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  1. Lake Port Maze

    or longer... you open now? and whats the scoop on the maze?
  2. ill buy the Rare Knife please. for 3s, if you still have it send to Gavias , Thanks.
  3. Less than 1% chance to get out of shop? NOICE!!!! " Can be obtained, with less than a 1% chance, from a Gift pack via the Loyalty program.
  4. Would like to purchase Kenn-Jellon items including 1 Wagon, 2 Tall Banners, 2 Flags when your schedule allows. Let me know . Gavias

  5. I'd like to place an order for 1 wagon, 2ea ( Tall Banner, Banners and Flags) ..Let me know if pickup or you drop off i10 Xanadu ? Please. Thank you! Gavias.