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  1. I have PoL on Xanadu and I am very familiar on how to use Refresh successfully. I recently transferred to Jackal to try it with myself and an alt. The alt is doing a Fo Priest and currently is over 40 spell points. I try casting the Fo Refresh(spell) on my Vynora follower main (Gavias) and it sends the message "[17:23:34] You start to cast Refresh on Gavias.", "[17:23:42] You refresh Gavias. " but it does not refresh my main in any way. I had already worked this out one time with a CA there and went through the motions of trying different things and found that another player was having the same issue but I am not sure where his stands. Please check into this. Gavias.
  2. This is Gavias checking on account. YES Myrrdin is good on the silver ... I have bought 60 silver with no problems. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! . Have a great week!
  3. This is Gavias checking on account.
  4. Let me know. Ship to Gavias when you're ready. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the time you spend working on my orders. I very much appreciate the details you work out for me. I will buy my special woods from you as long as you keep them coming! Thank you VM!!! ? Gavias
  6. Thank you for the order. I appreciate the extra attention to details and help too! Ill be back for more!! Gavias
  7. Like to get 2 or 3 shafts ea of the: Rose, Lingonberry, Lavender and Hazlenut please... . Send to Gavias in game. Thanks.
  8. Great service. Trustworthy seller. I recently bought silver from MrZodiac he was fast.I'll be back to buy more. THANK YOU for the fast response. Gavias
  9. how much for the Rare Skull Silver mask?