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  1. allow oars to be usable to boost speed on a boat when wind is bad, more people using oars = more speed?
  2. On a serious note I believe that working PMK's in to an existing arrangement will only lead to problems (like these stipulated restrictions), you are probably better off making a new map, making an event of it and also adding PMK's in, that way you can at the VERY least ensure that it is balanced rather than just another band aid patch on this current map. It'd also mean players are more likely to return - more profit for CodeClub. Which makes the most sense right?# Big up to @Omar's suggestion HERE: New map +1 or follow the above suggestion thread. @Darklords
  3. lets get a better map 😆
  4. +1 Consolidate the PvP playerbase.
  5. The restrictions you have created in this roadmap won't make PMK's worth it, why pay 100 silver to force restriction's upon yourself?
  6. PMK's won't be viable because of the stipulated restriction's.
  7. @Sheffie- the main issue is that you need to get your skill higher still, sub 50 archery and bow skill is awful really, focus on your bow skill. Forget archery, that sorts itself out. If you grind your bow skill to 90 at a minimum, use a reasonably good quality bow (85+ql), enchanted with nimbleness, and use high quality arrows (70+) you'll find that actually it does do rather reasonable damage. mix in bloodthirst on to your bow as well, you're going to do just fine. For PvP at least please leave archery alone. "Let us get a moment of inspiration while shooting, and let this shot always hit the target, not glance, and do 5x damage." ^ This would be a bit overpowered. You can already crit players / creatures (if it's not been toiled with) which helps, 5x damage is a bit absurd. Everything else is reasonably covered by Trash's explanations. Also, it seems a little stupid but I'll mention it anyway - you can put FB/FA/RT on arrows if you care about damage, not that it's very relevant on PVE, but it is a thing, for skilling at least it is pointless and I don't see a reason outside of using it on PvP. But yeah, it works. You're gonna get all of your damage from higher skill and better equipment.
  8. Are the servers down right now? Trying to log in on Defiance and getting connection network error. Cannot even connect to to check and this website doesn't seem accurate .
  9. Why? I wanted to see the communities thoughts as not everyone wants to write something.
  10. If it wasn't intended then it must be an exploit and therefore everyone must be banned?
  11. So let me get this right, adding to the game now involves removing mechanics because players can't get along with each other? Sounds like a you problem mate. Also you can't sermon unless you are a priest!?!?!?