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  1. This has probably been suggested by someone in the past but I was thinking it would be a cool idea, seeing as this is a medieval type game, if there were an opportunity to hire a drake or dragon type Settlement guard. Could be various options or a single option linked via the guard towers. It would be awesome to see dragons sitting on top of those towers waiting to strike mobs that invaded the deed. It could function basically the same as the current guards or even replace them all together depending on the power of the dragon... seeing as the guards mechanics are already in place, and there are already dragons as well it may not be a far stretch to implement something like this. Just an idea
  2. I am happy to announce that Humble Cove is now looking for a couple of new additions! If you're looking for a place to lay your head while you learn the game or if you're an experienced player looking for a new town to be a part of this is the place for you! I currently have 3 small sleeping quarters (3x1) in the Inn on deed furnished with a bed for your sleep bonus needs. These can be furnished with armor racks, chests etc. if need be. Personal building plots will become available as needed. This is a developing deed and will be changing to suit the needs of the villagers. The deed is located at the line of K13 and L13 just at the south entrance of the canal. Please DM me here or reply here if you are interested in joining. Disclaimer: I am by no means a veteran player or pro, so it's likely we will be learning many things together!
  3. Please add Humble Cove - 2635-4052
  4. Hello! I'd like to purchase: hammer, iron: BOTD 93: 78c hatchet, iron: BOTD 96: 95c pickaxe, steel: BOTD 95: 90c rake, iron: BOTD 96: 95c shovel, iron: BOTD 96: 95c trowel, iron: BOTD 97: 1s 1c Please COD to Dathius. Thank you!
  5. Happy to see updates coming! I'm looking forward to the exploration updates the most
  6. +1 It sounds fun to me! Taking Elentari's suggestion into thought, With as many deeds are dissolved weekly it could really add to the pve server. Is this already a thing on PVE, or is this on PVP? This would be good too. If it's not a challenge for older players. Beef it up a bit.. If we're considering the dead deed spawner, some of those could be made to be really tough if they deed was big enough. Overall PVE servers do need more going on in the way of just more stuff to do.
  7. I don't see getting rid of "religious" grave markers.. The whole act of burial is a religious practice in its self. No need to get rid of anything.. just add more! Would be cool to have multiple options.
  8. I like the idea, though, it may be more useful an alliance situation. I don't think deeds usually have enough people for a republic government. But adding some of these voting rules to current settings could be very useful. Could be useful to vote on: land usage situations join an alliance or not voting on a rotating council (more republic thinking here) to govern deed project priorities I do like the idea of more than a single person in complete control of everything especially if you have 20+ players. Things can get a bit difficult to manage if you ever have to be offline. I think the whole deed permissions could use a rework honestly. I don't have the solution but I'm sure players could give some good ideas.
  9. +1 would make it very cool looking. Not to mention you could actually see what you're fighting in the darkness of the unlit mine.
  10. I was able to figure this one out! The first and more difficult option was to try repairing from the underneath of the bridge. This method worked somewhat, but the bridge is relatively low and I was able to reach it. Beware though, because if your bridge is on a sharp slope and you climb around it to reach the abutments and the climbing timer runs out, you will become trapped and be squished and die. This would likely only happen on 3+ tile bridges like ours though. I couldn't manage to reach the middle tile without climbing back there. The second and much better method is to simply remove the paving. Doing so will allow you to repair the bridge while standing on it.
  11. When trying to repair a double abutment, instead of repairing, it only repaves inspite of me clicking the repair option. Any tips?
  12. WTS Sleep Powder. I have 10 available 1s each.