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Found 30 results

  1. I was just thinking about leaving things for some members of my deed, and it occured to me that if I leave a crate with things in it, it could just look like another one of the crates they have there, and they might not realize the gift was there for a while. That got me to thinking that if there was "gift wrapping" available in the game, it would be noticed immediately. It would be useful to working on paper making (for the paper), dye making (for the ink to write the tag), and cloth making (for the ribbon to wrap it all up with), and would act as a skin to be used on any container type so it could "wrap" for any gift type. (for example an item that can only be held indefinately in a crate the wrap would go on a crate, but for an item that can only be held in a chest for a long time - the wrap could be used on a chest instead). Ideally as soon as the tag is read and the gift is opened the wrap would disintegrate so the container could be used for anything afterwards. I think this would be great to add into the game for those that like to leave gifts for other players, but would like it noticed immediately when the player comes on, and to know where it came from even if the creator of the gift is not online at the time, and would utilize several mechanics of the game that are under served right now.
  2. Example: -You have 10 cotton in your inventory. -You combine them into 1 cotton ( weight = 10 ) -Now you want to store 5 cotton in a BSB and keep 5 in inventory. -You hold SHIFT + Drag the cotton to BSB -The usual amount window pops up asking how many you want to store. -You choose 5, store 5 cotton in BSB and keep 5 in inventory Unless there is a good argument against it but can we make this a thing, please? What we currently have to do is throw the full cotton ( weighting 10 ) in the BSB and take out 5 cotton again from the BSB and the above suggestion will reduce the required actions to do this.
  3. This is a guilty suggestion. an item disappeared from my inventory, i searched everywhere i could think of at the time. Every container, every inventory. unfortunately my brain forgot to consider the bank as a container. it also forgot that i had put it in there, i was tired, it was 7am, i'd just gotten home from a Rift. My gratuitous apologies to the GM team who initiated a database search request. I questioned my sanity so many times while searching for it. My suggestion, to save them the bother of idiots like me wasting their time in the future; Dropping stuff into containers doesn't appear in the event log, would it be possible to make it do so?
  4. After several hours of testing and trying, i found the following (also discussed with CA Alectrys) At fist the game wouldnt allow me to plant a wagoner container at all (on deed), went to another deed (in alliance, another deed i own, full permissions) and the same happend there, I couldnt plant the container. I then went into the perimiter of that 2nd deed and the same occured, could not plant. I then took the same toon out in the open (not on deed or perim) and it allowed me to plant a container I headed back to the main deed and fiddled some more, i added another waypoint at a random location on deed (only had one previously) and it allowed me to plant the container (both mayor and villager) Went back to the 2nd deed and repeated the procedure, but could still not plant. Not sure about the extra waystone, but at least something is fuzzy with the alliance permissions. Hope to have shed some light on the matter Macoofer p.s. very cool that you can actually see him do his thing and ride around
  5. Probably versions of this mentioned in the past, but I want to combine a couple ideas into some new containers. 1st off, thank you for all the new bulk racks that partially address our container needs. We can now store tons of stuff in a much smaller area, which allows for better sorting and density. Really helps our work shops. Now to expand on storage options, I'd like to see the following: Spice Rack - probably about the size and shape of a larder. Holds up to 10,000 of each spice. Animal Parts Rack - Maybe half way between FSB and Spice rack size. Holds up to 5000 of each part. Metallurgy Bin - Half the size of an empty BSB so it fits under forges and can have some sort of protrusion sticking out of the front for easy selecting. Holds up to 5000 of each lump type, charcoal, flint and ash. Leather/Hide hanging rack - Shows a bunch of hides hanging from poles. This should be fairly tall and bulky, but awesome looking. Holds up to 1000 hides and 10,000 leather. (add your other ideas here...) All have an auto sort for QL. 1-9, 10-19, ... 80-89, 90, 91... 99, 100. I can't imagine we need any more fine tuning than that. If someone does, they can use classic bulk storage. All have only one graphic, regardless of how full they are. This will really help for decorating our shops. I'd love BSBs to lose the fat graphic too. It is clever, but it makes it harder to do our own clever decorating. New bins and racks are loadable - 1 in a large cart or 2 with rune and still have a little room for small barrel, small chest and a few packs. Up to 4 in a wagon, or 5 with rune. (maybe this isn't an appropriate ratio, so adjust as needed). Can use while loaded. This will make hunting ideal and rearranging deed, moving and selling goods much easier. The BSB rack is a nice addition and great for a warehouse, but not great for a work shop or craft room layout.
