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  1. GOOD STUFF!!!!... bought several after fixing the affinities issues in character window. He nailed them on the affinites! and the WEIGHT!!!!, over 9.5KG and theres also the 7+hour bite I was getting off the ones I ordered!. I'll be back for more.."Thats so CHEESEYman good! pizza's" Thanks! Gavias
  2. Thank you!
  3. ill buy...Gavias please
  4. #4/9 2s/ea Gavias
  5. #4,#9,#14 1s/ea Gavias Please.
  6. #19 2s Gavias
  7. what is the skull pad? Human??
  8. ship em please, to Gavias. Thank you.
  9. 3. 87 rift crystals 35.8ql would you do 6s? Gavias
  10. sounds good. Thank you!
  11. send me both BillyGruff Stew Please. Gavias. Thank you! Giving the other to a friend.
  12. ill buy these two ... right stylish, gold- 1s (face damage protection) left stylish, gold - 1s (face damage protection) sorry..saw Mathalameu got em..
  13. Ill take the human skull shoulder pad (Ql 75) 5 silver send to Gavias please
  14. 10s Gavias...Love how they look!
  15. mark SOLD, Please close then... catches my eye too much!