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  1. What a misery :(

    Honest question: Have you ever considered that what you're choosing to do isn't what you enjoy doing in Wurm? I personally don't enjoy the enchanting grind, though I do have a priest. I enjoy building, and I also don't enjoy the bulk goods creation either. But other people do. And I can purchase bulk goods and enchanted items from those people. This is what the point of Wurm Online is. Not to be a single-player self-sufficient crafting machine, though plenty of people do manage to become this. It's meant to be a game where you find your niche and you become skilled at it. We're always willing to look at mechanics, but the fact is that I'd be hard-pressed to radically change a mechanic without considering the whole picture - which includes the silent group of people who are not represented in this thread. Perhaps one of them being the kindly gentleman I've been purchasing my bulk goods from. I'm sure he'd be displeased with some sort of easier/automated way of crafting the goods he sells. Same with people who have spent a lot of time, effort, and obviously money to bring their priests and crafters up to where they can easily and quickly craft high-enchant, high-quality tools and weapons. I'm sure they'd feel like we're throwing their time away by making the system easier and less time-consuming than it's currently intended to be. Like I said though, we are always willing to look. Whether the idea fits with Wurm or we have the resources to implement is another question entirely, but I recommend posting suggestions in the Suggestions forum or up-voting existing ones that jive with what you're feeling.
  2. Boar Mart - Celebration's finest marketplace!

    I'll take the rare forge when you have a moment!
  3. Useless christmas gifts

    Maybe we should keep a list... Gifts are just that. They're something special we do every year. If anything, this thread goes to show how many people appreciate the gifts we give regardless of how "useful" they are. So congrats. You played yourself.
  4. Useless christmas gifts

    I'm making a list. I'm checking it twice. Ungrateful people ain't even gonna get last rites. Krampas Keenan is coming for your soul.
  5. Merged topics. We are aware of this and I am awaiting confirmation, but I'm assuming it is a bug at this point. I'll reply back once I've confirmed that with Budda. Definitely is a bug. You can /support to request the flag reset for use on the other cluster. Feel free to include a link to this reply in your ticket for verification.
  6. Tower chaining system

    The back-and-forth is why things usually go poorly with PvP feedback. If you guys can't be civil on a feedback thread, then don't comment. And yes, I'm directing that at you directly @JakeRivers - my opinion is that your comments served no purpose here and brought nothing to the table. That said, having an external map is a form of meta. Hell, any tools or utilities outside of the game itself is technically meta. So I'm not happy with the solution being "go meta". So maybe there's more to look at here, @Darklords
  7. I had to take a step back until recently due to some huge pushes at my day job. Going into my final week at that job, so time is a bit more available. Plus you edited it in after I read your reply.
  8. This should be resolved now, with help from @Sklo:Din identifying the offending data. Appreciate the assist.
  9. [Duplicate] 2 bugs false black light and nighttime

    I'll take a look at your post Sklo. I must have missed it before. Your information is appreciated.
  10. Fix Unicorns On Chaos (dual mounting)

    I think it's a fair assertion to make that enemy kingdoms shouldn't be able to embark as a passenger while you're mounted on it. I'll pop this up in dev chat.
  11. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Wurm is a game. Anyone who relies upon it as a source of income is making a terrible life choice. We will not keep that aspect in mind when making future decisions. We will consider the balance of the game, but not the profits of a few individuals. I think we've made that clear in the past with fountain pans.
  12. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I agree entirely. I would love to make some sweeping changes to how unique slayings work. I refuse to attend private slayings anymore. They ruin the spirit of the game. This I have to disagree on. I'm employed in over my head and I find time to grind my skills slowly and steadily. Sometimes tastes change and you're looking for a faster-paced game. When that happens, it's not Wurm's fault - just find whatever tickles your fancy at the moment. We'll still be here when you're looking to slow it down again. I don't feel Wurm costs all that much. Not that I have any say in this, but I could theorize that the monthly cost could be reduced if we increased the amount of silver needed for in-game buys, or eliminated it entirely. The latter being quite unpopular I imagine. And yes, I do still pay for a few accounts. Not with silver, either. I like to support the game - not freeload off it!
  13. What has made you hate Wurm?

    The engine is fine. Honestly, when I see this and someone throwing a name out there, I feel bad for them. They have no idea. An engine like Unreal or Unity serves for fast development. We already have most of those features, so why spend time on rewriting it? We'd rather spend time on using them, which we have been. Have you not seen? I recommend you check the test server. If there's anything that I would rewrite, it would be the server, because anyone who knows anything about Wurm's tech would understand that the client is dumb and the server does nearly all the work. The client makes things pretty, but what does that matter if your lag is so bad you can't get anything done? Or if wogic dictates that you lose your boat on a server crossing? So please stop suggesting that we rewrite the client. I'm working on a rewrite for server crossing. Budda is working on a number of features as well. We're working hard to modernize what we can without losing the feel of the game. We don't need to rewrite the client to do this. Instead, use the suggestion forum to make individual suggestions. Be a part of the solution, because otherwise... well, you know how the story goes.