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  1. I might have been interested to buy a deed on the outmost edge of the map close to the server border, but the timing of the wts is not the best sadly. Have you found any special veins on the island?
  2. I think you could go fish for offers in form of price offers, without having to have to sell if you do not make an official auction ... so you know how much other would be willing to give you ? Anyway nice to see that you stay with us
  3. WOW just seen this , it was buried fast.

    Enki told me I just needed to add some meens to find the entrances .

    I asked if marble braziers would do , he said yes .

    So I added one by that market and another at the little lake .

    I have not heard from Enki since  and there are other heritage tunnels that have very few if anyone living  near it .

    Orient tunnel being one and its not very decorative . and has heritage status .

    I wanted to keep the thing simple that's all .. other people had different idea's .

    It works and is passable by all ships .

    I have said before you and Psmaster did a really good job , now just need keep people from messing it up .


    I also hear you are playing on Xanadu with Ancei working at his deed.

  4. is hvergis smithy still active? @hvergi
  5. Hi, are you RgR ? ? please 1 set of leather to me, do you make those? Not studded, but regular leather (for a priest). Ql 85-90 ?
  6. Hey, yes it was maybe a wurm video of wurm unlimited - it was shown to be on the F 8 key, just as you see FOCUS on F 8 normaly. I have seen later that we do not have it in WO. in WO the default bind for F 8 is still focus up ofc ! (I didn't even know becaue i hardly ever use these keys) We have very good combat window with focus up anyway. Funny, how so many peeps just be happy with the old ways, fumble around happily in the F 1 console to type their codes to get a binding to get a call guards button.
  7. and why is that? We have Tower Guards NPC models already, they can easily used to be a new NPC, and on Chaos and Elvation there are already some Battlecamps as well. Kill some of them, same as you kill a bear. No big difference, but it is a variation and something new. Also, it helps us all to find old places - you can only pick places randomly, to investigate and use shovel and get the message there used to be a deed - those guys can act as markers. I do not see any connection to the so called wurm unlimited game.
  8. I recently traveled the areas and thought, other RPG games have those many lots of NPC around in the area, and many servers such as Indy do not have lots, let's say, few spawn of whatever creature. There could be Grave Robbers or Ruin plunderers that spawn whereever there were old villages - they indicate where to investigate to find old ruins / old deeds ! They could be killed ofc, get XP from them, same as any other mob.
  9. Why not But i think, it didn't work last time, it won't work this time - The very old Elevation map was the best and the only one i played and liked, the new Ele map was huge and soon after Ele and epic went in a down spiral. Reset might not help beside destroy players work and time investment from all the guys on homeservers and Elevation. Those might quit and nobody will replace those as players
  10. Only way forward is to make it is a way, it does not matter where you are to skill or play - can't be that one players time for skill grind is worth more here .. than there .. we all pay the same money to play the game, so all must get equal treatment. Transfer back and forth will be good. F2P is a modern way to attract people. Is funny, the new Elevation map was generated to have free players on the outside borders, and premium only spawn on the inside close to HoTa - didn't seem to work out as planned - and the free new players closer to server borders were raided so often every day until they finaly rage quited and never came back - so newbie and free to play areas needs lots of more protection to allow a little progress for new players, tunil they can face fights with us old accounts. Is the only way i see that might work when having a growth of population in mind, coming from new players.
  11. wts supreme rockshard Not 100% sure about the price, you may offer me something and we see.. I know there is a chance you transfer this status onto all kind of improved stone items ... so there is a certain price to it ? ? you do your offers if you interested bump ?
  12. Newspring island is a really cool location to play on xanadu - one of the closest areas to server border! I wish there would be more sermons in Eden ? Very nice harbor area! Thanks for selling me a boat, weapon and leather armor to my newbie toon ?
  13. *cry* why are the villages with the most Pizza always far away from server border! At least a teleport summon soul ? Love your affinity food!