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Found 73 results

  1. Cavemannn's Blacksmithing Services! Blacksmithing Tools and Prices: Contact me in game for blacksmithing services (/tell Cavemannn <Message>) Contact me on Discord for Blacksmithing : Salmqn#9199 -----ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE----- If your tool turns Rare / Supreme / Fantastic - They're sent back for no extra cost! If your tool is getting improved, The cost can be lower depending on quality of your tool... Example, 70ql pickaxe improved to 90ql, this would be 70ql price - 90ql price Tools: Available for COD if the item fits 70ql tools - 0.30s 80ql tools - 0.60s 90ql tools - 1.20s 95ql tools - 3s 96ql tools - 3.5s 97ql tools - 6.0s 98ql tools- 9s 99ql tools - 12.0s Horse Shoes: Set prices (4 shoes) 70ql - 0.75s 80ql - 1.75s 90ql - 4s High End Items for sale: If no price is set, or the price is too high, we can work something out 40ql Rare Iron Maul (Blank) 90ql Rare Iron 2H Sword (Steel rune of fo) 88ql Rare Iron Huge axe (94 Nim, 93 LT, 91 CoC, 86 Ms) 90ql Rare Iron Axe (95 Nim, MD, 96 CoC, 103 Ms) 90ql Rare silver Shortsword (105 Nim, 102 LT, 102 CoC, 100 Ms) 90ql Rare Iron Longsword (Blank)
  2. Hello and welcome to crafters legion merchant ad ! Latest update: 09/18 Currently there are two public wagoners in market for everyone to use. Location: Crafter's Legion Market Xanadu M7 north of cave canal. Our crew: Martynas Mrcoolman Richtje Richardcheese To order item post here or pm crafter ingame. Currently thread is WIP, if you dont find item you need tell us. 10% discount on items with crafter's signature ! Alternative payment methods: Favor[NEW] Enchanting Alchemy: Carpentry: Hot food cooking: Masonry: Smithing: Tailoring: Up to 99QL
  3. I just saw a newer player in CA Help who was confused by the following crafting error message, which went something like: This is impossible, perhaps you are not skilled enough. Someone told him to use a higher QL plank, and of course that worked. Thus the error message saying his skill wasn't high enough did not tell the whole story, and so is misleading. A better message could be: At your current skill, the quality (QL) of the item you are adding needs to be higher. This brings the player straight to the fastest solution to the problem - the plank quality which he can more quickly choose, rather than his skill, which he may feel he can not.
  4. I know that this has been suggested before, but we still don't have it so here it is again. Digging is a pain and could be improved hugely with a few key tweaks. Get rid of "dig" = "dig-to-inventory" Done - Yay! Dig to pile should be default ahead of dig to inventory, just for starters. I know this suggestion is usually met with "but keybind" which is okay as far as it goes, but let's face it is still a work-around. My preference is to activate the tool, select the object and then use the numbered action button. Partly this reduces the need for multiple binds because binds aren't context-sensitive whereas the numbered buttons are (3 could be forage, cut down, mine, dig depending on the context whereas binding would require 4 different keybinds). It is also more intuitive because it is displayed in the UI. The default action should be the most generally useful, and digging to inventory is not that. Dig to containers when they are available Having established that dig-to-pile should be the default, I am going to go right ahead and say it shouldn't be the default.🙂 It should be the default when you have no container within reach. If you have a container within reach of you, then the dirt/sand etc should go into the container. This one change, which has been in pretty much every WU server I have tried, has allowed me to really dig into terrain modification (see what I did there?) on WU. Unfortunately it doesn't translate to WO, where the current setup weighs me down. If "within reach of you" is too hard a mechanic to manage, perhaps "either on your target tile or on your current tile" would be easier. "Drop" from containers or piles When leveling, dirt should be grabbed from inventory, the tile you are leveling, tiles within reach (or your current tile if that is too difficult), containers within reach (ditto re difficult). This would remove the fiddly and somewhat gratuitous extra actions of constantly "loading" your inventory (which as you progress can also involve a LOT of frustrating treacle-walking). In my thinking, carts and wagons count as containers. I am not suggesting digging while driving large carts and wagons, but just accessing them as containers (and their nested containers). If you are dragging a cart, of course you should be able to dig etc. Actually, that could be an implementation of leading hitched animals to keep the cart or wagon close. Just keep them