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  1. I second this idea, without the breeding assistant this could be very useful in planning pairs. and I second this as well! Awesome work and support all this time.
  2. Is there anything we have to do to get these features to show up in WA, they dont seem to be showing up when I open it. Whatever the reason, thank you so much for all your work on this, can't wait to use it again!
  3. I have no idea how to add them so I put them here.
  4. Since there are no pages for these I thought I would put them here as Equine names: Donkeys: Raspberry/Mischief/Gus/Candlewick/Bracken Mules: Small/Charlie Will give you more as I have any more born.
  5. I think it would be awesome for both visual context and for those that don't make it on in time for our short winters, to have snow at higher elevations during the other three seasons. This way if someone missed gathering up snow when they were able to at the lower elevations they could have the chance to make a trip to the mountains to restock their Larders. It would be a beautiful backdrop to the summers as well.
  6. It seems extremely tame: Aggressive animals become passive (Misc, Rare) This was posted on the update information. I noticed you have an empty slot for Misc traits in your List and that this was added in your list as a Combat trait. Has anyone seen it listed on a horse as Combat rather than Misc.?
  7. From what I have been able yo piece together, There are a total of 6 draft traits, 2 of them rare the other 4 common ( stronger than normal - rare, More Nimble - rare, strong legs - not to be mistaken for Very strong legs which is a speed trait, Easy on gear, carry more and strong body.
  8. Well real life finally called and said it needs me back, so I hope Wurm will be back when I get home - I miss my morning Wurm fix. *sighs*
  9. Will be looking forward greatly to your update to Granger - I like so many others use it religiously for my breeding. Thank you for everything you do, your tool is a Godsend.
  10. I did note that some of my "old 5 speeds" were now "4 speeds" but with the rare addition of "Naturally Fast" possible, it looks like we can gain New 5 speeds, just not as often. No clue on weather the new 4 speed variety is in fact any faster if the other now draft traits are still there. Hope that makes sense.
  11. So then the question is - What is a Superhorse?
  12. said something about "fixing superhorses"?, just before it went down again