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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Wurm unlimited The code being accessible through the release of Wurm unlimited the epic elevation map reset chaos pvp meta pvp requirements being absurd (horses, horse gear, taming, stuff to tame with, armor, skills to make armor, weapons, skill to make weapons, enchants, priests to make enchants, houses in mines on pvp servers. the list is just too long how can a new player keep up outside of having to join an established group or get dominated??) toxic community both pve and pvp (not all are however) no (unnoticable) advertisement for the game horse races the game is inaccessible for new players who dont pay upwards of hundreds of euros as a jump-start the fact the community is desperately trying to hang on to what is left makes it look worse than it probably is there is no reason to want to log in, it has become a compulsion "oh i've got prem, i must skill" etc the cancerous economy for selling accounts (meh it has goods and bads) slow trickle of important changes that could have helped the game, AND THE COMMUNITY POPULATION, a LONG time ago. The mystery of logging in to the game and learning is now gone, you can simply go and read up the code. it's no fun. my main hate is the PVE vs PVP mentality I pretty much got my character forced to move to freedom, with less skills, or just quit because no one plays on epic, lets take fighting skill for example, that is not on the curve, and was not 2x as fast on the epic cluster. SO WHY DID IT GET NERFED..? if you were on epic, you got ###### over. That isn't to say when interesting changes happen people will come back, maybe.
  2. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    The King cobra it means most likely (to get emperor in HotS)
  3. New HD Textures [WIP]

    That is an awesome natural blend between textures per tile nice job!
  4. Buff Icon Bar Preferences/Customisation

    Well, there is a consensus at least!
  5. Proposed simple quality of life fix: Give the option to toggle certain bonuses being displayed on the buffs icon bar: For Example Toggle Sorcery Icons Toggle Shoulder Pad Icons Toggle Combat Spell Debuffs etc Why? When you stack up sorcery tomes it is no doubt really annoying to have 4-5 + rows of icons cluttering the screen, making it more customisable will be great for quality of life, and to make it less annoying to stare at, especially if you are PvPing and do not really want to see all the sorcery icons stacked up all the time. The spell effects bar is not great for using either in combat specifically, staring at text means you aren't focusing on other important tasks, and although wurm assistant is used to detect spells it is easier to see what is going on if you have your own customisable GUI personalised to how you want it for any task.
  6. Free Change to Nathan

    They already said that they will /thread
  7. WTS WU Banners / Flags

    Currently in stock: 5x Wurm University kingdom banners (1.5s each) 4x Wurm University Kingdom Flags (1s each) Or pm Eddiekey ingame (can be mailed from Deli)
  8. Lets tell a story...

    I had ran into a champion nogump, who began stunning me out of combat range
  9. wtb Smith

    seel me ya ###### dawg bump
  10. wtb Smith

  11. wtb Smith

    I don't have that amount of time sadly which is why I'd rather throw money at the screen, information appreciated however!
  12. wtb Smith

  13. wtb Smith

    bump looking still