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  1. Full field growth time changed to 22,5 hours.
  2. New map on server, smaller- 2048x2048
  3. Maxiumum creatures count changed to 60k
  4. Thanks for Xyp. Map viewer now looking good.
  5. Some news about WUA?
  6. Xyp, i dont know why but isnt working for me. Program making only map files and empty sections-3d folder Now I saw it: " The mapviewer.jar and mapviewer.cfg need to go into the root folder of your server. Where your server.jar is. This new system has the class paths set up to get the common.jar and use it as a library, so its location is important. Unless you want to modify the MANIFEST"
  7. Thanks man.
  8. I used my shovel and dug up this topic. What is with normal maps in wurm, that will be a lot for better graphic.
  9. Server gallery added. Url: or on forum gallery button
  10. Maybe someone can update Map Viewer?
  11. In this mod you can change max deeds but per steamid. You can change max deed size
  12. New update on server.
  13. The bridge road.
  14. Could you add npc animation? We want make farmer, so we summoning npc "farmer" and we can add to this npc animation "tending" or "farming", npc "miner" animation "mining". What you think?
  15. Now Characteristics skills going better.