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  1. Just set all level 11 abilities to 25% PoK and be done with it?
  2. Welcome to my shop! I offer a quality service, with fast delivery and competitive prices! For bulk BSB's, wagons, carts & crates please see the "Carpentry" section! CURRENT SERVICES: - Blacksmithing - - Shield Smithing - - Bowyery & Fletching - (The hunting pack is a choice pack of any bow & arrows at a slight discount)! - Carpentry & Fine Carpentry - (Wagons, carts etc included, Fine carp up to 70QL and Carp up to 80QL on request)
  3. hi servers are dead can we get 10h sleep bonus thanks \or extend the gain week ! many thanks from india namaste
  4. No, why does it need the change? What is broken about it other than you "believe it is broke"? I don't see that this change is about "playstyle", you're just implement more unnecessary requirements with it, and adding another requirement to do a simple task takes time away from issues that actually need fixing. Ask anyone from the community that uses archery lots and they will likely disagree with you.
  5. Not for pvp thanks, what you suggest is going to make the skill very annoying and clunky to use, just totally not feasible at all - adding another entry requirement for playing the game.. (it would affect PvP, not so much freedom because who cares about bows on freedom honestly, just get a two hander..) If it ain't broke don't fix it -1
  6. Currently you can not go above path level 9 on Defiance at all, and do you think it would be worth adding a specific bonus after lvl9? This poll is to see what the community thinks. Personally I would like to see PoK or a bonus to skill after level 9 to level 11 like how SotG scale up works now, however in skill bonus.
  7. +1 yes i would like to transfer my surplus irl materials ty
  8. The chance for succeeding is very unlikely, it does take a long time as you describe.
  9. When people say PvP died, well.. they're wrong. It just moved here to the forums.
  10. I really hope they don't make another tablet style OS, or copy Macintosh.
  11. Windows (if you use that) can log crashes like that and unexpected shutdowns via the event viewer: might be worth setting it up so you can see what goes wrong?