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  1. WTS WU Banners / Flags

    Currently in stock: 5x Wurm University kingdom banners (1.5s each) 4x Wurm University Kingdom Flags (1s each) Or pm Eddiekey ingame (can be mailed from Deli)
  2. Lets tell a story...

    I had ran into a champion nogump, who began stunning me out of combat range
  3. wtb Smith

    seel me ya ###### dawg bump
  4. wtb Smith

  5. wtb Smith

    I don't have that amount of time sadly which is why I'd rather throw money at the screen, information appreciated however!
  6. wtb Smith

  7. wtb Smith

    bump looking still
  8. wtb Smith

    Looking for an account with an overall smithing skillset, (with weaponsmithing in particular please) please pm me with any dumps and the offers you feel are appropriate.
  9. PvP Holidays

    They wouldn't leave strongbox to do a favourable 10vs5 on their own homeserver with two champions with them They were professional noobs
  10. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    [11:16:50] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about axes!
  11. [Fixed] Kicked off mounts

    Going up slopes above 20 in height causes you to get booted off mounts still
  12. Pre-assigned actions - What does everyone think?

    Macro: a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task. -1
  13. [Fixed] Kicked off mounts

    After the latest patch (26/07/2018) it seems as though if you jump on a mount (wagon/carts/horses) and try moving straight away it boots you off onto the tile you are on instantly, and sometimes randomly after you stop moving. *edit* seems like you only get booted when moving forwards or backwards specifically, wiggling left and right to move seems to produce less chance to boot you off the mount
  14. PvP Holidays

    where is the dislike button?
  15. I was fighting a nogump with a tower, it kept stun bashing so i backed off to our deed (about half a local way) to go heal and go back out - except it kept stun locking me and doing this: [11:57:11] An adolescent son of nogump bashes you!