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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys! I have created an in depth video guide to the tutorial and getting started in Wurm Online. If you have any troubles understanding how to get through the tutorial or want some general starting information, join me as I walk through the tutorial and explain things as I go along
  2. Hi guys, I am Demona Nightshade. I am a 4 year player, and community assistant in Wurm Online. You may have seen me answering questions in CA Help recently, if you are on the Southern Freedom servers. Everyone who has played knows it can be a bit of a complicated game to start off in, and I want to help with that so that newer players can fully enjoy the wonderful world of Wurm. I am planning on making some new player focused tutorial streams, where I will be talking wurm basics, explaining some of the different things you can do in Wurm Online, and showing players how to get started in this amazing world. I thought a forum post might help get the word out for newer players, to join me live as I talk all things Wurm and answer questions. I am a baby streamer, though, and this will be my very first stream so please be patient with me as I figure out streaming This first stream will be fairly basic, for players just dipping their toes into the game for the first time. But please, don't feel like you can't join in if you have played for awhile, you may have some tips that new players would love to learn!
  3. Hi everyone. I am not good doing the mod install thing. for over 2 year i have tried at various times and now i went and killed wurm I tried to install a 'serverpacks' and for some reason now Wurm will not start. I obviously did something wrong and am so scared I will loose all my "Ottawajohn" character/stats account etc? on WU Calysto and other servers? Is there anyone who can help me if i share my screen with you and you can see what i did wrong? I cannot log into Wurm anymore.. it starts, the window opens.. says loading graphics/world etc.. then just freezes before showing the game and 'not responding" I can be reached by email at please if anyone can help I appreciate it.
  4. When a new character is created, it's always been bugged that you don't get your newbie buffs until you logout, wait for /lotime, and log back in. The new tutorial also does not start for new characters until after relogging. And the old tutorial popups are also still appearing.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with the Mission Ruler a bit this week as I wanted my server to have a little extra content. I've managed to come up with a few things and I'm starting to get a grasp of what it can do. As the Mission Ruler appears to have very little information about it I thought I'd share a couple video tutorials in hopes more people begin to figure out everything this tool can do. I've put everything into a playlist and will continue to add to it as I have more ideas and learn new things. Hope someone finds it useful! Regards, Lord Dan
  6. Hello guys, I have just made a little video for those that, like me, don't find the healing system very intuitive. At only three mins long it could be of help to beginners. I hope it's of some help.
  7. Imagine if you will, a new player Jane is trying to learn to flatten. You a veteran player wish to help Jane. Neither of you find yourselves in combat and so you remotely team up with Jane and /tutroom ... And are both teleported to a tutorial plane where you may do and learn anything.. take nothing with you when you leave but the knowledge you just learned ... /tutend and your both teleported back to your original locations. The Basic Idea is a zone in which any amount of building / terraforming may occur rapidly for education. Players may be teleported to the zone only if not in combat, and i would recommend in pairs at least, in team, to prevent single players from abusing this zone. Two simple commands would allow transport in and out, ie /tutroom /tutend. This zone would allow Veteran players to meet quickly with new players, no matter where the new player is, teach them basic to advanced skills thus upping the chances of that player staying in the game, instead of quitting because this game is to hard, too much to learn, etc. The old tutorial taught you how to do things before you were allowed in game. Now your allowed in game, without the knowledge the older tutorial provided. IMO This is harmful to our new players as they start they game without the knowledge of how to make a shaft. A basic building block. This Idea allows quick one on one time with a new player, which IMO means a great deal in those first few days, and would great enhance the chance of the player staying in game, rather then quitting.
  8. Here are 10 things you should wait to do until you have the skill. failing on casts, creation or even attaching can be frustrating, so obtaining a decent skill in that craft will make things a lot less painful.
