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Found 11 results

  1. When teleporting between epic and the freedom cluster the armour doesn't update. In other words: If you got a plate set on epic and nothing on freedom. Then a plate set would still show if you teleport from epic to freedom.
  2. My character Jahpeople attempted to use the epic portal constructed on Jackal server, knowing there had been issues I asked in CA Help, and then checked in Bug Reports, the bug report I found noted that it was fixed, so I decided to use the portal anyway, on the strength of that report. On porting to Epic I ended up exactly where I should have been, based on the last position I was in when I portalled back to Independence, However I was still Freedom Kingdom, and therefore Enemy and could not use the portal to return to Jackal. Following a Support Ticket, I was able to return to Jackal, but checking with the Lodestone on Jackal I returned to Serenity server, rather than Independence, no other choices were offered, I was once again an enemy, but could port back to Jackal, but once more, no choice of servers, and this is where I am now, I can portal between Jackal and Epic, from epic portal, or lodestone, but always transfer as Freedom Kingdom, and not JK. It appears that my character Jahpeople is now unable to cross back to Independence, from Jackal or Serenity.
  3. I made a new toon and went happily to the portal to all servers. When I tried to choose Independence, this window showed up: Other Freedom servers and Chaos show up as expected, like this: (including multiple towns on xana) I suppose it should offer the same kind of window for Indy, and allow porting to The Howl? I guess. In any case, it looks bugged for Indy as it is now.
  4. Contact me via PM or in game as Luttuosa Supreme unfinished oven Supreme unfinished kiln Rare unfinished well Rare unfinished spirit castle Rare unfinished spirit cottage Rare unfinished oven Rare unfinished floor loom Rare unfinished epic portal Rare unfinished stone altar
  5. So i had this crazy idea. What if we were able to make a Portal to a map that was ultimately a PvP Arena. Would work similar to Epic Portals only inventory and everything stays on transfer. Player inside the arena could Fight and loot each others drops. GMs could even hold events. Toggling ON and OFF PvP in this enclosed area. It would be like maybe 150x150. Hunger Game Style build. Players could watch from the stands around the PvP/Event zone. Or go down into the Zone to actually join the event. GMs could adjust the terrain in this area to fit the event. Some lava tiles and sand traps. Few Water tiles. Lots of trees. I mean just an idea but i think it be cool it the community could be brought together Via this Portal to a Combat World/Event World. Could be a tiny server, with an enclosed Deed like the GV. Let me get some +1 for this idea. I mean... Just imagine. The Wurmians all gathered in the arena as GM Enki arrives with Spawning commands. 50 Zombies spawn and players fight to kill them off. When they die they spawn back (out of arena) with no way back in Cuz the doors are locked, Its down the wire. 5 Players left. 10 Zombies. 1 Of the players is a priest and starts healing the remaining 4. But he loses an arm and dies. Finally down to the last man alive. He wins! Gets awarded (some prize). Um.. yes! > and Please leave the hate out of this conversation. lol Could even double as a Lobby for players to chat O.O Maybe Global Market system. (maybe not) lol Ps. Maybe Even put it in GV. So new players will join and See LOTS of players online in local? O.O
  6. Has anyone been able to work at all with default portals or know how to set them up? I imagine it might have something to do with the information in the set data section, but I can't find any documentation on it anyplace. Any ideas?
