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  1. Can't really implement very well, bc me and everyone else will just set up multi network vpn's w/ VM's or Windows Sandbox.
  2. Make an optional recruitment channel ingame that players who are looking for villages or are recruiting new member's a place to post ingame. Have seen multiple times, person will post recruitment message in freedom chat, then 1 hour later, some other player will ask who is recruiting and no one remembers who made that post.
  3. I disbanded because we literally were on a deed with no dirt layer, so making roads and such was very hard. . Was up in NE corner-ish, moved to the SW opposite corner of the map in Harmony.
  4. You can change the "biome" to anything you like. Flowers create normal grass, while Mixed grass when planted creates steppe. Or Even sand your entire deed area to make a desert.
  5. N Freedom isles forum: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/405-northern-freedom-isles/ N Freedom PVP: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/404-defiance/ @Yumi They have been there since launch of the new servers
  6. When peering into a cave wall in top picture, all the text on screen gets grainy vs normal in mines it is fine, as shown in bottom picture. Steps to reproduce: 1. find jagged cave wall. 2. walk into it. 3. See text at bottom. other info that might matter: System Specs: CPU: Xeon E3 1241-v3 GPU: AMD RX 560 2 GB Java Version: 8.0.2510.8 . update 251 (64-bit)
  7. grind Weapon and Shield smithing. This gear just won't do...
  8. Have one MAIN account that does not play or have an IN game character like this forum account I'm on. However, with this forum account, I can pay for premium for my main ingame char and my few alt accounts. Reasons For: Cyber security: Only one password / username to log into on a web browser side. so less likely accounts get hacked Convenience: I can add to cart premium for all my premium or choose what silver goes where for each account for newly bought from store. and less time spending in store of logging in and logging out of each online account, and more time playing! We already have part of this done. Go to your profile and you can show your alt accounts that are linked to your forum account @Retrogradeon stream ^ ^ ^