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Found 38 results

  1. PIXEL GROVE - PVE new as of March 2023 Pixel Grove is a new and mostly undeveloped 8k custom map. We have a cross gaming community in discord and would love to welcome any Wurm players looking for a new place to call home, or friends to play other games with as well. We are all mostly new to the game, some of us have played previously, but for the most part this is a very inexperienced group so I don't recommend playing here if you are looking for extensive help We will help how we can but our knowledge is limited. Rules: No advertising for other servers, games, communities, etc on our server, discord, twitch, etc. Intentional destruction or damage to other players items or animals will not be tolerated - abusers will be banned No harassment, griefing, hate speech, etc will be tolerated. (What is considered an offense is up to the discretion of the mods) - abusers will be banned (May be modified in the future as needed) GM Powers/Moderation: This is a game for us too; we will only intervene with GM powers in the rare event of abusive players or rare situations. Please do not expect a mod to teleport you anywhere, replace items, etc. We are here to play the game and only take action to remove harmful players from our server. Server Stats: 8k | 60k animals; 10% Hostile | 12am/pm EST Farm Tick | Upkeep 0 Player Stats: Skill Speed: 1x | Ability Speed: 3x | Body: 20 | Mind: 20 | Soul: 20 | Skills: 1 Mods: Survival Mod - Seasonal Crops disabled, temp disabled Server Map Alchemy redo Better Dig Better Farming Putting stuff on tables Treasure Hunting Bdews Planters ServerTweaks (Bug Fixes) One Tile Mining Disabled Priest Restrictions Community: Pictures:
  2. 150 x skill gain and 150 x action. 50.0 starting stats. Starter gear with a few extra things. Paid play time. Bounty on Burn, Treasure maps/chests. Mod List: Ada And Glimmer rods Add Kingdom Items Add Mission Items Announcer Archaeology Tweaks Ash Produce Auto Alerts Bdew Server Mod Tools Better Digging Better Farming Bounty Mod Bounty on Burn Bulk Mod Bulk Separated CavusNostra Chest Claim Combiner Craftable Pauldrons Creature Age Mod Crop Mod Custom NPC Deed Maker Disable Fog Spiders Discord Relay Double Bulk Capacity Dragon mounts Dusk Combat Dye maker Fire Burn Time Fish Monger GM Commands Halloween Harvest Helper Hitching Post Hitch Limits Highway Portals Hota Statues Mod Http Server In breed Warning Infinite mine and Doors Lead More Location Command Lootables LTDebuff Mark and Recall Meditate Mod Milk Reset Mini Pets Modify Gestation Period More Craftables Move Mod Move to Center NCPs' mods No Holy land No Mail Cost One Tile Mining Paintings Pick More Sprouts Planters Poll Spawner Sacrifice Mod Salve Mod Script runner Server Fixes Server Map Server Packs Server Time Command Server Tweaks Simple Concrete Sindusk Library Signs mod Sawmill mod new weapons mod Spell Craft Spell Mod Stable Master Starter Gear Tabard Mod Taxidermy Timer fix Treasure Hunting Vote Rewards Waxed Wyvern mods I am always open to suggestion of any server mods you know of that aren't already included here
  3. Name: Survival Lands - Hardcore IP: Port: 15010 1k Map 0.5 Skillgain 1.0 Action Timers Characteristics start at 15 Skills start at 1 Farm ticks every 24 hours No traders No starter items No veins No Priests, No Spells No Alts No Initial City constructed by GM. Survival Mod (require boiled water and cotton clothes in winter). 10.000 creatures (50% aggressive creatures) No Deeding costs Settlement upkeep --- Mods --- Better Dig (get only 2 kg of clay, tar, peat moss per excavation action) BountyOnBurn (get 5 iron coins and 10 karma per corpse burned) Bulk Separated Craftable Pauldrons Crop mod Empty Thrash Bin Fire Burn Time Harvesthelper Hitchingpost HTTP Server Inbreed warnings Kingdom Items LeaderboardAndTitles More Potables Move To Center One Tile Mining Quality Level Limit Scriptrunner Serverpacks Servermap Starter Gear Tabards VoteMod (30 iron coins per dailly vote) WyvernAntiCheat
  4. KangaWU is one of the longest-running Wurm Unlimited servers, with the primary map having been up since a day before the official release in 2015. Hosted in Oceania, we offer a rarely-seen lag-free version of Wurm for a dedicated community mostly located in the ass-end of the world – though we welcome players from all parts of the world. In the years since the release of WU we have been creating custom mods and alterations to the server to make it entirely unique, with some notable features like increased rarity tiers, a custom decoration system, regular hunting events and permanent rewards for killing creatures, metallic golems and a new metal type, an exploration-treasure system, and so much more. Check it all out below, or join us in-game or on Discord and say hi! KangaWU – 2048 x 2048 – PvE Only Taniwha – 4096 x 4096 – PvE Only Increased percentage of aggressive creatures All creatures are 20% stronger and 20% larger Accessible via portal from KangaWU and sailing across any border Deeds are free to place and have no upkeep costs Each character is able to have a deed on each of the maps The maximum deed size is 75×75, although players are asked to only deed the land they intend to use Each deed can have a maximum of 3 Spirit Templars at no cost The length of time a deed will remain around is dependant on the total playtime of the characters on that deed. When a character logs into the server, their deed will refresh the upkeep time from that point and will last 30 days plus the total playtime of all characters of that deed. Every few days a hunt event will spawn on each server, spawning a rare+ seryll altar and 4 godspawn creatures at a random location Finding and killing all of the godspawn creatures will allow the altar to be mined out and some rare+ seryll lumps gained Any characters that help to kill the godspawns will also get relatively large Fighting skill gains and bonus gains in some random skills Scrolls may be found when killing champion or unique creatures, completing missions, and from archaeology Identifying a scroll will lead you around the map where you’ll need to kill strong creatures to find the final location of the scroll Upon killing the final group of creatures a chest will appear in your inventory with a varying amount of random valuable