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  1. Wheres the weird option for a shower curtain with Rolf's Face on it? I want to scare people that come over to my house, LMAO!
  2. Not really selling, just curious what he is worth? https://niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/polarbear Thanks in advance.
  3. 3 rare shoes please, COD polarbear Thanks
  4. are we talking about if you are riding said horse or on the ground. If on the ground, totally +1, but in the middle of riding, it should be pve only, due to arguments regarding "he equipped his horse so we couldn't one shot it, we two shot it..." You know they will come, people always complain on both sides when pvp related changes come in. Mind as well go around it and not implement it for riding. However, if you are stationary, and off the horse, sure.
  5. so.. why not just move the home servers to freedom, west of chaos. I quite like the MR home server, nice and comfy.
  6. Wouldn't it be a great idea to have your own, or some type of music box in game. The music could be either craft-able pottery discs, or some pop-up menu that pulls from a youtube. (The idea came from a mod on MC where you can post pictures from imgur on your server, and even connect to wurm's IRC inside a MC server (computer-craft...), so if the rather is possible, I know pulling music is too). It would be awesome to throw some sick medieval parties complete with some music. QL could even be based on how long a clip you can play from 1 sec at 1QL to 100 sec at 100 QL or something like that.
  7. OMG YES!! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before +1
  8. White Dragon

    Will try to come, and thanks for sharing as well
  9. As old as this game is, we need a giant wurm meet and greet. maybe in UK, or at a pax or something. Surprised Rolf or a bunch of devs haven't done this before. I think Rolf was at some gaming expo in Sweden years ago, but not a massive get together and play wurm.
  10. Minecraft was originally designed for adults or the mature, hence notch came from wurm online. The reason minecraft feels like wurm is because its like its little brother in some ways.