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  1. -1 keep it in devs, we should make it last even less time to punish these autohotkey users
  2. Unironically true and I agree with you, I do talk to many who have quit wurm daily and have relayed their concern to the pearl clutchers here but it falls on deaf ears as you know.
  3. it would be nice if breeding skill at super high levels let you pick from pool of both random name slots
  4. Missing person

    Niarja site says his deed was disbanded 2021-07-18 06:08:47 AM by upkeep running out meaning he has quit or on a long vacation, his forum account says he last logged in march 11th this year, don't know him personally though.
  5. Going to bring up that old spat about how you wanted fatigue to be removed since you supposedly sit down for 8+ hrs grinding nonstop daily "with perfect actions" and that is just not enough. If that not poop socking I don't know what is. Also its vets and devs both, I attack devs fairly on things and dont rest everything on them.
  6. Did you just assume their gender? also how do you know if they/them are foodies?
  7. Well they will be happy to hear there are 50+ (majority) fast paced instant gratification mmos out there, funny how they complain about what is considered a rare niche these days, they can have their fast paced instant max level mmorpg but they be ready to take out moms credit card for that "free to play" mmo boost
  8. Dismissal of what I wrote and the very fact you suggest Wurms amount of land is healthy really shows there is a fundamental issue with vets that cannot be fixed. The developers are scared of pissing off vets and don't dare burn their last bridge with the big hogs who pay for multiple alts and extra deeds on each server. People who pay for one account and one deed (like myself) are fully moot and ignored opinion wise. Don't worry I am sure the North and South servers will be connected within a year of this exact post and you will no doubt love it. Just cause this stuff lives rent free in my head doesn't mean its not true or valid.
  9. Its about just mentioning it, I didn't need any celebration but simple acknowledgement would suffice. Maybe info about major updates in the distance as well with said post.
  10. Telling me I have no logical reasoning when I gave literally paragraphs on the last page to why you're wrong is just sad.
  11. Could be taken both ways but right now its a loathsome insult for sure on my part and will continue as our population marches downward, anyone who wants things to revert or stay the same as it now is, to me is a pearl clutching vet regardless. I could be a vet via my multiple accounts over the years but I also don't champion horrible ideas on the daily that are anti new players just to keep my status quo for some weird misguided reason of wanting miles of empty space around me.
  12. This is one of those vets I spoke of in my post above. Cant have change, Xanadu is totally thriving cause of all the deeds of alts with 4 year upkeep in coffers. HEALTHY there is no worse type of mentality for this game than what is written here, "deed land shortages" , hah