rewards We have a great and welcoming community of long-term players that love to help out new people In addition to Godspawn Hunts, the community regularly organises events like unique slayings and scroll hunts Occasionally there will also be GM-run events where participants can win special rewards like brooms and pets The Adventure server is a periodic server that pops up every now and then to give everyone a fresh taste at the game, with more difficulty Everyone spawns into the server at a random location with no items and low skills, and must survive a ton of aggressive creatures The server has increased moonmetal veins and other various rewards, which you can only bring back to the main servers by escaping alive Molds can be created of any non-decoration item in the game and can be used to create pottery versions of that item for display This allows you to create a decorational version of any item model in the game, and optionally as the pile model if it exists It greatly expands the options available when decorating your deeds and buildings, ensuring items stick around and don’t decay Any decorational item can also be raised and lowered in space, allowing floating items in the perfect position A new Summon Illusion spell lets you create a short-term illusion of any model in the game to let you plan out your decorating For a quick look at what’s possible with this system, we held a competition in 2020, and you can check out the gallery here Metal Golems are tough late-game creatures that spawn across the server in 4 sizes and all 15 metal types, including trinium Golems don’t tend to hit hard, but are very hard to take down – and once they are dead their corpses can be mined for lumps of their metal Normal and Small golems can spawn across both servers, Mini and Tiny can spawn from mining while a global boon is active Trinium is a new tier of metal above seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine that contains all of the upsides of those three Trinium can be gained from trinium golems, or a small chance to gain fragments when mining any metal golem Alchemy serums can be used to turn any metallic item into another metal, including moonmetal and trinium Each creature killed will generate a kill token with a value relative to the difficulty of that creature – with modifiers like champion giving a large boost to the value of the kill token Kill tokens can be combined and used in order to gain Spirit Points, which can be spent in the adventure shop (by typing /adventure) The adventure shop provides a wide range of permanent character upgrades and useful custom items to make hunting worth your time A small selection of rewards available in the adventure shop: Worker’s Satchel – Allows you to place any item used in the imping process inside of it, then use the satchel when improving to automatically select the currently needed item from within Permanently increased levelling and flattening speeds Permanently increased action queue slots Tokens to rename items and creatures that you own As well as the vanilla deities, we have 3 custom deities available – Budda, Frost and Veshnokash – information for each is on Discord All followers of gods can cast spells when they have at least 20 faith, and followers can gain faith up to 40 with priests able to gain more There is no limit on the amount of times a day that faith can be gained, however the cooldown for gaining faith is increased to 1 hour Custom spells include: Superior Genesis – 70 favor & 50 difficulty to remove a chosen trait from a creature instead of a random one Superior Dispel – 30 favor & 30 difficulty to remove a chosen enchantment from an item Increase Size – Custom sorcery spell that increases the internal size of a container, making it bigger on the inside Global boons are timed bonuses that apply to everyone across both maps, purchasable in-game with karma and the web store A few examples of boons include: Bonus Mount & Vehicle Speed 25% Bonus Skillgain Bonus Rarity Chance KangaWU+ is a premium-style character bonus that can be purchased from any deed token for 10s per month Characters with KangaWU+ gain four bonuses: 50% increased skillgain & 50% increased carrying capacity No movement speed penalty from equipped armour The ability to combine item rarities via Smooshing Three new rarities above fantastic: Epic, Legendary and Unique Each higher rarity gives the normal increased effects of rarity and items that are at least epic cannot be shattered via enchanting Epic and Legendary rarities are available via normal rare rolls, but Unique is reserved for special rewards and Smooshing only Smooshing allows you to combine two items of the same rarity for the chance of increasing the rarity of the target item The chance to successfully increase rarity is determined by item qualities, if they are the same item, and if they are bulk items or not Smooshing is only available to characters with KangaWU+
  5. Hello Fellow wurmians! I want to create a custom map for my server and i saw some maps from CountZero that had custom ore placement. How can I do that? I tried several generators but none offer this option. Can i somehow export the file to a image editing tool and add ores on my own? Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
  6. Aesarius Aesarius, a very small humble world, for eons has closely guarded a great secret. This secret was passed from king to king through the eras. Each king vowed to protect the secret knowing that if it were ever found out, the world would be altered forever. The fourth era was ruled by Hardwin son of Adlard the Mighty. His careful watch during the time of the dark wars earned him the title Hardwin the Vigilant. Although there were occasional whispers, no one from outside Aesarius ever proved the existence of the secret. Through 4 eras, the kings managed to maintain peace and the world was one great kingdom. But Azohra with her ability to sense and locate power listened to the whispers. Through veiled channels she hired the Ebony Wolf Band to search out the secret. She was not disappointed. They discovered gemstones with the power to stave off death and protect warriors from the impacts of death if they were to die. Although these gems were rare, they provided significant advantage in battles. Throughout the dark wars, the Black Wolf Band never chose