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Found 41 results

  1. I'm sure this has been visited repeatedly, but here goes: Hunting is lacking the excitement of discovery. There's a thrill when you kill a humanoid and get a recipe. That same thrill and hope could be applied to other creatures through Wurm in small ways in order to create a greater level of excitement around killing creatures. Yes, this also introduces TAXIDERMY, a skill that should be a new subset of tailoring. This involves several changes, I'll separate into spoilers so this doesn't just look like a wall of text. Random Drops Lore and Skill Journals with Alternative Crafting Recipes Taxidermy
  2. Looking for work, finances are tight and need silvers to pay for deed so i will do pretty much anything just tell me what you need and offer a payment for it. i am flexible but also a full time husband and father and going to school so itll be something i do in spare time thank you!
  3. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it's ever made it to its own thread. There needs to be a server strictly for hunting. Currently, the main Freedom cluster has hardly any hunting. I've traveled around everywhere on all four servers, and the hunting was great when they first opened. After people start breeding and collecting aggressive such as hell horses, the hunting has gone down. What hunting there is, Spirit Templars usually kill them. What I propose is a strictly hunting only server East of Independence, sailable by boat. Building, breeding, and penning of animals would not be allowed. There would be no deeds, guard towers, or Spirit Templars. The server should remain PvP-free simply for the fact that I know that Freedom players would enjoy hunting on it as well. After such a server would be implemented, it should solve a lot of problems for people who can't find decent hunting to get their Fighting and Weapon skills up. It would also add value to larger boats as you could transport a mass quantity of meats, hides, and pelts. It would open up a new trade window for people who want to supply bulk meats and other animal produce, which is only a GOOD thing for the economy. The size of such a server shouldn't be too big, perhaps GV sized 1024, or 2048. Items can be crossed between the servers, and perhaps some unique, non-game breaking items could be found on the server for hunters to collect. The animals would be more difficult, and would be a lot more prominent. Horses would be abundant so you could bring some gear to ride on them with. A few ideas that could be implemented along with this server would include: Sleeping Bag (Non-Repairable) - Cloth Tailoring 2 Furs 2 Sheets 10 Strings of Cloth --- Offers 1/3 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Tents (Non-Repairable) - Leatherworking 5 Shafts 4 Leather (3kg each) 10 Wires 2 Sleeping Bags --- Offers 1/2 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Ivory Ivory has a number of functions, but mostly decorational, which wouldn't be game breaking at all. What could be made from Ivory includes Horned Helmets, Ivory Musical Horns, Drinking Horns, and other decorational Ivory items. Unique Respawns Uniques could occasionally respawn here with no messages. This means that each new server that is added wouldn't be plagued with people who only join the server to kill the uniques. The uniques that spawn from new servers would randomly spawn here every couple of weeks after the newest servers are added. Stronger Animals This server could showcase animals far stronger than the typical animals on the other servers. Unique creatures such as the God's animals (Avatars) could respawn here, aggressive, and perhaps would drop loot such as 50-60QL weaponry (not high QL, but mostly trophy material). A server like this could be used to test stronger animals before implemented to mainstream servers, and perhaps one day Rolf could test smarter animal AI, such as troll and goblin outposts, or even NPC strongholds. Item Fixes Branches - Make Kindling out of them I don't really see a downside to this, and a server such as this would have the least strain out of any other server as there would be no buildings or deeds. I'd like to see people's thoughts on an idea such as this.
  4. With the introduction of highways it made servers small, and small servers tiny. Everyone can easily get anywhere and deed. Mobs don't spawn close to deeds (most times). I would like to request a server dedicated to hunting with buffed mobs, increased spawn rates and no deeds allowed. Would be awesome for the dedicated Wurmians who regularly need a hunting fix (or those of us who need cochineals so would be looking for a cave bug spawn).
  5. I'm teaching a friend of mine the game's very basics and he came up with the following question: Can I make a living out of hunting? Is it worth it? Well, you can get a coin now and then from inspiration rolls and you get a lot of furs and hides so I guess you can also do some leatherworking, cooking...? Being a hunter also demands having a set of armour and being able to repair I guess hunters would also need to be platesmith and miner...? He could also tame stuff, maybe...? Anyway, I wish I knew the answer so please leave your thoughts.
