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  1. By participating in a multiplayer game, I feel that you are opening yourself up to a certain amount of discovery by other players. This is especially the case when you connect yourself to a highway system, which is a game mechanic that is designed to allow players to more easily find villages. That said, community maps are exactly as the name implies: run by the community. Wurm Online staff do not moderate these outside of the standard game rules provided. There is nothing here that violates those rules, therefore there is nothing to moderate.
  2. Just in case it's not clear, this is satire and not endorsed or written by official Wurm Online staff. Future posts of this nature should include a disclaimer.
  3. For what it's worth, that isn't the launcher this thread is about. That's actually the client. The launcher runs with a minimal UI (splash screen) and downloads everything. The status indicator only shows the status of the login server, which is always first to come up after a restart. We haven't yet integrated our newer status provider to show a more accurate representation.
  4. Hello! We do have more customization options on our wish list, but not currently prioritized. I will make a post if the prioritization changes, but for now I do apologize for the limited options. Thank you for your concern and happy Wurming!
  5. We are investigating the memory issue and I consider it a high priority for the team right now. Thank you for all the information, it is helpful!
  6. Budda addressed this in an earlier post:
  7. We are delaying the update 1 week til June 7th to allow time for public testing before its release. We have enabled treasure hunting for everyone on our test server Oracle, let us know of any issues or feedback in this thread. Below are some details about how treasure hunting works, a map of the Oracle test server and details on how to get on the test server. Only available on our test server Oracle for testing. To use the test client, use the Test Client launcher shortcut or the Choose Client shortcut and choose the test client. For Steam, right-click Wurm Online in your Steam Library and click Properties. Then add a -c to the Launch Options. This will give you a prompt to select the Test Client. Logging in with a new username/password will register an account automatically and log you in. Selecting any item and using it on the ground will give a test option which allows you to change your skills and spawn in items like armour and weapons. You can also use it to change your faith, deity and spawn items like vesseled gems/statuette. Submitting the test menu will also heal you fully and restore your stamina. At the bottom of the test item creation option you can also spawn in a fully geared horse/ropes to get around quicker. Chance to find them from rare rolls on the following actions. For testing, we will have a 1/25 chance on non rare rolls as well. Farming/Harvesting Botanize/Forage Actions Digging Mining Investigating Archeology Sites Fishing/Dredging (Not on Test yet) Praying Different difficulties, the harder the less common they will be but the larger the end rewards will be. Novice(1/5 chance on rare roll)(1-29ql) Will be between 2-3 steps long Will have very small combat challenges occasionally. Will not be terribly far from the locations they are found. Challenging(1/10 chance on rare roll, supreme rolls will always give one)(30-59ql) Can be 3-5 steps long Will have decent sized and not infrequent combat challenges. Will be a moderate distance from the locations they are found. Difficult(1/25 chance on rare roll, fantastic rolls will always give one)(60 - 100ql) Can be 4-6 steps long Will always have difficult creatures to kill for most every step Will be long distances away from the locations they are found. Possible types of clues Map clue Shows a map with a location you must go to, will not be super close to villages or in an enclosed area. Challenge clue Will give an area and some information about an item from a list of items to find. Any guard tower that are not enclosed or near or in a village Colossus that are not enclosed or near or in a village Mission Constructed items that are not in caves/enclosed or near villages. Combat Challenges When you try to dig up a location you may come across some creatures ambushing you which you must defeat before you can continue digging it up. Will go into hiding again after 45 minutes if not yet killed until you come and dig again, then the same remaining creatures will ambush you again. Creatures from this will drop no corpses but will give skill for fighting. Interaction to dig up clues Use a shovel on the ground and select the dig up treasure option which will check if any clues you have on you are at your location. Has some grace distance, you do not need to dig on the exact tile/item it picks just near it. Examining a clue will give an indication of roughly how far away you are from it but not a direction. Red box is the test server starter village. Edit 1: Added praying to the list of actions (not yet on test). Edit 2: We are looking into changes to the rewards given in the chests will update with more info on that soon.
  8. The short answer is yes. We've made the decision to push the release by a week in order to allow for time to public test the new features. We are currently putting together a post with all the information needed for testing, as well as a map dump of Oracle to help with treasure maps, and we will have that up by tomorrow. I apologize for the short notice in pushing the date, but we feel it is important to have some feedback from you all before we push this to live. I'll also edit the original post to reflect the new date of June 7th.
  9. Development has been tight, but we should have some notes up for general testing in the next day or so. Unfortunately one of our developers working on the update came down with COVID, which has impacted the schedule. At this time we aren't pushing the patch date out, but it does mean a crunch on public testing.
