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  1. Finishing mining the 4k tiles under my deed : at my pace, next 2-4 years. 95+ in all the smithing skills. Get a scale set done. Get 95+ in ship building. By the time I get all this: 10 years. If not later Real end goal, play until Wurm gets electricity added or some power / logic addition... (probably never, but one can dream)
  2. looked at github code of that mod, easy solution: don't allow certain methods like player position to be called from a mod. if (crtitical method called && it's in official client) allow == true; else{ false)...
  3. see below: So, it's only client side. If I make it always daytime. how does it affect your gameplay. it doesn't. You can do this already by examining a tile border, to get slope, and tree ages without a tool. Doesn't have an affect on skill gain. Yes you can, here: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/how-to-get-list-of-all-files-folders-from-a-folder-in-java , only load mods in a "mods" folder. I can code this in any program to ping the server saying hey, there are files here, this client is using mods. (see proof below) Pretty sure that's a server side function. as it involves ql and enchants. no way the client is doing the calculations on that, as you can run this game on bubblegum Simple solution to last, don't allow on PVP, only on PVE. And to keep anyone from directly editing the client.jar file, every time a client loads a SHA256 Hash can be taken of file to see if it's legit. (many games do this already..., as it is computationally infeasible to find a collision with a SHA256 Hash)
  4. 1st: How does a client only style mod cause exploits? The point I reference it being client side only. No server interaction, therefore doesn't actually affect the game engine. The only possible exploits that exist would be some sort of cross site scripting (XSS), but even so, the devs have implemented really good sanitization methods for input, as it is. And Since the mods would never have the possibility of connecting to the server. It would only affect your machine, so kinda pointless. 2nd: You know that the art team isn't re-writing all their code after every update right. Visual mods don't have to be re-coded all the time, unless there is a major change to the api-gateway or however it would connect to the client. And for java updates. iirc, they are using java 1.8, which is behind already of the latest LTS (1.8 still has support for awhile). which is java 11, and newest LTS, if other languages are anything to go by it will be delayed like C++20 or PHP8. but... anyhow java 17 will be new LTS, regardless... (large pointless off topic rant to say)... , they probably won't switch until 1.8 loses all long-term support.
  5. This kind of falls under suggestions and town square related. However, please allow client side modding, this allows something that in the future instead of the devs dealing with some simple visual thing it out sources it to an external modder. This way the dev team can deal with more important things like fixing bugs etc... I'm sure plenty of us here who do programming or have ideas for visual client side only features, but don't want to bother the devs with them; we could do them and share them with others. I understand the concern with not wanting to deal with people trying to do macro'ing but as a start, just make it where you can't activate an item with a client side mod and that would solve the issue (in my opinion), and see where it goes. 1 example of a mod I would create is adding a counter to stacks, so instead of opening up a window, it displays a number somewhere on the screen of a rock stack that I'm mining, or number of items in a tile. ( see my point, pointless for the dev team to implement, just a nice to have that I could throw together with a client mod in my free time... etc...)
  6. Just saying: https://www.lowes.com/pd/CRAFTSMAN-55-in-Wood-Long-handle-Digging-Shovel/1000604755 keyword: Digging Shovel. lmao
  7. Would be a QoL to add: Toolbelt: a empty all slots command with some "are you sure" popup, to clear all saved spots you saved on your toolbelt Skill Tracker Same as above, yet delete a certain skill tracker set. Purely QoL, but would be nice.
  8. TBH, been brought up about every 6 months, too much trouble to implement and force perms on, say you want to kick said person out, and they complain... Not enough staff to deal with it. Not saying yes or no, just pointing it out.
  9. Mallet Oak C90 1-10 0s 72c 25% 0s 54c File Steel C88 1-10 0s 60c 25% 0s 45c COD to 'polarbear' please. Thanks in advance
  10. um. no. We need POLARBEARS !!! Slightly biased though :P
  11. Should just all switch to Github, for public bug reporting. *(slightly biased on me for this)