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Found 16 results

  1. So i was reading a topic about a confirmation box when breeding and most people didnt liked it and said we allready have some external tools we can use for that. this brought me to the idea i wanted to present now. this is just an bad example how a papyrus sheet can look out when you "look" at it ingame. like the server map popup or something what i mean is you can "use" a papryus sheet examine a horse and it gets listet in this sheet of paper. after that you "look" (new action on papyrus sheet) at the sheet and a popup will show what horses are in the list. you could also use this for example to manage your ingame items (examine tool and there will be 1 QL XX Hammer iron on the list) or to make a compleate list of you bulk staff (open bsb/crate/fsb examine iron lumps) with Ql and amount. what do you think about that?
  2. Just an idea - for papyrusmaking: Folios This would item would allow players to take multiple papyrus sheets (uninscribed) and combine them into a bound folio. Instead of the regular pop-up window for inscribing it would be similar, however with the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons player could inscribe multiple pages. This could be used for recipe sharing, in-game book writing, kingdom/deed laws, inventory logs, trade deals, et. al. I'd imagine the recipe being to the effect of using a needle as the tool, 3 strings of cloth, two pieces of leather, and a minimum of five papyrus sheets. There could be recipes for different sizes, i.e. Volume: req 10 papyrus sheets, 6 strings; Tome: req 25 sheets, 12 strings. If it all possible, perhaps allowing players to bind already inscribed papyrus sheets into a bound folio although it would have to be one at a time and requires at least one string with each 'addition.'
  3. This look's unintentional so I'm putting it here. Currently you're not able to drop papyrus sheets and paper that have been coated with bees wax into a bsb/crate. Normal papyrus sheets and paper fit fine. For the sake of convenience I'd appreciate if this was changed, because larders are not working well enough that food decay is pretty high even with snowballs filled, it's a good idea to wrap food in waxed paper to reduce decay. If you have any extras well you're out of luck as they do not fit in a bsb/crate. [23:57:48] The waxed papyrus sheet would be destroyed. Thank you.
  4. Currently in game papyrus sheets take 0.5 kg of reed fiber, which takes 5 reed plants to make. I don't believe that papyrus sheets should be so heavy or take so much fiber. At most they should be 0.1 kg to make using them viable. As it stands, the average farmer needs to wait a real life week(a Wurm month) and dedicate a tile of their farm per one sheet. This seems ridiculous when considering historically they were made into books and sold by rolls of 20 sheets. A book of 100 pages would weigh 50 kilos theoretically, if made in Wurm. Please change it and people may actually use it, Thanks
  5. The fountain in the center of Glasshollow Market is now a public meeting place! Anyone is welcome to take a sheet of papyrus and a pen from the red cart just nearby, about six tiles away towards the guard tower. Inscribed messages may be placed into the center fountain at the token so that they may be viewed by anyone. Name buy/sell requests starting with "WTB" or "WTS" in order to allow easy sorting. You may also request a rename for your merchant's market stall. Remember to rename your sheet before posting, so people will know which ones to read. A system of sub-containers to sort older sheets until their decay may be implemented as the fountain becomes full. Any message is welcome! You may place your village ad, or just say hello to Glasshollow! I will continue to supply papyrus, pens and dye in the red cart as more are needed; I have just installed a small reed farm on my nearby deed, Golden Glass, with plenty of room to expand. NOTE: The ornate fountain next to the red cart may be the future location for this 'message board' (current location promotes awareness of new message system)
  6. Reduce the papyrus sheet weight to 0.01 keep all other mechanics in place would be awesome! book could weight 1kg and be able to add 100 sheets to it which would give you the same window as "read inscription" but you have arrows to turn the pages
  7. Papyrus sheet

    I did not check my bank total before i sent it so not sure if this is just a wording problem or if it actual charges you the 20c to send a papyrus sheet but that is what it said in the mail window and in the event tab so wanted to report it.. event message... [12:48:38] You have been charged 20 copper.