a side. They were available to hire for both sides. When Azorha sent her best generals and wizards to Aesarius, some of the Black Wolf Band went back on their contract and made it back to Aesarius in time to warn the king. Hardwin the Vigilant sent word to the high priests to call for help from the light gods and began preparing to stand against the intruders. The battle, known as The Withering, was fought mostly with magic. As the wizards and priests used up their own powers, they began to call on the earth for more. Deserts started to form. The battle ended when the entire world was so devoid of life that no one could survive it. Many of the priests and wizards were able to retreat to other worlds to save their own lives. Aesarius fell only a few months before The Last Battle. With the king was always a small band of his soldiers known as the Sanguine Sentry because of their fierce devotion to the king and their belief that they could protect him even in the most hopeless situations. When he fell in the second wave of The Withering, they took him to Grentia the world of healing. He survived and has been watching over Aesarius from a distance. While most of his resources are gone, he has slowly built his small band of soldiers for the day when Aesarius is whole once again. The Ebony Wolf Band has also been watching Aesarius from a distance. A few of the members still remember the gems they found and are waiting for the time when they can try to harvest them and sell them for profit or use them. As time has passed, the world has slowly regained it’s strength, and seems to be habitable once again. Both of the organizations have sent individuals and teams to survey the world, discover if it truly is habitable again, and determine if it still produces the gemstones. What part do you play? Are you part of the Sanguine Sentry? Are you hired by the Ebony Wolf Band? Are you unaffiliated but you’ve heard the world is habitable again? Server Stats Sister Server to Vrystoria - someday they will link RP-PVP - Custom Factions (kingdoms) to enhance roleplay. 1x skill gain 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 4048x4048 60,000 mobs 95% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Characteristics start at 19.5 Starter gear is a tent and a compass. Priests Priest restrictions active All deities can be followed across all kingdoms. Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Treasure Maps Survival Mod
  7. Fasta Åland, Åland Islands (1024x1024) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Okinawa, Japan (2048x2048) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Long Island, New York (4069x4069) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Puerto Rico (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here World Height Map (8192x8192) Made using Trangram Heightmapper and Gimp. Image below is only a preview. The actual height map is 128MB. And with it being so large, I had a hard time creating a map using this and testing that map on a test server. So I'll just post this here. If you notice, Antarctica was a tricky one. I decided on taking Antarctica's actual form and using that instead of a large landmass that covers the south. Download from Dropbox: Here
  8. Adak Island, Alaska Google Maps View Made using WGenerator,, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here
  9. "This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be." - Arathok [GM] Server Features: - Custom 2k Map - X3 Skill, X4 timer - 25% Aggro, 25k Animals (going up systematically) - Free Deed - Lowered Upkeep - No Priest Restrictions - Libila available for everyone - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Hunt of the Ancients - Password Protected - Get your crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - Monthly in-game meetings, democracy and voting on server matters. - Friendly GM and community! Hardcore Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 7. - Starter Gear - Shovel, few branches, some rocks and pocket money. Important Links: Discord - Custom Map: Current Mods [13/01/2020]: Server Skills Progress [13/01/2020]: Server Password:
  10. I am working on making a Wurm Unlimited server, and I would like a custom map based off The state of Hawaii or The US West Coast. I do not know how to go about making this so if someone could create the map or tell me how to go about creating the map, I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for the map to be 4096x4096.
  11. Yay! Nice that we now have a section devoted to videos. Thus, I shall start this thread where I will post the ongoing saga of building Ultima Nostalgia. The Wurm Unlimited folks probably already know what this is about, but for the rest of you who don't, let me explain: Ultima Nostalgia is my aim to recreate the map and world of Ultima Online in Wurm Unlimited. It has drawn an astounding amount of attention so far, with several sites posting about it (Massively OP, Ultima Codex, New World Notes and even VICE Motherboard). It has also had several of the original creators of UO posting/commenting about it on Twitter etc, Lord British himself included! Honestly, when I started this project, I was never expecting that to happen. It was for my own amusement and I assumed that the only people interested would be a few Wurmians who also happened to play UO back in the day. But holy cow, seems I was wrong! With all that attention, it seems like I will actually have to see this thing through to the end! In addition, I've had a lot of non-wurm UO players ask me more about Wurm and ask if they can come and live on this server. The two games share so many similarities that Wurm is the perfect haven for old UO players who don't want to play UO anymore, but are not satisfied with what modern MMOs have to offer. So although originally (and in my first video) I say that this will only be a server you can visit, but cannot "play" in the full meaning of the term, I am starting to dabble with the idea of whether I might reconsider. But for that to happen, we would need to have a new permission system for tiles so that we can set additional permissions for specific tiles we want to make available for those living on our deeds. See the suggestion I made about it here, and vote it up if you agree that this would be great. And then on to the videos themselves!
