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  1. I would like to give a warm welcome to everyone who joined the server this past week! deeds are spreading on the map, and the community is really coming together, we've had many laughs on discord, and new towns are bustling! We look forward to many many more people to join our very active community! so come on over! take a load off, and relax and have fun ( Disclaimer:: most of our members do not bite, although, i cannot be responsible for bite marks. that is all )
  2. Greetings Strider and the wolf pack! i met you yesterday when everyone was gearing up for the adventure of founding a deed, and looks like you gathered a few more players to create a huge settlement! I hope you and your village have loads of fun! We're so happy your here! Looking forward to many new faces! and memorable times!
  3. Welcome our newest players! looking forward to see how everyones deeds turn out!
  4. Getting more new players! We are glad your here, and looking forward to you coming and checking us out as well!
  5. Meet Chaos! Our "First Priest of the Server"! Grats Chaos!
  6. been playing wurm online for a few years, and wurm unlimited on some random servers online, and decided to make one myself, ive always read the forums, never really had a reason to join the forums until now. so , sorry, noone famous, just looking to have fun with other people.
  7. Looking for a fresh start? Looking to make new friends? New to the game, and feel overwhelmed? Experienced players looking for a new exciting challenge? Frym could be just what your looking for! We opened our doors to the new exciting world of frym a few days ago, and already have received great players! We are looking for more to play and build along with us! Currently we offer these mods that help with game play. boatmod - can lead animals on water with a boat, and they will not drown. bounty mod - set higher bounties for mobs (good for gaining coin) cropmods- crops will not spoil, and harvesting is better dig like mining- dirt is placed on ground, if on foot, and in boat if on boat. increased merchant items portals! prospect mod sacrifice mod salve mod - shows how potent a healing cover is spell mod - unrestricts priests to be able to cast all spells and craft anything, and pray as often as they like. Ada and Glimer rods - can be bought at the trader Just a handful of what we thought would be fun to play with while in the game (if you think of any we might need, please private message me about them, and ill look into getting them into the game) Currently have a discord server and a live map. Map dump is available here: We Hope to see you there!