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  1. I really hope they don't make another tablet style OS, or copy Macintosh.
  2. Windows (if you use that) can log crashes like that and unexpected shutdowns via the event viewer: might be worth setting it up so you can see what goes wrong?
  3. player in question is over 70fs and meets all the requirements
  4. I've given up at this point, well 5 years ago really.
  5. Can we at least test changes prior to them just being thrown out in to the wild? If it takes you 6 months to come up with new ideas at least spend a month testing it out.. Does this mean none of the changes are tested?
  6. Year of 1100

    would love a 30% skillgain weekend or something to celebrate.. We can dream..
  7. lmao, it feels like they spent more time renaming the skill tree for this april fools than doing the combat overhaul...
  8. The epic changes were great, for about a month. The latest elevation map release was meh, and then the cluster has been abandoned entirely by the playerbase and development team. It's pretty insulting honestly, what a mess. Problems introduced by the changes to the skilling system over there that were never addressed (lockpicking ..) I understand there is a small dev team, but at this point what does it serve as a cluster other than to add to more bills for code club to bear. Chaos has always been the shithole deed spam warfare that it is. Defiance was a good opportunity to get going again, which was good for a while, although how many people actively play there now then? Until you centralise PvP on to one map everything will suffer somewhat. THIS HASN'T JUST DEVELOPED OVERNIGHT, THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM FOR YEARS... sort your ###### out.
  9. I suppose you dislike staring at the skill tree too then?
  10. Being able to improve arrows in bundles based on your fletching skill is something I suggested a long time ago rather than one at a time
  11. Life transfer is a superior enchant. That being said ED is good if you can't get LT see my professional image: If you're going for body stats with weapon grinding don't put damage enchants or CoC & BotD on, just LT, & Mind stealer! + (either WOA or nimbleness)