  12. Hello fellow Wurmians, I was a long time player of Wurm Online and absolutely loved the difficulty, then Freedom came, and to be honest, the game went carebear mode and I lost interest in a few months. Now with Wurm Unlimited I have the opportunity to start from a decent difficulty level, and as a seasoned programmer, build mods to make this server a lot harder than Wurm Online ever was. Characteristics start at 19.5, and all skills start at 1. The skill gain rate is 1, and action speed multiplier is 1.5 55% Aggressive Creatures, I kept it low because this is meant to be the newbie map. Silver will be next to impossible to get on this map, at least from traders, and Settlement upkeep and deeding costs ARE enabled. I didn't want to just make everything unreasonable so Breeding time is 2x, field growth 12.8 hours, with the tree spread set to 25% Below is the first of 3 maps 4096x4096, the others will be rolled out after the server has been further developed, the first of which is called Morbus. (Yes, I DO like latin) This server is heavily modded, the current list is: I haven't exactly figured out what the max players are going to be, currently it is set to 60. Max Creatures are set to 30,000 at least for now. As for client mods I am using Sortmod, Skilltrack, Thirdperson and Livemap so make of that what you will. I will add to this post as there are new things added to the server, but for now if you are looking for some level of difficulty, this might be what you are looking for. Until then, back to the grind.
  13. Hello Wurmians! I am here to announce the launch of a brand new wurm unlimited dedicated server! Dragonsgate was founded in April 2018 (Map reestablished in September 2018) and is a fully dedicated 24/7 server! Features A fully custom 4k map, designed and painted by one of our own players! Portals - 4 main Portals leading to the 4 cardinal directions on the map for quick travel to different areas. Highway portals - Optional craftable portals connecting player owned deeds through official Highways to the Cardinal portals. Full PVE map with pvp arenas Custom built pvp arenas for those who love pvp. These will include obstacles and challenging terrain to make battles more thrilling (Under Construction) Dungeons We have custom made dungeons with monster spawners. Server Mods Our server has a variety of mods to add to the convenience and fun of the base game. These mods include but are not limited to No Mail Cost, Priest access to all Spells, Unlimited meditation gains, Pets, and Treasure Hunting. (see website for full mod list) Free Starter Deeds - No deed founding cost to help new players jump right in to the game. There is deed upkeep however, this is to limit abandonded deeds cluttering the world. Server Support We work hard to make sure everything is running smoothly and offer email support in addition to the ingame support system. Discord We have our very own discord channel complete with Discord to Global (and vice versa) chat room! Special Events We have special events planned for players to participate in and win a variety of prizes including pets, gear, mounts, and more! These are GM hosted official events but we welcome player hosted events as well! GM Shops The main hub is set up with gm supplied shops that contain special items normally unobtainable by other means. Sometimes these items are given as event rewards as well. Player Shops We have a large market area dedicated to player run shops. Each stall has its own sign that is customizable by request. (Merchant contracts are available in the Specialty and Salesman shops.) Increased Skill Gain and Action timers by 10x with no Fatigue! Come join us now and discover the perfect home! Feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  14. A year+ in development from initial conception to final product, we are a former Minecraft community that swapped games in early 2017. We played on other servers, got a firm understanding of what everything was about and then took the plunge into setting this server up. We've been around in the gaming community since 2004 when we played games like World of Warcraft, SWTOR, Aion, Wildstar, Rift, etc. The same group has remained mostly intact over the years and that enduring close knit community is now being opened up with our new server in our hopes to bring you the very best experience possible. We've done everything from hardcore raiding to building amazing things with square blocks and everything in between over that 14 year history together and so we're excited to start our adventure into Wurm as a group and see what all we can come up with in this game. You will find fair rules, fair staff, and a fair amount of zanny fun to be had with us. We are *NOT* a pg-13 type of environment. We won't scold you for saying something naughty -- we'll probably join right in and push the limits of "acceptable". We're not slapping your hands or holding them either. Our map is beautiful, but treacherous and not ideal for players new to the game. If you're looking for flat pastures to build on, nope! Won't find much of that here. Flat is boring. We have mountains. Lots and lots of mountains. You'll need a love for digging! and surface mining! in order to be happy on our map but you'll also find a ton of quality of life changes to balance that. The days of iron ore every 10 tiles - gone! Ore distribution has been heavily altered to provide a challenge at the beginning of your adventures with us, but also to give you a very tangible commodity once you find high quality veins of it. We're a more hardcore group and so our server will reflect that heavily. Nothing