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  1. Leaving this for future generations. My laptop has integrated Intel HD graphics as well as an Nvidia Geforce 710m. All it took was to go into Nvidia settings and make it so that the jlp java launcher was always ran by the nvidia processor not the intel one. Thanks, we can close this one down. Not getting a refund on my rotten crops tho I assume ;(
  2. So Wurm just won't start. The Java engine is giving me the error logs like we know them when you need to disable multidraw and VBO on Intel to make it work. I know I need to do it, but the catch is I can't. In the dropdown when you click either multidraw or vbo you just have no option to disable any of these. Does this mean Intel has been permabanned from Wurm?
  3. Most people you found on the way were one and the same person because the tons of alt toons we have here are a scourge. But yes, after a month of being "wurm-free" I still feel the withdrawal syndrome and sweat whenever I see wurm online. Epic game with the best community there is in any game. Pretty much the community is the only thing keeping it together.
  4. I did them at night as it's the only five minutes that I had to log in I'll try updating soon. Edit: Done
  5. Once again Erevorn and all his stuff is up for sale. This time for good because I am quitting Wurm until further notice due to personal matters and issues consuming my time (and because we still can't put plates on tables). The package (not selling individual parts of it) contains: - the toon Erevorn; - the deed of Oronti Cardhon; - 98 courier + zinc Mag rune mailbox (sends planks within 3 minutes). - all tools and items (listed below and plenty of others); - corbita; Starting bid: 45e Increments: 1e minimum Sniper protection: 1 hour Skilldump ( Notice all the useful skills that haven't reached the highlight yet, like enough forestry for 2 fruit per harvest, enough pottery for large amphoras etc etc. Map: Items: Deed: Summary: - over 30 mind logic; - can command every vehicle; - 2 fruit per harvest; - can spam trellises; - a lot of recipes; - bee hives creation quality of 60 ; - plenty of useful skills; - very good starter toon; - secluded deed perfect for your hermit needs; - plenty of veins nearby, most still underground, iron uncovered; - clay (created with transmutation liquid) and sand on-deed, no need to get to the coast for clay; - large house built out of pottery bricks and pottery shingles with pottery fences. Financial info: The size of Oronti Cardhon is 11 by 11. The settlement has 2 silver, 44 copper and 90 iron in its coffers. The upkeep will last approximately 68 days, 13 hours and 43 minutes more. The monthly cost is 1 silver. You may withdraw up to 7 copper and 1 iron. [13:31:02] You have premium time until 3 Aug 2017 10:55:34 GMT Only PayPal verified and only people with good rep accepted. EDIT: Brighter deed pics in the spoiler below.
  6. +1 This is where I'd use my "thank you" emote. IF I HAD ONE
  7. No. This is like saying "I paid for a low need priorety service but due to unexpected drawbacks I'm not able to use it so I'll use a safety measure to ensure that I'm in the same spot I've been in before the issue occured". Like they did so far - from premium time and WU. It's not like people would stop buying premium time if they had an option to freeze only a week of it every month or two.
  8. +1 Making word documents for every work order and note I need to write is annoying, give us notebooks.
  9. Make a week's long vacation available every month or so. Once you use it your premium time freezes for a week and if you use the vacation in that time you lose the ability for 30 days. I have to take a break to deal with rl and the time I paid for will be lost. I couldn't have possibly seen the future and this happening so freezing prem for at least a week would be a great gift to all of us. I basically paid for time I cannot use for various reasons. +1
  10. I wanted a normal cast between 70-80 so I didn't feel too elitist. The priest casted once and accidentally shot 98 courier on my mailbox. This person made me elitist - I highly recommend
  11. You have gone a long way. I remember how you started Don't quit on us! As to the toon I'd say it's worth about 40-60 silver or euro. I'd shoot somewhere between these ends.
  12. Would be nice if thrown weaponry like small axes, spears and maybe something new - throwing knives dealt actual damage to the enemy. I can imagine that getting an axe to the chest from a distance of 20 meters still hurts. Damage can be related to given weapon skill.
  13. Trowel, iron QL_86 WoA_90 + CoC_90 1,8s Please CoD to Erevorn.