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Found 63 results

  1. XrumX I'm selling the account on behalf of a friend Skills dump: [13:36:51] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 3 of the starfall of Fires, 1044. That's 1681 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes ago. [13:36:51] You have played 252 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes. [13:36:51] You have premium time until 3 Jul 2019 17:55:29 GMT Current location: Release (North coast) Peculiarities: 80 Meditation level 12 of Path of Knowledge (25% bonus on skill gain) (Recall home) (No skill loss) Good building and crafting skills 90+ Farming skill PvP ready skills 8K Karma 94 Titles It comes with these items/contracts: PM me for offers, Paypal only Thanks
  2. I would love to see either the vanilla measuring jug or a better version of it able to set the measurement to a customizeable volume
  3. I've made ten lead lunchboxes instead of tin ones. Is this intended -- perhaps as part of the "any metal" feature? Or is it a bug? The only way I can figure it happened is that I activated the lead sheet when combining it with the tin sheet at the start. Since I had to add more tin sheets after, it isn't following the "last-main-material-type-added" paradigm. Edit: I've now tested with both the tin sheet and the lead sheet activated at creation; the result in both cases is an unfinished lead lunchbox. I also tried to use an iron sheet to combine with either a tin sheet or a lead sheet (to test whether this was a function of "any metal"); neither combination yields the menu option to create a lunchbox.
  4. I am trying to make a recipe that requires multiple items in order to craft an item, in this case a Julbord. However, when I go to make the item in game it completes the whole thing without requiring the additional items. I can't seem to find why it is doing this, nor how to declare it to create an unfinished version of the item that needs the rest to be completed. (I am a complete beginner at coding and have been looking through code made by others trying to copy their method) Any tips or help is greatly appreciated! package org.dragonsgatewu.wurmunlimited.mods.julbordrecipe; import com.wurmonline.server.items.AdvancedCreationEntry; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationCategories; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationEntryCreator; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationRequirement; public class JulbordRecipe { public JulbordRecipe() { AdvancedCreationEntry julbord = CreationEntryCreator.createAdvancedEntry(10038, 22, 1173, 442, true, true, 0.0F, false, false, CreationCategories.COOKING_UTENSILS); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (1, 22, 9, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (2, 1173, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (3, 217, 10, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (4, 258, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (5, 257, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (6, 259, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (7, 129, 50, true)); } } I already have 1 + 1 = finished item working perfectly but I want this to be a more advanced recipe that requires more than a plank and plate to make, but also forks, spoons, knives, etc.
  5. Not really sure if this has been brought up on the suggestion thread, from what I've seen there are scraps and bits of this idea posted all around but my idea is simple and quite good for the overall game experience. Ready? Add clothes that grant a %bonus to crafting and skills. Sounds weird? Think about it for a second. A blacksmith's apron that grants you a max of 5% bonus to all smithing branches at 90ql, starting with a 1% bonus at 50ql. These numbers are just a sketch in my mind right now to give you a baseline for such an approach. Or a woodcutter's chequered shirt (stereotypical much? ) that grants you a bonus to your woodcutting skill. A wizard's robes for priests that give you a bonus against physical attacks and to your channeling skills. The sky is the limit on this one. Think about the fact that clothes right now are quite useless in the game, except for the aesthetic purpose. If this were to be implemented , cloth tailoring will become a major skill in the game and people will work on making lots of clothing sets specific to each task. Some farmer's workclothes for farming, or an archer's tunic that gives him a small boost to damage/accuracy/defence against ranged weps, you name it. It will also help out those people who hit 70-80 in some skills and want to get to 90. This game is all about small bonuses that stack with each other, so I really do hope this idea won't get barreled down in the mosh pit of forgotten threads. Also, to promote fairness, those clothing sets should experience a minor rate of decay as you use them. Using a miner's clothing set for example, should slightly decay the more you mine due to wear and tear, dust, humidity and so on. There are a lot of games out there with various pieces of clothing granting small bonuses to skills/traits/stats/etc. Why not in Wurm ? I believe this will be an excellent addition to the game and hope to see it in the near future. Small list of examples . Chef's and bakers uniform Miner's kit (made by using leatherworking) Blacksmiths apron (leatherworking) Carpenter's set with a toolbelts strapped around the waist Fisherman's overalls Hunter's jerkin (made with furs and leather, and maybe a hood) Digger's duds (sleeveless shirt and baggy pants) Alchemical accoutrements (some mystical/grunge/stained robes for those hermits that dabble in the occult arts of making paint) Gardener's garb Tailor's threads ............and whatever strikes your fancy So what do you guys think? Would you like to get these little suckers into the game and have some nice crafting bonuses?
