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  1. Valrei International. 060

    There's no achievement for becoming a developer.
  2. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    You're clearly investing your time in responding
  3. Epic, Complete 180°

    Note the bold section above the boring part, Quicktor. I think players often forget that we are also players. I felt like putting both my player response and my developer response there. Of course as a developer we can't say "you will get bored, so we won't do anything". As a player though, I'm making the point that despite everything about PvP, it always seems to feel boring. I also pointed out that I've not had the liberty to play the newer changes, so I really wanted more responses that maybe detailed what worked and didn't work about that. @vvorbat The server part is very tricky. As I'm so famously quoted saying, I felt the new Elevation server missed its mark years ago. I've seen people suggest getting rid of home servers as well as merging Chaos into Epic for one PvP server. To be fair, it's rather simple logic that more land and fewer players makes for a less than effective PvP situation. It's why if I ever get the time to do my own WU server, the PvP server will be quite small. People need not only a reason to go out and fight, but to be able to find people fight as well. But this is one way to look at it. Part of the point of epic scenarios and missions was to create something to have players contest over. That mechanic was the most recent to see some reworking done, so again it would be interesting to see what is and isn't working there. At the end of the day, Budda and myself need to work through our current tasks before we can come back around and focus on PvP. It would be helpful if we could get input specific to what has been done while we're working on these tasks. That's pretty much the TL;DR of my other post. Instead of focusing on new ideas right now, tell us about what we've already done.
  4. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    The information has been out there. After the recent changes we made to PvP, our focus is on other projects such as the new UI and a new account system. Bumping posts for the sake of hoping for a different answer isn't really helping anyone. When we are able to make PvP a main focus again I'm sure a post will be made.
  5. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    There is no Wurm 2. There are no bumps. @Mclavin, don't make me turn this forum around.
  6. Epic, Complete 180°

    I'm always down for saying "Proph, you don't know what you're talking about". It's probably obvious to others, but feels nice to say. To be fair, I don't think Rolf had anything to do with it. It was merely a "we should do this so they'll stop crying". We care about your feelings As for PvP changes - it's a nice read. I can say I'll bring it up, but that's all I can say. We've said it a number of times. We are focused on other projects at the moment. Don't bump this for two months and then cop an attitude that "the devs never do anything" when we've been openly stating where our focus is. It just makes it look like you can't follow the bouncing ball. AS A PLAYER One thing I *will* point out, especially about removing features: There's usually two sides. I would probably enjoy a server where the meta is more rounded, which is pretty much what this is suggesting. Moon metals were always too easy to dominate on Chaos in my opinion and I never agreed with a certain kingdom view of "all moon metal goes to the kingdom". It creates some unwarranted elitism when the point is to just have fun and clang crap together until someone falls down. Yet there's usually two sides - the side that has it and the side that doesn't. The fact that one side is allowed to dominate it at all means there's an imbalance in my mind. Something else my kingdom never agreed with me on. Yet I can understand how that side can feel like they're being punished for "winning" if it's removed or if the balance is restored. So the question is - who is "winning"? Who has the easy access that isn't bumping this thread? Anyone? No one? I'm asking seriously as I don't play PvP anymore. That said - another thing is, how long until that's also "boring"? How long until folks leave again and only return here to take more pot-shots at game play they've essentially asked for, meanwhile demanding more be done? Simplifying the game play means that there's a chance of it becoming more stale. Raids on Chaos were 10-20 people flinging rocks at 2-4 people patching holes. If they even logged in. What does it look like on Epic right now? AS A DEVELOPER I look at PvP as a complex system. When you're dealing with a complex system, it's easy to look at one part of it and say "There's your problem!" without considering the system as a whole. This system by its very nature is made up of everything from the players together in their kingdom, the mechanics in the server, to the players on the other side that they're fighting. If players on one end of the system are given too much, the players on the other end will no doubt be unhappy, and vice versa. It's up to the middle bit of mechanics - which in of itself is a complex system - to try and help keep everything balanced. When I see ideas, they tend to be looking at a very small area of concern. This idea has to do with the things that were added to try and make Epic more "epic" and in turn added more "meta", essentially. But what is the bigger picture? How many folks have played through the changes Budda implemented? I see conflicting accounts here - some saying moon metal is required, others pointing out that armor was reworked. I, myself, hobble around in a silly plate set still. So could some of this be just a lack of exploring the changes already made? There's also the idea of managing expectations. Right now it seems like the PvP community's expectations are all over the place. Hence the toxic commentary at times and the unhelpful "devs don't do anything" posts that only serve to demoralize us as a team. Would it help if we did what some other games do and consider PvP "seasons"? This way working up to changes that will be in effect for a specific amount of time before they change again? I think it would serve better than having the News posts trolled every 3 months for 3 months before another round of PvP updates go in. Just some thoughts. No filter and all. Forum mods - if they call me stupid, it's not staff bashing.
  7. Forum update complete

    That last line... did we not mention in the very first post that we're working on it? I'm coming here to find actual issues, this isn't helping. As for the "black bars" that's part of the background image and was there (at least for me) before the upgrade. The main issues remaining seem to be mostly to do with padding and text colors in some areas. Please keep replies here on topic with actual issues noticed from the upgrade. I'll delete off-topic posts without warning.
  8. It's all @Retrograde's fault.

  9. Animal Crates ETA?

    Seeing as people became crates in testing, we think it's important as well. Alternatively we could just make crate-people flammable and setting fire to one will happily fix the bug for them. I was told this wasn't a viable solution though. And no, you can't take any of this seriously.
  10. Animal Crates ETA?

    @Angelklaine Going to call you out here man. You pay for premium access to Wurm Online. You benefit from on-going updates. You do not contract us directly for any specific updates. We did announce immediately when the scope became more than we could do at the time. If you had subscribed in anticipation, then you were duly informed and could have made the choice to unsubscribe. That's the truth of it. Please don't try to stretch it out into anything more. Retro handled the rest.
  11. Deedplanner IMPORT?!? :O

    SO MUCH TO DO. *dies*