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  1. Good news! I've come to an agreement with the hamsters. They've graciously allowed me to update the protocol version on the server. Everything is on the way back up. Happy Wurming!
  2. I had Golden Valley online, but there was an issue with the protocol version. Thus it was online, but it wasn't happy with the new client. Resolving that issue now.
  3. Some days you're with the hamsters, some days the hamsters work against you. Working on it - about 15 minutes before the first servers are online, and another 15 after that for Xanadu.
  4. With how my deed looks, even I would love the ability to change wood types... but I can't make any promises on this front. Only join my voice in right now. Bit more thought: As a developer I do see some issues with making this happen in a sensible way, though there's also probably a dozen similar techniques that we've seen used elsewhere. I'm sure some will point out that Wurm is about making choices and having those choices count. We have been making those choices easier to change though in the name of quality of life though. For example, you can remove the wood trim on a stone wall and re-apply it easily enough. For wood types, trying to think of a mechanic that would "make sense" even with a bit of "wogic" is still hard. Do we have a system where you just beat the item with the type you want and say it rubbed off on it? Do we go with a "wood stain" sort of technique, which would open up a likely can of wurms if we were to ever want to provide this as a proper feature in the future (plus that's not how it really works at all!). I didn't read the idea, but it sounds like someone brought up priests? That might be feasible, but I'm sure we'll have some folks who would take issue with making the priest a requirement. Of course there's always alchemy, which could be sold and create a market... Retro isn't going to be happy with me brainstorming like this, but I rarely share my brainstorming. (And I hate my wood types!)
  5. Yeah, I swore it was mentioned somewhere, but this is going to be a staggered roll-out. Each item has to have manual effort put in to making this work.
  6. Hi all! Please post feedback about the new wood type shaders here. Include the item's name and a link to an image if possible along with a brief description of what you expected. Please make sure the item is not dyed. Keep in mind that dyed items may look different now due to the blending of the dye color and the new wood shaders.
  7. I'm going to need a vacation just to make use of these features. If someone could bribe the server hamsters, that would be great. Congrats Samool! May your sanity last a bit longer than mine did. However, as you're here already, I assume it's long gone.
  8. The statuses should be fairly accurate, but I don't like how they are written by the server itself. I'd prefer something I'll be including in a future project that will query the servers instead. The problem with those is that they do not get refreshed while the servers are down. There's no roll back needed. It was a crash bug. When the servers crash, they flush and save everything. The servers did come up and go back down because of an error on my part.
  9. I mean, that's pretty much my feeling on the matter. nVidia has time and again broken games because of their drivers and driver management is anything any gamer should expect to need to do. I've even at times had to juggle between two different driver versions just to play a few games. If @Huntardoesn't wish to do this, that's up to him. I'm sure he did read my post but is choosing to be difficult. It's no matter, it'll be done when I said I'll get it done. Heck, I was hoping to try out a new toy I've been playing with and see if I can roll a beta server for WU in AWS. So I'm kind of excited to get this done too. Sadly I can't stop life from marching on, so it is what it is. See ya'll next week!
  10. The idea is more that ash becomes a passive by-product of using a forge, not that the forge becomes an optimal way of producing ash. It's also an optional by-product, meaning those who care not to collect the ash are not penalized in anyway. It will be up to you to decide how you best wish to produce ash and in what quantity and quality. The main focus is quality of life in the sense that the fuel you burn in a forge yields both heat and ash. We are very keen on the fact that some of you spent a good deal of time working on firemaking and we are not interested in negating that effort with a new mechanic.
  11. I have been sacked with issues that have taken me away from getting a WU update done, and unfortunately I am dealing with another one this weekend as my grandmother passed away yesterday. I will be focusing on WU when I return at the end of next week. If you have not already, please post a detailed bug report in the proper section. For what it's worth, I run nVidia as well and have not had any issues, though it depends on how recent of an update. I've not had the time to hop on WU in the last week or two and my drivers may be out of date. If it's something we've already fixed in WO's client (and this is starting to sound familiar, so we may have) then it will be out in the next beta (see above). If it's something new then we will need to see what the issue is. Finally if it really is on nVidia's side, there may not be much to do besides roll back the driver version. Again though, this isn't the place for support. Please use the appropriate forums if you expect work to be done. You're simply lucky I took a few minutes between running around like mad so I can fly to my family tomorrow to see this. Also thank Icbash for linking it in a discord server.
  12. Took me about 15 minutes to download the new pack. Your mileage may vary. The graphics pack is now about 500mb though, which is amazing.
  13. If you would like to maintain this, feel free! I lack sufficient time to do mods as well as my Wurm duties. Reply with the link and I'll edit the original post.
  14. I've got a few algorithms that can make code-diving useless as well.
  15. Post-patch Update Hi all, The fix yesterday seems to have resolved issues for most people. I've gone through all open tickets and I do see some residual edge cases that I am investigating after fixing the skills. These do seem to be edge cases, meaning they're not likely to affect a lot of people. If you notice weirdness with skills, please submit a ticket as I said before. Servers are important if you're going between the clusters. Skill names help. Please be aware that you may not get a reply right away on these tickets. I will be checking often and pulling the information for research. Thank you