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  1. Halloween & Rift Items *Lower Prices*

    Ill take the Gold Skull mask please...Gavias
  2. WTA Supreme Oak Fruitpress

    Thank you vm!!
  3. WTA Supreme Oak Fruitpress

    10s Gavias
  4. Mag/copper 5/5 34,19ql - 31c35,59ql - 32c35,93ql - 32c Jackal Refresh/tin 51,79ql - 48c Please send to Gavias
  5. WTA Rare exquisite med rug - 100 CoC - Low starting bid

    I noticed you charged an extra copper on the payment...showing 6s 2c....unless they charge more now to ship an item.? ;/ Got it thanks.
  6. WTA Rare exquisite med rug - 100 CoC - Low starting bid

    Ill bump up to 6s Gavias
  7. 1s Ea. on the Stonecutting Oils and 80c on the weapon smithing and any armorsmith you may have? Gavias.
  8. WTA Rare Exquisite med rug

    5s if accepted please send to Gavias. Otherwise Ill understand.
  9. Ill take the two rare frying pans 1s ea...if you still have. Gavias please.
  10. Potions/imbues

    Ill buy the three ointments of stonecutting please. Send to Gavias.
  11. Rift loot, shoulder pads, lumps& bloods

    Ill take the Boar Pad and right stylish one as well., please. Gavias