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  1. A extra tooltip or rename of the action could make it more understandable - Flatten a tile means spread out on the same tile, Level is Adjust another tile to same height you are on. I as well, had dozens of new people who asked that question, and they all had problems understanding terraforming. PS: Very few people did all of the tutoriell and the tutoriell itself did not touch many problems that occured later on. Extra tooltips, while NOT on golden valley would be very good!
  2. If you had more than a couple points before that Patch day of linking, then you get reset, otherwise not. Seems overly simple to me, seems like the right and fair way. QUite a bad feeling, that PLAYERS need to write a tread that these simple things happen.
  3. Please do it the same way as you did before with archery - RESET the channeling skill. It is oblivious to me how and why developers punish the archery grinders, and then bit later do not do the same with channeling grinders.
  4. Very nice! I am myself a steam user, who played on old normal launcher before! I wanted to try the new steam client, amde the character and got stuck with this character on the steam version before i ve seen steam can only launch 1 applcation ... That was quite a bad day for me. I will try this solution here, hopefully it works fine! Thanks for this thread and please make it sticky!! i am sure there are lots of steam users who are angered by the way steam handles the wurm client!
  5. It is an issue that tools weapons and the sorts when placed show to north - it makes compass pretty useless, even if so hard to craft. people should need to buy a good compass to get such a quick, splendid feature! (if it is intended that this can be abused, then please make compass easier)
  6. I have seen this to be used to stall time, practically teleporting around a couple tiles waiting for your friends to arrive at the scene. Please fix this abuse.
  7. Map marker Bug

    Same here. I still have a blurry map and 1 or 2 times my personal map markers were missing ... Please look again at the map and the texture, it is still blurry
  8. I might have been interested to buy a deed on the outmost edge of the map close to the server border, but the timing of the wts is not the best sadly. Have you found any special veins on the island?
  9. I think you could go fish for offers in form of price offers, without having to have to sell if you do not make an official auction ... so you know how much other would be willing to give you ? Anyway nice to see that you stay with us
  10. WOW just seen this , it was buried fast.

    Enki told me I just needed to add some meens to find the entrances .

    I asked if marble braziers would do , he said yes .

    So I added one by that market and another at the little lake .

    I have not heard from Enki since  and there are other heritage tunnels that have very few if anyone living  near it .

    Orient tunnel being one and its not very decorative . and has heritage status .

    I wanted to keep the thing simple that's all .. other people had different idea's .

    It works and is passable by all ships .

    I have said before you and Psmaster did a really good job , now just need keep people from messing it up .


    I also hear you are playing on Xanadu with Ancei working at his deed.

  11. Hi, are you RgR ? ? please 1 set of leather to me, do you make those? Not studded, but regular leather (for a priest). Ql 85-90 ?
  12. Hey, yes it was maybe a wurm video of wurm unlimited - it was shown to be on the F 8 key, just as you see FOCUS on F 8 normaly. I have seen later that we do not have it in WO. in WO the default bind for F 8 is still focus up ofc ! (I didn't even know becaue i hardly ever use these keys) We have very good combat window with focus up anyway. Funny, how so many peeps just be happy with the old ways, fumble around happily in the F 1 console to type their codes to get a binding to get a call guards button.