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  1. Preview client not loading.

    This should be resolved now. Could you please reattempt and update the thread.
  2. WU - Network detection issue

    Thanks for checking on that. Planning on a beta update tonight (eastern US) or tomorrow with these fixes and one bdew found with character creation. I figured I changed enough to break some things. I do appreciate the extra eyes.
  3. WU - Network detection issue

    So with the PNP setting, it should be using the value that's saved into server properties. I designed it to be on by default if it's not there, but it should save and update if modified. the properties key for the table is 'ENABLE_PNP_PORT_FORWARD' which is the same as the wurm.ini setting you can use to force it to be off by default in there. I added the ini option for server admins who may not want to deal with modifying their Sqlite databases. Are you certain the option is being saved (i.e. clicking Save)?
  4. WU - Network detection issue

    It shouldn't validate on internal, so I'll check that, as well as the PNP option not remembering it's state. Thanks.
  5. WU - Network detection issue

    The source for the library I wrote that brings the majority of this into WU is here: There are some fairly simple validators that are designed to be expanded upon if need be. This is only used when Auto Network is enabled though, otherwise it'll use what is defined in the configuration. For local host, I use the standard Java call of internalAddress = InetAddress.getLoopbackAddress(); It should also be noted that running as a local server bypasses all of this fanciness. I may put the port validation in, but I also wanted to revamp how we launch local play (and even LAN play) to be more user-friendly in a future release. The main complaint I've heard is one I'll admit I did by design thinking no one would mind, and will be changing before beta goes live. That is I don't favor the port given like I do with the address given. If you put in an address, I'll try to use that first before trying to find the first available Internet-reachable address. With ports, I use defined ranges which I intend to make configurable in the future (but I may do that now as well). The idea being if I give each port needed for Steam play a decent range, it should find one even if the default is in use at the time. We had this issue when nVidia started using one of our original default ports, and I wanted to avoid that in the future. So far though, this is the first instance I've heard of where it can't bind to the local loop back address.
  6. WU - Network detection issue

    This was developed and tested under Windows 10 Could you give more information? Like what you've set your server info to? And have you tried it with Auto Network disabled?
  7. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    All I can say about this right now is it's something we're aware of. Things tend to develop more quickly these days and I'm sure if they develop into anything of note, Retrograde will announce it. It also feels like quite the rabbit hole.
  8. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    So my original "Okay" was to poke you to elaborate more, while also expressing my annoyance at another person attempting to blackmail us by threatening to leave. We get that a lot, but we have to look out for everyone and not just a single person and how many alts or deeds they have. I'd rather 10 people bring a friend because it's a little more enjoyable to run around and smash trolls now than one person keep 10 alts. Review what Sindusk said and see if you still have concerns that we're hurting the craft side of things here. And I'm sorry for simply replying with "Okay". You just have to understand how infuriating it is to have a single person attempt to sway what we do for thousands by threatening to rip their alt income from the game. Honestly, if it came to the point where we ever were in danger of not being able to support Wurm, I'd probably offer to go halvsies on it just to keep the game up. So threatening to leave like that won't ever change our minds. Yet making a valid, well-thought point will.
  9. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Geez. You're making me feel like a squishy noob. I should point out that body stats matter for some of this. If you're not hauling a cart around, those extra armor sets will put your carry weight over the point where your CR takes a hit (as well as your movement speed). I suppose saddlebags help that now (I've not actually made any yet!).
  10. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    At this point, split it off into a suggestions post or bump a previous suggestion for it for discussion. I'd rather not derail this thread any more.
  11. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    That's pretty much intentional though. Buildings preventing expansion, and not being able to push your neighbors by expanding your deed. The point is that perimeter is still basically open-world permissions. To change that would need some serious discussion about how we want to proceed.
  12. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    I could be outdated here, but branded animals have always counted towards citizens, no? Forgive me if I'm wrong on that front. Probably because it hasn't bubbled to the top as an immediate need so far. There's implications to consider, such as people griefing with deed placement. Though I suppose that's already possible. Why not expand over the section and bring it back in when you're done? That's what I'd do. Then again I also blew 40s on placing a deed three times. Essentially, this is one of those areas where there could be an argument for or against what permissions should be a part of the perimeter of a deed. Seeing as perimeter is cheap compared to actual deeded tiles. I'd have to look to see if a precedent is already set to allow for more than undeeded actions on a perimeter tile, seeing as the only functionality intended for perimeter right now is to reserve the space. Not control it entirely.
  13. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Ehh... I've been roving around in plate for a very long time. I've been looking for drake or scale, but I still twitch at the idea of paying real money for things in Wurm. I've been on board for these changes for some time, but it's more been no one has really been able to take the time to make them AND test them. I'm all for this simply because it brings more options to both players and crafters. Material types have a bit more say, so as Sindusk pointed out - it's not completely making one path or the other useless. It just means if you simply don't want to be one-shotted, you have more choices. The only crafter to have raised an issue so far has ignored the points made by Sindusk and instead decided to "sod it".
  14. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Okay. See:
  15. Valrei International. 065

    I think our concern is more for the experience and enjoyment of the players, and not how many subs we can force people to get just to use the features.