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  1. Glad you seemed to have worked it out! Care to share more details for the benefit of others who may also have your issue?
  2. I'm with Finndar and Angelklaine on this. Take a break.
  3. We do not support OpenJRE. You must use the Oracle JRE on Linux.
  4. And a correction: The old unstable shortcut will still work, but please do not use it. If your client says 4.0.4, you need to get the newest from (click Play)
  5. FYI - 4.0.6 pushed with a fix for watery mine doors. You saw nothing!
  6. Do NOT use "bat file shortcuts" to modify the memory for the 4.0 client. We've put work into better memory management and garbage collection and doing this may cause your client to crash! First line of support will be to request that you delete any and all shortcuts and re-download the client. The Low Memory client is the same as the standard client, but with a max memory of 1GB set. Use this client as a last resort. The new client works better with more memory. 64-bit Java is required for the 4.0 client unless you use Low Memory. You can download 64-bit Java from here: - Note the 64-bit options. With support for in-browser Java applications being reduced or eliminated in the near future, there is no reason to not use 64-bit Java on a 64-bit system.
  7. It will not be available for "some time". Only as a temporary stop-gap as people report their issues. It's very costly time-wise to maintain both, and we've done that for a long while now while getting the 4.0 client ready for prime-time. Future development on legacy will be halted.
  8. I'm still working on deploying the new one. It will come down as a normal client update. Links to low memory will be posted and eventually available on the website. Side note: All "unstable" clients will cease working once deployment happens. You won't be kicked from the game, but you will not be able to use it to reconnect.
  9. There has been no decision on this yet, but I would err on not likely. I'll be aiming for 32-bit (low memory) and 64-bit modes and a decent beta transition. If you have specific issues, now would be a great time to get them posted.
  10. Just got back from vacation. @Brash_Endeavorsdid an awesome job above. If you would give her suggestions a try and see where they lead.
  11. Yeah, my schedule has been flipped all around with a few people leaving the team. I wear many hats at the moment and have more pressing projects to complete before I can get back to these shiny ideas, unfortunately. I really would like to give people an option to have a map they can explore without first having to build it all themselves or muck about with manually copying details around. Let it be a preset someone else worked on, or (more excitingly) a mode that generates things for you to go and find. I loved my first run through the Adventure map, but that was hand-made by Rolf, Eric, and Alex (and maybe others). I had recently (few months back) got a friend to play WU with me and we used a rather nice map. It was fun exploring the terrain, but after a while he asked if there was any point to even range out more. It's a 2048 map with two people on it. Sadly, the answer was really no. We had found all the resources we needed within a few locals of our village. Aside from the white light/black light, there was nothing to explore. Seeing all the terrain is one thing, but knowing for a fact that there's nothing interesting to encounter really kills the drive to spend hours running around.
  12. Unfortunately we had some connectivity issues with server email. You will need to register again to get the email.
  13. Yes, but simply updating a lib without due process is about as smart is using a nuke to clean your garage. Besides that, jarsigner -verify actually says the library is perfectly good, digest and all. I'll keep everyone posted as I continue working on the issue.
  14. Ninja-post after lock. Just thanking everyone who helped this player out. <3
  15. Yeah my post came from someone (I forget who) that was concerned with animals escaping or being stuck in fences on restart. We used to have that quite some time ago in the old days of Wurm, so fair concern