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Found 17 results

  1. For those of us that miss our old stomping grounds, without further ado I present you with the map files for the Old Elevation, the old central pvp map for Wurm Online's Epic Cluster. Some Notes : The mine systems are not included I regenerated those fresh. Any mine door, I converted to rock. Any diagonal roads, I replaced with dirt, there data values were changed at some point in the past so couldn't salvage those. No database data was brought over, just the maps.
  2. Hi Potato fans Do you have an old computer running Wurm? Retrograde's comment about 'playing on Potatoes' in tonight's WurmOnlineOfficial twitch stream got me to thinking - How many of us are currently playing on 'potatoes' - old computers with old graphics cards, or maybe just computers that have to be on low graphics settings due to overheating or other problems... ...or maybe you prefer the performance or visibility on low graphics settings? It's snow joke, really I remember the first laptop I used to play Wurm had to use the minimum graphics settings, it was just too old. The screen was so bad that in winter with the low-detail snow textures, I really could not tell the difference between round cobblestones and rough cobblestones, in fact I thought they were interchangeable - I thought 'round' and 'rough' were a typo and meant the same thing. As I could see no visible difference between the two, I just used whatever materials were to hand, and when my courtyard was complete, it all looked fine and uniform ...until I got a new laptop and of course realised that it looked like a dog's dinner. I would love to hear your anecdotes, and see your screenies. Here's your chance to show us what a potato can do! Muse 💗
  3. The topic asking for this has been archived so have to make a new thread. Please bring back old oleander bushes. They were pretty, pink and looked like real oleanders. Thanks. New/current oleander Old and MUCH BETTER oleander:
  4. Hello everyone, so last night i made the decision to step down from being a member of the wonderful Wurm streaming team known as Valrei Entertainment Network. The reason for this is a very personal issue which most of you probably didn't know about. I suffer from an incurable liver disease (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) that has been gradually affecting my ability to play wurm and stream and given a recent rough patch, i decided i wouldn't be able to mantain the high standard of quality the other members have put forward, nor the amount of time required to give new comers and regulars a proper look into the game and upcoming changes. So i'm taking this opportunity to thank everyone here who has stopped by my streams, chatted, followed, subscribed and taken part in giveaways and events, it's been a fun year working with the dev's and fellow VEN members to push wurm out there onto Twitch and get it some well deserved attention. So make sure you keep showing Wurm streamers some love so it can continue to grow You may still see me stream or playing wurm but it'll never be as long or as mental as i used to do because i'm secretly a 90 year old in a 26 year olds body (i'm still aching from doing like 4 12 hour streams in a row making bulk from like 6 month ago). So once again, thanks to the dev's for making this a thing and supporting us streamers and thanks to the community for watching and chatting, it's been a fun chapter in my life, i'll see you all around (at a rift, hunt or impalong seeing as i rarely leave deed these days) Peace ❤️ p.s check out the ven and go give them a follow aight p.p.s my link if you ever wanna watch the vods
  5. I'm honestly heartbroken about how the fishing system works now. I know some people love it, and I know some people hate it, and I am honestly impressed with what the devs (R.I.P. Tich) have achieved with it. However, for my part, I miss that one activity that was so afk-able and simple in this game. I didn't get to do it much but it was relaxing and the new fishing system has not relaxed me a single bit. I'm proposing that we add the old fishing system in addition to the new one, perhaps as a new skill such as Angling, as an addition, and allowing players to fish in the way they prefer.
  6. WTB an old priest account that I made about a year ago. Has a great deal of sentimental value to me and am willing to pay a price reflective of that sentimental value. I know who has the account currently and they are unwilling to sell, but in the event that A. they see this post and have a change of heart or B. They decide to sell it and don’t bother selling it to me, I’ll bump this thread occasionally as a standing offer for the account at any time from any owner. Thank you all
  7. If anyone has a wagon like the one below, and they would either lend it to be displayed in a nice venue, or exchange it for another wagon, or sell it, please pm Fairyshine here or in game. Thanks.
  8. This mod bring back the old mobs coloured depending of its mood. You can change each color in the config file with RGB format. Source: Release: Colors by default: colorAlert=255,0,255 colorAngry=0,100,0 colorChampion=190,255,0 colorDiseased=255,255,0 colorFierce=0,255,255 colorGreenish=0,255,0 colorHardened=255,100,0 colorLurking=150,0,150 colorRaging=255,0,0 colorScared=150,150,0 colorSlow=0,0,150 colorSly=0,150,150 Note: Colors by default are not the best, feel free to contribute.
