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  1. I've just returned to game and no longer use this account. Please Lock This Thread.
  2. Darkwood Forest "Where those who enter, Never leave!" Welcome to Darkwood Forest! We are recruiting new and old players to join our deed. We have access to lots of resources and we have highway access as well as access to the coast. Our deed is 23x51 in size and is still in very early stages of development. Lots of work to be done and skill to gain. We are newbie friendly and in a nice area in North East Deliverance, (F23). To get an invite send a PM to Sprigor in-game. We will teach you the ins and outs of Wurm.
  3. How do you just stop it... O.o Its wicked annoying
  4. CA channel

    Also. For CA to Work when enabled. You must be a "home server"
  5. I Love You AGO! Been waiting for this -Mavis
  6. ive tried and i could be doing it wrong but every oter serve pack i do works, like the woodtypes for ships and ingam emap
  7. I had a question directed toward the Wurm Online Staff. I know you guys allow for players to make custom banners and stuff to upload to PMKs on Epic/Chaos, Well my question is, Is it possible for you guys to take requests for Wurm Unlimited as well. By default, the Wurm Unlimited Graphics.jar file reflects that of Wurm Online, so being able to get custom banners submitted through Wurm Online officially so they can be used on Wurm Unlimited will help the community make their servers more customize able. This will help with the players not needing to figure out how to force custom content packs on a server to people with client mods. Also players wont have to each manually edit their files for the server. If someone however, does know how to force a Texture Pack for PMKs or How to force a Server Pack that will allow you to "overwrite" default content/new content please let me know. Id like to change how the freedom Design looks, as well as making the other players able to see it without them editing their files.
  8. how does this work on servers from a host? Since the tabs dont really show an dmost have their own custom Control panel?
  9. CA channel

    I know a few servers have fixed this so it works. I just wish they would share more.
  10. Yes u must make a Deed and set it as a permanate Village and Pick one the Kingdoms, then While there use the declaration of independance to forum ur kingdom.. It should show up on the list