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  1. Full Steam Ahead

    Pvp is an afterthought, if there wasn't a meta then it would be lots more fun for people. You have to add more variety in weapons/armor and make that variety viable for people to gain more interest on that side of the game.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    Actions in Wurm take too long for Newbies with malicious intent to stick around long anyway.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    I agree, lots of super leveled vet accounts that should have died off when the original owner left the game but no... they were sold and now there are too many over-leveled accounts and their current owners are the ones opposing this steam thing now.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    Fact is WO Steam wont affect WU players, Unlimited players will not play steam version just like they don't play online now.
  5. Full Steam Ahead

    Economy is too top heavy and bloated, nothing can change it much now and they are not going to delete stuff from people.
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    Good thing you don't run the show
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    Economy too top heavy, over saturated high level accounts and all skill roles have been filled x10 for many years. New players have no stake in wurm, simple as that. Account trading is a big percentage of this problem, high level accounts should have died / leave with the original creator. Sorry you spend 200-500 Silver on a character you didnt make bud.
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    Some changes that would probably be better off done- -Raise the non-subscription level cap to 40 from 20, -Require a subscription to resize a deed over the 5x5 default, -Make upkeep cost 35-45% more for non-subscriber mayor to keep free players more active adding to population moral. Also would be cool to somehow pay with steam wallet, which could add to the overall amount of people willing to subscribe due to steam cards existing in every store.
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    Well I mean they said the accounts were separated so its all good, the whole trading accounts crap was/is always bad. Nothing like running into an old friend who isn't that old friend.
  10. Full Steam Ahead

    Strawman argument right there (subscription forgetfulness). There is nothing about Wurm Onlines subscription model that is a scam, people get what they pay for.
  11. Full Steam Ahead

    I will never understand people who say "I am not spending $10-15 a month" then proceed to buy $40-50 cosmetics. What those people should really say is "I want it easy"
  12. Cash shop doesn't need to really exist, they have hurt mmos far more.
  13. Yeah maybe when steam beats Wurms current most online ever record on a constant basis, right now this second you can be all alone on 8x8 islands if you so desire. The lack of people to find is one of the many turn offs for people who come fresh into the game.