) This layout is the most optimal, You can go ahead and copy this if you feel the need to, and place the timers' BBCODE below it (leave a space for less clutter) Starting Bid/Reserve: Min Increase: Snipe Protection: Buyout: This picture is an example of what your listing should look like. Congratulations on creating your first auction Few acronyms to understand when watching the market: WTB - Want to Buy WTS - Want to Sell WTT - Want to Trade WTA - Want to Auction OBO - Or Best Offer/Or Better Offer Special thanks to NESGamepro and his associates for creating the wonderful tool for us, original thread here
  9. Hello fellow wurmians, i am the co-owner of Sovngarde, a new deed south-east of Blossom. The second owner (Matzelo) and me decided to form a Harbour, to make travels and trades simple. So we found Port Sovngarde to reserve the place, but because we 're bussy with building up our main deed Sovngarde we decided to give someone else the chance to live on a deed and build it up/help us building it up. So here we go. If you re interested, check the following list of requirments and information. REQUIRMENTS: - you dont need any skills - you need to be active & friendly - you dont need premium, but you cant really play wurm without - you need to be able to speak english (or german) - you 'll need to pay for the upkeep: pay 50% of the monthly upkeep (currently 1.04s = 52c per month) in cash OR with bulk goods OR pay with work OR pay with trader discount (in case you are generally selling bulk goods as a trader) OR a combination (we can discuss everything via pm) feel free to pm me with other offers - you ll need to pass us your houses or let us plan your houses you are free to build whatever and get full rights for your houses, its just in case you become inactive we 'd be able to use the deed INFORMATION: You 'll get nearly all rights You 're allowed to do everything which is not against the wurm rules and what we did not defined here or later via pm/chat As mentioned, we need to be owner of the buildings We founded the deed as a harbour, therefor you 're not allowed to terraform the jetty we need a small storage and a small shipyard, if you dont build one, we need some space to build it on our own 5. We are part of the Academy Alliance, if you break any rules of it, you 'll be kicked without a warning 6. the deed/Job is not limited to a time. If you fit the requriments you can stay as long as you want! INFORMATION ABOUT THE DEED: the monthly upkeep is about 1s 5c there is a mine with about 1 iron vein and several zinc veins deed is at X15/Y32, North-west of blossom, facing north-sea nearby forest kinda flat area close to blossom and blossom market, including spirit templars and a 3min mailbox ondeed guardtower (use "help" or "guards!") Any questions can be asked here or discussed via PM. Save travels and happy wurming Ps.: in case a non pristiner newb reads this, i have a ship, so pickup from other servers can be arranged!
  10. Are you new, and just need someplace to catch your breath and get your bearings? Are you a veteran player who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own deed? Schadenfreude Estate provides basic amenities with no strings attached. Food, clothing, and shelter, a nearby market, good roads, and plenty of opportunities to develop whatever skills you see fit. Some paid work opportunities are available at standard rates (1 iron/action). Initial permissions are limited. Located on the west coast of Q12, Xanadu. Member of the Black Forest Alliance. Transportation to village may be available. PM Gangle for details.
  11. Hello Xanadu

    I am moving to Xanadu soon and just want to say hello. I have heard a lot from my friend about the game and I am buying a deed from him that is in Xanadu, and of course when i decided to try he quits so going to be alone i think. He said there was lag, but I want to give it a shot. I thought i would get to meet people but it looks like everyone is spread out, but i will be adventuring and slaying small animals soon. Anyone who knows me please say hello supposed to be some of my peeps here. Guts n Glory
  12. Hello all, I have done my due diligence and researched all the wiki and forum posts I could find on it and I have all the normal things done. Imping toolbelt setup, Skilling tools, workstation, a supply of hide with a vat of lye. I was wondering if anyone had any tips, tricks, secrets or warnings about the skill at any skill range though I am currently around 30. Mostly I am wondering since unlike most other skills of this nature there are very limited options on what to make, is there any sort of useful items or valuable items to grind out instead of just imping the same sets of armor, the same toolbelts, and making it your personal duty to have every single horse saddled :-D. I do not expect there is much information I have not already found, but the wurm community is always(usually) full of pleasant surprises. Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon!
  13. Hello fellow wurmians! Wurm unlimited just came out one day ago and as a total programming noob I already have some trouble regarding being a GM and altering the server so it suits me better. As an example: - I made a map, using Budda's WGenerator. However I have absolutely no clue on how to use the map. That means: making it so that I can use the map in my server and play on it. I looked for a maps folder in the wurm folder located in steamapps > common > wurm unlimited dedicated server, but it wasn't there. Only the creative map and the adventure map. I put the map I made inside the dedicated server folder just to check and see if I could choose that map on the dedicated server tool but (like I actually expected) it didn't work. Also I could not find a tutorial on how to use maps and if I did I didn't understand a single ###### from it because I suck at programming. So to make having and altering a server easier for everyone (mostly the noobs out there): The basic server GM package This includes: - A text file with recommended tools that you can download that already exist. So like Budda's WGenerator and WesncIsme's Character Importer. - A text file with basic info on running a server and info on the dedicated server tool that you got when you got wurm unlimited. - A map importer: For putting your custom maps into the server and managing your maps. - A GM tool for spawning items and using commands: (anyone who remembers invedit from minecraft? Sort of like that) With this you can: spawn in items, change the weather, spawn creatures, set your skills, remove follower or priest restrictions etc. If anyone knows anything else, please tell me. For everyone who says: Just learn how to use the computer! I get that but not everyone has time to learn how to code and some people read instructions (that include coding and not: put it in this folder located here and run it - instructions) as if it were chinese (when they are not chinese). This is for noobs and the most nooby noobs of all, like me d: Thanks for reading, if something already exists, like the map importer, comment it.
