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  1. imagine having your fight skill nerfed even though it isn't a 2 x skill this post was made by pvp gang
  2. FOLLOWING ON FROM CLOSED THREAD Equipment weight: 22.29kg Inventory Weight: 264.211kg Total Weight: 286.501kg MAX WEIGHT: 387.9596KG (55+ str) [22:08:16] You may not carry that weight. I am 101.4586‬ KG under my maximum weight and can't carry anymore despite the fix? ( 20.73045097219515‬% OF MY CARRY WEIGHT)
  3. There is a mod in wurm unlimited that allows you to change the time of day to your liking
  4. I feel like this will be a bit controversial for the PvP side of the game however I will still put my suggestion forward: - Allow the time of day to be controlled clientside (like some mods allow in Wurm Unlimited)
  5. Not true, the character is more valuable to you than you think - you will never get any amount of money worth the time you put in to it, keep it and if you decide to play again you have an account at least!
  6. Wait until the Nogumps start killing people out of combat range, and out of local
  7. I'm tired of presenting the same argument to PR that does not exist every single time a thread like this appears, instead I shall simply say goodbye.
  8. =ayes= more like =Aye have a useless suggestion= xd -1
  9. WTB character

    bump, the browse continues..