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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all. Some of you might remember me as the guy behind It was a fun little project of mine and it had a good run. Lately I've had another idea that's been stewing in my head. I'd like to make a freight board for Wurm Online, where buyers and sellers can find someone to handle the delivery part. Wagoners seem nice but they come at a pretty high price and have their limitations. How would that work? Keep in mind I'm still at the brainstorming stage, and very open to suggestions. The sale part would happen as it already does: seller advertises his goods in trade chat/forums/etc. buyer contacts seller, you know the rest. Seller isn't very interested in delivering, buyer isn't very interested in picking it up, so one of them creates an entry on the load board (website) and "invites" the other party. Now they both enter their location (interactive maps?) and whoever pays for the shipping sets the amount he's offering, someone sees it, thinks it's a fair price and submits his interest But what if we're not all online at the same time? Well, I'd like to recommend this as standard practice: Seller puts the crates in a purpose-built building or boat (corbita?), sets permissions for shipper to embark as passenger and access hold (or equivalent for building, as long as he can take the stuff) and buyer sets the same permissions on his building or boat. Shipper gets to seller's place, loads the crates in his boat, travels to buyer's place and transfers them to his ship). Job done. How would the payment happen? It's up to you, either leave the money in one of the boats/buildings, or send a woodscrap when you've delivered the goods. And why would I trust the other parties involved? Well, trust and reputation have a big role in Wurm Online. I was thinking I'd make a reputation system (open to suggestions on that, I was thinking of a simple satisfaction rating in %) and a bio. If you're just starting out, put a link to your Wurm profile page and get people you know to vouch for you. Pretending you're someone else wouldn't work, as the permissions would be set for the person you're pretending to be. And what if I get ripped off? I'd actually like to have a chat with GMs about that. It'd be really cool if they'd agree to have one or more moderator accounts on the website to see proof of recent activity and assist players the same way they would assist if it had all been done in-game (I assume that's why "report theft" is green in /support?) What's in it for you? A fun project to work on. I don't plan to make any money out of it whatsoever. We'll see how much it costs (hosting / SSL certificate / domain name), I might put a donation button somewhere, but you'll never have to pay a dime. It's also my own way of trying to give back to the Wurm Online community. I think it would help the economy and make it easier to transport goods in Wurm for a living. I'm sure it would help new players get started with trading too. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys think. I'm open to all questions and suggestions. Happy Wurming! On a side note: Can I use the server maps from the game? The terms of service are a little vague "CodeClub approves of sharing User Generated Material based on video, music, sound or screenshots from our game Wurm Online." I mean, I could take a screenshot of the server maps, but it wouldn't really be "user generated".
  2. Was passing by a colossus a while ago that was renamed for a web site, and started wondering about having larger signs or billboards ingame. Perhaps even be able to add custom images or select from a pre-loaded list.
  3. Wurm is about tasks and communities and interactivity between players, communities must have a proper way of communication. You must be able to leave a message to get things done, know and organized. independent of time a story happens. even the cavemen had notice board like thing, rock engravings Deeds have MOTD but it is extremely limited Notice board from Dragons Dogma game A message board will give us a new way of communication. we have a recruitment board that is specific to recruit people to the villages, it is global. The notice board function as a recruitment board, but local, you must be in front of a specific board to read/write, without a global connection. on it we can make requests, offer services or search for services and applications that we can accomplish. It must be planted on deeds and you can setup some options. you can set if the notice board is: --private only deed citizens can write/read --public everyone can write/read, but the outsiders/foreigner *non-citzens* must have a paper to write a message there and has a limit of 1 message in 48h or if the old message is removed, a new one can be placed without wait 48h. so we give more utility to the paper --public read only outsiders can read the board but cannot write messages. a good way to find outsiders workers or services -Citzens can write without paper, but are limited to 2 mesagens every 48 hours or if the old message is removed, a new one can be placed without wait 48h -A message/post stays on board for 1 week and then disappears, making room for new message (or if the person who wrote the message or a moderator, mayor and a any role with moderation permission removes the message/s to making room for new messages. The amount of messages a notice board supports can be based on quality under 10ql = notice board is useless (no messages can be written) 10ql = 5 messages 20ql = 10 messages 30ql = 15 messages 40ql = 20 messages 50ql = 25 messages 60ql = 30 messages 70ql = 35 messages 80ql = 40 messages 90ql = 45 messages 100ql = 50 messages On popular crowded public markets, this would work relly well Players can post requests, search a specialist in a particular area, offer service, etc. If you are looking to offer work in digging, simply go to the board and post it, leave there the price of your service and wait a contact. need an experienced priest? write on notice board you are looking for one. Having problems with trolls in your area? leave a message looking for a warrior... with the mayor and who else set as moderator, the board will always be organized and tasks, requests, general messages already completed and/or performed can be removed before the message disappears alone in 1 week More than one board can be placed in a deed, so we can have private and public boards if necessary. English is not my primary language, so sorry for the errors
  4. I've noticed the following while making floorboards and i think there's something glitchy here: I've made a woodscrap pile on the grass with 118x woodscraps (weight 2.00 each maplewood) by accident. Naturally nothing can be dropped here (That place is too littered with items already.) Then i take maplewood planks and nails in inventory and create an unfinished birchwood (!?)floorboard right on top of the pile. The pile now contains 119 items (reported correctly as 'pile of maplewood items', 'A pile of items. It is made from maplewood.' although one of them is displayed as birchwood when opened). I added 5 unfinished planks this way on top of the woodscrap pile, and then I stopped addind because there seemed no end in sight and the point was made. The unfinished birchwood floorboard remained thus named in GUI no matter where i placed it (i moved it to small cart and back to inventory). Then i continued on it with another maplewood plank {both in inventory}, its name didn't change, but when i moved it to the small cart it showed as unfinished maplewood floorboard. The same when i added the last plank of cedar, when it still displayed in inventory birchwood or maplewood, but when i moved it to the small cart it became cedarwood. Stable client, with option 'show item material' enabled.
  5. I have a lot of ideas for ships, tell me what you think: We should be able to move around in the ship instead of just being fixed in place behind the helm or standing as crew, you should also be able to use a gangplank to load carts catapults and another addition idea cannons, it would also be cool if the ship hand multiple floors where you can have deck, bedrooms etc and cargo hold, there should also be ship v ship combat but requires at least two crew including the commander, these are just a few but the only decent ones.