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Found 28 results

  1. May have been suggested already. Just some thoughts off the top of my head while i was out in wurm winterland How about turning the black wolf into the snow wolf? It only appears in winter Can be made into the white wolf rug (same as black version just white) Maybe give it real blue ice eye colour *Edit, ambient wolf howl sounds triggered when near player? Will give frostbite as wound <<< need to beef this out a bit
  2. I think it would be awesome for both visual context and for those that don't make it on in time for our short winters, to have snow at higher elevations during the other three seasons. This way if someone missed gathering up snow when they were able to at the lower elevations they could have the chance to make a trip to the mountains to restock their Larders. It would be a beautiful backdrop to the summers as well.
  3. SKI for the Wurmianer !!! Dear Devs , we have Snow so we also need Ski´s !! Would be so amazing to use Ski and race against other Players. Craft : Plank + carving Knife = unfinished Ski unfinished Ski + Ski-Edge + 2 Leather Stripes Ski Edge = Lump + Hammer on a small Anvil Ski Poles = Shaft + Leather Stripes Different Skitype - make Ski´s from every Woodtyp Just climb a Hill and equip your Skies and have fun ! Beware !! Low Quality breaks faster and you can hurt yourself ! Ski Controls: W - Faster A - Left Swing D - Right Swing S - Brake, stove the Snow Events : Ski Racing, Ski Jumping NEW Cooking Recipes: Ski Water - Raspberry + Water + Citron "Glühwein" mulled Wine - Red Wine + Sugar + Orange + heated in a bowl or cauldron NEEDS: Body Control 21 ans Carpentry 20 to make the Ski
  4. This is something that I've been wishing for years, and I don't think has been updated once (other than adding lightning) in the over 10 years I've played. A good weather system with storms and rain are one of my favorite things in a game. But as of right now, the only clue that it's raining are the occasional drops around you, there are hardly any clouds around, the sky doesn't get dark, puddles don't form on the ground, things don't look wet. I and many others would be incredibly grateful if the Dev team could give the weather system some much needed love. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. I just planted all the new trees and bushes in a mini orchard. Young to mature on all of them and not a single visible mark in the snow for any of them. Not a huge deal, but the graphics should be added at some point?
  6. Instead of checking every single tile for the seemingly random Collect Snow action, why not have "snow drifts" that are visible (mouse over outline) and can be collected in the same manner, turning into snowballs in inventory. Visually simple, they would be lumpy white piles and vanish when winter ends.
  7. Hi, The collection of snowballs is becoming increasingly tedious and an irritating waste of time. It is not as if there is any skill involved in collecting snow, thus: 1. Why do all tiles not have snow? - tedious to go around clicking on each and every tile to find "collect snow" 2. Why are not all snowballs 99ql? - tedious to have to drop untidy piles of snowballs all over the place, as there is no point in collecting snowballs under 90ql, else the damage until next winter would be too great for larder to be effective. Suggestions: 1, either make this activity skill related, e.g. foraging, gardening, digging; or 2. adjusted to make it less tedious, i.e. all tiles to have snow and all snowballs to be 99ql; or 3. have 90+ql snowballs at least 90% of all snow collected, rather than the current 10 to 20%. On the positive side, however, the decay rate of snowballs in the icebox of the larder is now much better. Hoping that the new and wonderfully enthusiastic Dev team will give this a little bit of attention before next Wurm winter... Thanks, Baloo
  8. so i was thinking of a new way to find snow, climbing a huge moutain or going to a norther or souther island were its always cold and snowy in part. just a though
  9. Wurm has always been both deceptively simple and complex at the same time. With basic mechanics it manifests many wonderful things, and I would like to add one more to that list. Icebergs. These would have the following attributes: -Spawn at a certain rate in the waters to the north and sound of a map -Perhaps only spawn at certain times of year, but migrate -Icebergs would be like ships in water, extending both above and below the waterline, they would float and move -They could be surface-mined with a Pick-Axe for Ice Shards, or with Digging and a Shovel, for Snow(balls) -As an Iceberg was mined or dug on, it would get lower to and then below the waterline and eventually no longer be accessible for either action (this violates physics but best we can do) -If it were not too hard to code, they could A ) Cause damage to ships that hit them B ) Shrink in size as they age/move south Besides looking cool and adding some life to the seaways (also homes for seals, polar bears etc), they could provide a source of Snow(balls) (and perhaps the new longer-lasting Ice) for the new Larders. In their most basic form they could be done with 100% of their resources using existing code, and with some minor additions they could have the more advanced features. Their spawn rate could also be controlled, perhaps even tied to the number of snowballs in the world, or the time of year, to balance overall Larder usability. If for now other reason, do it just for that first moment when you sail into a field of icebergs out under the moonlight at night...