  9. Currently new players are not given any idea of what to expect when they decide to leave Golden Valley apart from "Epic, Freedom or PvP". Perhaps there could be a brief description of each servers terrain, player base, average online population and how crowded they are. For example you might say that Xanadu is, "Vast and wild open spaces to be settled. The highest player population but also 10 (or however many) times larger than any other server. You will need to hone your fighting and survival skills before venturing away from the crowded starter towns and into the death cliffs and bottomless clay pits." I don't have much experience with any other server except Exo but I would have liked to know when I started that Exo was, at the time, nearly 100% deeded or fenced in. My recent experience with Release and Pristine is that a good chunk of the land is owned and developed by veteran players. Just something to think about when I have seen many new players posting in GL that they need a ride from one sever to another or that they are disappointed to find out that a server is low population.
  10. Today we head on a hunting trip, explaining the things you need to think about when you start out fighting in Wurm Unlimited/Wurm Online. > Wurm Online Playlist
  11. Just starting off? Here is 20 first things to do in Wurm. Most in priority with a couple here and there that can be jumbled about. All in all, there hours of fun task to keep you going when you first start out. >
  12. Hello Wurmians, if possible, can anyone explain me or make/link a video how to create a new item? i m not quiet sure, but it should be possible, but ofc correct me if i m wrong. due to thhe fact that i know java a bit it only has to be a item-creation tutorial, not a java one Thanks and save travels, Simju
  13. Posted Today, 12:17 PM korsarul, on 19 Oct 2015 - 06:33 AM, said: So glad you had a such a great experience. Thinking on this, an imping type area that new players could spawn at when they join game for a few days could really help further the tutorial of the game.
  14. **Firstly, Sorry about the sound levels,. My mic position was in a different spot and picked up a lot of mechanical keyboard sound. I tried to make it with music. THis means the voice is not as loud as it usually is** We take a quick overview of sermons and one of the new Priests, Nahjo. Also a walk around the new temple. >
  15. Hey everyone, welcome to what will hopefully be a series of tutorial videos for Wurm Online! I've seen various tutorial videos online and figured I'd give it a shot and see how everything rides. Please leave me feedback and requests for future guides/tutorials. Keep in mind this thread is intended to help new and veteran players with various features of the game, and is not intended to be a place for verbal abuse, harassment, derailing, etc. I hope you enjoy! If you have a request feel free to message me or comment below! Note: this video will also be posted on reddit in the Wurm Online subreddit. So if you're a reddit user be sure to subscribe to /r/wurmonline
  16. ...or rather a introductory primer of sorts. Been considering the need for one, and I even have a rough outline and draft made. Before getting involved in that I wish to see if there is even really a need or interest in one. After all there's tutorials on almost everything else... even ones for the tutorials. One would think if there was really a demand, someone would have done it already. So... what do you think? Should there be one?If so, what are your main concerns or questions in that area?What doesn't the wiki already seem to make clear?What would you look for?EDIT: Something came up I felt I should articulate... I am not talking about ways of gaming the game's rules or exploiting loopholes in those rules. For example imho thievery belongs on pvp servers, where players by the very act of being on such servers have consented to being targets. Kill or be killed basically. Anyone doing such on a Freedom server deserves getting reported and the ensuing consequences. Just because I play a rogue doesnt mean I do not have rules or guidelines. They just are not your rules ;P EDIT: Heres the rough outline: Introduction This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all things thievery and such in Wurm. There's just no fun in revealing all to begin with, and I'm lazy. Rather it is to provide help with the basics and some possible hypothetical applications. For those who wish to up their game from common "rag-pickers". If one is seeking to better understand the psychological principles, I recommend the following article: Furthermore, I can neither confirm nor deny any firsthand knowledge of the usage of these skills ingame. Outline: I. Fundamentals A. Body Control (Stealth and everything else) B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps E. Stealth a. Actual b. Mines c. Mounts II. Training A. Body Control B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps III. Intermediary A. Solo vs. Group Tactics B. Diversions or Framing a. Loudmouth Idiots b. Locks From Known Thieves C. Traps D. Know Your Enemy and Thyself E. Knowing a "good" Fence a. Helps if considered respectable and reliable in general. b. Can be the same person as your smith. c. Doesn't ask too many questions about that shiny new ship ur selling him. IV. Hypothetically-Speaking A. Spying B. Sabotage C. Downright dirty scoundrel Example section: Lockpicking Lockpicking Lockpicking is fairly self-explanatory. Its the skill for picking locks. In Wurm this allows one to bypass locked doors on structures, vehicles, ships, and containers. This guide will simply refer to all lockable items as containers. The tools