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  1. We're compiling the final changes for this feature to be posted this week, with the update to bring those changes in tentatively scheduled to be rolled out before the end of January. My aim is next week, but we have a round of testing to do still.
  2. I'll bring up the timer for discussion after the break this week. When caffeine was introduced, I used it heavily. I did find the timer to be a bit punishing, but I personally felt that the benefit of skill gain sort of negated the tedium of maintaining the buff. The swearing I did whenever I'd miss my timer though... One thing I'm thinking about here is the idea of making things a little less "punishing" at the cost of dropping caffeine from a 2x boost to a 1.5x boost. It'd still be a benefit, but less over-powered means we have more wiggle-room with the negative effects. I consider the timer one of those negative effects, along with the debuff as proposed.
  3. Hi all. We're on a bit of a Holiday break at the moment, responding to emergencies and maintenance as required. We will be finalizing these details early in January.
  4. Yes. It has become clear to me that we need to add some way for the skin token to indicate what item it's used for. Apologies for missing that.
  5. Happy Holidays!

    Hello all! Every year we’ve given out a gift to all premium account holders who ask Santa or build a Christmas tree, but we’ve added something else to enjoy this year. We will be running an event similar to what we do for Halloween, but with holiday-appropriate rewards! We’ve also extended the holiday event until January 9th to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy it and receive a gift. About the event: You can find two new items via archaeology! You can find one new item by hunting aggressive creatures! Hell horses and summoned creatures will not give any rewards. Limited to premium accounts. We hope you and yours have a safe and lovely holiday season. Happy Holidays from Wurm Online!
  6. That would be our awesome Malena As for the rendered stone, I think since our focus was on making it even possible to do this (there were some changes to crafting to include material types so it would even work), we overlooked things like how rendering works in the first place. I'll bring it up for discussion though.
  7. I want to be clear: fatigue will not be a part of this feature. I feel that the fatigue system needs improvements and should not be tied to this system or any other system until a proper investigation has been done to decide on what changes are to be made if any. That said, this thread has left me with some very mixed feelings about how to proceed. It's hard to even sum up the feedback. Some people love the changes, others hate them. I feel some entirely miss the point of the feature, and some feel we've missed our own point. The thread has also veered off onto the meditation tangent more than once, which is another issue entirely and something that is deserving of its own focus. For the time being, I believe we will be sticking with not including meditation and lockpicking with caffeine, and revisit this decision once the skill and grind have been revised. Caffeine is just not the fix for this problem, and it should never have been presented as such. So with that said, let me ask this: What do you suggest we can do with this feature to ensure that it meets the following criteria: Helps casual players with grinding skills. Is easy to use and understand. Strikes a balance so it is a more conscious choice to use and less of a new meta to skill grinding. To start things off, I had my own thought on the matter. I feel caffeine should be balanced to be more of a choice between a quick grind or an efficient grind. Caffeine should make sleep bonus usage less efficient (fats issue notwithstanding as we're looking into that), yet allow you to achieve quicker results. However, choosing to not use caffeine would result in more efficient use of sleep bonus. So the amount of sleep bonus used would have to increase whereas the skill gain itself would stay the same or even decrease slightly relative to the existing bonus given by caffeine. In this way, I might choose to burn through sleep bonus as a casual player in order to gain more skill in a shorter period of time as I sleep in a bed when I'm not online and I'm only online a few days a week. In contrast, someone with more time to play may want to be more efficient with their sleep bonus as they would be gaining less of it over time due to their play style. I'll ask a favor now: Share your own thoughts on the matter. These thoughts are not etched in stone but are meant to spark conversation so that we can finally come to an agreement and implement the changes needed to make this feature better.
  8. I'll clarify the debuff here. Let's say I grind at 100 caffeine for 5 hours on a Wednesday. The next day, I'll be able to grind again for an hour. Or if I skip a day, that'll be 2 hours on Friday. The debuff ticks down from 100%, and once below 100% it becomes available to use again. Different levels of caffeine cause the debuff to scale accordingly. So 50 power will result in 10 hours of grinding before losing the benefits. I hope that clears things up. Also, please keep the discussion on-topic and avoid personal attacks. Disagreements are a good thing as they often lead to better ideas, but only if done in a civil fashion.
