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  1. Is there a benefit to using bronze Tools / Armour? Or is it simply an aesthetic difference?
  2. Thanks you so much! @DaletheGood i really appreciate your guidance with my questions over the last few days. 😀
  3. So i know the prospecting function tells you what is within a specific amount of squares but what about beyond that? For example i started a mine where my prospect said there was iron nearby. So if i mine beyond what the prospecting function could reach is it possible to find different ores? Or is Iron the only thing i am likely to find there? Also out of curiosity what kind of dangers are involved? I have heard of cave ins and flooding but do i need to worry about breaking into a cave occupied by creatures or anything similar?
  4. Thankfully that hasn't been a huge issue for me. I had the foresight to set up just behind a guard tower. Over the month along with guards I've killed about 5 trolls 1 hellhound a handful of giant spiders and various normal animals with little to no issue. Long distance travel is still a bit of an issue but honestly im not ready to go for long explorations anyway. Was honestly quite surprised with the crab though 😂 thing almost outright killed me lol.
  5. Fair point. Honestly its probably just me but i feel like it would be nice to see another way of making coins through combat. As it stands now from what i have experienced the last month there seems to be little to 0 incentive to train combat skills with the cap on basic accounts. Most of the mobs with worthwhile rewards seem to way overmatch new players from what I've seen. I mean even a regular old crab nearly demolished me. Unless im missing something or perhaps the progression is more impactful than i realize? Honestly maybe its just me but i feel like there should be a slightly more worthwhile way to make coins without player to player trades as well. I know i personally have always avoided gaming communities like the plague. Too many bad experiences in the past . which leaves me and others like me in a really hard place as far as the game goes unless we want to spend irl money. Which i just cant afford. I know its cheep but my income irl barely keeps me afloat as is.
  6. Thanks for the advice @kochinac! Im still a basic account so im trying anything to get me the coinage for a few months of premium so i really appreciate the advice. Now i wont waste a bunch of time trying to make something that's just not worth it lol.
  7. I knew this one but its great to find out they will also take it at a guard tower. Much closer than running to town with a cart full of corpses lol.
  8. Hi. So after the last 2 days of constant spam creating pickaxes in the hopes of a rare i was starting to get burned out. So i decided to go mining looking for tin in one of my caves. Well 3 mining actions in and that rare i was trying for popped up as stone shards. After a brief facepalm moment i decided to try and make the best of what i got. So later today when i get off work im going to try and turn it into a rare well or fountain in the hopes of selling it. Is it worth it? Or should i try and save up any rare shards i get and bulk sell them as is?
  9. Hi. Im pretty new only been on for a month so im not super knowledgeable but i think a good idea would be for Guards to offer a small bounty per corpse brought to them. Something small like maybe 5 copper coins for animal corpses and 10 copper for monster corpses (Such as trolls, Hellhounds, ect.) Any input? Is this a good idea or no?
  10. Yeah I've been noticing that lol. Done a little exploring but im nervous to go too far/ attempt to find things of value in the world untill i get premium time. Seems like most mobs are above my skill level. Keep seeing some kind of red light beaming into the sky I've thought of checking out but i have no clue what it is and don't want to die and lose my stuff lol.
  11. So technically if i understand correctly the way you worded this tells me i don't have to have my own mailbox as long as i know where to find one? Lol i have noticed XD. Spent the last 3 days mining forging and brick making lol. Been trying to flip between exploring and working on commerce but i find the commerce preparations are consuming most of my time lol. Besides untill i have premium it kinda seems like exploration is hardly worthwhile lol.
  12. Thanks! @Aeryckand @grinnil35! ? What exactly is CoD? Also if there is trade between servers i am assuming i will need to let people know what server i am on ect. How can i check that? How needed is the mailbox btw? Also last question lol (Sry lots of questions) So if the main money maker is rare tools is there really a market for low ql normal tools? I've got almost 300 pickaxes at 20ql and i highly doubt i will ever actually use that many.
  13. Hi so im a new player. Been on for about 1 month now. I've never been much of a social gamer but i want to try and get into commerce with other players however i find that i am woefully Unsure of how to do this or what i even need to know. Any help is greatly appreciated!