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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    "Ironman Isle" (3473, -2779) Mayor - Jeston Thanks
  2. Wurm Ironman Mode [New Account type]

    When did I ask for a new server every two weeks in my post? Not to mention all the server area that unused in epic, go look at the server graphs only 10 deeds exist on elevation. I didn't say they had to make a new map for this anyway it was merely a suggestion. Most of the development for this would be back-end code and not assets like animation,sounds,models,textures or anything everyone here asks for consistently. The economy is top-heavy and will stay that way until the game is dead. Every tool has been made of every quality, such a surplus will never be drained at this point. Early-Mid game account content usage is dead. New players have no real use in this game so they quit, leaving the same old players to complain about not having enough horse colors.
  3. Wurm Ironman Mode [New Account type]

    Well that's their choice, doesn't nullify anything, in fact it adds to your enjoyment I see.
  4. Wurm Ironman Mode [New Account type]

    Sorry you feel that way. If you had read what I posted you would see end game content would still be a multiplayer task. People simply wouldn't be buying from you to do that task. Everyone is worried about Epic and what its purpose is yet this is more a possible solution than re-doing that dead mode. This could mean new subscriptions and new accounts.
  5. Welcome to the birth of a new age, a new dawn and a new way to survive in wurm. Introducing the ironman / ironwomen mode. This mode would be the hardcore variant of the typical wurm online playstyle, a style of which you are forced to be solo in the game with other ironmen/women. This means- No Trading window ability, No Spirit house usage, No Picking up, moving or loading ANY items on ground unless it is made by you, No Usage of animals or vehicles not made/breed by you, that includes being a passenger (unless other persons transport is ironman made as well), No skinning or butchering of an animal not slain by yourself unless its a unique slain by group of ironmen accounts, so only certain unique items will be traded between ironmen so access to endgame content is possible and working with other players to slay. Only new accounts would be able to select this mode during initial account creation and once selected it CANNOT be undone. Now what kind of features could be added to this play-style you might wonder? Well for starters you could create a new 4k or 8k map that only allows actions/deeds on it by iron accounts, thus allowing normal accounts to visit and interact but unable to build/destroy/chop/collect anything from the island, uniques would not spawn on this island. Deeds can still be built by multiple ironmen but only the adding to walls or structures, nothing more. The point? Your probably asking why someone would want to play such a limited version of wurm, well the real reason is for the devs to finally make a cape in wurm for iron accounts to distinct from normal ones obviously. Oh and for the challenge of building a new map in wurm without the ability to pull from the resources of last 10 years of stuff that people have collected/made thus creating a new economy based on self sufficiency to eventually slay uniques with stuff only you made. I can see this pulling in some new player types and maybe even reinvigorating old players who are still here or long moved on. Disclaimer: Yeah it is possible to create an elitist mentality with this mode, but that exists already within the unique slaying community and it is natural to be competitive in any game.
  6. You choose to pvp, accept it. Espionage and spying is literally half the pvp, other is killing.
  7. Useless christmas gifts

    Yes the greed of the holidays is not good and all, I dont give gifts unless I make them by hand.
  8. What are people complaining about?
  9. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Live life everyday with love in your heart, You never know when your last days sunshine will wake you.
  10. I was building my stables and while I was putting down High rope fence under the Timber framed arched wall I notice very obvious z-fighting on one side of each wall post, no matter if I rotate the wall it just flips the problem while the other side is fine. As you can see one side of the fence texture shows, obviously if the image was animated you would see the z fighting, normally a small amount isn't that big a deal, but this is very obvious with this specific wall type.
  11. Winter Effects

    I like winter in wurm but it looks off due to the fact rooftops and hedgetops dont have snow textures on them like the roads/ground, it is very jarring, also bird noises should decrease during winter maybe.
  12. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    Hey yaga, My deed on the map says Viewport instead of Viewpoint @1389, 1466
  13. What do you look like

    yea I tend to die a lot since my body control isn't 21 and I don't have my horse yet.
  14. The Screenshots Thread

    Picture I took on my little deed.