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Found 11 results

  1. Looked at the other topics on pickles...but I just wanted to add a short note. Saw the mention of Sauerkraut and Pickles but you could use the Large Barrels in game, say 100 cucumbers(pickles) or 50 heads of cabbage(sauerkraut) sealed with the wax to preserve them....using a Rock Salt/Vinegar solution...? Just an idea.
  2. Hey Wurmians, Just a quick post to say that I sell affinity meals. WHAT? Well no and yes, I'm not a bulk supplier, I can 100% guarantee to sell you any affinity you need, want or just like. Taste my free meal and let me do the rest. Not really taking orders here, meals are cooked as needed, but a happy customer said I should put something up ... so UPS So keep an eye out for me in the TRADE channel. A couple of tips 1) Get a larder, these goodies are worth keeping 2) Don't fill up on them too much it's like KFC ... it starts super awesome 3) When you are eating mash the ESC key 4) My best so far is 21 affinities beat that
  3. A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling. Want to Sell: 45+ ql lunchboxes In stock: 50 copper + COD
  4. I think it'd be acool to have a divide/split/cut option to divide meals up in weight. alot of larger meals wont fit in the lunchbox when i travel, so id like to cut it up. it'd also be awesome for sharing meals with friends and guests.
  5. So what we need is a backpack insulated with moss and lined in silver to keep our meals at the perfect temperature when we are out and about traveling around.
  6. So far, I have not had any affinities granted by new recipes as a non premium player. I will continue to test meals but I think this is a bug unless the is an increased chance to not have an affinity as a non premium player.
  7. Nutrition Bug

    There seems to be a bug where all nutrition is at 99 no matter what is eaten.
  8. In the Wiki it says meals decay faster with salt. Days one and two no damage with or without salt. Day three with salt significant damage, 60. Day three without salt damage 0. Is this correct or is this a typographical error? 10.0 QL meal with salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 60.0 damage 10.0 QL meal without salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 0.0 damage If this is indeed correct someone needs to reexamine their reasoning for making meals with salt decay more readily than without.
  9. As the title says, even stored in a full barrel with salt white in inventory, they are useless in hours.
  10. Let my Pan + meals searing hot in the pan outside in my cart, could eat from it at that state, went to bed next morning Pan is "hot" meals are still searing hot but too hot to be eated, 2nd or 3rd time I witness this so far in the passed 6 months
  11. Our village is rather small, but we're highly engaged. We build a lot, grind our skill and team up whenever something is need from each other. There are only 3 of us, but I hope more will join. I doesn't if you aren't Polish, we're good with all nations! We offer good company, meals at 27ql yet, quite nice tools, and other stuff that we do. We're placed on about AV 39 or AY 40. At the lakes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nie jest to duża wioska, ale jesteśmy bardzo zaangażowani. Pracujemy nad swoimi umiejętnościami i wymieniamy się potrzebnymi przedmiotami. Jest nas trzech, mam nadzieję, że ktoś inny jeszcze dołączy. Oferujemy dobre żarełko 27ql, dobre narzędzia i inne śmiecie. Jesteśmy położeni gdzieś w obszarze jezior AV 39 czy tam AY 40. // BlackWolffpl