  9. I'm reviewing all the replies and want to wait to make a larger one, but this struck a chord as you're right. I will say that meditation is one of those things I'd love to rework. It's not something we can rework in the near future though, at least not in the timeframe that I wish to push some changes to caffeine. Our time is also split on making these changes, as well as the design and implementation of the Exploration update. Basically, if I were to give a time estimate, I can't see time being dedicated to meditation until Q2 for design and Q3 for implementation. That may seem far off, but I fully intend to bring the changes to the community for feedback. That increases the time it takes to bring those changes about, but also increases the chance that the changes will be what folks want and not what a small team of developers thinks is best for everyone. In the interim, we wished to solve the issue of meditation bypassing intoxication in the simplest manner, though this point raised makes me think we can do better. I do not want to change how sleep bonus interacts with meditation, but perhaps we can change how intoxication works with meditation as that's the crux of why we proposed to remove it in the first place. Lockpicking was also brought up internally as a skill that has a similar interaction with sleep bonus (and thus intoxication), so we'd also look to change that as well. The downside to making these exceptions is trying to communicate the functionality to players. One take-away from my Depth vs Ease of use thread was that people want a marriage of both. Making one-off exceptions to how things work creates confusion. It's easier to say it simply doesn't affect it rather than "it does xyz differently than every other skill". All that said, we'll continue to review the feedback here, and I will work to get some numbers and examples.
  10. Here's the changes we are proposing for caffeine: Caffeine Changes - Feature Feedback - Wurm Online Forum
  11. Hello, This is the list of upcoming changes to caffeine and related items. We will review replies to this thread and may adjust functionality further. One thing to keep in mind about caffeine is that it is designed to provide a boost for casual players. We understand that it takes quite a bit of effort to make these drinks, but this is by design and creates a market for caffeinated beverages. Caffeine Changes: Fatigue usage will no longer be part of the caffeine system. To balance the removal of fatigue, the following mechanic will be introduced: Through using caffeine, over the course of about 5 hours (depending on caffeine level), you will build up intoxication. At 100% intoxication, caffeine will stop being effective. Caffeine intoxication will decay linearly over the course of about 5 days. Once caffeine intoxication decays below 100%, caffeine will once again be effective. Intoxication will only build up while sleep bonus is active. This mechanic will be represented by an effect and status icon. Caffeine’s bonus will no longer affect meditation and lockpicking. This change is due to the ability to quickly toggle sleep bonus at the end of a timed action, which evades the intoxication mechanic. Decrease the amount of liquid needing to be drunk to get an effect from caffeine. Increase the amount of caffeine provided by each type of drink. Increase the caffeine hold timer provided by each type of drink. The “hold timer” is the duration of the caffeine buff before the power begins to decay. (Already live) Disallow sipping small amounts of caffeine to refresh timers. (Already live) Ensure that smaller sips do not overwrite the caffeine hold timer. Caffeinated Beverage Changes: Caffeinated drinks will now bypass the water bar like alcohol does. As a result of this change, they will no longer provide temporary affinities. (This is currently in discussion.) Optional ingredients can be added to teas and coffees, such as milk, cream, spice, and sugar. Miscellaneous Changes: Increased volume of teapot and coffee pot. Old tea recipes can now be made in a teapot. Fixed the difficulty of pottery planters for tea, coffee, and cacao. Renamed legacy camellia to camellia flowers. Renamed legacy camellia tea recipe to camellia flower tea to avoid confusion. Added a roasted state to cocoa beans.
  12. Caffeine is getting a rework. Details are almost ready to post publicly, but I've said it will include bypassing water. I don't consider fixing an exploit to be a "nerf". One-per-tile items are, as the name implies, one-per-tile. We've removed several decorations from this category in a previous update.
  13. The hold duration timer is the timer on the caffeine buff.