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  1. Hello all! I’m here with an update on what’s happening with Wurm Online! First, we will be having a Black Friday sale again this year! Like last year, this sale will run from Wednesday through Sunday and will feature 25% off premium and silver prices, with 30% off one-year premium purchases. Don’t worry; we’ll get this information in the launcher soon. Next, I’m pleased to announce that Exploration: Part II has a release date of December 13th! We will be opening up the Cartography part for playtesting this Friday, with other features becoming available for testing as they pass our internal tests. This date is a goal, but we will change it if needed to address issues that may arise from playtesting. Finally, I have set a goal of having a better road map ready by January 2023. We have many suggestions from when the site was open, plus what has been made on the forum and what we already had in our pipeline. 2023 will be a year of new player retention, quality-of-life improvements, reworks, and bug fixing. We do have the desire to implement more significant features, but this work will be secondary to the goal of improving the current Wurm Online experience. Thank you for your support, and I hope everyone stays safe out there! Happy Wurming! Keenan
  2. Bloodreina

    It’s always unfortunate when we have to remove a player, but these actions are taken to protect both the game and the community. What’s more, these people sometimes return anew, either looking for a second chance or seeking to return to their old ways. Regardless of the reason for their return, we will ban these players on sight unless the GM team has pardoned them. Today we discovered a tangible link between the player Bloodreina and an account permanently banned 8 years ago for disruptive behavior. I want to stress that we did not act upon this person because of any recent comment they made on the forums. I welcome opinions of all kinds, even if I disagree with them. It’s how we learn and grow as individuals and how we can make Wurm Online even better. I’m making this post to ensure that this community remains comfortable sharing their opinions respectfully and civilly. I have heard from many of you over the last year, some disagreeing with me, others with ideas and ways to improve the game. Having this open line of communication is essential, and I do not want a coincidence such as this to impede that in any way. That said, I hope you all continue enjoying the Halloween event. Happy Wurming!
  3. I'm locking this thread. The issues that were reported have been fixed. My apologies for the time it took to fix them, what is important is that they are fixed now and we will maintain higher scrutiny over changes that impact either shop in the future. Thank you.
  4. My wording was intentional. This was brought to my attention when I first stepped up as Product Manager and I failed to take action at that time. That's on me. I do not spend much time regretting mistakes that are made, instead I spend time solving them and doing what I can to prevent the same ones from repeating in the future. I believe that our pricing now makes sense and that the typo in the Steam Shop has also been corrected as of today.
  5. If you have any complaints, you can direct them to This is not the place to discuss legal matters. Further discussion of what is legal or illegal will be moderated. That's for lawyers to discuss. The price isn't wrong. The line that indicates the approximate silver price per euro is inaccurate on that one entry and will be fixed.
  6. I had intended to write a script to send out emails, but could not get it done in time. I considered the coupon route, but we lack the ability to create them via any sort of scripted means. Having gone back a year, there were a number of accounts with varying number of purchases that I wanted to address. Given that the GM team are volunteers, I wanted to be mindful of their time. Adding premium to an account can be done offline, whereas creating coupons and sending them out is a far more time-consuming task. That said, I will consider the use of coupons for premium reimbursement in the future so long as we can implement a means to automate mailing them out. I don't use Steam much at all, so I never noticed this. Personally, I don't feel this is lying nor of the same caliber of the error fixed in the non-Steam shop. The information is misleading, but I will have that corrected. The stated price will not change in this instance, however.
  7. We already review actions made by the GM team. If you have an issue with moderation, please reach out to the lead for that group. You can find those people in the staff list:
  8. Hello all, It was recently brought to our attention once again that the bundle pricing in the shop did not make sense. Specifically, the first two bundles offered were priced higher than the combined total of the items sold. This has been rectified as of today. The bundle prices have been reduced to ensure that they are at a discount, even if a small one, as opposed to buying the items individually. It has been said that this was a deceptive practice, and that does not rest well with me. To that end, I've gone back over the last year of transactions and have given a list of players to the GM team. We will be granting 3 days of premium per bundle purchase of the 1-month-5-silver bundle to make good for the extra cost incurred. You will not need to place a ticket or email us as we've already gathered the data from our transaction history. Thank you, and happy Wurming!
  9. Xanadu down

    Yes. I'd just rather ensure we're stable again before giving it out.
  10. Xanadu down

    Xanadu went down for about an hour and twenty minutes. The cause was memory-related. As part of our upgrade in Java, we went with a newer memory management scheme. This happens to use more memory to provide better performance, but it was consuming too much memory. We scaled back to a previous management scheme and tuned the memory allotment to fix the issue and will continue to monitor the situation. I'll make another post with these details and information on sleep bonus for the downtime in the next few days. I'd like to observe the server running for a full 48 hours before I do.
  11. Hello all, Sadly, I have to disable the Suggestions website. There have been too many issues brought to my attention that I am unable to resolve at this time. The idea is not dead, however. The intention behind this was to help guide us as we work to improve Wurm. A number of you have submitted great suggestions, some of which I know have been around for a while, and the voting has been helpful to give us an idea of what to tackle first. Unfortunately, some folks have been using false information to bypass registration and the website is allowing this. I will post more information in the future. For now, please continue to submit ideas on the forums.
  12. Just a note, I've updated the original post with some expectations about the lifecycle of a suggestion.
  13. Did you register? I don't see a pending post, so I don't think it went through.
  14. Hello all! Community feedback is key for us, but it’s often difficult to keep track of all the suggestions players make and what the community thinks of them. The forums are great for discussions but not so much for discerning the popularity of an idea. To solve that, we are going live with a new website: This is not a replacement for the forums, as suggestions should still begin here, but the forum discussion should be kept to feedback and constructive criticism about the suggestions themselves. Once a suggestion has been fleshed out on the forums, it can be posted on the Suggestions board for voting purposes. While I strongly recommend that suggestions have a corresponding forum thread, it is not a requirement. There are a few things I would like to note: You must register, but you will remain anonymous to the public when voting or submitting suggestions. Your suggestion will be reviewed by a member of the development team and approved so long as it’s not a duplicate or violating our rules. See for more information. There are no downvotes. Comments are disabled. All discussions of a suggestion should take place on the forums. The best part about this new site is the Roadmap feature. Simply click on Roadmap at the top, and once suggestions have been added to it, you’ll be able to see their status in our development pipeline. We’re trying out this new tool, and I’m hopeful it will help the community guide us as we continue improving Wurm Online. We may tweak or adjust how it works going forward, to better serve that aim. I am looking forward to seeing what we can build together! Happy Wurming! Edit: I always forget something! I want to set some expectations around the lifecycle of a suggestion. Suggestions will live in the Open state for at least a week before being put into Under Review. Once in Under Review, it may take at least a week to make a determination. If accepted, we will mark it as Planned and it will show up on the Roadmap. If not accepted, it will be moved to Closed and a comment will be added explaining why we rejected the suggestion. As mentioned above, this will be subject to change as we tweak the process!
  15. Performance Art

    We don't have this level of tuning on the servers. We'd have to take them down to make changes like this and coordinate the changes with our hosting company. I have a few ideas of how to fix the underlying problem, however it's not simple to fix.