  6. Gwyn's fletching workshop is clearing some stock. Lot A: 1,000 creation quality (11.89) cedarwood hunting arrows Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s Lot B: 1,000 creation quality (14.84) cedarwood war arrows Starting Bid: 3s25c Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s50c Buyer collects from Xanadu Q/R24. Delivery to outer coastal Freedom locations for 50c. Free delivery if buyer spends over 5s.
  7. Im looking to buy at least 100 hunting arrows, preferably Ql 70+, im willing to travel coastal to pick the merchandise. Leave me a price with your location.
  8. Greetings! My name is Tylenthus, and I have played this game for a short period of time. During my journeys I have come across some amazing sights, whimsical animals and some elaborate housing. During my short stay on the Freedom server, my girlfriend and I have set up a small home, purchased a Deed and have begun collecting some resources, etc. One of the items I have found was a Bear Hat.. Sort of like a bears head I wear like a beanie on my head. I love it. I want more. I would like a black bear helmet, but I have no idea on how to go about getting one.. but that's besides the point. In the next few hours I plan on a big bear hunt, so I can have a bear rug in my home.. I already have a "cave bug" as a trophy in my home, which I overpowered with m y massive battleaxe. It stood no chance with its ferocious pincher, thanks to my shining plate armour (Can I change the color of this? I would like another colour to my armor). I slowly lugged it back to our home, and it now resides on the floor, as a trophy of my power and strength. Whilst asking some questions in the CA HELP chat (Big shout out to Fireriders for all the help) I have discovered there are actually two kinds of bears in this game, despite the fact I've only ever sighted a brown bear!. I would not only like to see a black bear, but I would like to conquer one. Return home with its hide as my trophy. Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge in this game I fear I cannot do it alone. I have been informed that I might need a fight statistic of 25 to overwhelm this foe. I have also learned that we can retreat to water if it is indeed a black bear that we find, as they cannot swim (Where as their friend, the brown bear can indeed swim). I have only got a fight statistic of 1.23. Despite my mighty axe, I do not believe I can do this alone. I am asking for anyone who has the spare time, muscle and know-how to come to my house located on the map provided, to help me slaughter this mighty foe. I have a well at my home, so I can provide refreshments, however I'd suggest you bring a water skin as this will be a big expedition I am sure. Here is a map of the general area I am in. My home is called "Shady Hollow" if that helps any. This is a picture of the map someone showed me so I could point out my general area. The battle-plan here, is that we go into the forest near me. I have seen a brown bear there before, although it was a while ago.. If you have any better plans let me know! I am sure we can put our minds together and form a battle-plan that'll guarantee us a bear!! Once we have hunted the bear down, the body will be bought back to my home, and placed on the floor for all to marvel at. You are welcome to come inside and view it, alongside my cave bug! Please add me to your friends list (if you can do that? my game name is Tylenthus) and send me a message letting me know you're coming, what you can bring and what strengths you have against a bear! You can also comment here, so people can see the army we have ready to combat this fierce predator.
  9. Hello Everyone, o/ I'm quite a new player have been staying in the same area for quite some time and i'm going out to see the Freedom Isles soon i will be on every server for a couple of days and would like some suggestions on what to go see, from must see monuments and buildings to good hunting spots please post Name and ingame map locations in comments. Thanks alot;)
  10. I recently planned and finished building a lodge for hunters on the Grand Steppe. The area I used is small, so it doesn't take up too much steppe space, and it isn't too deep into the steppe to find. I'm not entirely certain how often people visit the Grand Steppe to hunt, but the lodge is intended for the use of the public. I haven't fully furnished the lodge yet, however when I do it will have an oven, a forge, some storage, and several beds. In the front of the lodge is a small 2x5 fenced area, which will have enchanted grass so that you may loose your horses or whatever animals you use on hunting trips. I would, however, suggest branding your horses to your deed/alliance just to be certain no one can take them. The beds in the lodge will be set at a very low fee of 10i, or no fee at all for members of my personal deed and alliance. There will also be a merchant placed in the lodge. The merchant will be stocked with various weapons/bows for use in hunting. So if you are out hunting on the Grand Steppe and are far from home, or just don't feel like returning home quite yet, you can come to the lodge. Feel free to cook your meats, improve your weapons or buy new weapons, and log off in a bed to build up sleep bonus. The Grand Steppe Hunting Lodge is located here in the map below with it's own deed, Haven. Happy hunting!