  10. It's being investigated, I can dig into the progress of that.
  11. To use the Old UI, you'd have to be using the "Choose Client" shortcut of the Wurm Launcher. Also, the old UI version numbers are "" whereas the newer UI is "4.2.xx" To use the test client, you would use the Test Client launcher shortcut or the Choose Client shortcut and choose the test client.
  12. Hello all! We’re still working on the first part of the Exploration Update, which we are happy to announce will be arriving on May 31st June 7th. There are a few important things to mention about this update, however. We had previously set a date of June 28th, 2021, as the day we would sunset the old UI client. We decided to skip this due to issues with the new client. Well, Budda has been hard at work on making inroads into solving some of the more significant problems with the new client, including the performance issues many have reported. As a result, we will be retiring the old UI client on July 1st, 2022. Please make your issues with the new client known in this thread so that we can address them before this date. The thread also includes some of the changes made to the new client, which are available for testing on the Test Server. Since we will be sunsetting the old UI client, the features found in the Exploration Update will not be present in the old UI version. We will also be retiring JNLP support on the same day as the old UI client. If you use the launcher, this will not affect you. If you have issues using the launcher, please make them known in this thread. All of this is to help free us up to push forward into newer versions of Java and reduce the amount of work a client update takes due to supporting multiple versions and aging deployment infrastructure. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the recent video from Josh Strife Hayes. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving it a watch here. One thing I’ve struggled with since stepping up into the manager role has been determining what we’re going to be doing after this Exploration Update is complete. This is precisely why I’ve yet to release a more in-depth road map. This is not for lack of ideas; we have enough ideas to keep Wurm going for a long time between you all and the development team. It’s a matter of priority and what would be best for the game as a whole. The clear response from that review is that we need to fix what is broken, polish the rougher edges, and focus on the new player experience. I still intend for us to work on PvP and decor in the months after Exploration is finished, as I mentioned in a previous thread, and I still plan for us to review some of the skills that we have and improve on them. I believe these things can be done alongside a more “back to basics” approach. We touch on the new player experience every few years, but it’s essential to review how new players see and learn the game. I also want to check other game areas and see how a new player would approach them. Some things, like meditation, are arguably essential to the gameplay due to the bonuses but are nigh on impossible to discover without help. That is not to say that everything should be easily found out, this is Wurm, after all, but we should be doing a better job introducing some mechanics earlier on. Finally, I want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given us. The guidance and feedback from the community help shape our decisions every day. I feel we all share the same goal of keeping Wurm going and growing. Happy Wurming! Edit 5/27: We have decided to push the release by a week to June 7th in order to allow for time to have a public testing session. Please stay tuned to the forums for information on that public test, which will be posted by tomorrow (5/28).
  13. Please indicate any reasons that you have for not using the native launcher for running Wurm Online.
  14. In an effort to sunset the old UI client we’ve made some changes to the test client to improve performance and get everyone that is currently still using the old UI client for technical reasons over to the new client. If you are currently using the old UI client, we’d appreciate you loading up the test client and playing around with the new settings to see if the issues you have currently on the live client are fixed or more manageable. If they’re not, please let us know exactly what you’re having issues with, including information on what you’re seeing/getting on the old UI client that you’re not on the test client. New Settings & Changes: Graphics Profiles: The settings windows (both the launcher and in-game versions) have been shuffled around to a new layout to support the addition of graphics profiles available on the Graphics tab. There are 5 new graphics profiles that will change settings that impact performance so you don’t have to. These profiles include Minimum, Low, Medium, High and Maximum. The final choice in this option is Custom, which will enable the Custom Graphics tab to change any performance-related settings manually. There are some settings that are changed within these profiles that will require a client restart before taking effect, but since the majority do not you are able to change your graphics profile while the client is running for an immediate change. Selecting these profiles does not change your custom settings at all, so you will be able to switch from Custom to one of the profiles and back with no lost settings. Existing players will default to the Custom profile, while new players will default to the Medium profile. UI Buffer: The majority of UI elements have been shifted to buffered rendering, meaning that they will no longer update every frame, instead only when changed. In addition to this, there is a new setting in the Custom Graphics tab to allow limiting the FPS of the UI independently of the normal game FPS. Enabling this setting should increase overall FPS in most cases, with the downside of the UI feeling less smooth the lower the UI FPS limit is set. Some windows (particularly animated ones) are excluded from this buffer and will update at the normal game FPS. Other Changes: Text rendering should be slightly faster. Disabling reflections and animations will now properly disable them. The in-game browser will no longer load in the background if the Wurmpedia setting is disabled. Terrain detail and tile decoration settings are now editable while in-game. Removed slope info from tile corners and grass info from corners and slopes. Sound settings can now be changed in-game.