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  1. I am running windows 7 with a gtx960 4gb, and an AMD FX-6300, 8gb ram 1333mhz etcetc. My computer does not crash like this at all with any other games, and I have had no major issues with my current set up at much at all in terms of hardware and software since I do maintain it well, my GPU was upgraded not really long ago either (1 or so years ago) ; It only happens with Wurm Online.
  2. there are no error logs, no black screens either, it sticks with what i could see up until it froze and it will never go away.
  3. I can play wurm for some time, and then randomly it could crash, some days it will be fine and no problems at all, however it can just freeze and it goes unresponsive, but all the sounds in the background are still playing such as music or youtube etc, there is absolutely no way for me to recover apart from turning my computer on and off at the power button, the cursor completely freezes and is unresponsive, same with my keyboard too. And it is a huge pain in the ass considering I am on a pvp cluster. I only get this issue with Wurm and no other games, and i am really at a loss.. if anyone can help me figure out wtf is going on i would appreciate it. I do not get this issue on Wurm unlimited, and yes i have reinstalled java 64bit multiple times to try and see if that would fix the issue however it did not..
  4. if someone is stood behind you or to the sides you will get hit more, not less.
  5. join a village which can help you get started.
  6. 100+ql weapons are bugged and cause people to get one shotted btw, you may want to look into that
  7. The server is awesome, you just need to speed up horses base speed since they are frustrating to ride, just by a little bit *indepth edit / ideas / stuff that could make it flow better: - increase horse speed, it is a bit too slow, since they use default wurm speeds they are painfully slow, especially considering you can go up mountain sides, keep the speed a flat amount up all terrain. - Archery seems to be harder to do even with 70 in bow skills / main stat (the timers are really long too, default them back to 5seconds) - The map is not the best currently, too many hills and mountains - make a map that has a variety of steppe, sand, rivers (boats that spawn perhaps) and that will make the games more interesting and unique each time - make loot a tiny bit more common, sometimes you get a really really bad spawn and there is not that much near you at all, and you get to the endgame somehow and the people you are against have over 100ql supreme armors and rare 90+ql weapons, maybe balance the loot out a tad more? - smaller map, i feel that it is slighty too big, and decrease the local sizes to compensate, this would be a good concept to test. - spectating, bit hard to say how this can be achieved, but it would be interesting to be able to watch the match after you are dead. there may be other things to improve, but honestly the potential and fun is already there and when it gets fleshed out it will be even more fun to play! (this will take off)
  8. +1 IF If you are going to have auto-target as an optional setting. (In PvP you dont want to be hitting a guy who is going down and then another enemy targets you and it auto targets them, it will become a pain in the arse to deal with mid combat)
  10. 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 dont forget to follow kingmasonas on instagram
  11. haha what a champ
  12. who was the hero that did a rite of death on xanadu he deserved a medal
  13. is it possible to toggle the outlines on / off with keybinds?
  14. yes but on EPIC you will get less skill ticks past 70 since the difficulty created by the curve causes you to fail more (since 70 is about 90 effective skill roughly)