draggable & when animals are hitched use the animals in the max speed calculation (i.e. you wouldn't drag faster than your walk speed, but you wouldn't be slowed down either because it's really the hitched animals doing the dragging). Believe me, I have shoveled a lot of material and the FIRST preference is from the container (trailer, ute) directly to the target site if you can get close enough. then from container to a pile and then to the site. You don't load up a backpack or satchel full of dirt and walk around with it. Barrows While typing this, I realized we need another "cart", smaller than a small cart. With a small cart, if you have a body strength of 30 and are carrying 100kq on your person, your maximum draggable cart load is over 1,000kg. That would be over 50dirts, but since it is capped at 40 the load in that case would be 800kg. Admittedly, dragging that would be uber slow, but doable. A smaller container for "pottering" could be useful, especially for newbies. Make its capacity 1/4 that of a cart for instance. 10 dirts, 200kg. More than most can carry for a while (for me, once regular inventory and attire are factored in, it is roughly twice what I can currently carry of this kind of raw material) and also importantly, it can be moved about at a much higher walking speed. Make it easier to craft than a small cart, not lockable but maybe able to be carried when empty (like a BSB in that regard). For material... hmm... 1 small wheel, 1 small nails, 2 shafts, 5 planks? More material and complexity than a bucket, less than a cart. Less likely to litter up the landscape because it can't be locked (it's not a storage container but a tool) so it is either secured away unseen or able to be moved. It's an open container so no damage protection for contents. Crafting from containers An ability to open a container and directly performing crafting actions on the contents. I am thinking of bulk items, like bricks from shards. Currently I take as many shards as I can, combine them in the crafting window and make bricks. I then move the bricks from inventory to the container and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. It would be much simpler to open the container, add "stone shards" to the crafting window from there and create bricks, which appear in the same container. I know the unit size could be a problem: 20 kilo shards unit, 16.5 needed to make a 15kg brick. As the container inventory would update anyway upon creation, I think that containers that auto-combine would not have a problem with this (i.e. the last one is always the partial, whereas the first one is the default active - I think).
  5. There is quantity of 10g for wood pulp displayed in crafting recipes window for paper sheet. It should be 3.0kg.
  6. Hello Everyone on Harmony specially everone who live in the SouthEast of Harmony (everyone between T16 to P12) I'am Planning a 2 wide wooden Bridge From P14 (the Deed is named Matology) to R14 I want to connect North with South so they(and I) dont have to travel per boat or the long way arount through the mountan... that is just Phase 1 of the Project, next stage is a highway from P14 to O15 and from there another Bridge to O16 and from there Stage 3 Highway to Harmony Bay. I do this all by myself but I would be Happy if someone come and assist me a bit. Eather through Carpentry work, material preperation, or material donations (note sry 4 my bad english ^^) Hope to See you there... ps. I can Provide some Bed's for Helping hands and A monestary for all who wants to pray a bit ^^ so long *wave*
  7. Just a quick little idea came to mind today while I was sitting on a bunch of gems. Basically, if you aren't a priest, then the best use for you is sitting on a table looking like you're rich cause you found a gem, which of course is supposed to be rare and wanted by everyone... but no. So what if we added being able to cement gems into jewelry? that way you could use it as not only flashing off some fancy wealth, but priests could use it as a quick faith/favour gain at any point compared to carrying a satchel full of them. Possibly allow slots per 10ql in a necklace and you could "cement" a gem in? Then cause why not add gems into hilts of weapons? only one of course. Not sure if for aesthetic or for practical uses like lets say diamonds, hardest object on the planet, could decrease dmg on use? the diamond of course with time would lose ql and become worthless/useless. Just a thought, cheers!
  8. Sometimes when adding items to an unfinished complex item, the unfinished item disappears from the crafting window and you have to drag it back in again to queue more crafting actions. The already ongoing actions finish without the item in the crafting window. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough that it's noticeable.