  8. Questions for you all. When inscribing and reading the inscription on a papyrus sheet, can the writing or the signed name be tampered with in any way? How fast do inscribed papyrus sheets decay in inventory? on the ground/container/house? If you C.O.D a papyrus sheet to someone, is the fee 40i plus the C.O.D. amount?
  9. As the title says, i'd love to be able to lock an inscription on a piece of papyrus with a signature locked to your character. It would work like this. You write on the papyrus as normal, and once done you get an option to sign it and it'll be locked. So other people will only be able to read it (also make it indestructible by others then the writer) You could possible use a tool like a personal stamp to sign it. (This will also open up a use for beewax, if bees are ever added) My thought/motivation for this idea is that i wanted to be able to offer quests, like i do in my forum post under celebration, on papyrus. Put them on my merchant and people buy them for 1iron and then they return the quests papyrus along with whatever the quest calls for and i give them the reward. (better solution would to have a notice board where people could take the quests from and perhaps limit it so 1 person can only take x amount of quests at a time) This way it's possible to make something like a quest hub completely player run.
  10. Face it, at this moment this skill is completely useless: you can't write any meaningful piece of literature or even a simple letter without using such important symbols like quotation and exclamation marks, but they're apparently treated as "illegal" when you try to write them down on a papyrus sheet. And there is a whole industry "link" which sole reason is to make these useless sheets. So, to make this feature of Wurm somewhat polished and playable, I suggest these changes: 1) All symbols should be allowed! 2) Simple formatting for text, maybe simple HTML parser with no fancy elements like images. Writing everything in one line is just stupid. 3) Increase the symbol limit, the current one is too damn restricting and forces you to use multiple sheets on one simple work. I suggest about 512 + 10 * ql of sheet + 10 * ql of pen. For example, this post is 1149 symbols long, so it'd fit onto one 50ql sheet, if written by 50ql pen. 4) OPTIONAL: add bookshelves: a special container for small things (<5 kg) That'd finally make this feature not so half-baked and actually useful for roleplaying and even for some practical use.
  11. Okay. I think papyrus should have a maker mark, and that mark should be accessible at 20 QL or above. Anything below this QL should not be usable as evidence for anything, such as harrassment, etc. Firstly, Wurm has established that we are responsible for our words. If we use profanity or racial/religious/etc slurs, we can face some sort of administrative punishment. If I'm mistaken please correct me. While I have not seen it yet, I do believe there is potential for misleading information and misidentification. A papyrus with no maker mark can have any information and content on it, and can be used to try to incriminate someone. For example, leaving 5000 papyrus notes on a deed that read: "You Suck. Love, Player X" However, Player X did not write these. Instead it was Player Y, his arch-rival, in order to try to incriminate him, and get administrative punishment due to the paper spam. Having makermarks easily accessible would let us know, not only that it wasn't Player X, but that it was Player Y. I believe this has some effect on diplomatic envoys and advertising to an effect. Though I understand alot of this is done through the Forum, I know I have personally used the papyrus to seek out new markets for my products, simply because not all players use the markets. Thus...MakerMarks/WaterMarks on paper.
  12. I would like to suggest a item which would be using carpentry to make and can be placed as a decorative item in villages as well as making it useful to spread information around the village or deed. Due to the inclussion of papyrus, we can write messages, thing is, we can really only store them in mailboxes or other containers or leave em on the ground for someone to notice, and calling a large chest "newsboard" seems kinda silly. The newsboard would only be able to store papyrus in it and you could write notices and messages that way and leave em for people to read or take, it could as well be used as a information or task hub for the whole village. That way we would give papyrus another use.