is easy with us. And if it is, it's an accident on our part and we'll probably fix that once we notice it So if you're up for a bit of work, don't mind a whole lot of laughing and craziness, stop by and check us out. You'll see the owner online daily and something is usually happening when she gets bored. Events, random troll invasions, chickens falling from the heavens. You just never know what to expect from her. You could kill a rat with a shovel and end up with a magic mirror on the corpse. We're that kind of people -- and our server reflects that silly side of our personalities so that some of the tedious parts of this game are tempered by our fun environment. We look forward to adding you to our family and seeing how often we can make you spit your drink out from laughing at our craziness! Owner: Ethyrea Head GM's: Sinsatara and Remington CA/CM: Louain, Grubgrub, Greenlightning, Laraxaby Alysian Blue Website AB Custom Map AB Discord Vote for Us! AB Facebook AB Twitter AB Steam Group About the Server: Opened to the public on May 6, 2018 (open 1 month prior for friends/family during testing and setup) PvE Server hosted in Charlotte, NC on dedicated hardware Daily Backups and Server Restarts 200 Slots 60k Creatures - 30% Aggressive (will increase as server ages) 4096x4096 Custom Map with Extreme Mountains Map auto updates at 6am and 6pm Central Player friendly website with integrated map In game map matches actual server map Discord Relay Chat (*temporarily disabled) Deed Upkeep is Enabled CA Help Tab auto opens for new players 4x Actions,4x Skills Ride horses and use rowboats immediately Fighting starts at 10 All other skills start at 1 Cabra - Our New Player Starter Town: Public Mine with Smelters/Forges/Large Anvils Resource Tiles White/Dark Light Altars Practice Dolls to level Fight Skill to 20 before leaving town Cooking, Praying and Tailoring Areas Pumpkin and Cotton Fields for starter food and healing materials GM Merchants New Merchant Village and Inn added 5/20 No Trader Bartender Beds in each building Portal to our Capital City (coming soon) Priest, Meditation and Spell Changes: No priest restrictions 20 Minute Prayers all day Priests can cast spells from the same light Sermons are disabled Linking is required for high favor casts 30 Minute Meditation Timer all day Bag of Holding Custom Spells Resources & Ore Changes: Resource tiles provide 5kg each action Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss each node is 1-5 tiles on average Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss are not always easy to find Ore distribution changed to increase value to common ore 50 Hits for each rock tile Up to 70 dirt per tile on the surface (and much lower on mountains) Loot Changes: No Treasure Chests No Treasure Maps Rift Items found in nature Unique's require specific character conditions in order to receive loot Rarity Odds Increased Higher chance for rare bone during sacrifice Get paid to kill creatures Moonmetals drop from creatures Our treasure drops directly from creatures. Kill a mountain lion with a shovel at midnight? You might find a garden gnome! You have to go explore and try different things in order to discover all of our little secrets! Looking for a rare bone? Better work on that fight skill and kill creatures in unusual ways to find the special combination required to trigger a possible drop. Creature Changes: Normal Animal Aging Taxidermy (uses Karma) Hitching Posts Hitch Animals to Ships Inbreed Warning Hitch Any Animal to Carts/Wagons Animals don't unhitch due to age Farming, Nature & Teraforming Changes: Many actions can be done from the cart & have faster level actions Improved Action Timers Cultivate/sow/farm/harvest/replant in larger areas as skill goes up Combined piles of harvests Use /seasons in game for additional info on what's ready for harvesting Pick 5 Sprouts instead of just 1 No crop rot Salve gets renamed with strength and ingredients Other Changes: Faster Boats and Carts Faster Mounts that can climb higher slopes BSB Sort by QL Hot items can go into bsb/fsb Loadable mailboxes and belltowers Fire Burn Timer No Build Limit! No Mail Costs Check Balance Action on Character Screen Move to Center/Corner Place Items on tables/surfaces Player Pets added 5/25 Real Time Merchant Information - link in game, on website, or discord! Backup Policy: Daily Backups at 3am Eastern Time Three days of backups are on the server Older backups are stored offsite at another datacenter The Owner also downloads the daily backup to their personal machine/external drive
  15. General Info Server Name: Iron Nexus Direct Connect IP: Website Discord to chat in-game, from anywhere! Kingdom: Freedom Isles Community Events! Deeds: Initial 11x11 Deed is Free Upkeep Costs Limit 1 per Steam ID Map Date: January 26, 2018 4K Map Game-Map View Restarts: Weekly - Monday 6AM EST Creatures: 50,000 Hostile: 60% More Creatures Tameable Drakes Rates x2 Skill Gain x2 Action Timers 10 Fight Skill 20 Starter Characteristics 21 Mind Logic 4.5 Hour Crop Timer Mods Survival Mod Drinking Water & Weather InBreed Warning Quality Damage Tooltips Fire Burn Time Harvest Helper Deed Mod Prevents Deed Exploits Bounty Salve Mod Displays Power in item name Spell Mod No Priest Restrictions Sacrifice Mod Chance to receive bone in exchange for sacrifice Offspring Names Hitch Limits Hitch Anything Taxidermy Highway Portals Drake Mounts Find Friendly Drakes to either Ride or use to pull your Carts! Surface Mining Fix Every action lowers Slope Treasure Maps Find Treasure Maps to locate rare Treasures on the map! Always open to more suggestions! Support Us! Group Pay Vote!