  6. ABANDONED. This uses a bunch of bytecode in order to achieve its goal. I don't want to support bytecode based mods anymore. The script-runners should still work. . . . Big containers be-all-end-all is a mod to make containers hold a lot. This mod doesn't change crates in anyway. Server owners heed this warning. This mod will let players nest containers into infinity. You could get a small magic chest and put an infinite amount of item inside by nesting new containers inside of containers. I don't think there are any serious problems with container nesting. Further, the only thing might be that some folks may consider it overpowered or unrealistic. :Required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. WU version compatibility is :Install: Get a archive release for the mod here: *Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods edit... As of v106 I removed making containers big. It just simpler to use the unlimited space option. 1) this changes all non-liquid holding containers along with a couple larger liquid holders (tub, fountain) to hold a volume of 1,728,000. It does this by changing the inside x,y,z dimensions each to 120m. By comparison the unmodded Caravel has a inventory that is 30m x 60m x 60m and this gives a volume of 108,000. This mod makes many containers (and the Caravel itself) 16 times larger than the unmodded Caravel. As of v108 I moved all the unrelated mod options to script runner mods. Here is the post in this thread if you want the changes. script runner mods
  7. Merchants are nice, but they could be better. Maybe it's time to revisit the usefulness of merchants by making some changes with restrictions. 1. Allow items to be sold as a "lot" in a container with a set price for the lot. Ex. 100 sprouts in a satchel. 2. Remove the decay of meals with a limit of 10 meals on the merchant. 3. Increase the max number of items to 100 per merchant (currently 50 per wiki)
  8. Some of the worse chores with a mouse can be filling multiple listed containers. Say for example thirty small barrels in a wagon, or thirty bowls in an oven. There are methods that panfillers use to approach this state; however, imho they still fall short. Some degree of a shortcut would be handy, for example 'dragging and dropping' a liquid unto the header item of the list, which would attempt to fill each container in the list until either the liquid runs out or no more containers. Granted one might want only so much of the liquid in each container; though, theres several ways such can be implemented. Same can be said for nonliquids, dragging over a pile of say chopped spices.
  9. As the title suggest I feel that fishing rods are something that should logically be able to fit into a polearms rack. While they aren't exactly a weapon, like the other things that currently go into a polearms rack, I feel are of similar shape as a long spear, so it's not too far of a stretch to picture them going in a polearms rack. After all, they are sometimes referred to as a fishing pole. Currently fishing rods don't really have a particular container that suits them, like most other items do. Yes, you could put them in a coffin, large cart, ship / boat, or small raft, but not everyone likes these storage containers in their houses. Ideally it would be nice if the fishing rods had their own unique container, but I also realize that requires making a model and texture for that. I figured just making use of the existing polearms rack would be easier / quicker to implement.
  10. I would like to make a suggestion to have the tables have small containers sit on them. My village has created a dye room and it would be nice to stand at a table and create dyes that are on it. Wurm has made a command allowing avatars to sit on chairs..why not do it for certain objects to show on large tables. Instead small buckets, flasks, pots, and other objects like it are strewn all over the floor. What about those forks, spoons and knives and bowls for a supper setting - when is that development coming?
  11. How many container items can be placed on a tile? Is there a limit? I have a tile with two large chests and potentially a bow rack (the center of it is on a tile border and I'm not sure which tile it is technically on). I tried building an armor stand in the middle of the tile and it disappeared. Unsure, I tried building it on another tile and it worked. I pushed it onto the tile with the chests (and maybe bow rack) and finished it, but once again it disappeared.
  12. As the topic says -- some things that are made of wood don't reflect the wood type. (I.e.: barrels made out of oak and birch look exactly the same.) So far encountered it with: BSB FSB Small and Large Barrel Possibly also an issue with: Large and Small Cart NOT and issue with: Large and Small Chest Beds
  13. I would like to suggest that the capacity of well should be increased to match the capacity of the fountains. A well can currently hold 125 litres of water while a fountain can hold 1125 litres. Why? - Personally I prefer wells over fountains and would like to be able to choose from preference rather than by what works best while smithing - A well takes more time to make than a fountain so there's no logistical reason for having them contain less - It doesn't change any functionality and the game isn't affected in any way other than that the well would hold more liquid
  14. During the usual discussion helping a new player with fueling a fire, especially explaining the difference between putting fuel into the fire's container and activating the fuel to Burn, something occurred to me. Why not let both actions fuel the fire? Any item of the right type is destroyed inside a fire container, and that item is lost anyways, so what's wrong with letting that item end up fueling the fire as well? Offhand it seems like it would help remove some confusion and help make gameplay more intuitive. Not to mention immersive. EDIT: Confirmed to already be the case, at least with campfires. Updating the wiki accordingly.
  15. Please add a special item for keys, which would work like a satchel for seeds is. You put your bunch of keys there, then put it onto your toolbelt. When you select it from toolbelt, you can remove any lock for which you have the key in that said satchel. Similiar thing for lockpicks could be good as well, but I'll leave that to Chaos guys. Thanks!