  10. We have snowballs, yay! Why can't I combine them to make a larger snowball. Follow that... why can I not make a snowman?! We have all the materials, now with carrots. Combine 5 snowballs = small snowboulder combine 10 snowballs = medium snowboulder combine 25 snowballs = large snowboulder Carrot + small snowboulder = unfinished snowman Remaining items: 10 coal, 2 branches, hat (any type), medium snow boulder, large snow boulder Can be painted Melts several days into spring Crap: ok Fine: Make them not limited to Christmas, allow creation on any tile, not just grass! Snow Forts! Activate hand; (5 snowballs in inventory, like hedge) rt click tile border. Make: Half snow wall Full Snow Wall Windowed snow wall Snow parapet Add floorboards to make successive floors above No permissions Easily damaged can be painted melts several days into Spring (floorboards too - Wogic required) Make this a thing! Malokai
  11. So far what i have seen I also note that collecting snow from pavement is consistently low ql ~30 (3/5 tiles seem to have snow), from trees is ~70 (3/5), from flowers I get them in ~90 (4/5), grass i get ~40 (2/5). Cannot gather snow from enchanted grass, dirt, under/over bridge, crops, buildings, ---- I am looking to add some note to the relative ql for the terrain (i.e. low, mid, high, or the ql categories if that can be proven). If the gathering chance can be clearly demonstrated then maybe we can add a relative chance to find snow on a tile.
  12. Have snow on the higher elevations that can be harvested for larder ice. Perhaps even have the snowcaps gradually "melt" as the seasons advance, until winter drops the snow level again.
  13. I been thinking about our new larders and the lack of snowballs to keep things cool. Why not give the tallest mountains of wurm snow year round? Then folks could do a bit of climbing and scoop up some snow at anytime of the year.
  14. Yo. Idea henceforth: With all these winter posts, and my love for winter both ingame and out, I wanted to start me own thread for Winter ideas to spice it up like a pumkin latte for all wurmians to enjoy. Speaking of spiced drinks, do we have eggnog in game yet? If not, why? Winter should be special. Historically, it's the only season where food is scarce. We don't experience any of that in Wurm. We should have thermal effects. Frostbite. Yesssss Increased calorie consumption. Stay warm or starve trying. Frozen rivers and lakes. Frozen oceans if north enough. Icebergs. The ice must floe! But really, my big idea is a focus on reginal server behavior. If your server was far enough towards the equator, youd never experience winter. Go north lad, and thaat is all you will get. The only problem I see is that players exist on our current servers. I mean, theyd move south if permafrost set in. Glaciers in the back yard. Winter trolls. Mammoths... About the above: I will edit when I'm at a computer. Phone is bad for thinking... I think I understand our societal problems, using this thing. Go ahead and be constructive, below. Think cold. Winter. Awesome. Remembrr to dress warm.
  15. Hello. we've asked for snow shovels before, we know nothing can be done about snow falling through ceilings or all paving turning to snow in the winter, even indoors. Snow shovels would transform this hard-coded defeat into a triumph, especially indoors. sooner or later someone will ask for paving in mines, i can see the winter paved ground textures being a problem for that also. My suggestion: Allow us to shovel our snow.
  16. Some feel the current snow tiles are ugly. Personally I'm more on the fence. Recently I have wondered if adding a sparkle effect would help enhance the look at all, or something to mimic RL ice crystals and light behavior. Afterall, ice crystals are one of the things that lends to the beauty of RL snow. Granted its also the cause of going snowblind. Also as another con, especially for client overhead, the current sparkle with rarity effects only comes into play with maybe a handful of items nearby for most players. By comparison snow tiles in proximity could easily count into the hundreds.
  17. It is snowing , cant see much of anything. AMD Radeon R9 270 2gb , Windows 10 Radeon Software Crimson Edition (16.3.2) , I don't use the beta versions turning shadows on/off makes no difference
  18. I've noticed that rather often, when I start swimming, snow effect will break, and I get a visual of snow falling... but only below the water line. Sometimes it's a localized effect, and above the water line I can see some spots where it's snowing and some where it isn't. Screenshots: Note that snow is visible underwater but not above water... or maybe it's the reflection that's visible? Who knows.