needed, lockpicks, can only be made by a locksmith of some skill, so one may wish to pick this up as a side skill as you will go through picks frequently. Knowing a good smith or merchant is another good idea. There are additional benefits from such a relationship, which will be covered later. Lockpicks will break... ALOT. Less so as the quality is higher, and it helps to have several dozen in multiple satchels on one's belt ready to activate. Picks of a ql less than twenty of the lock's ql will not even work to begin with. Once the lock is picked, it will stay open for so many minutes as indicated by Examining, as in the case of gate locks, or as with padlocks, the lock will come off and appear in your inventory. The difficulty of the lock can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors: the container ql, pick ql, examined lock ql (see table 1.1), your skill, the type of container, etc. Ships are more difficult than say a chest, and larger ships more so. The calculated chance is displayed on the menu next to Pick Lock. Table 1.1: Examined Lock Quality Ranges Very poor 1 - 9.99ql Poor 10 - 19.99ql Below average 20 - 29.99ql Okay 30 - 39.99ql Above average 40 - 49.99ql Pretty good 50 - 59.99ql Good 60 - 69.99ql Very good 70 - 79.99ql Exceptional 80 - 89.99ql Fantastic 90 - 99.99ql Some say a minimum of 30 Lockpicking is needed to be effective, personally its more around 50. Also do not be discouraged by lockpicking chances of less than 5%, these containers are still vulnerable to those with time and determination.... and alot of lockpicks. Third Person: [19:19:16] Klaa picks the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] Klaa silently curses as he fails to pick the lock of the small chest. First Person: [19:18:20] You start to pick the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] You fail to pick the lock of the small chest. EDIT: Project currently on back burner due to RL.
  17. I decided to do a new character and head out into the wilderness to see if I can live the life as a simple man without any help and by getting my skill only to 20. >
  18. Well here it is! Part 2 of tunnels explained now with in game footage for easier understanding. We also look at the new tunnel we created recently. >
  19. Today we discuss some Mine and tunnel tips. > Wurm Online playlist
  20. The ins and out on Tunnel Crafting. We pull out our pens and pencils and draw our way to understanding lining up tunnels to near perfection. It's been a while since my last video due to xmas period, kids holidays and internet troubles. I got a couple of exciting videos coming up. Enjoy. > Here is a link to mountain top tunnelling. Here Wurm Online playlist
  21. Wurm Online recently changed its tutorial, so I decided to take a run through the area seeing just how much it has changed. >
  22. After hours of confusion and the 101 questions in the help channel, I have found that better use of in-game missions or tutorials would benefit all new players and also increase activity / revenue for Wurm Online. I am on my 3rd day and without having took the initiative to seek a helper - I would have not gotten very far with Wurm and possibly uninstalled it after the first few hours. The tutorial is alright but I'd advise possible links to video tutorials of the mini-missions within the tutorial... after seeing many people doing the tutorial with me and not getting through doors as they have not fulfilled the pre-requisites. (I'm guessing you lose 90% of newcomers just through not being clear enough on the first tutorial section) This game has way more potential than Minecraft / Second Life & other sandbox MMO's yet it lags horribly behind them all in terms of users and premium players. I've never seen a game so great with only a few thousand online, it's really astonishing! So with all that criticism said, I would like to see more done in the tutorial, i.e. Ghost tutorials (whereby a ghost shows you the action to perform before you do it), video tutorials, flashing icons on where to click and what to do. After having come into the real world (deliverance server) - without the help of a Blacksmith named AbsolutelyNobody I would not have really progressed... The use of help channels and asking questions helped somewhat, and the wiki also provided a huge help... but If one has played almost every MMO out there, they can quickly distinguish the problem with Wurm Online and other games. The problem is that the game should be guiding new users, not other users (Who have no incentive to) and certainly not wiki sites. These should be secondary guidance... but they have been pulling the weight for Wurm Online and the community has kept this great game going (on first impressions) One thing that is also very bizarre, is the fact that in Wurm Online, it is more difficult for the user than it is for a user that has been around for many years. A game should develop difficulty as you progress - it is almost backwards... (another factor pushing new players away) Overall my requests are: Beginner tutorial to be more clear and make use of video tutorials as well as shadow guides. Mentor system which incentivizes experienced players in helping new players, i.e. new 'Mentor' skill which increases skill gain. Missions to start off much more simpler - asking the user to kill 100 of a certain creature, before they even know how to fight (as this was not covered in tutorial) is very bizarre, also, the basics of equipping items, ranges for attack, which targets are safe to attack etc need to be understood before even fighting (This information is only found on the wiki, rather than helpful tips within the game - or so I've seen..) Regards! Kammerz - The RP Fanatic.