  7. Ok so I got the mission ruler to make a in game portal - heres how. Also you Must have EPIC turned on for mission to work. I put the Pics under spoiler tabs as its a pain to scroll down all these pics -Step 1 Frame/Ground Tile Build a frame work for your portal. Heres just a quick idea on what i did. Notice I highlighted the Cobblestone, thats because I used the mission ruler on it for the mission. Ground tile aka the cobble stone is where I implemented the mission. May be a better way but this worked fast for me. -Step 2 Mission Maker Next with the ground tile selected in your target bar, click/activate your mission ruler.(if you dont have this item, use your GM wand to Create it and itll show in your Inv.) Now open the menu on the ground tile and select manage mission . -Step 3 Mission Setup Now youll see this screen. Select create mission, mine shows Edit cause I spent to much dam time figuring this out:P -Step 4 Mission Editor Now you should see this screen. First Name it something good, dont forget what you name it. Make sure you name it something you remember as to what its going be. I choose Portal and test cause ...well it was a test:) Notice I selected "May restart when finished" if you want this to be repeatable this must be checked. also i put 30 sec's above it for fail time if player doesn't step on portal. No worries tho you can change this. At the bottom make sure to check Make trigger and Make effect, you need this also. If you dont or forget to its ok. Just re-click the ground tile and re-open the mission menu and pick create new trigger or effect if you need and make sure its connected to your mission. Also name your triggers and effects something related to the mission makes this so much easier. Kinda like Test portal effect, or Test portal Trigger -Step 5 Trigger Next screen you'll see is this one. Make sure the on action performed is set to "Step on" thats the action that triggers the Trigger. Next if you have the item/tile/NPC in your target selected bar then you can choose "Action Performed on target|Use Current Target Box". Seconds to trigger is for how long till you want the action to happen I pick 1 just cause I dont know if 0 works...didnt try it. Next mission affected is what mission is this affect/ gonna be part of. Put your mission name here you made. -Step 6a. Effect Next screen is for the effect that happens from the trigger this is the action part if you will. First part to pay attention to is box called Trigger. Here youll make it say the name you choose to save your trigger as, hope you remember'd to name it some thing along the lines of the mission, cause after about 20 or so more missions its gonna be a nightmare to find this puppy. Now ignore everything till you see Teleport/Special Effect X,Y- here is where you will put the coordinates for were you want to end up, or the other side of the portal if you will. You can get these by using your GM wand and clicking a ground tile were you want it to be and go to -specials -get coordinates. Make sure Surface = True or you'll end up underground or dead. -Step 6b Effect This is same effect box just the bottom part as you scroll down it. Again make the Mission Effected is set to your mission name you picked. Then put mission stat changed to 100. This will let it know this is the end or finish of the mission. Next I highlighted Text to display it makes a pop up box with what ever text you put here. -Step 7 Finished "YEAH!" Heres what the pop-up looks like. Im no michelangelo but heres some art to. I asked and asked got tired of waiting so this is for all of you looking to make a portal back to starting towns from your deeds or to the outskits maybe were your alters are in the deep wilds or a Island miles off shore. Either way hope it helps the community learn this Beast of a mission editor a little more.
  8. I know a lot of people might not like this, but we moving into new times with wurm, making this a bit more convienent for players. Here is what I suggest..... Have all priest have a spell that require say, 80 favor to cast and it can be used within alliance villages. Perhaps players could have a recall after travel back to the other deed, or just make it a one way trip. OR a priest can cast on a portal gate to make each way possible, but this mean continual prem wouldn't be needed It would stimulate people premming priest for this purpose, more subs for the game and also allow players to work on distant deed they would never make due to travel times. It would be free as you do need a decent priest. Perhaps decent channeling needed too. I'm not for nerfing things in wurm, but travel is just one of those things in wurm that we can make a lot better. Opinions, Comments?
  9. As the way it is, unlike being offline your freedom character is treated as if active although you are on your epic character (completely seperated items and skills). So for entering the epic portal and trying epic, the game punishes you by not giving you any sleep bonus on freedom. However, if you went offline using a bed in your freedom character, you would have gotten the sleep bonus while offline. So the game would rather see you go offline as a freedom player, and perhaps go play or try another game instead of trying/playing epic. The system literally punishes the player for not going offline and playing another game and playing the other cluster instead. In my personal opinion, that doesn't make any sense. So my suggestion is, make portals work like beds and give your freedom character sleep bonus while you are on epic and give your epic char sleep bonus while you are on freedom. So this way, the game won't treat you active on freedom in some sense (since your character is not put in a bed) and give you sleep bonus while you are playing on epic (and hence not gaining any skills or doing anything on freedom of course). This would encourage the people for trying the other cluster instead of punishing them for it. So you'll use the portal like a bed, the only difference will be that you'll be going to other cluster instead of going offline.
  10. Does anyone know what happens if you use town portal and do not belong to a village? I am guessing it just gives a message saying you do not belong to a village but do not want to waste the karma to test, lol
  11. I started playing again recently and I was in Elevation. I went from there to Pristine, but my friend is in Chaos and I want to get there. When I want to use the portal I can only go back to elevation. And once there, I can only return to Pristine. Players in the game told me that I can't go anywhere else anymore, which is pretty weird and stupid, considering I didn't see a warning (at least not one big enough) about this. So is there a way of doing this? Or do I really have to play for the 2 months without my friend, waste my time and make a new account later to get there? I didn't find anything about this Googling, so here I am.