  9. Village Updates Location: Xanadu F24 Deed Size: 51x50 Spirit Guards: 1 Citizen Count: 1 Town Beds Available: 2 out 6 Plots Available: 4 out of 4 Town Bed Rent Is Free: You can live in the village for free and will be supplied with a bed, large chest and BSB. If you decide you would like some land check the spoiler above to see what plots/cost are available. Resources: Clay, Sand, Tar, Iron, Communal Facility’s Spirit cottage: Just of Deed Communal Mine - Open: Communal Farm - Open: Communal Horse&Cart - Open: Barn/Stables - Open: Black Smith - Open: 3x3 Bedroom Available FREE RENT Town Hall/Church - Under Construction: Tavern - Under Construction: Taylor Shop - Under Construction: Mason Shop - Open: 2x4 Bedroom available FREE RENT Carpenter Shop - Under Construction: Docks - Open: Market - Under Construction (OPEN): Humble Beginnings: 25/09/15 to 25/11/2015 Humble Beginnings Nearly 3 Months On: 25/11/2015 to 14/02/2016 Welcome stranger, Let me introduce myself, my name is Louie Archer and this is my wife Madalyn and thank you for taking the time to take a look at what we and Crystal Coast can offer you. But first let me give you a little background history on who we are and where we have come from. Our story starts 8 years ago when I was lord of Rivendell which was a bustling coastal Village on the shores of Mol Rehan. Our Village was ran fair and just for many years until not only 5 months ago a dark priest came to our land and put a horrible curse on it. There was nothing we could do against such power even my wife who herself was a powerful Priest could not match this Godley power. The curse rendered all that lived in Rivendell to turn against one another and only after a few months the village imploded scattering what few remained to leave as this was the only way to be rid of the curse. We made the decision to leave for the lands of the Freedom Isles and set our hearts on Xanadu. We set sale to Summerholt in nothing more than a tiny rowing boat and a few supplies hoping to start again knowing that when we cross the border we would be stripped of all our powers and skill. Present Day It has been 5 months now since we landed on the shores of F24 and formed Crystal Coast. Unfortunately my wife has not been well after the transition and losing her power has taken a great toll on her so it has just been me doing the terraforming and construction. The Deed currently is 51x50 and the main Town (50x25) has been terraformed and ready for construction to begin. The Town will be where all the trade will take place and in time will have a Port, Harbour, Tavern, Church/Town Hall, Black Smith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason Shop where you can craft and hone your skills and not to mention an impressive market where anyone can put a trader to sell there items. Village Rules We like to run things differently than other Villages. We believe that our Citizens should be given the freedom to make their own decisions and to do that we give you the freedom to do so. A lot of villages don't give you much freedom to do what you want and not much say in how the village is developed and managed. We believe there is no right or wrong way to create a village but we think many different minds designing a village is better than 1 or 2. There are just 2 rules to uphold: Have Fun! Do not ever dig/terraform in the main town or existing roads. What Cant Be Done On Deed: Destroying Buildings: This is just to protect the Town from greifers. If you want something destroyed just ask as long as its yours that is. Attaching Locks: This is to protect the village from getting messy when villagers quit/leave. If you require something to be locked the Mayor would be happy to do it and just add you to the permission, easy! What can be done on Deed: Apart from not destroying buildings and terraforming the main Town etc you can do anything you like as long as you own the land, more on that next. Village Economy We want to create a true Village economy and below I will tell you how we can achieve this. In real life we need to earn money to live, to pay our bills, eat, clothes, tools and most importantly to play Wurm. Imagine everything was free and we didn't need money sounds great but no, if this was the case we would never advance in life and would probably die of boredom. So to start the economy you need a reason to work to make money. Well to do this we have a Tax/Rent if you like, which means to have land you have to purchase the tiles which makes them yours to do what you like with and then pay the Town a tax each week to keep it, more on costs later. If you want you can stay/live in the Town for FREE until you are ready to buy your first bit of land and then you would pay a weekly tax depending on how much land you own. You could do this many ways by buying silver from Rolfs shop or selling to the village. The Village buys any bulk items at 25% below the going price which saves you time on finding a buyer and also the traveling time to. All Tax, Rent and profit that the village makes goes to expanding and improving the village. Payment Methods & Tile Costs Payment is easy you can either pay with coin or if you want to pay with bricks for example you can do. Tile Cost breakdown: To purchase a tile will be a 1 off cost of 50 iron for each tile. The Rent/Tax there on for each tile will be 25 iron for each tile. Example: You want to buy a 10x10 piece of land 10x10 = 100 tiles Purchase Cost: 100 tiles x 50 iron = 50 copper Rent/Tax Cost: 100 tiles x 25 iron = 25 copper per week Well Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to be a Citizen of Crystal Coast please Pm for a chat or reply to this post I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Is there some way to access a client and downloadable map for older versions of Wurm Online? I always find myself browsing a screenshot or suggestion thread dating back to 2008. In some pictures, I can truly see how far this game has come. While I'm not particularly experienced and I haven't lived here long enough to really grasp how far it's come, I'd still like to see and feel what the game felt like during initial release. vvv Screenshot vvv vvv Personal info vvv (picture credited to "Metaldragon" in the Screenshots thread)
  11. Spoitted Moby ###### around B16-B18 (I think). If you go along the north shore east from Glasshollow you may spot the deed in the picture and see this old blue whale not far away from shore. It's friendly unless you attack it in which case you better be running for your life as it has a large HP pool and/or armour and hits hard. Following images also available at:
  12. now that there is people officially regulating the wiki,something that bothered me for a long time its when i see people sending new players to the beginer tutorials section knowing that most tutorials there were made betwen 2010 and 2012. in my opinion what the wiki needs most its some kind of removal process for outdated and obsolete content.