  9. I know like me longtime players are tired of building house after house and would like to have more to use their building skills on ..Building structures that would make use of building and crafting both would be a highly embraced IMO. Things like Saw Mills for crafting wooden planks or wood beams from logs, or Grain Mills for our crops. Could be large alliance projects even. Wind , Water powered by streams or ocean .it would require crafting and building could have parts to be repaired etc. Large grain silos would be nice to store large qty of corn, seeds other grains etc. I could see some needing a water tower , I have ran out of water from my well while working on dyes many times ..they would also at a nice feel to villages, even putting deeds name on them as an option. We could mine coal and have coal or wood powered train system that players could build from stations that would work like wagoners but could be used by players to travel and livestock and large items to be moved. Also a lot of times players move from one deed to a new one , many complain it takes forever to move all their items with a wagon making many long trips back and forth .why not allow for wagons to be connected to make hauling a bit easier ..just a couple wagons hitched together would be useful for moving , logging and im sure other times. Contraption for making glass items would be a fun craft, windows and vases and dishes could be added like pottery skill. And last my personal item that i think would be fun is a new skill in barbering . we have the tools for most part with scissors and dyes, a few more added items like chairs and shears and shave cream etc idk if that is ever gonna be possible but it would be a fun skill to try to add into game (Not holding my breathe for it ). Just game is getting stale with nothing new to build or do ..Please help
  10. I just got this idea from Retrograde's WurmOnlineOfficial stream, so he should take the credit for it, and probably will. Retro's mouse was moving so fast when he was creating the mushroom planter box on the ground, and his mouse was so silent it actually looked like he was dragging the materials (in this case beams) on to the unfinished planter box (it was like lightning believe me.) I thought wow - what if we could drag materials onto an item we were creating? - we could drag planks onto an unfinished large cart to continue it, drag bricks onto an unfinished house wall to continue building it, drag pegs onto an incomplete knarr to continue adding to it etc etc. You might be thinking well, what's wrong with using the crafting interface (which is lovely btw), or double clicking to activate the material and then right clicking the unfinished item and selecting Continue Item, or pressing a bound key as many do now? I use a laptop touch pad, and I am mindful of what a relief it is that we can just drag items onto bulk containers to fill them - what a great asset and improvement to Quality of Life! - so I would love to be able to drag a stack of mats onto unfinished items to continue them. The action timers would stay in place of course, and you could only queue the same amount of actions/mats, but the amount of wear on mouse or touch pad is bound to improve. I also think it would be quite satisfying to physically 'put' the materials down onto the item being constructed (yeh, weird I know). I think the only downside would be mis-clicking and accidentally completing your knarr in the wrong peg wood type, but that isn't likely to happen is it? ...often? Just an idea.
  11. XrumX I'm selling the account on behalf of a friend Skills dump: [13:36:51] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 3 of the starfall of Fires, 1044. That's 1681 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes ago. [13:36:51] You have played 252 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes. [13:36:51] You have premium time until 3 Jul 2019 17:55:29 GMT Current location: Release (North coast) Peculiarities: 80 Meditation level 12 of Path of Knowledge (25% bonus on skill gain) (Recall home) (No skill loss) Good building and crafting skills 90+ Farming skill PvP ready skills 8K Karma 94 Titles It comes with these items/contracts: PM me for offers, Paypal only Thanks
  12. I would love to see either the vanilla measuring jug or a better version of it able to set the measurement to a customizeable volume
  13. I've made ten lead lunchboxes instead of tin ones. Is this intended -- perhaps as part of the "any metal" feature? Or is it a bug? The only way I can figure it happened is that I activated the lead sheet when combining it with the tin sheet at the start. Since I had to add more tin sheets after, it isn't following the "last-main-material-type-added" paradigm. Edit: I've now tested with both the tin sheet and the lead sheet activated at creation; the result in both cases is an unfinished lead lunchbox. I also tried to use an iron sheet to combine with either a tin sheet or a lead sheet (to test whether this was a function of "any metal"); neither combination yields the menu option to create a lunchbox.