  11. So mycelium doesn't spawn any monsters, yaknow. It'd be nice if it did. What I suggest are shroom monsters. "Why shrooms," you ask. Because mycelium is how shrooms grow, you uneducated oaf. It's like their roots or something. I've drawn a preliminary design for you here.
  12. After some thought while out hunting, I wondered if taunting could be used on mobs you were trying to pull to you but weren't in combat with you. I think it would probably need a short range, say 15 or 30 tiles, and would be a nice replacement for throwing grass or meat filets at mobs trying to aggro them to you when you're on a horse in a spot you can't or don't want to dismount to reach them. This would allow a way to use the taunting skill for which we have almost no normal uses for in pve land and allow pvp players to use while hunting as well.
  13. So after riding around in desperation for hours in heavy fog, I'm yet again frustrated by the fact that I've never seen one of these new creatures. Much less having killed one. First off I want to thank the devs for finally adding a new mob type. Those of us who can kill trolls in our sleep appreciate it. But something needs to be done. The fog+Fog Spiders event doesn't feel very..well..event like if you can't even find them. When the fog rolls in, these things should be WAY more visible and plentiful. They should swarm out from the fog. When the fog rolls in, people should be like "Oh crap, my FS is kinda low...I better stay inside or keep a look out!" More fog spiders please!
  14. Wurm could use for a good dose of something a little new. A flying creature added to the game as a typical mob would be quite unique for Wurm. I'm suggesting either a Giant Wasp or a Giant Eagle, or both. Since Wurm is viewed as a 3D environment on a 2D plane I wouldn't expect such a creature to actually fly in the game, but rather hover at a certain height over the ground. Here are a few of the ideal specifications I've come up with, but by no means is this set in stone, but merely suggested: Giant Wasp: Aggressive: Yes Tameable: No Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: No Butchered: ??? Breedable: No Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Hive (near trees) Combat Level: Similar to a scorpion in strength, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne as well as a poisoned effect with their attacks. Does stinging and poison damage. Counter: Archery Giant Eagle: Aggressive: No Tameable: Yes Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: Yes Butchered: ??? Breedable: Yes Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Nests (near trees and cliffs) Combat Level: Similar to the strength of a wild boar, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne. Does clawing, cutting and pecking damage. Counter: Archery Overall these two creatures shouldn't be game breaking or terribly unbalanced. Neither is excessively strong, but they also aren't easily struck by melee attacks. This would require more skill in archery to combat such animals with less risk. I didn't put anything down for butchering products as I figure I'd leave that up for others to comment on or make suggestions. What do you all think? Terrible ideas or interesting concepts?
  15. So, yeah, I don't have anything to add at this point in time.
  16. New Skill Idea Skill: Hunting * Sub Skill - Traps , { To Create the tool / items to start with} New items: Small Trap box, Medium Fall Trap The items Small trap box - 4 small nails, 10 shafts, acorns Or cheese. Medium Fall Trap - Shafts , 1 rope , felled tree or Logs , Raw fish or herbs from botanise for example. * Sub Skill - Trapper , {To use the items) New Mechanic 1) - Plant the Small trap Box, (Not drop), Can not be picked up for 1 RL hour. after the timer the Bait is gone and in its place is ** x Squirrel meat, or Mouse/rat meat. 2) - Plant the Medium Fall Trap (Not Drop - Must be within 1 tile of a Tree) Can not be picked up at all Decays within 24 hours. After ** time it produces Bair meat, or Venison. Skill: Glass Smiting * Sub skill - Mixer {to make Glass lumps i.e. like Mortar} New items: Glass Mound , 1 x Sand + Smelter *Sub Skill - Enamel To make ornaments or Cutlery (we have spoons forks and knives already) 1 x Glass lump + Mallet New items: Creates plates and bowls Glass Windows * Sub Skill - Glazier Mixing Colour with glass. New items: glass window, jugs, plates etc , + paint/dye Produces stained glass windows , colourful globes , colourful ornaments. Please leave Feedback and additional add on ideas.