  19. It looks like someone recently fixed the textures for paving and gave a nice look to wooden planks but also changed how slate appeared in the winter, it used to be immune to snow effects but now it isn't. For the effort in making slate pavement it should prevent the accumulation of snow! (or at least stop it from snowing inside of the buildings!)
  20. Most games have a toggle to disable weather. As in, all of it. Two things are the most egregious when it comes to visual eye strain that I have seen. Fog, and snow. The whiteness washes out and causes severe eye strain. I can't look at it for more than a few minutes before it gives me a pounding headache. Thus, any time there is fog, or if the sun is reflecting off the snow (even with reflections and the like turned off...), no matter what I'm doing, I have to either log off, or do something else such as browse the forum until it passes. And to make it worse, the world is all one 'layer', so it's even in buildings! The really crappy part is I usually wait until 'first light' so I can see better, and fog seems to be becoming more and more frequent. Then, when there is snow out, it's only a short time before it's so bright I can't see. Just a simple toggle to remove ALL weather related effects would be awesome. One checkbox, and BAM! All weather gone. Snow, fog, rain, etc. For the snow, I don't care about removing the actual snow per-se just the 'brightness' that goes along with it. And adjusting my monitor does not help. It just makes everything ELSE darker, and thus harder to see, thus incurring even MORE eye strain. So if this is possible to program in a relatively short amount of time, it would be most appreciated I'm sure by many people as a quality of life improvement. After all, we want to be PLAYING the game, not be forced to do other things when we want to play just to get around something so silly as the weather. Thanks for your time and consideration. Addendum: Just as I finished typing this, I noticed that I had 'action timer' lag, whereas just a few minutes ago I had none. I hadn't even moved. Then I noticed... raindrops... pouring through my roof. Rain = action timer lag?!? Addendum 2: Just as a clarification this is a suggestion thread TO the Devs. This isn't a request for a quorum, or a committee hearing on the subject. I know people don't like to hear that their individual contrary opinion isn't wanted, but.. .it isn't. If you like the idea, or have ways to contribute, by all means, let's hear it. If you hate the idea, great, I don't care. You don't need to -1 the thing like I give a rip that you don't like it. It's a suggestion for an individual CLIENT side setting that affects no one but the individual viewer. Thus, there is no reason to -1 something that your opinion is not being asked on, and which affects you not at all. Not trying to be rude here, just trying to clarify. Thanks.
  21. Most people hate winter in Wurm. Heck, most hate it in real life too, so thumbs up on the realism! Idea: Fine Carp craft some skis and Sleighs. Driving a sleigh would be slightly faster than a cart. For skiing, you would ahve to hot key between skis and shoes. If going downhill, make it double walking speed, plus no damage on slopes less than x(80?). Just a fun way to liven up winter and give us a reason to get excited about winter. This also brings up the possibility of other fun foot wear, like ice skates. Far more to consider for those to be viable..
  22. Hello Citizens of freedom isles, today i would like to come to you and attempt to sell My 99ql snow lantern, if interested pm me or post below. [12:39:13] Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. [12:39:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Slinky'. [12:42:28] The snow lantern contains only candle stumps. Fill with new ones. If you would like to contact me ingame about it contact Redbearing or Sylandria. As always i appreciate your business thank you and come again XD.
  23. I have been traveling and each time i cross a server boarder the ground snow is gone. The tree textures are fine but the ground ones bug out back to the fall ones. note: this has happened on two computers at two separate locations and isps edit: i try a refresh in console and get this.. "Null tile type: 39 at (264,30)! Please let client developers know!"
  24. i know its a stupid suggestion, but i would like a server that has no winter. i live in iowa and everytime i log in and snow is coming down and the wind is blowing, it hits too close to home for me. spring and summer server forever!!! hehe
  25. Hi my name is Alexgopen and I am looking to sell my deed named Snow in the Celebration server as I am moving to a new location. It covers an area of 13 east/west by 17 north/south, has a spirit templar, and is found at coordinate 26x 17y. It has a copper/silver mine as well as an iron mine. Any items I leave in bsbs, fsbs, chests, etc are yours to keep. Horses I leave on deed are also yours. You are free to stop by to take a look for yourself, but I have also taken screenshots for your convenience, found here>>> I am willing to negotiate on a price, though I will likely be away for the next two days. Feel free to post here on the forums with any questions or offers, or PM me ingame.