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  1. Again, WHEN you can see that it released on steam, THEN make a new character and log into the normal client.
  2. when you can login via steam then it would be safe
  3. man that would be weird having a login queue for wurm...
  4. what you got against seals?
  5. Remove spirit houses, that feature that has diminished player travel far more than auto player transport even.
  6. Pretty sure that is all the players job...
  7. I understand you might like to use market stalls but dont expect the other 85% to use market stalls once spirit houses are built, thats the majority used method of trade and will remain such until its nerfed like it should be. It would have been smart to done it now before new players get used to it.
  8. thats why reddit is trash, just mods going on power trips since they have none in their pathetic lives
  9. Not really, why would I go to someones deed for their market stalls if most of what their traders sell can just be sent my deed to via spirit house.. Thats the point I am making. Why do you think the OG marketplaces deeds are dead to begin with? The Ease-of-access created by spirit houses. Spirit houses 95% remove the point of a market stall.
  10. Well if we didnt have spirit houses then yes, markets would be fully used once more. If it were up to me those things would be removed or limited heavily for only sending very small things over like money, papers and food/drinks.
  11. I liked heartland, had a good PVE feel to it, but rumble does sound better as the starter deed name vs the whole server. I feel most people voted heartland down cause they simply want another chance at winning.
  12. What? Wurm Steam was announced this time last year pretty much.