  23. I find shields really aren't needed on freedom, but if you are going to go to a pvp server it is a skill that you are going to want to skill up. I've read many different forums post and gotten information from many people a long the way, here is a little bit of info on getting you shield skill up to speed. >
  24. I think it's time to post a thread with suggestions on how to improve the tutorial. I couldn't find the Tutorial feedback thread so this contains mostly my own opinions, and I would be happy to hear more suggestions since there are surely things that I've missed! I am of the opinion that the game needs a tutorial rather than just dumping people in the wilderness. Why? 1) The GUI is pretty unintuitive in the sense that you will have a hard time to figure it out even if you have played other MMOs 2) To make it harder for grief invasions since it has a free trial account type, so some process to weed out the laziest ones is good Currently The current tutorial generates a large number of pop-ups with a huge amount of text in them. They contain a lot of useful information written in different colours. The pro of them popping up is that the player cannot miss them, but personally I see a lot of cons with the pop-ups: * In the game itself we are not guided by pop-ups that guide us or tell us what to do, so it's pointless to teach the players to expect them * A friend played around with the settings before entering the tutorial on a new character and what we discovered is that changing the resolution makes large parts of the pop-ups completely unusable since they are so heavily dependent on pictures * When I walk through the tutorial on a new character I go by the text colours to see what I need to do. I only do the bare minimum and never read the text surrounding it. It is a very easy pattern to figure out and once you noticed the text colours you don't have to read anything apart from the text of the right colour to be able to move on * Time is spent on teaching players how to perform certain specific tasks. These tasks, however immersive they may be, will mean nothing to a player that has never played the game before Improvements * Skip the pop-ups completely. In-game all information we are fed comes to us through the Event tab, integrate that into the tutorial * Cut down on the amount of text. Write only the most essential things and take it step-by-step rather than all at once in a huge chunk of text. This will also remove the need for colour-coding certain pieces * Cut down on the use of pictures. My opinion is that it might be best to skip it entirely unless a good way to present them is established, in a way that contributes to the learning experience * Explain how things in general are done rather than giving instructions on how to perform specific tasks Focus of the tutorial * The first thing I would like to see in the tutorial is an explanatory walk-through of how the GUI works. How to activate the tools, what to press to open the skills window and how to open the Escape menu + other things like that * A detailed walk-through on how to access and use the wiki, both the in-game one and the browser version. Underline information such as what it means when it says "active" and "passive" in the creation info box * Explanations of what a settlement is and what benefits they provide ** This explanation should be very brief and refer to wiki pages with a more in-depth explanation. Links to those wiki-pages should be posted in a PM-tab once the player has teleported to one of the servers, since this is where the information will become relevant. Other useful wiki links should also be included in the PM-tab * Showing off what Wurm Online is all about! Let the player walk through/past: ** An area with different terrain types as part of a beautiful landscape ** A half-finished terraforming project where it is clearly visible that someone has manipulated the terrain ** A mine tunnel leading to another exciting site such as ** A block with differently sized and shaped houses of different kinds ** A forest with different tree kinds ending in an area with penned creatures and a walk-through on how to fight