  16. Hello IT,i just want to ask if theres a way to make a new container for us to put in,a set of 90ql plate and sell at my merchant counting has a single item,because i want to sell plate but its turns limited the slots in the merchant when i put the plate in a bagpack and drag to the merch tab it sayz to take out the items from the bagpack and theres no option for us to sell has a single unity pack item. we are kind limited when we ty to sell to a quiver of 41 war arrows also has a single unity pack,i hope you guys can make us more easier the life of trading system... thank you! Ass:Cybrax JKH Epic
  17. I have rare bulk storage bean made of cedar i would like to sell. Quality is 39. Since is mostly for aesthetic purpose ( it glows ) it also should decay slower than nonrare one i think but ondeed that's not so important i don't really know price for it, offer me your best price and i would be happy to deliver if the price is good enough, otherwise i'll probably keep it for myself.
  18. Perhaps we can add generic permissions to any containers/doors inside the perimeter of a home. So that things like below can happen. Bedrooms for multiple residents in a home. Private chests within a home. Housing a noob who needs a friend to protect them. etc some modifications and ideas to go with this or replace this keys now behave as writs keys now behave as writs when the matching locks are inside a structure doors within homes now have permissions similar to writs containers now have permissions like boats/carts etc
  19. So I am trying to move water from an rare ornate fountain to a water skin. First drag works, I poured the water on the ground, and the second time I get the message "You cannot carry that much." Activating the water skin and filling does work.
  20. My idea is to allow the user to be able to select item(s) in containers, and then type in once the amount he/she wants to move. Then every time the user selects that item for as long as they want or need they don't have to keep seeing the pop-up every time they move items back and forth between containers and inventories. For example, I know I can hold max quantity of 7 rock shards in my inventory. When I open the bsb and say select max that's how much is allowed for me. It would be nice, to type or only select that amount once. Then every time I select the rock shards from the bsb, until I decide otherwise that's the amount that will be selected and sent to my inventory without the extra pop-up. Feel that this would be beneficial in that it creates a more user friendly interface system and less keystrokes on the whole. TDLR allow user option to only have to select only once the amount of item he/she wants from container, until the user changes that amount.
  21. It's possible to drag an item from a bulk storage bin into a container partially filled with water that you cannot place inside otherwise. Small bug but I figured it was worth reporting anyway.
  22. I was to ress this topic- The wheelbarrow. Its a great idea has purpose with out being op. And matches the style of wurm with the whole medivalish theme. Were peasants let us enjoy the lovely filth! Heres the original topic; The only thing i would add is that it be movable between ships and the like. So you don't have to make a small cart when you go to a clay pit for example just carry the wheel barrow drop it and take it back throw your clay and wheelbarrow int he boat head home. Or you can through one in the boat on the way to a friends place to help them with a project. Would also be a great addition to foraging and botanizing, less lilky to get stuck on pesky tress and such.
  23. Auction off this fountain pan, this is a fountain inside a sauce pan. It holds large amounts of items and can be put in a burning forge without taking dmg! Great for putting in a small magical chest to guards loads of items from decay or simply for more space in your forge! This is a must buy for any dedicated wurmian! Starting bid: 50s/50e Reserve: Nope Buyout: 70s/70e Min Inc: 5s No Snipe protection I welcome other item trades so willing to accept sleeping powders at 1.5s each, spyglass at 30s or BoK for 70s.
  24. The player can use more materials to expand the volume of a container. You'd add the same number of materials as it took to build the container and its volume would expand. The exact amount of additional volume is subject to a diminishing returns curve. Since immersion seems to be popular here the returns curve should level out quite quickly. But you could keep adding a block of materials for a fraction of a volume unit. An example of this would be a forge that took 10,000 bricks and clay. This would be 999 volume expansion. Additional volume would depend on how Dev balance the returns curve. Another option would be to use squared exponential growth of materials for each expansion. Finally, instead of limiting based on massive material counts, we could put a hard cap on how many volume expansion we can do.
  25. Another Multi Auction, this time - 3 rare items: Minimum Bid Increments: 50c Reserve: NO Sniper Protection: 1 hour Free CoD 1. Rare Grooming Brush, pinewood - 49ql [20:10:28] This wooden brush is used to groom animals. Its wooden handle is lined with lots of thin, strong wemp straws. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. Starting Bid: 4s Buyout: 10s Current Bid: 10s 2. Rare Spindle, Cedarwood - 69,95ql [20:11:44] A spinning tool used to make cloth strings. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Starting Bid: 4s Buyout: 10s Current Bid: 3. Rare Small Chest, Pinewood - 11ql [20:17:06] A small chest made from planks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. Starting Bid: 1s Buyout: 4s Current Bid: 1s Happy Biding!