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Found 12 results

  1. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  2. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes/1 hour Private Bids: Accepted/not accepted
  3. We dig a tunnel under the mountain to connect from the south to Encode. Is this basically possible? We get stuck at one point. See for yourself: The cave entrance on the other side of the mountain which may be the problem. In the cave. You can see that in the tunnel. It's said "A dangerous crack is starting to form on the floor. You will have to find another way." at left side of this tile.
  4. Currently, there are many benefits to living along water. You can park your boats at your deed, there are specific crops that can only be grown at water level (reed and rice), kelp can be harvested from the water, and quite a few animals spawn in or near the water (such as crabs, seals, tortoises, octopus, whales, dolphins, sharks, serpents, etc). You can fish as well, for food. So it's not very surprising that everyone wants to live on the coast. What I'm suggesting is to add some crops and animals that are specific to higher altitudes, such as mountain goats (ibexes) and coffee. Ibex [12:00:00] The ibex is a wild goat that lives in high altitudes and prefers mountainous terrain. Ibexes would only be able to spawn on rock or cliff tiles above a certain altitude, or slopes above a certain altitude that are greater than 50-60. They would not be bound to this area, so they could potentially migrate and roam around underneath mountains/hills. Ibexes would be not be aggressive, but they would require taming to lead (difficulty of deer). Butchered Produce: 12kg Goat Hide .9kg Lamb Meats (sounds weird, but "Mutton" applies to both sheep and goat. Maybe change Lamb to Mutton in-game) 2 Eyes 2 Horns (I believe both males and females bear horns) Hoof Bladder Gland Ibex -> Goat Milk Goat Milk -> Goat Cheese Goat Cheese -> ???? Recipes! Coffee Tree Coffee Sprouts -> Coffee Tree Coffee Tree -> Harvest Coffee Beans (in season) Coffee Beans -> Ground Coffee Beans Ground Coffee Beans + Boiling Water + etc -> Hot Coffee FYI, Coffee is usually harvested in winter. Drinking coffee would give a timed affinity, a small amount of stamina (such as alcohol does), and a small amount of sleep bonus that lowers your /fatigue (like Wisdom of Vynora). Drinking it COULD also not allow you to sleep in a bed for anywhere from 30m to an hour IRL after drinking it. And just to further brainstorm, perhaps an actual farmable crop could be introduced as well, but I can't really think of anything that would work. Maybe quinoa ( Thoughts?
  5. Hello, I play on a server and we regular players play on other people's servers and we suggest mods to the owners and they look into them before adding. I always look at the mods however I don't know if anyone suggested this yet. If so, well I'll just bring it up again. I'm sure many want the same mod. But it is that we all can't use "disintigrate" to destroy veins. Instead, we would ask a fellow staff of our server since we cannot hit to destroy them in 1 hit like GMs can. Sure we can simply mine them, but would you, yourself spend most of your time completing thousands and thousands of actions to destroy a vein, and having too much of stuff you won't use like sandstone, copper, almost everything? We've all been there, sooo much lol. So I like to have a mod that will allow us to use a blunt wep like a large maul to destroy veins that are in the way by ourselves so GMs arnt helping with them. They may help to be helpful, but it's not rlly their job to hop around destroying veins for players who are too lazy. And sometimes, GMs don't have the time to come on, or come by every time. This is what I would suggest. Thank You.
  6. I climbed to the top of the Eastern Wall mountain range on Release looking for a champion hell scorpious, clearly a bad idea because I died right at the top, and I don't have the karma for a summon corpse. I'm looking for someone who can get to the top of the mountain and bring my corpse back down. I will double whatever price we agree on if you can find the champ hell scorp and lure it into my pen at the bottom of the mountain. I've got a deed right at the foot of the mountain, so I can add you for a teleport if that helps. Send me your offers.
  7. The client is playing unrelentingly loud shoreline water splashing noise up at Roasted Malt (Indy) because some sand was placed down on our mountain. *Would be great if we could get an option just to silence or change the volume of said water files.
