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  1. Feel like I'm missing out by not digging as much as I mine. Would like to see a Rare Bone version in mining, maybe something like a version on a popular movie series with Hobbits called the "Kings Jewel" to have similar effect as its counterpart the rare bone. Even if its name maybe called the "Wurm Crown Jewel" or "Alchemist Stone"...if even the three names based on rarity. Just a suggestion.
  2. 2silver for the Rare backpack , if good Gavias please. Last Saddle Bags for 2s ? Let me know. Thanks
  3. Ill take your Armour smith oils . send to Gavias at the cost you listed.
  4. Happy belated birthday...they are important!
  5. How about decreasing deed rates on the lesser populated servers to encourage population returns or other options for remaining faithful to a particular server if even some buffs like Chaos provides? Kinda missing the idea of creating markets anymore. Trade is getting to spread out now.
  6. The idea is to create a token for placement on merchants that essentially replaces the key but transfers ownership to the new owner. Link to ships in a dock or harbor, wagons and large carts too so you can encompass all the times zones in sales. They can be color coded too such as copper for less than 1 silver or silver for greater than costs too. There would have to be a code assigned to make sure what you see is what you get though. The main idea is to make offline trading of these items more accessible.
  7. Just applied that Black 1/1/1 to my Lingonberry Caravel sails: Thanks Zarame!!!
  8. Send me a full pizza please...the 20/21c each. Just one though please. Gavias
  9. you still open...I know C19 has hit the food industry hard.. Let me know please.
  10. what are the names on the snowmen? Ah thanks for heads up Zarame.
  11. agreed , even the shield bash level is horrible. PLEASE change it for the better.
  12. Ah... thank you..not showing they're down..
  13. having same problem...I logged on earlier then off and when I just tried to log on now it said "Unable to connect, try again.."
  14. You need a server : Olympia(PVE)/ Elysium/or Avris(PVP) Gavias.
  15. not a problem ;)