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  1. Just saying: https://www.lowes.com/pd/CRAFTSMAN-55-in-Wood-Long-handle-Digging-Shovel/1000604755 keyword: Digging Shovel. lmao
  2. Would be a QoL to add: Toolbelt: a empty all slots command with some "are you sure" popup, to clear all saved spots you saved on your toolbelt Skill Tracker Same as above, yet delete a certain skill tracker set. Purely QoL, but would be nice.
  3. TBH, been brought up about every 6 months, too much trouble to implement and force perms on, say you want to kick said person out, and they complain... Not enough staff to deal with it. Not saying yes or no, just pointing it out.
  4. Mallet Oak C90 1-10 0s 72c 25% 0s 54c File Steel C88 1-10 0s 60c 25% 0s 45c COD to 'polarbear' please. Thanks in advance
  5. um. no. We need POLARBEARS !!! Slightly biased though :P
  6. Should just all switch to Github, for public bug reporting. *(slightly biased on me for this)
  7. Can't really implement very well, bc me and everyone else will just set up multi network vpn's w/ VM's or Windows Sandbox.
  8. Phlegethon Paradise 571, 705
  9. Make an optional recruitment channel ingame that players who are looking for villages or are recruiting new member's a place to post ingame. Have seen multiple times, person will post recruitment message in freedom chat, then 1 hour later, some other player will ask who is recruiting and no one remembers who made that post.