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  1. Remove /who from PvP servers

    make the data displayed for pvp servers there not be displayed.
  2. as in title, discuss.
  3. WTB Rare large anvil

    as in title, pm offers please!
  4. WTB 20-30k veggies

    Looking to buy some veggies in bulk, please PM me your prices, euros and silver are both accepted. thanks!
  5. Lava Tile Freezing

    found on the wiki: Over time, lava can freeze naturally, but has a smaller chance to spread to neighboring tiles instead. Would like some clarification / statistics on this statement based on what the game code is saying if possible thanks!
  6. probably an anti alt feature in pvp
  7. Buff Aura of Shared Pain

    It can be worthwhile yes: The current meta punishes you for using AoSP over Web Armor - true, that does not make it a bad spell however, when plate was a predominant choice for pvp between 2012 - 2016 prior to all the armor changes in damage reduction it was far better to use. Now everyone can run really quick in scale, drake, leather and sometimes chain meaning web armour has been a much more superior choice - buffing AoSP would not help its case without making it overpowered, you would perhaps want to change the way the spell interacts in game.
  8. Buff Aura of Shared Pain

    Here is where you are wrong: - Cast AOSP on a barding of high quality with an above 75 cast - Equip it on a horse or hell horse - Hit the creature with a huge axe until it is dead - notice you are missing a big slab of health Specify your changes man, on players or on creatures..
  9. What a misery :(

    Holy ###### you discovered what the point of any game is! I'm guessing you are trying to enchant with a character that has more than 50 channelling and 100 (or -100) alignment within altar influence with no armor equipped? If so you may just need to chill, bill - it is after all just a game and you are not forced to play it in your free time
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    Found some old pictures from a raid we had on the Jenn Kellon capital on elevation in September of 2014!
  11. patch notes

    He probably means that they should be displayed once they have been implemented in the game
  12. No a display list would not appear if there was only one spell, and the fact is it does not over complicate spell difficulty since it already exists in the form of putting different enchantments on items anyway. The thread had a good amount of traction but nothing ever happened, maybe a Christmas miracle will happen with all the priest changes going on currently!
  13. this issue was supposed to be fixed