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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    That wasn't on the steam store a week or two ago, they just added it recently.
  2. Let me assist in what MMORPG means for you, M- Massively, Wurm Is very massive, it has immense landscape that other current online games cant even hope to compete with. M- Multiplayer, Wurm has multiple players in world. O- Online, You have to be connected to the internet to login. RP- Role-playing, There are over 130 skills of which you can pick from to grow your character into the market you wish to play a role in. G- Game, Wurm is a video game, you have to install it and play it with a computer. Quite the strawman you had there but it was swiftly blown away.
  3. You talk about immersion but then demand to be able to turn off all animations, how is everyone being a sliding statue immersive?
  4. shameless bump
  5. Wurm is gonna do a 180 and become more popular than minecraft, notch gonna be pissed.
  6. I see you live in fairytale land, is it fun there?
  7. You are correct, its actually the top heavy economy that a new player will never have an impact/stake in which was mostly caused by account trading and selling, material abundance over time is inevitable no doubt but even more so from the high level accounts not dying/leaving with the original owner. Why participate in a world you wouldn't have a chance of impacting? Its kinda the point of a MMO and wurm right now lacks it and they cannot fix the old servers now, it is too late for that regardless of what the devs tell you guys. The new steam server will have a much larger population than OG servers will ever again and you can mark my post and come back later to quote this. It will be suicide for the devs to ever merge the soon to be more popular steam server with the rest and they never will.
  8. Wurm is plenty difficult and time consuming, you could remove 35% of its difficulty and it would still be harder and more time consuming than any other MMO
  9. Thank god the Wurm dev team has some sense to make the steam release good, I also hope they "let go" the many useless chat/forum mods floating around here who often act un-professonal. I dont want to see them in the steam server come release day TBH, giving them any power over a possible new playerbase spells disaster.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    Willing to bet lots of old older players who were not happy with all the account trading sharing and selling will be back.
  11. No they are doing exactly that, removing the root problem, account trading/sharing, silver trading, trader abuse. All things not allowed in any other popular MMORPG, hmmm I wonder why they are better off. They are not just opening a new server like Xanadu, its literally a separate game with no influence from older accounts and economy, fully isolated from all the problems that make new players irrelevant.
  12. They were replaced with people who know if they don't do anything sooner than later they might be forced close down all the servers (the game) from the lack of sufficient funds. That is the real reason behind the major changes, they are trying to make the game way more relevant and viable for new players which if that doesn't happen you can close the chapter on Wurm itself. Though I know most of the older core players will be a spiteful person until the bitter end all cause they cant sell overpriced accounts. You would think more would be excited for a full new wurm server that has 0 influence from old accounts and trading.
  13. Please dont get mad over a long time exploit that you are finally being told wont be allowed anymore.
  14. @Lisabet Explain to me how an option to toggle it would not add to the game? Sorry I know its hard but maybe try and be nice with explanation? This forum is about explanation and rational, read the first thread in this section by retro on the conduct here, you added no criticism other than " I DONT LIKE " which is really not the point. Doing a "-1" and "no" has no substance and breaks the rules on this forum section. This also gives a very unprofessional look at the stagnation being forced upon the game by a few older players. Do you really enjoy having 250 players per day strewn about the massive wurm lands whilst never getting to interact anymore? The current disposition to new ideas here spells a very sad outlook for a otherwise once upon a time populated game.
  15. One of the staples of a MMO to me is chat also appearing overhead on a local player/character talking to you, I find this feature should really be in Wurm of all games, Lots of MMORPGs have/had it and I see no reason to lack the option to toggle such a thing. It really draws you in to look at the person talking to you vs just looking down at chat. It may seem simple but I assure you it is a powerful tool in the art of game immersion. This feature would be a good addition to the UI changes that are being looked into. Ability to toggle it and it would not in anyway change the normal chat windows, this would be a second option that can be enabled/disabled and font size change along with being able to set the fade timer on the bubbles and their transparency along with font color.