  14. Posted Today, 12:17 PM korsarul, on 19 Oct 2015 - 06:33 AM, said: So glad you had a such a great experience. Thinking on this, an imping type area that new players could spawn at when they join game for a few days could really help further the tutorial of the game.
  15. Looking for work? or an active village and alliance? New to the game and looking for somwhere safe to bump your skills before setting out on your own? Then come join us at Legendary Enterprises! Not only do we have access to extensive forests, peat, clay and tar, we also share a sizable mine with the nearby Metal Works just across the river. At Legendary Enterprises the only thing expected of you is that you follow our rules, they are simple; Don't Steal Be respectful And don't start fights with other villages or you are on your own. Not only does joining us here give you the oppertunity to work with a very large local alliance of preists, shipwrights, miners, builders, farmers and more, it also provides you with the option to earn money helping on contracts. While its still on the drawing board public housing will be built soon. If interested PM me or TsubasaLegend in game. Interested in trade? Please see our advert in the Merchant Adds Section
  16. Hello everybody. I'm brand spanking new to Wurm Online. Although I know what this game is like and how it works I still need some tips any would help Oh and is there magic in this game and if there is, is it good? (oh and I've heard this game through Mortal Online)
  17. I have played Wurm a few times in the past and really enjoyed the game. Im starting again and am searching for a small group to play with tonight. Im excited to see the new developments to the game.
  18. Hello, I am a Mayor of North Redwood looking for fellow Villages to help shape North Redwood. Whether a new villager starting in the world of Wurm or a Experienced Villager looking for a new place to call home. North Redwood is north of Pristine (E12 bottom Right of the Square on the map) Message me in-game (Topham). Chow for now.
  19. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)
  20. Ok so I have been playing pretty casually for a few weeks. When I first started I jumped in quickly eager to get my feet wet and I started on the release server. Now that I have done more research I really feel like Chaos is where I want to be. So my first question is if I am on release currently is there any way for me to get to chaos? From what I understand that is on freedom cluster 1 and release is freedom cluster 2 so I cant just sail over to chaos. I really hope thats wrong because I would like to keep my character name. My second question is about premium and the super rewards advertised in the shop. Has anyone had success getting coins by completeing the offers? I have searched the forums and only found a little bit of info but no one speciffically saying they had done them and recieved the coins. I would like to get my silver for prem that way if possible at least for the initial month or two, just to make sure the game keeps me interested enough to spend real money on. Third question. I would like to join a pmk to get involved in the pvp side of things. Not necessarily as a fighter but I like the idea of maybe being a support type who builds and repairs defenses. I am considering trying to be a mag priest eventually but I like the idea of living on a deed that follows another god and having to make a pilgramage to another town in order to worship at an altar. Is that feasible or are most of the established cities set up with altars for multiple gods? Or is that even possible for a city to have altars for multiple gods? Thanks in advance for helping me out.
  21. The Friends of Exodus alliance is looking at offering a service to New players on Exodus. Where we will assist in repairing and imping your existing house, fences and gates. We have a number of skilled Carpenters who can improve your existing low ql structures to something that will last a bit longer, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the game, such as mining and growing your own food. We may be needed to be added to the writ or deed for a short period to do the required work (houses mainly, fences off deed do not require any changes). If this service would be of interest to you, please post your details below, Your in game name: Location (use the Exodus map and grid reference ): Service required: (repair/improvement, house/fences etc) Usual time of day you are logged in: Anything else you think may be relevant: If we find there is sufficient interest then we will organise a schedule to work through the people requesting assistance. Be aware - We will not build new structures for you, you need to have shown your own commitment to surviving and progressing in Wurm. Do not pm me, only players posting in this thread will be considered if we progress with this project.
  22. Looking for serious players to help mine and dig a large area on my deed! Noob players are welcomed! Requirements! BSBs Keys/locks Pickaxes/shovels Food What will i supply? Water barrels only! Job status? Diggers: [font color=red]Not Hiring Miners: [font color=red]Not Hiring Job Description: Diggers: You will simply remove all the dirt from the area I have marked. Level the area down to rock. Simply as that! I will pay you per BSB filled plus cost for the BSB and lock/key! Miners: You will simply mine the rock surfaces down to flat level. This will take some time so i am offering 1.25 times the normal rate of a full BSB of rock shards! Pay: Dirt: 1s per 1k Rock Shards: Price negotiable! Location: Bad Company, On Goblin Pen. Need more info? Look at my Signature! Questions? Contact me in game. Either Getsome (new main acct) or WantSome (alt acct) Other info! You will need to supply your own transportation to Bad Company! I am way too busy to be picking players up to bring them to my deed! You want the job? You work for it! xD [update] I am currently not hiring anyone as of right now due to internet and Client problems with Wurm Online. last week my area got hit with a bad storm which knocked out my power and caused internet problems. I am also having problems connecting with Wurm =/ I will keep this post updated whenever i get this stuff fixed!
  23. looking for 2-3 noobs who would like to start a humble vilage hidden in the woods in the twilight forest.
  24. All set - please close. -Runesire