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  1. not a problem ;)


  2. Id like to buy the Two Headed Giant Medallion for 1.5s and if you would take 2.5s ea for the Jenn -Kellon Template Banners, Ill like four total (buy two get two?). Let me know please. Gavias.
  3. Close

    Ill buy the rare catseyes (all), the rare marble bricks too. Send to Gavias
  4. if you still have them according to the new pic.. The 2 large anvils, 2 saddles , 88wql fishing pole,both groom brushes, gold ring w/ Litdg93/woa93 , blaze ring 100 , ring fire prot 95, med rug, potion carpentry, longbow 104coc, leggat 101/92 and last bucket on list libRune. please
  5. do you have Steel lumps and electrum ? If so Ql, amount and price? Want to see your price please.


  6. Just completed an order of bricks, lumps and silver. Got everything I had on the list and easy to find. THANK YOU !!! very much for the smooth transaction!!!! Gavias
  7. 97Botd Scissors 1.5s? and Supreme Lindonwood Handle 50c? Gavias please.
  8. a37 2.5s Gavias . Do you still have the supreme saucepan? for sale.
  9. I have PoL on Xanadu and I am very familiar on how to use Refresh successfully. I recently transferred to Jackal to try it with myself and an alt. The alt is doing a Fo Priest and currently is over 40 spell points. I try casting the Fo Refresh(spell) on my Vynora follower main (Gavias) and it sends the message "[17:23:34] You start to cast Refresh on Gavias.", "[17:23:42] You refresh Gavias. " but it does not refresh my main in any way. I had already worked this out one time with a CA there and went through the motions of trying different things and found that another player was having the same issue but I am not sure where his stands. Please check into this. Gavias.
  10. This is Gavias checking on account. YES Myrrdin is good on the silver ... I have bought 60 silver with no problems. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! . Have a great week!