  8. Hi Deliverance! Today I want to share with you my "little" place in the southeast: Fort Allery. It's a member of the Serendipity Alliance, which has been around for some years now, taking care of Serendipity Peninsula. The deed is located on top of a mountain, encased between cliffs and a peat field. For the last year, I've been working hard to convert it in a real fort... some people say it's in fact a fortress. Tough walls, steep slopes and an amazing view are Fort Allery's signature. Here are some pictures: The deed is divided between the fort itself and a farming area built in the mountainside, where you can watch the open sea between Deliverance and Xanadu while doing your farming chores: When you enter the fort, you are always surrounded by its walls and towers. However there's plenty of room so claustrophobia is not an issue! After going up a little more, you can find the 3 lateral terraces. One of them is currently unoccupied, but the other two are prepared to house a lot of animals. In the northern terrace, the soldiers of Fort Allery bravely stand guard against any danger threatening the Serendipity Peninsula from the North: Of course, no fort could be a real fort without its catacombs. The entrance is well defended, but only true worshippers of Magranon are safe underground. Rumours say the cult of Magranon has an underground temple devoted to the god of the rock. But... the top tier awaits us. Inside the inner walls we can find the residence of the lord of Fort Allery along with the smithy, the cloth workshop and the Chapel of Vynora. There's even a small park designed by the famous wurmian Yaga, where the lord and the citizens can enjoy a break in their busy days. The lord's residence has an observation tower, converted into an Astronomy Tower where Yaga likes to perform his investigations about our solar system. He will come every few days from his deeds in the south to make his science. Yaga once made a drawing of the whole area you can see from the top of the observation tower, which I want to share with you here: Of course, a fort must be connected to provide supply lines for its citizens. Fort Allery has a harbour down the cliff. A road was made to reach sea level, a wonder of wurmian engineering called Tantalus Road, because the workers swear as they were getting lower, the sea seemed to keep moving away from them. Months later, a second road was made, however, it's not safe for walking and can only be used while riding. Some people like to slide down from the top, even if it's dangerous... and so it was called "The Slide of the Gods". And this is the story of Fort Allery. <RP mode off> It has been very difficult to accomplish this. Sometimes I thought I would never end... but here we are! The deed is amazing, but it's quite big, even if the upkeep is not very high. I've had a lot of support from my allies. If you are nearby, come and check the wonderful view (but if you do, be careful! don't fall from the towers!). Deed can be found in N21. I want to make clear, I'm not looking to sell it, but of course, given a nice amount of money... we can talk about it XD I don't believe anyone would want to pay what it's worth, so... well, I just want to clarify I won't sell it for 50s...
  9. I have a set of mountaintop island deeds in the SW of Xanadu at T11 for sale that is very secluded. There are three deeds that covers all of the usable space at the top of the mountain plus a harbor deed at the base for boat access. (It has a fully supported mine tunnel up from the harbor to the main deed that took around 1k support beams to secure) There is just way too much to go over so i made an alt for viewing the deeds so pm me if you are interested in seeing them but only if you are seriously wanting to bid. What you get.. Stone Ridge - Zebediah (deed holder- no skills) Stone Ridge Harbor - Braden (deed holder- PoK4 but no other skills) Stone Ridge Farm - Ogden (deed holder - low to no skill) Stone Ridge Terrace - Sawyer (deed holder - no skills) Note: Has breeding pairs of (cattle, sheep, seals. crabs and 5 speed horses with chickens and bears too) Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 5s Buyout: 50s No reserve, 1h sniper Stone Ridge (4x deeds on Xanadu) A few pictures..
  10. I could have sworn I saw someone list the elevation of the tallest mountains, but can no longer find it. Does anyone know? All the tallest mountains are leveled flat at their peaks, so if anyone lives on one and have measured, it would be awesome if you could share with me, either here or in a PM if you wish. Thank you!
  11. Hi there, Today I explored a bit of Xanadu, climbed some mountains, made some screenshots. I hope you enjoy. you can find the album in the next link: feel free to share your screenshots!
  12. Hey there, I'm looking for a price and a potential buyer for my deed Black Flag Castle. It's located at x5,y32 on Release-Map, West-coast(currently no easy access to the shore though) There's nothing special about it than the location I'd say, here's the token-info: There are tons of lead-veins around(including utmost), but no other veins on deed as far as I could tell. Access to the deed is pretty limited so far, I wanted it to somewhen be totally shut off expect by a tunnel. Currently there's a temporary ramp where you can get to the deed from north(not the one shown in the pictures below ) If someone wants a nice looking mountain-deed, grab it while you can... If you want water-access or a huge amount of flat land to start with, you gotta look somewhere else. There's a QL50 Forge in the temporary hut, 1300 Bricks and 500 Mortar in the tower. Also a lot of random stuff lying around in BSBs. I can also include the Wagon including the horses (two 3 or 4 speeds and 2 wilds) and my trusty 5speed(without gear though). Pictures: Some Pictures from the deed-grounds The ramp leading down to the farm area(not reachable from elsewhere unless you're a damn good climber) The area continues to be semi-flat quite far to the southeast(huge olive forest) And some random pics from the surroundings As for the price... I'd guess at least 15s should be in it (8.5s creation, ~3s in token, bricks etc) Greetings, Nachtmahr