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  1. Sooo excited to see this! Now where to put the new pens..............
  2. Key problem now resolved! Appologies for anyones inconvenience in the recent past. You can buy with confidence now. Thank you!
  3. Love working with Impetuous - very helpful and fast to respond. Great prices and great service. Thank you again!
  4. Okay I found a boy and a girl with no negative traits and both have at least two of the three Bison speed traits for pulling. (Strong legs is still under scrutiny). They should breed well when old enough. Let me know if you are interested in them. Lynd
  5. I dont currently have a breeding pair available, all my breeders are currenly in breeding, but I do have some females available at Mature age. I do have several young ones that were recently born, none of them are full speed traited, but I will look and see if there is a male and female set born with no bad traits for you. You can contact me in game at Lynd if you like.
  6. Was told by Mumin, sorry I didn't see your post on this, but it has been fixed if you didn't already know. Thanks again!
  7. Not understanding why I am having such an issue with these keys, but contact me or Mumin in game and we will correct this for you. Until then I will take them out of the sale pens and hold them elsewhere for you. Thank you for letting me know! Lyndee
  8. Thank you! Mumin is great, and he informed me immediately of the mixup, changed the lock so hopefully fixed now. Lyndee