  16. Hey everyone i just wanted to post something about what i have been hopping to find. If anybody knows of any story driven custom maps can you please tell me i really want one.
  17. EDIT: I made this map in 2015 when Wurm Unlimited was released, it was an experiment to see if it would be possible to create a custom heightmap painted by hand inside photoshop. I no longer have the original .PSD files but the heightmap can be opened in an editor available in the mod tools forums here if you want to make modifications. ------------------------------------------- Hello people. Posting to share a custom map i did. I painted the heightmap in photoshop and use the generator to put the resources and ore. It is fully set up, just put in the server folder adjust the settings to your liking and play. The season is set for summer the spawn coordinate is already set to the center of the map, change if you want Download link 55.1mb compacted (RAR) Extract inside the folder WurmServerLauncher and run the server. I'm making changes so that it will show the custom map in game when you press M, for now appears the default global map. Edit to explain trees I have not filled the map with trees, I left a lot of space without trees, most are scattered around the map, forests in different regions. i found interesting let some big areas without trees. with time, they will grow and spread (even in open areas you will find a few scattered trees, so it can spread). if you want to fill it with trees, just use the magnificent magic wand Album with in-game screens here Map
  18. Ayramor Rising!Ayramor Rising aims to create a fun friendly environment for new players and veterans. Steam Group: Our Forum: Live Map: Discord: specifications PvE, Creative, modded server Freedom Kingdom White light and black light deities 60k creatures, high percentage of aggressive mobs for hunting 3x Skill, 5x Action timers. CR 3x Characteristics start at level 20. Mind Logic starts at level 21.1 to allow you to pilot small boats immediately Body Control starts at level 21.1 to allow you to ride a horse All other skills will start at level 10! to cut out some of the early grind 200 player slots. Server located in the US Daily server restarts and backups at 3am EST. Twice daily map updates at 1am and 1pm EST CA Help and Info tabs for new players The Map Hand drawn custom made 4096 x 4096 map There are three large central landmasses that take up most of the map and 16 small islands The mountains tops are all accessible – none are super steep, or super high mountains that you can't climb The rivers are all deep enough for the large ships to pass, no dredging required Resources are fairly evenly spread out, so no traveling 100s of tiles for tar/clay/peat Active volcano The Capital City of AndrosAndros is a large town in the center of the map, with lots of amenities including: Baker’s Guild - with ovens, larders & food storage bins Carpentry & Masonry Guild - with beds and kilns Fighters Guild - archery targets & practice dolls Tailoring Guild - looms & spinning wheels Smith’s Guild - forges, anvils & smelters Information Center Marketplace with player & GM merchants. No traders Farm - with crops & planter racks Public Mine - with forges & large anvils Public Resources - clay, peat, tar & moss Inn with beds & a bit of free food Portal to our Zoo with animals small and cute to huge and scary Link to our map of Andros Religion Fo, Magranon, Vynora and Libila available Priest restrictions are removed Deity only spells Bag of Holding spell is enabled Spells cost a maximum of 90 favor. No linking necessary! Prayers only yield faith if they are at least 20 minutes apart No restrictions on the number of faith gains per day WL and BL priests can work together, casting defensive spells and heals on each other 30 minute meditation timer Sermons are disabled Sacrifice rares for a 1/100 chance of a rare bone Farming & Forestry Crop rotting is disabled and crops grow faster Audible alert sounds when crops grow and are ready to be tended 3x sprouts when picking sprouts On login, message displays in the event window with the current & upcoming seasons. Type /seasons to see any time Harvest both trees and crops, farm, pick sprouts, crush, picks seeds, forage and botanize while mounted is enabled Inbreeding warnings appear when trying to breed creatures that are related Meditating Automatically succeed at skill checks for entering a trance and for getting a path question (avoiding the "you fail to relax") You can meditate an unlimited number of times for skill gain per day, every 30 minutes Waiting time between questions is halved