  17. Not sure if this has been suggested before, if so please add links to topics. We have all kinds of things to hunt but no witches. This should be new unique spawns only during eclipses has unique name can cast set of spells, maybe some new spells unique to each witch new unique drops, like witch hat, mushrooms etc. vulnerable to flaming aura weapons on pvp servers, stronger in Libila domain and heals faster on mycelium Please add your ideas.
  18. It's with great sorrow I've decided to sell my first ever deed, "The Humble Abode" to the highest bidder. Server: Exodus Coordinates, Ingame: S13, Ejects public map: X17, Y44 Size: 37 x 15 (The harbour + the walled off area is deed) Perimiter: 6 Guards: 0 Coffers: 2S, 19C & 49I (51 days left) More pictures here: On deed/in house Trader Main building with basement, and cave entrance on the front. With a few transformation rods, you can turn the basement into a perfect in-house mine. On deed harbour almost fully terraformed. Place on deed for both knowledge and love tile Enchanted horse pens. Off deed farm/grove possible. Guard tower just off deed. Loads of BsB's on deed, some left over stuff in them. Mailbox next to Token Stone Vyn altar on deed (edit: Gold mag altar is gone) Off-deed mine with on deed entrance with loads of iron and 2 copper vein (1 good and 1 very good) Clay and tar not far off, but off deed Good hunting grounds on Goblin peninsula Very nice neighbors And COME ON!!! THAT BASEMENT! It cost me more then 2k concrete, but how many houses with a proper basement on have you seen Starting bid: 15 silver (no reserve) Minimum increments: 1 silver Buyout: 50 silver Snipe Protection: 1 hour Ending in 3 days from the start.
  19. Selling deed, Homestead Oasis right by the desert on exodus! This is prime hunting and located right by the water. It is a basic 10x10 deed. No guards currently. Includes the 2 horses as well . Bsbs have a couple things such as hides, some coal, bit of iron lump, nails xD. Forges(3), and several beds(6) inside of the main house. Coffers (5 silver, 1 copper) which lasts 140 days . No mine on deed, as rock layer isn't existent by here, but there is mountain nearby. Starting bid: 10s/10e Increments: 1s/1e Buyout: 20s/20e No reserve Duration: 1 week Any questions let me know
  20. Its annoying carrying tons of backpacks or barrels to be able transport meats or seed or whatever feedable. Could be good if you are out hunting on a boat and want to storage meat. Something like crate or it could even be crate.
  21. The Great Desert

    Last time I was on Exodus, I wasn't on my main account, but on David Rizzo, my Freedom alt. I took a look around the desert and found plenty of greenish scorpions, slow crocodiles, but numbers were dwindling as a result of deeds that employ templars. What's the situation like now ?
  22. I've been saving my rare arrows... They are maplewood so they take less damage and are less likely to break. Starting bid: 10s bid inc: 1s buyout: pm me
  23. As some of you may know, I built and own the Hunting Lodge on the Grand Steppe. This lodge was designed specifically for hunters and adventurers to have a place of respite from hunting. However in my time on the Grand Steppe I have noticed several other areas where people have terraformed large areas of land to build their villages or create forests. This has been a problem for quite some time now. I'm suggesting, as I'm sure others have before me, that we undertake a community project to clean up and preserve the Grand Steppe and maybe even expand it in the process. Before trying to plan any project of this scope, I'd first like an estimate of how many people support this idea and how many are willing to help in the labor if this restoration does kick off. By way of vote or comment, please show your support or disapproval of this possible project to preserve and expand the Grand Steppe, in the hopes of returning not only it's beauty, but it's hunting-game as well. If this proposition receives enough support, further planning and scouting for the project will take place and updates to the timeline of events will be made.
  24. I sure hope there are still some uniques left when i get home from work. Its 2pm and still have 3 hrs left till I can get off work and rush my butt home for the killings.
  25. Greetings! For auction I have a very nice longsword, from iron. QL 91 [18:45:54] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [99] [18:45:54] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] [18:45:54] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [80] [18:46:25] Flaming Aura has been cast on it, so it will burn targets hit with it. [90] sword has no demise, but can be casted as the winner wishes. start: 5s increments:1s reserve:nope buyout: 20s free delivery to deli,indy,exo