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  1. I have been pretty strongly playing since 2018 and before that it was on and off once in a long time dating all the way back to 2006 but back then my PC didn't run well with wurm so I often had put the game down but eventually with age and better hardware I came to enjoy wurm fully, the community is very active and vocal for our overall numbers.
  2. Welcome to wurm daisy, our community is about as tight knit far as mmos can be, the population can be spread out somewhat but you can always find someone in a local area to be near or even live in the same village with. Wurm is extremely vast in scope when counting all the server isles added up but our community made events can bring in 100+ easily.
  3. Don't know what everyone expects, the modern younger gaming types do not like slow grind kind of games (especially wurm) this game appeals only to those who have extreme amount of patience and that is just a dwindling trait anymore when it comes to everything really. Even games that blow up and get super popular die quickly, games are just a fad now and the popularity of the month hinges on the most popular twitch streamers playing them then moving on like locusts.
  4. letting us apply chest skins on magic chests would be nice too
  5. yeah display cases and weapon display mounts and taxidermy would really be nice
  6. couldn't you just bring a small laptop? its going to just as obvious your playing a steamdeck pretty much with how big it is and its even less stealthy because least on a laptop you 'might' be doing work lol
  7. anyone thinking about making a island deed? well I have one and I made a second smaller island to the west of mine that someone can deed and expand upon, we have bridge access to mainland area and eventually will have a highway system on the island as well, the water is very shallow in this specific area so it can be easily expanded with dirt dropping, the current flat area is 11x11 (default deed size) and you have lots of room to expand every direction other than east which would be my own deeds perimeter I will show a picture of the area and where on the map its located here is the location-,1435 I hope to have a island neighbor soon, my deed will always be open to travel through
  8. I would really like to see the snow on ground effect removed from tiles inside of a completed building, some buildings I prefer pavement vs putting in floors but when its winter all my pavement inside my building turn to snow. I am sure others have the same feelings on this snow tiles inside buildings.
  9. I dont think you will get many biters if you insist on owning the building itself as well
  10. now if only warlander would releases the update with the bridges
  11. fact is wurm is an old game with an old style of game play, it will never pull in the insta gratification crowd which dominates with the quick mobile game mindset