Meditating timer set to 20 seconds, instead of 2 minutes Terraforming Dirt, sand, clay, etc. drops to the ground when digging; or in your vehicle if dragging or riding a cart or wagon Players can dig, flatten, level and pack, and mine from carts and wagons Dredged dirt goes into ships 5x peat, tar, clay and moss dug per action Alternative concrete crafting recipe enabled (rock shards + clay = concrete!) Surface mine succeeds 100% Average of 50 dirt dug until you hit rock Minimum mining hits required is 41 Economy Deeds are free!!! But monthly upkeep is enabled with standard wurm fees Vote for our server and receive 10 copper daily, added directly to your upkeep Deed upkeep will increase if the mayor is offline for more than 30 days Mailing items is totally free, including the 1c COD mailing fee Right click your body or your hand to see how much you have in your bank Bounties for creature kills and buries Road & tower construction paid with permissions Travel/transportation Hitching mod allows hitching new creatures to carts and wagons, from chickens to champions Pets will not unhitch when a new pet is tamed/charmed/etc. Hitched creatures will not attack Animals will not unhitch due to ageing or becoming untamed Players will not stop leading creatures when they embark a vehicle Carts and wagons are modified to go faster All boats have increased loading range Miscellaneous Customized starter gear added including a basic sickle, pelt, pendulum, and butcher knife (on death these will stay on your corpse, along with your backpack and most things in your backpack) Moon metal chance when mining is enabled All mailboxes start with 30 level enchant Prospecting mine floors works the same way as surface prospecting Healing covers show their strength in the name Bulk storage bins have lots of increased capacity, crates are quadruple normal capacity - small holds 600 item, large holds 1200 items Move to center and move to corner enabled Fires, forges, ovens etc show the burn time left when examined Custom horse names added CA tab automatically opens. Customized Info tab Some weapons and armour is customized Link to specifics Treasure maps drop from digging, hunting, mining and fishing. See here for full info Individual characteristics and skills control allows us to tweak things for better balance
  19. General Info Server Name: Iron Nexus Direct Connect IP: Website Kingdom: Freedom Isles Deeds: Free Placement Upkeep Costs Map Date: July 7 Game-Map View Restarts: Twice Weekly - Weds & Fri 12AM EST Creatures: Max: 10,000 Hostile: 60% Vote for Us! Rates x5 Skill Gain x10 Action Timers 10 Fight Skill 20 Starter Characteristics 25 Body Control Mods Better Combat Log Dig-To-Ground InBreed Warning Quality Damage Tooltips Deed Mod Prevents Deed Exploits Bounty [Bulk Transport Salve Mod Displays Power in item name Announcer Spell Mod No Priest Restrictions Move to Center Sacrifice Mod Chance to receive bone in exchange for sacrifice Offspring Names Always open to more suggestions! Support Us! Group Pay Vote for us!
  20. PvE Server mit 4096x4096 Tiles grosse Map Mit Inseln Deutscher Crew Discord / IRC / Webseite Viele Mods unter anderem: Stable Master, Hitchingpost, Kostenloser Post versand ,Kopfgeld für Tiere,Monster & co und vieles mehr. PvP Zone Free Deeds, no Upkeep Starter Stadt ist Fredom Königreich Skill gain 3.0 Action speed 3.0 Creatures 30.000 Agressive 30% Feldfrüchte brauchen 1 Tag zum wachsen und verotten nicht. 1 Free Trader per Deed ( anfrage an admins) Hosted in Deutschland Hompage & Forum Live Map : PvE Server , whit a 4K Custom Map whit Large and smaller Islands. German / English Staff Lots of Mods: Stable Master, Hitchingpost, Free Mail, Bounty from Mobs, and lot more PvP Zone Free Deeds, no Upkeep Starter City is Fredom Kingdom Skill gain 3.0 Action speed 3.0 Creatures 30.000 Agressive 30% Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot. 1 Free Trader per Deed on Admin request Hosted in Gemany Hompage & Forum Live Map :
  21. Hello there! I create my own server, install new map(with cleaning db via bat file), type: creative:home kingdom:start kingdom 4(freedom), find good place to spawn point. 1. Exit from game, stop server, find my character in server launcher and copy-paste coords to Spawn point in server launcher, tell mate to login -- he spawn in ocean. Ok , delete mate character and goto :2 2. Open goold and trying to searching my problem. Ok. I found: RMB on Ebony Wand -> Set Focus Zone -> Name "Spawn -> Type: Premium User spawn point -> Delete other places in focus zones -> Tell mate to join -> He again spawn in ocean with another coords. Ideas?
