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Found 11 results

  1. Aelha's Paper Merchant 70ql+ Paper - 1c ea (8/31/2022 - currently in stock - 300+) 80ql+ Paper - 2c ea (8/31/2022 - currently in stock - 500+) Archaeology Journals - x3 40ql Journal with - x40 70ql+ paper - 1s ea In game name: Aelha Central Usa Standard Time
  2. Hello all! I have finally finished all the elemental pieces in the dragon eye series I have been working on and wanted to share each piece in this thread and ask "Which one is your favorite?". Thanks for looking! "Fire" "Ice" "Water" "Earth" "Air"
  3. I was just thinking about leaving things for some members of my deed, and it occured to me that if I leave a crate with things in it, it could just look like another one of the crates they have there, and they might not realize the gift was there for a while. That got me to thinking that if there was "gift wrapping" available in the game, it would be noticed immediately. It would be useful to working on paper making (for the paper), dye making (for the ink to write the tag), and cloth making (for the ribbon to wrap it all up with), and would act as a skin to be used on any container type so it could "wrap" for any gift type. (for example an item that can only be held indefinately in a crate the wrap would go on a crate, but for an item that can only be held in a chest for a long time - the wrap could be used on a chest instead). Ideally as soon as the tag is read and the gift is opened the wrap would disintegrate so the container could be used for anything afterwards. I think this would be great to add into the game for those that like to leave gifts for other players, but would like it noticed immediately when the player comes on, and to know where it came from even if the creator of the gift is not online at the time, and would utilize several mechanics of the game that are under served right now.
  4. Can be sent to you at 1C per item mail cost or picked up from P25, Melody, House of Black. If you have any questions or would like to order in-game, please catch me on "Alicejblack", my NFI main. In Stock: Lower: 20 Iron In Stock: 30QL: 50 Iron In Stock: 50QL: 1C Out of Stock: 60QL: 1.5C Out of Stock: 70QL: 2C Out of Stock: 80QL: 3C Out of Stock: 90QL: 5C In Stock: Lower: 20 Iron In Stock: 30QL: 50 Iron In Stock: 50QL: 1C Coming Soon PARTNERED WITH DELTORA'S LEATHERWORKING
  5. I thought it would be fun to try to write a book in wurm. Just a cute little short story or something. I keep running into the issue of disallowed characters, though, and that's making things difficult. Even more difficult, it doesn't tell me which characters are disallowed. Is there a list of characters I can't use? It would sure make my attempts a lot easier if I knew all of the rules...
  6. Granted this is greatly inspired by a similar system found in Black Desert Online, and such occurred to me after browsing another suggestion thread. Overall it involves gaining knowledge of how to better kill particular mobs. Implementation could involve a base anatomy knowledge broken down into specific creatures, monsters, and exotics. Knowledge could be transferred by the written word, and be capped at some point requiring actual hands on work. Knowledge lost overtime and/or have a soft cap working off mind stats? Have as various skills such as Forensics, Anantomy, and etc. OR as a completely separate new system: Knowledge. Kind of akin to recipes? Just a rough quickie blah of thoughts on the matter.
  7. As title states: I'm looking to buy rare and supreme paper sheets, pm me on forum or ingame with what you have and the price.
  8. When you send an inscribed papyrus or paper to someone, mailing fee is set to 1 iron. If, for any reason, the receiver doesn't accept it and the letter is returned to you, you have to pay 1 copper to get it back.
  9. This look's unintentional so I'm putting it here. Currently you're not able to drop papyrus sheets and paper that have been coated with bees wax into a bsb/crate. Normal papyrus sheets and paper fit fine. For the sake of convenience I'd appreciate if this was changed, because larders are not working well enough that food decay is pretty high even with snowballs filled, it's a good idea to wrap food in waxed paper to reduce decay. If you have any extras well you're out of luck as they do not fit in a bsb/crate. [23:57:48] The waxed papyrus sheet would be destroyed. Thank you.
  10. Tich's posts regarding changes to the permission system(s) got me to wondering if the new "ownership papers" could be player-crafted from papyrus, ink, and reed pens. Not to mention a new full blown Scribe skill. Unsure of Scribe as a skill name: scrivener, calligraphy, etc? One possible means could be similar to house building: filled pen activated with papyrus in inventory. This does not need to be limited to mere writing up of ownership papers. Bills of lading, receipts, invoices, etc. Nothing fleshed out; though, one possibility that comes mind are "Letters of Mark". Documents that basically made the usual acts of piracy legitimate when conducted against someone's enemies. In Wurm these could be used a single usage permission to allow a skilled third party to lockpick chests with missing keys on pve servers. Though some of Tich's remarks might render this a void concern anyways. Another possibility for "Letters of Mark" could be allowing an individual from an unconcerned kingdom to participate for either side in a war between two other kingdoms.
  11. A rather simple suggestion, the ability to make lanterns designed to hang from trees with thick low branches (oak, willow). The lanterns are affixed to the tree and cannot be moved when placed. Each tree has a specific set of branches linked for locations. A hung lantern can be right clicked by its planter and "shift branch"ed to move to another branch (maybe sequence them for ease?). If the tree is cut, the lantern drops. Nice, simple and beautiful.