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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I would like to see a modification to the online shop for buying premium. It would be very nice to be able to buy premium for someone as a gift directly from the shop rather than having to buy silver and give it to them which spoils it a little. Suggested mechanics Add checkbox as_gift if checkbox == TRUE show textbox recipient_name if as_gift == TRUE and recipient_name.value == NULL show error message and stop if recipient_name != valid_username show error message and stop All other behaviour should be unaffected and the payment receiving callback should then process the credit on the account indicated by recipient_name. Most of the code for checking for valid usernames should already be existing in place so a simple function call on_submit should be enough without any real hard work being done. Thanks ~Morl
  2. When you go to the main website, there is an advertisement for Wurm Unlimited. There is no way to get rid of it and it gets in the way when trying to view the website. Please give us a way to dismiss it. Even annoying nag ads on sketchy websites have an "x" so you can dismiss the ads. I already own it so I don't need the ad following me around on every page of the site like some stalkerish ex-girlfriend.
  3. The message on top of is not accurate, servers are down for a patch update. This isn't the first time either, so that message doesn't work as it should. I would suggest to either fix it or remove it, because some of us do count on it to see when servers come back up after a crash or a planned downtime.
  4. I just had a couple of ideas i wanted to put forth. The first is in regards to the wurm website, as you may have noticed on the main wurm-online page it has a big wurm-unlimited banner, and a few of my friends have been confused thinking this is the main wurm-online game because it's featured in such a big way on the front page. Whilst i understand those of us already playing wurm-online understand they are two seperate games essentially official and none official, i think it would be a good idea to adjust the main page so the Play Now wurm-online is more prominent and that perhaps wurm-unlimited has it's own dedicated page, i'm sure you all know what i'm trying to say here, And i'm confident there is some smart people around who knows what i'm suggesting and is able to think of a solution. I suspect Wurm is not gaining potential players because of this! Also a guide on how to install the game and client would be usefull because to a complete newb the client can be abit unusual compared to other games and it's hard to know what is going on such as that it is doing packupdates in the background prior to playing and you just suspect the game is not letting you hit play now! The second idea is to have more than one deed per character on the same server! I'm not sure why there is a limitation on this as a per-server rule, ecspecially for PvE doesn't make alot of sense to me? If one is willing to put up the dollars , why not? what do you guys think? ( i said this in-game but i was told to post a thread, although i suspect it's already been suggested before but now we have a ninja team of developers, maybe they could sort it out? Anyways im out of breathe typing now... my apologies for the poor spelling and grandma. Thoughts? -Taz Ps: i took a few month break from wurm, i used to be the guy digging alot and it burned me out.
  5. If you are having issues with things outside of the game, please post here so the reports don't get lost in the server or client bug threads or in other areas of the forum. It would be great if you could preface your post TITLE with the specific area you are reporting. For example: [Forums] My text only displays in Wingding Font [Website] Clicking the Wurm Online icon takes me to Page not Found [Shop] The shop page will not open in Firefox [Registration] I've been waiting for 3 days for my email [Mail] The newsletter arrived but it's black text on black background Please do NOT post personal or private information when reporting a problem (like your passwords or full email address, etc.) With email issues, it's often important that you report your email domain, like Yahoo or Gmail or AOL. If more information is needed, you will be instructed here how to proceed.
  6. I was just renewing and noticed that the website shop is still lacking a secure connection, which carries a risk, though probably low, of account theft via Man in the middle attacks (paypal details are safe but not game accounts) Searching doesnt reveal exactly who is incharge of website/webserver maintainence but whoever if it is might be interested in it allows you to setup FREE automatic security certificates for allmost any webserver who can prove that they controll the domain name (e.g and could be used to secure all the sites. Im assuming that there is not a current security certificate due to costs of obtaining one
  7. IFDGaming (Ill-Fated Devils Gaming) is an experienced gaming community and would love to share our server with you.The server is fast and hosted on dedicated hardware that we directly manage and features a 1Gb symmetrical connection as well as SSD HDs.Our server is considered light RP PVE and will soon have a PVP cluster available.. Our #1 rule is "Don't be a Jerk". We have several settlements looking for new players as well as plenty of room for new settlements.Our admins are very active. We do not allow admins to use their powers unless absolutely necessary. We accept suggestions from players wishing to help make the server better.Our website is located at: We also host a teamspeak at: - If your tribe needs a private channel, we will be happy to create one for you.Server Name: | PVE Roleplay | 4xAction/Skill | Teamspeak/WebsiteStill unsure? Check us out anyway and base your opinion off our players. I'm sure you'll stay.
  8. Is there some reason the website and wiki is not working? I tried to get online and the game would not launch so i deleted the jar i had for unstable but now i can not get a new one because the website and wiki are down. Are the game servers even working?
  9. I have a small project I am in need of help with. I have done most of it myself but I can see its not professional and I would like some help with improvements. If you have a understanding of SEO or PPC management can you send me mail. Its not of great importance to me so I am only willing to pay in the range of 20 silver That is a small amount but It is a fun project for some and would only take an hour or so for a person with PPC and SEO understanding. I would be willing to pay more but you would have to give me good reason. Thank you. Gramuly