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  1. ya. Watch your freedom market crumble when ppl aren't buying 100's of thousands of bulk items at a time to build massive deeds. Don't touch chaos. -1. *(Reminder, Rolf wanted wurm to be 100% pvp, back in the day or so I was told... ) Reply: ""the whole purpose of this is to consolidate the pvp servers so people that want to pvp don't make the mistake of going to a dead server and then the game loses players because they show up and like 5 active players are spread out on different servers"" Our chaos PMK has like 20-30 people online always. sometimes more, sometimes less. Point is, get better recruitment, rather than complain.
  2. Try this: 3 ways: 1 . Mouse over window and hit ALT+F8, then click mouse to resize window 2. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/5999/setting-the-window-dimensions-of-a-running-application (a bit more command line issue) 3. Depending on Desktop Manager you're using: (What I had to do because the previous 2 did not work) Hope any of these help. It's not exactly a distro bug, but with OpenGL and/or X11 issue, iirc. Had the same behavior on Fedora and Arch Linux before. With Cinnamon, KDE, Budgie and others I can't remember, all same issue.
  3. # What happened Timer starts for sacrificing and it kindly stops at the last second. If other items are in alter, they get sacrificed, but the tokens remain. # What you expected to happen Light tokens to be sacrificed # Steps to reproduce Put light tokens in altar and try to sac them. Other Testing parameters: Faith: Magranon Priest: True Server: Chaos
  4. For those who have the issue with the window size for settings being really small, or a small sliver of unusable window. Here is one possible solution, while not perfect, it gets the job done. Works for KDE users. (I did try this below (xdotool for X11) and it did not work, but your mileage may vary for other window/desktop managers) Granted it also does other weird stuff, like the 'save as' window:
  5. This would be best case (easier of options) with some type of REST api and even to reduce possibilities of DDoS attacks, wouldn't mind if you had to sign up for an API key in which limited your usage. Then just send a POST/GET request with the key to get access to players that have opt in, then another for each player.
  6. Never really saw the point of the restriction. Even if it means disabling NPC like the wagoner, can we have the use of waystones and catseyes on chaos. Given the nature of most deeds on chaos, we know where each of the other kingdoms deeds are already and they know where ours are. Not really any point in disabling this feature entirely.
  7. Please CoD polarbear all your woodcutting potions, please
  8. Since lib is on freedom. would be a great addition. people sail to HoTS server become that kingdom then can sail back to Freedom servers as Freedom.
  9. Just finished our new player housing mine. Each plot is a 3x4 tiles and a freedomers dream setup. Each plot includes full knarr or sailboat access right next to your house. We have tons of new grinding areas coming too. For all your cooking, taming, and farming, and everything in-between. We have tons of 4 speed horses and Hell Horses so you can ride around our beautiful lands and the rest of the server. We have toons from all skill levels, from noob to alpha pro's, all there to help you in anyway you need. Be gear, weapons, grinding help, casting, etc. We have you covered. Contact Robus or any of us and we can get you over to our wonderful capital.
  10. Just for clarification, you get mining skill when attaching beams to walls, not paving. (Excluding floors)
  11. 2 for 1 that are super similar: 1. Please add the option in permissions of a deed to allow any mine door placed like gates built to automatically be passable by certain roles. 2. Please add filtering option for passable by "Kingdom, Everyone, Alliance, and Village" Both are super useful for very large deeds where we have hundreds of mine doors floating around and it would be nice to quickly allow access. Also the filtering is super nice for the if not thousands of mine doors someone has off deed (especially on chaos), just like gates.