  13. Public Market Stalls 1st: Icetrias Papyrus 27ql: 5c/each Reed Pen 41-46ql: 20-23c 6x Mooring anchor 23ql: 30c/each 1x Ruby 42ql: 85c 1x Sapphire 11.8ql: 23c 2x Silver hanging lamp 12 ql :18c/each 2x each god Gold Statuettes 20ql: 25c/each 4x Gold candelaber 20ql: 30c/each 4x Copper pendulum 20ql: 15c/each Ships for sale: 20ql Rowing boat 1s each: Will have more! For new players maybe I can give bit lower price for some work. PM Icetrias for more info. 2nd: Empty 3rd: Empty 4th: Emply 5th: Empty Feel free to place merchant here! Blackflame Inn 4 BED cost 50i/sleep
  14. All orders can be mailed COD or picked up from Pickle Island, which is located at 16x,22y on the Current Maintained Independence Map, or 33x,22y on the Independence community map Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. To place order simply post here or pm Brycarnia on forums or in-game. ** All Blacksmithing tools and lamps qualify for lifetime warranties. At any time during the life of your tool I will improve it back to the original quality you purchased. You pay CoD both ways ** Farming Goods All Crops (including reed) - 1s/1000 Mixed Grass - 20c/100 ** Due to a large order farming is unavailable at the current time ** Cotton, Wemp, Pumpkin, Reed, & Potatos available in limited quantities. ** Papyrus Papyrus Sheet - 1c Reed Pen (60ql +) - 1c Ropes Rope - 5c Mooring - 10c Cordage - 10c Thick - 20c Blacksmithing 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 80c * Large Anvils add 10c Lamps x 10 30ql - 75c 40ql - 1s 50ql - 1.5s 60ql - 2.5s Bulk Items Nails (small/large) - 20c/100 Ribbons - 1.5s/100 Fence Bars - 1.5s/100 Misc Items Fireworks (99ql) - 7s
  15. I have been playing around with Papyrus making and seen its fairly easy vs the base price. (note: I am mostly a locksmith but have a lot of feedback from a rope maker) I have talked to Zcul in IRC about this but I would like feedback and the players input on it Current base price is the same as mooring rope at 0.50 and Zcul sed after we talked that 0.25 seems fair. I am using rope making as wemp vs reed production is the same and both use a tool to make. To make a Mooring rope at 50% change take some time and skilling. At 2.03 Pap Skill & 31.32 Nature using a 51.72ql press I get a 49% change to make Papyrus I checked with a newish alt with 0 nature and 0 pap on the same tool and its 41%. Check for my data on making. Thus I am able to produce decent ql papyrus with good tools and decant reeds at low skill. Granted that there is no low use skill gains like bowstrings. But 27 papyrus sheets got me to 4.12. (note that I have a CoC press) (For those who don`t know % change and skill play a mayor role in the average ql you will get out vs the ql of the used item) This ain't fair for the rope makers , locksmiths and any other saccing item makers and I have decided to go from locksmith (I can already make any lock the town needs) to a Papyrus maker no mater the base price. So I simply ask what should the Base price be like?
  16. As for now Papyrus is rather a cute addon without any serious use (in terms of wurm economy) So there are my ideas how to use it I noticed that villages give bonuses to their citizens. Why cant we build libraries ? Idea of Wurm Library = Construction : 3 columns and 30 colosus bricks per wall 20 slabs. = Usage gathering scrolls of knowledge. = Bonus is given only for the first scroll of any class/. Example : Lest say a digger with a skill 20 writes a scroll. This scroll has its own class (0-20 skill) and it gives some visible boost to digging skill gain for citizen of a village with library. For more immerse gameplay there should be scrolls for skill levels at 10 interval. 0-20 (first class) 20-30 (second class) 30-40 (third class) and so on. Player should be able to choose the class he wants to write. So it should be possible for Master Excavator to write first class scroll. Of course you have to achive apropriate level to write specyfic scroll class. Second idea : Priest scrolls one time buff for any player. Works as priest spell on prest level. I think it would boost usage of papyrus dont You agree ?