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  1. acc sold

    Sent you a pm
  2. PC Seraphrattle

    Not true, the character is more valuable to you than you think - you will never get any amount of money worth the time you put in to it, keep it and if you decide to play again you have an account at least!
  3. Valrei Invasions

    Wait until the Nogumps start killing people out of combat range, and out of local
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I'm tired of presenting the same argument to PR that does not exist every single time a thread like this appears, instead I shall simply say goodbye.
  5. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    =ayes= more like =Aye have a useless suggestion= xd -1
  6. WTB character

  7. WTB character

  8. WTB character

    bump, the browse continues..
  9. WTB character

    bump, the browse continues..
  10. WTB character

    bump, the browse continues..
  11. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Ok so Freedomers were allowed to keep skilling on freedom and have their statistics transferred to epic, however it is not the same the other way around, and we actually got nerfed on stats that were not even related to being a 2x skill. This sums up how little you know about PvP, what you are suggesting does not change anything. The current way epic sits in wurm was designed for freedomers to do the things you describe. Explain how it has been successful? the way you think that PvP works on chaos is miles from what you imagine sadly You just proved my point, why would they want to play on chaos where it is worse for you and your "friends" epic is only sealed off items wise, outside of that you keep your stats you grind from freedom and can keep grinding there too in safety and transfer over? Getting in to PvP right now is just asking to be dissapointed, sorry to burst your bubble, however what you choose to do in-game is totally your perogative, enjoy.
  12. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Your change is basically trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole, it will not work, it HAS NOT worked. What you are suggesting is actually what epic currently is - without the timers to portal over. Look at how great that turned out right? I also revised my previous argument to make more sense grammatically.
  13. Chaos Freedom Portal

    This epitomises the problem currently plaguing the PvP aspect of this game, the fact you can hop to PvE in 100% safety, until both are separated totally there will always be a decline. The challenge server was definitive proof (round one at least) that Wurm PvP is (was) a successful concept at a relatively fast skilling and re-settable pace. Chaos is boring, the meta sucks arse and nu-Epic IS a colossal failure that has not been remedied since the radical changes were implemented. Despite that, not all changes were even that bad (armour modifications), and it instead got left to rot out in the open for all to witness. -1
  14. WTB character

    bump, the browse continues..
  15. WTB character

    after the following: 70 meditating (insanity 7-11 or PoK 11) 60bstr just send offers will discuss in pm, cheers