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  1. I have a rare and non rare wagon and they go same speed or least seem to be
  2. @RetrogradeSince Rare/Supreme wagons have literally no effect other than it glows can maybe have it so they can load a BSB/FSB without needing a rune like normal non rare wagon>? Rare- x1 BSB Supreme x2 BSB
  3. horses stolen.

    the boomer horse breeder strikes again
  4. Also how can you ban account selling but allow 2-3 people sharing still? It's cut from the same cloth, so if someone's login IP is different they can go "Oh I'm just account sharing lol" when you very well might have bought the account can't just ban one or the other. That's my Logic and it sure isn't a leap boy. Now again, tell me why fatigue exists exactly and where you were when it was implemented?
  5. I never said you macro'd though I have to wonder how someone can keep up actions on multiple accounts for 12+ hrs non-stop hmmmmmmm. I am glad people like you are NOT in control on what gets added or removed.
  6. The absolute STATE of vet mentality is astonishing. Maybe 16hrs a day playing is getting to your head. You also failed to explain how account sharing is fair or good for Wurm. Go on wise one, shows us the wisdom only a non-random experienced vet would possess.
  7. lets not forget vets coming over to new servers to blow out the economy with min-max poopsockin and pretty much making noobs pushed out already then going back to their hyper deeds on the old cluster once the deed is done.
  8. It affects lots of people, account sharing is not smiled upon in MMO settings and most of the time is against the rules, completely disregards the spirit of doing stuff yourself. Having 2 other people level your account as you are at works or sleeping is barely better than just setting up a Macro. Fatigue was added to mess with people like you to start with. Lets not forget when things get sour and there is a argument who gets the keep the account and devs having to deal with that. EDIT also I am sure you can go on forever since you dont have to play your account.
  9. But the devs are also against name and shame, seems hypocritical to have that form yet also have that rule.
  10. Agreeing to it shows the motive, madnath probably is guilty all the same. Sickens me to see people who have it easy enough leveling the character across 2 other people yet demand MORE
  11. Nah I dont think so, your asking for a public change so it also involves the public. Learn you level your own account and stop pseudo macroing with 2 other people.
  12. Why should the game be made easier for you 24/7 account sharing players. Dont like fatigue? Play your own account.
  13. when are nights going to be darker