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  1. Very good i like how it deosnt charge me any paypal fee and i can pay in usd
  2. I am currently buying this deed but its very big i need more people so we can buy the hole entire deed all people who join and help me buy will be mayors / founders.Its not bought yet it will bought soon.Here is one of the many building pics.https://imgur.com/a/f36y7Y4
  3. yea i havent seen that expensive since a long time.
  4. Pm me in game name is mortez. i need people to help me buy deed in deliverance. there are few houses there.I also need help buying it. I have bout 10 silver i can spend on buying but i need more help.Its at deli h26
  5. WOW good service very good no extra fee charge.
  6. i want to buy champion deer i will pick it up if you are near water if not then i would need deleivery
  7. Rocklobstar i would like to buy message me so we can settle a price
  8. i would like to buy do you think $20 is good pricing?
  9. it should have at least 23 mind logic and 23 body control