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  1. if people didnt have mammoth sized deeds they could easily put 2-3 years of upkeep to defend from this issue
  2. is this the steam version or the one from the website?
  3. dang I was hoping taxidermy would be the next skill
  4. Goodbye

    im only 31, too young to be playing wurm
  5. make it so the small cart can be hitched to a single animal and then make a sleigh skin for it
  6. with all these alts makes me wonder how many people really play this game sometimes
  7. You will be back, they always come back
  8. the worst deeds are the unnecessarily massive ones that don't have a simple through-path forcing people to walk all the way around due to it being fully fenced-gated and locked, really dumb, someone walking through a simple path (that you use yourself) isn't going to taint your deed
  9. in no reality should we have new servers, hell we shoulda just kept with harmony only, the northern servers are too many even
  10. Pretty sure some people use alt forum accounts to push up the bid artificially and thats why you will see first posts jumping 20s
  11. well the weight reduction of a small cart that could still hold stuff would find use for gathering, keeping near same speed of the mount itself to give it a reason
  12. lets make this small cart useful and let use attach to a single horse/cow while also being able to ride it like a chariot
  13. I have been pretty strongly playing since 2018 and before that it was on and off once in a long time dating all the way back to 2006 but back then my PC didn't run well with wurm so I often had put the game down but eventually with age and better hardware I came to enjoy wurm fully, the community is very active and vocal for our overall numbers.
  14. Welcome to wurm daisy, our community is about as tight knit far as mmos can be, the population can be spread out somewhat but you can always find someone in a local area to be near or even live in the same village with. Wurm is extremely vast in scope when counting all the server isles added up but our community made events can bring in 100+ easily.