  22. Darwinia RP Server

    Hello Wurminites! I would like to introduce you to the top class premiere server of the unlimited branch: Darwinia RP Notable Features: 1 x skill gain 1 x action speed Custom built, hand painted 4096x4096 map. Holiday events. Handwritten quests and storyline. Regular events. Meaningful seasons. For example better harvests in the fall, and no crop growth in the winter. More animals in the spring time. Active GMs who care about the server and server health. Server owner who will keep the server online so long as there is at least 1 person playing on it. Live Map mod available, but not a larger overall map, to increase the need for a proper cartographer. Patreon to help keep the server online, with sleep powder and cosmetic items for rewards. (( patreon rewards ARE NOT PAY TO WIN they are only cosmetic, and only 1 sleep powder a month. for wurm will be listed in the steam group soon. )) Steam group for ease of calendar events and forums... What makes this server unique is that we have active GMs writing quests, improving the lore, and genuinely making the server a one of a kind experience. Ontop of that, we have a hand painted carefully manicured map with plenty of interesting land features just RIPE for your exploration. As of today (October 30th, 2016) the new map I have been working on for some time is going LIVE!@##! We have a very friendly community and it has been steadily growing everyday. In fact a lot of that has been generated from my live streams at . I would personally love to see you on the server. However we do not allow cheating, or mods outside of the ones given out to our community through our teamspeak. Speaking of mods, we're working on another one at the moment that will be exclusive to our server in which it will make teamspeak "local" only to your character. What that means is, if I am standing here \o/ and you are over here \o then we would be able to chat normally... but the further that distance the less we can hear each other until we can no longer do so. Meaning again, that if there are 50 people in the same channel, you will only hear people that are within conversation range of you. We do not have an eta on release of the mod, but, the alpha is proving fruitful. My good fellow Wurmlings, come join us on the best server since Tim Berners-Lee With all due respect and admiration, Drake Oh and P.S. we have PVP in the southern server, with increased skill gains, increased available resources, however there's also a harsher death penalty, and more deadly creatures there. With great risk, comes great rewards.
  23. [old thread]

    Valoria - A modded WU Server Valoria is a pve server created by Mizova and helped along by a few of her friends. We all enjoy playing Wurm Unlimited and some of the team are even WO veterans. We all know how the game works as well as our likes and dislikes so have tried to tailor this server accordingly to make it as fun and friendly as possible for both old and new players to Wurm Unlimited! So please come check us out and maybe join our community <3 Steam Group: Website/Forums: Teamspeak: Live Map: The Staff Team Mizova - Dev & Owner Anders - Trainee Dev Melketh - Head GM Pufflesprout - GM Rathsarian - GM Furaites - GM Remington - CA/CM Ralof - CA/CM Mrsbeasley - CA/CM Nutty - CA/CM CA Applications are currently closed but we are looking for players who can run public events and games for us! Server Specifications PVE (But with a PVP Zone). Adventure Server. MR Kingdom. WL deities only. 4096x4096 Custom map. 50k Creatures. 3x Skill & 5x Action. Skills start at 1 (except for char stats which start at 20, ML & BC at 25, FS at 10). CR 3x. 200 Players slots. Server is located in the UK. Deeds are free with upkeep (20i per tile per month). Modded Madness No priest resrictions and all WL spells available to all deities. Crop rotting is disabled and cycles are every 45 minutes. Surface mining has 100% sucess rate. Dirt drops to the floor not into your inventory when digging. Dredging does the same. Harvest helper lets you do /seasons to see what is in season and how long until the next. Capacity of forges and ovens has been increased. Bounties for killing creatures. Inbreed warnings appear when trying to breed creatures that are related. No mail charges for sending items to another player for free. Meditating fixed so you can meditate every 30 minutes without having to move or mess around. Can pray as many times as you want in a day, 20 minutes apart. Chance of getting moon metals when mining. Chance of getting a rare bone when sacrificing a rare at an altar. Prospecting the mine floor works like surface prospecting. Healing covers show the strength in the name. 10kg (5 clay) per dig action on clay tiles. Action timers for praying, meditating, alchemy, destroying & sowing are faster. Meat, fish & filets can be bulk stored or put into fsb. Crates have double capacity & bsb and fsb's are huge. Loading can be done immediately with only 20 body strength. Some skills have been tweaked to make them slightly more easy; weapon smithing, hot food cooking, meditating, channeling & fighting. Digging, foraging, botinizing, harvesting and levelling can all be done from your cart! Levelling will even fill up and take from crates in your cart! Pick 5 sprouts per action. Hitching restrictions lifted for hostile creatures. More dragon scale and hide is dropped then normal at slaying events. Easily move items to centre or corner of tiles. Fires give the time left to burn when examined. No holyground limits. Vehicles & mounts are faster! (zoom zoom) Improved combat log. No skill loss on death. No drowning. CA help opens automatically for new players. No wait time when moving your bank. Info and event tabs with useful information. Joust against other players!
  24. Grimmhaven is a UK based server that is geared towards role-play. It is ok if you are new to wurm or new to role-play, all are welcome. OPENING VERY SOON!! 1x1x skill and action Custom map - 2048x2048 (smaller size for better role-play) Skills begin at 1 30k mobs / 60% aggressive Starter town for safety Characteristics 20.50 (bc) 19.50 (ml) 12 hour crop timer We also have the ability to deed over aggressive animals on this server! Priest restrictions are lifted and Libila follwers are enabled (friendly to everyone)
  25. Faerun is a new heavy role-play server. We welcome all levels to the server. Those that are new to Wurm or new to role-play. The setting is West vs East. Brand new server so plenty of room to grow. Player made events held to encourage role-play. The server is modded but skills start out at 1 and 19.50 for characteristics. Timers are set to x1 for both skill gain and action. This is a custom map inspired by the Forgotten series, DnD novels.