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  1. Most kingdoms have like a couple thousand horses laying around, seemingly. (at least on chaos). No point in limitation. Unless you really just like that horses name or something.
  2. BOTD 101: 1s 35c pelt, BOTD 91: 66c shovel, iron: BOTD 100: 1s 25c spindle, oakenwood: BOTD 99: 1s 16c water: BOTD 94: 84c whetstone: BOTD 91: 66c COD polarbear please or polar (if chaos block). Thank You
  3. Built with java and fully open source. I don't know that status of code for WurmNode site. So if jdoe wants a feature added, they clone the repo, make a new branch, add feature then send in PR, etc... now jdoe's feature is enabled. Licensed under MIT License Also it adds options, as it's not a competition, but rather different tools for different things. Nice not to put all our eggs in one basket, like we did with niarja. But as it's open source, if someone wanted to, the can fork it, if they want and setup with their own domain. note: It is still in development. Should have something alpha level out soon (tm). At least for skills, just added parsing of the dump file in the latest PR (from this post)
  4. Yes, any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm going try and get skills working by the end of the weekend. I can go ahead and generate pages for the rest. Just need to figure out what fields need to be stored in db. I'll update readme, soon on how to add entities, it's all done with this: https://www.jhipster.tech/jdl/intro . It's not that bad once you get into it. It sets up all the CRUD automatically, and adds front end pages for you. JHipster is over powered imo. Also any dev that puts in code over time, I'll gladly give perms to accept PR's and stuff. Last thing I need is to have this turn into Vim where only one guy does all the PR's, but I digress, lol.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm since the news about Niarja shutting down, and with that I want to say thanks to Chakron for his many years he developed Niarja. I am in the process of re-creating Niarja with all new code and making it open source. Due to me currently IRL getting a PhD in Computer Science, I may not have time to deal with bugs asap, or feature requests, so this is why I'm making it open source. So if you are a UI/UX person or a whiz at Java, it's open to anyone to make changes and put in PR's. Current Tech Stack: Back end: Framework: JHipster 7.9 Language: Java JDK 11 RDBMS: PostgreSQL Monitoring: Prometheus / Grafana Other: Hibernate, Liquibase, Docker (for prod), host of other Spring related Tools Auth: JWT - We can use Oauth with keycloak pretty easily, but must be decided early on, as it would be generated by JHipster (less headache moving code around) Front end Language Type: React Language: Type Script In "dev": using NodeJS for hosting front-end then proxying to back-end. Prod: Compiled all to a Jar file Put in docker and the rest of services have pre-configured docker (thankx JHipster) Github Link: https://github.com/bnorthern42/Verasm What is JHipster: JHipster docs: https://www.jhipster.tech/ What comes as standard with JHipster (if curious): Log Viewer Swagger Auto-generation. Great for API Testing All the metrics: CRUD support out of the gate for entities:
  6. Much like most developers, I like to start counting from zero too . However since it is not consistent with crafting menu. Please add 1 to event tab.
  7. Longbow would have to be picked up at J/K 14 (25X, 29Y), on Indy if you're still interested. Despite having a runed mailbox, it won't fit.
  8. WTS Various Tools and Weapons. Make me an offer. pls close.