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  1. also lets remove all decaying of items on a deed with more than 30 days of upkeep, excluding food, perishables and some drinks, my archeology shards decaying on deed slowly and other misc stuff shouldn't be a thing at all if I am paying for a deed with upkeep
  2. you can bypass TPM reqs via scripts which is a good thing cause TPM is hardware level spying
  3. I have been running wurm on a gutted windows 11 (everything ripped out) via MSMG toolkit and it has same performance as 10 though I prefer linux still, I only suggest fresh installs of any Microsoft OS because upgrading always spells bad news.
  4. anything is better than wangblows 10/11
  5. They would be better off trying to fill in the barren VR mmo market, pre-alpha means it is long from even release. I never understand companies that announce a game 2-3 years before release minimum but I am sick of it really.
  6. wurm should never have another server added ever again, there is more than enough room for 800 damn players, in fact there is too much room, we could all fit on a indy sized map alone and have a populated world actually
  7. 1 month anniversary of this post
  8. looks like you volunteered
  9. also what happened to the fog weather, we used to get blinding fog sometimes before these lighting updates but now fog is pathetic to non-existent havent seen it once maybe in north servers, also its not just the darkness I am talking about in this but the light that shines through the world until the sun has been down for quite some time and then when it starts to rise it prematurely lights stuff up even though it has yet to crest the horizon, it just looks bad
  10. what does NOT having the option ultimately achieve?
  11. I want that large chest skin that was released in southern isles right before the northern steam release, at least give it to people who have non-stop sub for over a year instead of that useless spyglass
  12. and that can be part of taxidermy
  13. damn 38 alts makes you wonder how many of the games population is just the same person..