  14. I am trying to make a recipe that requires multiple items in order to craft an item, in this case a Julbord. However, when I go to make the item in game it completes the whole thing without requiring the additional items. I can't seem to find why it is doing this, nor how to declare it to create an unfinished version of the item that needs the rest to be completed. (I am a complete beginner at coding and have been looking through code made by others trying to copy their method) Any tips or help is greatly appreciated! package org.dragonsgatewu.wurmunlimited.mods.julbordrecipe; import com.wurmonline.server.items.AdvancedCreationEntry; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationCategories; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationEntryCreator; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationRequirement; public class JulbordRecipe { public JulbordRecipe() { AdvancedCreationEntry julbord = CreationEntryCreator.createAdvancedEntry(10038, 22, 1173, 442, true, true, 0.0F, false, false, CreationCategories.COOKING_UTENSILS); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (1, 22, 9, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (2, 1173, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (3, 217, 10, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (4, 258, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (5, 257, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (6, 259, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (7, 129, 50, true)); } } I already have 1 + 1 = finished item working perfectly but I want this to be a more advanced recipe that requires more than a plank and plate to make, but also forks, spoons, knives, etc.
  15. Not really sure if this has been brought up on the suggestion thread, from what I've seen there are scraps and bits of this idea posted all around but my idea is simple and quite good for the overall game experience. Ready? Add clothes that grant a %bonus to crafting and skills. Sounds weird? Think about it for a second. A blacksmith's apron that grants you a max of 5% bonus to all smithing branches at 90ql, starting with a 1% bonus at 50ql. These numbers are just a sketch in my mind right now to give you a baseline for such an approach. Or a woodcutter's chequered shirt (stereotypical much? ) that grants you a bonus to your woodcutting skill. A wizard's robes for priests that give you a bonus against physical attacks and to your channeling skills. The sky is the limit on this one. Think about the fact that clothes right now are quite useless in the game, except for the aesthetic purpose. If this were to be implemented , cloth tailoring will become a major skill in the game and people will work on making lots of clothing sets specific to each task. Some farmer's workclothes for farming, or an archer's tunic that gives him a small boost to damage/accuracy/defence against ranged weps, you name it. It will also help out those people who hit 70-80 in some skills and want to get to 90. This game is all about small bonuses that stack with each other, so I really do hope this idea won't get barreled down in the mosh pit of forgotten threads. Also, to promote fairness, those clothing sets should experience a minor rate of decay as you use them. Using a miner's clothing set for example, should slightly decay the more you mine due to wear and tear, dust, humidity and so on. There are a lot of games out there with various pieces of clothing granting small bonuses to skills/traits/stats/etc. Why not in Wurm ? I believe this will be an excellent addition to the game and hope to see it in the near future. Small list of examples . Chef's and bakers uniform Miner's kit (made by using leatherworking) Blacksmiths apron (leatherworking) Carpenter's set with a toolbelts strapped around the waist Fisherman's overalls Hunter's jerkin (made with furs and leather, and maybe a hood) Digger's duds (sleeveless shirt and baggy pants) Alchemical accoutrements (some mystical/grunge/stained robes for those hermits that dabble in the occult arts of making paint) Gardener's garb Tailor's threads ............and whatever strikes your fancy So what do you guys think? Would you like to get these little suckers into the game and have some nice crafting bonuses?
  16. Im sure these has been brought up at least once but think they would be good ideas for crafting. A full wooden wall takes 20 of planks to make, why does an arch also take the same amount? More than 3/4 of the facing is open. Same goes for windows, and other wall types and material types. I would also like to see corner pillars, so I can do things like overhangs. Overhangs were in the game once (withought support and taken away.) Make a new wall type Corner pillar, of every mat type,,,and no, not 20 planks/bricks either per as its not a full wall face. This would allow the support needed for overhangs, and allow them again. Also how about the ability to take a wall, and turn it into a window, or an arch,,,there is plenty of material available to simply cut out, no new materials needed to go down the list, ie full wall to window to arch, but yes small amount of materials to start with and arch but go up the list To window , to wall. A Reclamation/Recycle ability - Take ANY item and get some component back out of it, ie if I reclaim/recycle a wooden wall, I get some planks back etc, potentially gettign more as the skill increases of course up to max, as not everything should be reclaimable. And to go along with this, allow the Mayor of a city to reclaim left behind things from players years gone. Either reclaim or simply destroy it even. Im sorry but the more stuff you have laying around on a server inevitably causes lag when your in those areas on the server. Something really needs done with all the extra stuff around.