  13. Hello fellow Wurmians! If you're a new player, welcome to the world of Wurm. For veterans, welcome back! I'm Mayor of Shattered City, a small, growing community located at Newspring S9 and looking for fellow villagers. Here at our city, we do not ask for high skills, a lot of time spent grinding, nor do we ask for any donations (time, items or products) We simply ask you enjoy the game and hone your personal skills within a tight-knit community. Giving you a chance to explore and feel the game how you choose without having to work. After time we'll part as friends. Upon joining you will have a 4x4 plot where you can start your adventure by building your first house (Materials supplied) Water and food provided, plenty of trees, iron and marble on deed Mid-High quality tools available for everyone Access to the sea is now available by our canal. So, if you'd like to join, make some friends, level and enjoy the game without feeling indebted message me! Forums- Zanada In-game- Zanada If I'm unreachable as I'm on GMT timezone /tell Tranderas Thanks for reading, and enjoy your very own adventure! P.S Here are some pictures: Building Area Main City
  14. Hello fellow Wurm players! I decided to return to Wurm after a long break and I just now tried to recover the password of my Wurm character called ''djassist'' (My second account). Apparently there is no character called ''djassist'' and I'm 100% certain this was his name. This happened to my main character aswell two years ago; it was removed and GM's couldn't even find a single trace of him, so I had to start over all again . My secondary account djassist was indeed premium and thus shouldn't be removed, so I'm wondering; what happened? EDIT: The name is even saved in my login screen together with my two other characters.
  15. Hi guys, I've been trying for some time to make my old laptop run wurm. It's an old Acer Aspire 9500 with a mobility radeon x700. I'm pretty sure it's a graphic issue, the other components should be enough. I can launch the client, but it crashes after logging in. I've tried a lot of things, but I no longer have a good perspective and I'm running in circles. Any ideas or solutions?
  16. Got some old missions listed in my mission list. They are from about a week up to a few days old. I was told to create a new thread about my problem, fyi. Libila's horrendous test of sacrifice: 31% (5/20/14 expired) Libila asks you to create 10 spirit mansions. Vynora's strong challenge of construction: 11% (5/25/14) expired Vynora asks you to create 10 stalls Fo's journey: 4% (5/26/14 expired) Fo wants you to slay 40 Foal. The server has restarted since the first mission bugged, I've also restarted my client countless times since then. Changed servers from Exodus to Deli and back. Show back up when I travel back to Exodus. All show still at a state of % and not failed or Done. I think all personal missions have bugged out while I was offline.
  17. No matter if you are a new or experienced player, Akhenaten is what YOU are looking for! Akhenaten is recruiting Mayor: Filnter Who we are: We are a large village located in Kinoss bay in the southwestern corner of Independence. With abundant forests, a mountain to our backs and ample local clay and tar we have an idyllic setting, even a desert has been brought up. Akhenaten has a rich history as one of the largest and most diverse villages, with roots going back to Jenn-Kellon Home and connections to the Chaos server. The town has a very diverse community of title hunters and casual players, of experienced and new players from all kinds of time zones. We value all players who love to be in our village and love to play this great game. New or experienced mature players will find a place for themselves in our community. Find more information about us on our wurmpedia page: What can we provide: After a trial period of just one week, which you will spend in one of our high equipped barracks you will get your own house. The barracks are equipped with beds, a forge, a Large Anvil (70QL) and a personal large chest for everyone in the barracks. Every of our houses is equipped with a forge (60QL), bed, large chest and a stone coffin, but you are welcome to add even more stuff to your house and of course we can help you there. We can provide high QL tools if you need them, but we will start with handing you some decent 50QL tools out. We also have got a village priest, so even enchanted tools aren't impossible for us. Our huge farm and animal pen will provide crops and animals for you. You may also help and skill up farming and animal husbandry in our farm. Free high QL meals will be available 24/7. For experienced players we have materials and help to do huge projects and adventures are every time included into our daily life in Akhenaten. How can you become one of us? Sign up on our forum: Read this post: and follow the steps described in the post and you will be a villager of Akhenaten within a few hours/days. You are also free to PM me if you have got any questions Where we are: Image: Video of Akhenaten: [media]