  6. Im sure these has been brought up at least once but think they would be good ideas for crafting. A full wooden wall takes 20 of planks to make, why does an arch also take the same amount? More than 3/4 of the facing is open. Same goes for windows, and other wall types and material types. I would also like to see corner pillars, so I can do things like overhangs. Overhangs were in the game once (withought support and taken away.) Make a new wall type Corner pillar, of every mat type,,,and no, not 20 planks/bricks either per as its not a full wall face. This would allow the support needed for overhangs, and allow them again. Also how about the ability to take a wall, and turn it into a window, or an arch,,,there is plenty of material available to simply cut out, no new materials needed to go down the list, ie full wall to window to arch, but yes small amount of materials to start with and arch but go up the list To window , to wall. A Reclamation/Recycle ability - Take ANY item and get some component back out of it, ie if I reclaim/recycle a wooden wall, I get some planks back etc, potentially gettign more as the skill increases of course up to max, as not everything should be reclaimable. And to go along with this, allow the Mayor of a city to reclaim left behind things from players years gone. Either reclaim or simply destroy it even. Im sorry but the more stuff you have laying around on a server inevitably causes lag when your in those areas on the server. Something really needs done with all the extra stuff around.
  7. Would it be possible for the crafting menu to show how much weight of an item is required (if applicable) so that we don't need to run to the wiki for every little thing.
  8. Price Check on Realcoffee, Might end up selling this account.
  9. I would like to see some grass baskets and bags. Grass hats too. More items could be grass, but baskets seem the coolest to me.
  10. Crafting Product Profitability Wurm has a plethora of wonderful skills, each one with it's own functions, uses, and perks. I prefer to separate skills into four categories:Gathering, Crafting, Combat, and Leisure. I want to focus here on the crafting skills. The crafting skill category consists of 8 crafting skills. These are skills that take items from gathering skills and use them to produce a product in the game. The seven skills include: Carpentry, Smithing, Tailoring, Masonry, Pottery, Alchemy, Rope-making, and Cooking. Each one is unique to the products it produces, and many of them have sub-skills. However, even though the products from each skill are unique to itself, only two of the skills have high-end products. Smithing and Tailoring, both of which have products that sell for high-coinage value. Smithing has the creation of dragon scale armor with the use of its sub-skill, Plate Armor Smithing. Tailoring, just the same, has the production of dragon hide armor, which uses the sub-skill Leather-working. Unless an item is won or given as a reward, or maybe if an item is fantastic, no other items sell for as much as the dragon armors do. Which sort of makes those sub-skills the best skills to have if you want to participate in the economy. What I'm suggesting here is that maybe the other skills could get an economy handout. To think about how to do this, we can track back to why smithing and tailoring are profitable. They each take items dropped by uniques, and turn it into a very useful item to have. So its gathering process is the product of a unique fight. Perhaps the other skills lacking profitable products could get a gathering item from the result of a unique fight too. For example, maybe the troll king could drop a felled tree(its club) of a wood type unobtainable by any other source. This when used in the creation of a weapon (think combat stave, fancy clubs[expand that club skill gains!] or like the Staff of Land) could allow the player to have the advantage in combat, and then be both rare, and therefore valuable. ideally the item would be of equal value to that of dragon armors. That of course is just an example of what could be done. Wurm's economy fluctuates and for the devs to know what adding any given item will do to the market and to the game is nearly impossible. Personally I would just like to see all the crafting skills be equally as profitable, and therefore equally useful. Making that happen would help balance both the economy and the professions within the game, and I think may even make the skill system feel more vast than it already is. Tell me below what you think of making all the crafting skills profitable! ~Lei
  11. account sold please close .
