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  1. Useless christmas gifts

    Yes the greed of the holidays is not good and all, I dont give gifts unless I make them by hand.
  2. What are people complaining about?
  3. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Live life everyday with love in your heart, You never know when your last days sunshine will wake you.
  4. I was building my stables and while I was putting down High rope fence under the Timber framed arched wall I notice very obvious z-fighting on one side of each wall post, no matter if I rotate the wall it just flips the problem while the other side is fine. As you can see one side of the fence texture shows, obviously if the image was animated you would see the z fighting, normally a small amount isn't that big a deal, but this is very obvious with this specific wall type.
  5. Winter Effects

    I like winter in wurm but it looks off due to the fact rooftops and hedgetops dont have snow textures on them like the roads/ground, it is very jarring, also bird noises should decrease during winter maybe.
  6. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    Hey yaga, My deed on the map says Viewport instead of Viewpoint @1389, 1466
  7. What do you look like

    yea I tend to die a lot since my body control isn't 21 and I don't have my horse yet.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Picture I took on my little deed.