  17. Would it be possible for the crafting menu to show how much weight of an item is required (if applicable) so that we don't need to run to the wiki for every little thing.
  18. Price Check on Realcoffee, Might end up selling this account.
  19. I would like to see some grass baskets and bags. Grass hats too. More items could be grass, but baskets seem the coolest to me.
  20. Crafting Product Profitability Wurm has a plethora of wonderful skills, each one with it's own functions, uses, and perks. I prefer to separate skills into four categories:Gathering, Crafting, Combat, and Leisure. I want to focus here on the crafting skills. The crafting skill category consists of 8 crafting skills. These are skills that take items from gathering skills and use them to produce a product in the game. The seven skills include: Carpentry, Smithing, Tailoring, Masonry, Pottery, Alchemy, Rope-making, and Cooking. Each one is unique to the products it produces, and many of them have sub-skills. However, even though the products from each skill are unique to itself, only two of the skills have high-end products. Smithing and Tailoring, both of which have products that sell for high-coinage value. Smithing has the creation of dragon scale armor with the use of its sub-skill, Plate Armor Smithing. Tailoring, just the same, has the production of dragon hide armor, which uses the sub-skill Leather-working. Unless an item is won or given as a reward, or maybe if an item is fantastic, no other items sell for as much as the dragon armors do. Which sort of makes those sub-skills the best skills to have if you want to participate in the economy. What I'm suggesting here is that maybe the other skills could get an economy handout. To think about how to do this, we can track back to why smithing and tailoring are profitable. They each take items dropped by uniques, and turn it into a very useful item to have. So its gathering process is the product of a unique fight. Perhaps the other skills lacking profitable products could get a gathering item from the result of a unique fight too. For example, maybe the troll king could drop a felled tree(its club) of a wood type unobtainable by any other source. This when used in the creation of a weapon (think combat stave, fancy clubs[expand that club skill gains!] or like the Staff of Land) could allow the player to have the advantage in combat, and then be both rare, and therefore valuable. ideally the item would be of equal value to that of dragon armors. That of course is just an example of what could be done. Wurm's economy fluctuates and for the devs to know what adding any given item will do to the market and to the game is nearly impossible. Personally I would just like to see all the crafting skills be equally as profitable, and therefore equally useful. Making that happen would help balance both the economy and the professions within the game, and I think may even make the skill system feel more vast than it already is. Tell me below what you think of making all the crafting skills profitable! ~Lei
  21. account sold please close .
  22. Just an idea I've had since I've seen some players who are unsatisfied with their characters appearance, and from seeing people complain about not being able to trade Silver Hand Mirrors. I think the solution should be to make a special recipe that produces Golden Hand Mirrors, similar to the silver variant, but with an obviously different material to make it distinguishable from its silver cousin. before we continue on the subject of the hand mirror: in order to make this logically work, we would need to add glass to the game and to make glass we should just be able to put a small amount of sand into a small container that fits in a forge and let it smelt awhile to make said glass, doing this would also make way for a few new additions that could require glass. to sum up a small good way that I thought it could boil down to in just 8 easy-to-remember steps: Get Sand, Get Gold, Smelt Sand into Glass, Heat up Gold, Craft Gold Hand Mirror Frame, Combine Frame and Glass, Get a priest to cast "Bless" on the Mirror, Spend a small amount of Karma to change Appearance. this is just a sample of how it COULD be made, but the dev's get the final say. Not sure how everybody here will view this idea, but I was just giving around a small idea that had been kicking around in my head, I know others probably have mentioned an idea like this in the past, but I, like them, want to see a way to change character appearance. Leave your opinions, feedback is good afterall.
  23. WTS Chasone - - Offers over 500E only WTS Movu - - Offers over 200E only Selling them naked on Exodus (Giants Causeway). No ship. Neither account is a priest. Both SoTG on Insanity path. PM me with your offers. Cheers Kil
  24. sold

    Comes with plate set, some usefull gear and a knarr full of crap. 7000 Karma. No warnings. Male. You have premium time until 28 May 2017 Looking for 230e