  12. Just an idea I've had since I've seen some players who are unsatisfied with their characters appearance, and from seeing people complain about not being able to trade Silver Hand Mirrors. I think the solution should be to make a special recipe that produces Golden Hand Mirrors, similar to the silver variant, but with an obviously different material to make it distinguishable from its silver cousin. before we continue on the subject of the hand mirror: in order to make this logically work, we would need to add glass to the game and to make glass we should just be able to put a small amount of sand into a small container that fits in a forge and let it smelt awhile to make said glass, doing this would also make way for a few new additions that could require glass. to sum up a small good way that I thought it could boil down to in just 8 easy-to-remember steps: Get Sand, Get Gold, Smelt Sand into Glass, Heat up Gold, Craft Gold Hand Mirror Frame, Combine Frame and Glass, Get a priest to cast "Bless" on the Mirror, Spend a small amount of Karma to change Appearance. this is just a sample of how it COULD be made, but the dev's get the final say. Not sure how everybody here will view this idea, but I was just giving around a small idea that had been kicking around in my head, I know others probably have mentioned an idea like this in the past, but I, like them, want to see a way to change character appearance. Leave your opinions, feedback is good afterall.
  13. WTS Chasone - - Offers over 500E only WTS Movu - - Offers over 200E only Selling them naked on Exodus (Giants Causeway). No ship. Neither account is a priest. Both SoTG on Insanity path. PM me with your offers. Cheers Kil
  14. sold

    Comes with plate set, some usefull gear and a knarr full of crap. 7000 Karma. No warnings. Male. You have premium time until 28 May 2017 Looking for 230e
  15. Correction: After mixing many more batches of concrete I realized that I made an error by using the total amount of lye used in my calculations. Since concrete is made using 1.5 lye per action, the maximum amount of concrete which can be made from a small barrel of lye is 30. I've changed the percentage amounts to reflect this fact. Substituting a maximum total of 30 concrete per small barrel now indicates that the success rate is higher (at least in this instance) than the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I spent the day today making concrete from 900 ash. The amount of concrete I was able to craft does not agree with the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window. This leads me to believe that either the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window is calculated incorrectly, or the mechanic for determining the success rate of crafting actions is not accurate. While my findings pertains only to crafting concrete, I have a suspicion that all crafting actions may have a similar issue. My Natural Substances skill was 49.97 when I started, and 51.29 when I finished. I created batches of lye in small barrels using 45 ash per 45kg water for a total of 20 batches, as well as 2 smaller batches of leftover lye. The Chance percentage listed was 80% for the first batch, and 81% for all the rest. Here are my results: 1 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 12 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 2 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 13 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 3 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 14 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 4 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 15 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 5 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 16 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 6 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 17 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 7 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 18 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 8 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 19 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 9 11 lye 7 concrete 95.4% 20 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 10 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 21 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 11 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 22 9.75 lye 6 concrete 92.3% Total: 592 concrete 96.4% (592/613.83) If I understand the purpose of the Chance percentage in the crafting window (which is highly unlikely), it is an approximation of the expected crafting results based on a character's skill level modified by material quality. I would expect that the Chance percentage is not a random chance approximation, but rather a measure of proficiency. Based on the Chance percentage I was given I would expect to see an average of 80 successes out of 100 crafting actions (or 36 concrete per small barrel of lye) with a variation in the results, perhaps ranging from +-5% to +-10%. The results I achieved clearly do not correspond to the Chance percentage, and they are also too consistent to correspond to a random chance calculation (which would actually be a poor way of calculating crafting success). Based on all of the nonsense I just spouted, I think either the Chance percentage needs to be recalculated to show the actual chance of success per crafting action, or the mechanic used to determine successful actions needs to be modified to produce successful crafting actions more in line with the displayed Chance percentage. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring Island, Xanadu
  16. Hello there! My friend recently started playing and he wants to catapult his Wurm career. We are looking to buy a starter account who has decent starter stats. Don't need to be anything crazy. Contact me with offers and let's talk price!
  17. Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy a solid crafting account, pm with offers.
  18. Time to thin the ranks! Male - Crafting/Fighting Account (name kept private for privacy of new owner) [19:48:03] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 1 of the Raven's starfall, 1041. That's 881 days, 16 hours and 52 minutes ago. [19:48:03] You have played 80 days, 18 hours and 8 minutes. [19:48:03] You have been premium a total of 0 months until Dec 2013. [19:48:03] You have not paid for premium time. The character will come with nothing on him except 2 mirrors, and can be picked up on Xanadu. I will accept private bids, however the bid will be posted without your name. All offers will be in Silver or Euro (1/1 ratio) through Paypal. Starting Bid 10s/e Bid increases by 10s/e minimum This auction will run a total of 10 days, starting 12/5/2016 Sniper Protection : 1 hour Happy Bidding!!
  19. I did a quick search and didn't see a similar topic, apologies if this is well worn territory. A couple of improvements that I think could help make the crafting recipes window more useful: A Back button to return to the previous entry. For example if you are looking at the Large Cart recipe and click into the small wheel axle, you have to search for Large Cart again to get back, shouldn't be necessary. Show the amount of material needed. Looking up sheet all it tells you is that you need a needle and square cloth. It would seem reasonable for it to be more specific that you need 1.5kg of cloth.
  20. I was thinking -- IRL we have Swiss watches, Italian fashion, German cars, French food, etc. What if there was an in game mechanic similar to this? So we might see Celebration coal, Independence pie, Pristine pork pie, Release Rat on a Stick, Exodus altars, Deliverance huge axes, Chaos cookies, etc... One way to implement would be: The server that creates the most items over 90 ql of a certain type over a 3 month period earns the option to add a regional title to the item. The title gives some minor bonus to the item. Go catch some Xanadu trout!
  21. Looking for high crafting account. Please send any skill dumps to me via PM. Any purchase will be via verified Paypal. I will be able to supply good references to verify my trustworthiness. Cold
  22. As in the title. I enjoy the game a lot despite not having played it for long enough to find myself regularly indulging myself in the game's more advanced activities. And despite that, I found myself particularly enjoying ditching my starter gear and starting off as the blankest of blank slates (not trying to be a special snowflake of any sort, bet there's at least a few more people who share my sentiments). Although I have taken note of the game's robust crafting system (it would be dumb of me not to), I think it falls a bit short in the "primitive" stage. There could be some more things to craft, and some more mechanics to be implemented, such as wielding a hefty branch actually allowing me to hit something with it. As opposed to, you know, holding it with one hand, and beating up stuff with the other, as I understood its actual use in combat by Wurm's mechanics. I was quite surprised to see it being the case of crude tools, especially the axe. While some of you would understandably bash the idea of adding a number of crude additions (such as weapons, armor, perhaps some substitutes for construction materials) as unneccesary clogfest, as we can already get to crafting iron stuff quite quickly, I think it could really aid an RP aspect of the game, which I also find important. If you guys find it interesting, though, let me know, so I can find myself welcome to elaborate. You are welcome to pop your own ideas, too! And yeah, a few lines of text in, I realised that was quite rude of me to pop my cries and demands in without even introducing myself. I shall do so soon.
  23. Been away for a while and want to get back into Wurm again. Seems like the game is making huge headway on new features and options, like WU. I don't expect to find an account with all the skills I have listed (in no particular order of importance), but PM me with what you have and we can discuss price. I bet someone needs some extra Christmas cash? Hoping for 80+ in the following: BS WS PAS JS LW CT NS Farm WC Mine Dig Carp FC Masonry HFC Pottery Rope 50+ in the following Metalurgy Firemaking AH Taming Forestry Gardening Paving Coal Butchering
  24. Situation: Starting a complex item (i.e. any item requiring "continue" actions to complete) with rare/supreme/fantastic items. Expected behavior: Similar behavior to continuing with rare parts. In that case, chance to transfer rarity from a part used is 1 in (total number of parts needed by item). Actual behavior: Rarity does not transfer from either starting item, ever. Steps to reproduce: Create tons of unfinished items. They should never start rare from rare parts, only from a rare window Moment of Inspiration. Cause of bug: The code sets a local rarity variable on unfinished item creation based on the rarity of the action (MoI), the rarity of the parts, and random chance. However, this value is never used. In byte rarity = 0; if (act.getRarity() > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = act.getRarity(); } if (realSource.rarity > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = realSource.rarity; } if (realTarget.rarity > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = realTarget.rarity; } However, this value is never used; the code instead uses act.getRarity() (MoI rarity) when creating the actual item. I assume this is a bug, since it is inconsistent with how continuing unfinished items works, the code seems to imply it should work, and I can't see any reason why this would be intended. This just seems like a simple oversight that the item creation calls use "act.getRarity()" instead of the rarity value set previously in the function. Solution: In the ItemFactory.createItem() calls in, replace "act.getRarity()" with "rarity" as set by the function properly.