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  1. Is this related to the reason why the planets are vibrating in the sky?
  2. Lormere Clean Up

    I agree, I'll help.
  3. Additional: Drinking a ale from a beer stein (I know I shouldn't be doing it because of above) causes the entire load of liquid to be removed without a drinking action being triggered.
  4. I haven't done much with hives yet, but here is some information derived from the real world that might help. Sugar in the hive is a feeder for when there is not much food about, bees will feed from the unprocessed pollen collected, so if you are providing sugar you will discourage them to forage. The amount of honey produced should be based on the season, the "honey flow" is normally in the spring. The bees will unlikely create honey from sugar, they will eat the sugar there isn't enough other compounds in the feed to make them see it as a reserve that can be used to feed pupa.
  5. Other liquids like gravy and stock are not affected or not affected as much, this bug is relating to product level liquids like alcohols. The above post was written whilst testing each method out as I was writing it using beer, gin and brandy and the bug was confirmed for each. This is relating to items that have meta, things like gravy appear to loose some of that information as its processed and in some cases don't have any at all if its an intermediate. For example, a pie doesn't know that you used a herb in the gravy after you used a herb in the main recipe. I could be wrong there, but from my experiments that seems to be how its working, whether that is intended behaviour or not I don't know.
  6. You can take some out, drink it get nothing, put it back and it work again as long as you put it back to a barrel that contains a drink unit that still has its meta it will combine just fine. So it can be combined, had several stills running and all the distillate is consolidated into one barrel and it still works. Taking a measure of a liquid is loosing its data and you just get a copy of an item of the required type directly from its prototype leaving the "source item" still in the barrel which can be edged down little by little until you have a 0.01 amount in the barrel which still contains the data. Moving this item into the barrel that contains the rest of its volume then restores the data to the larger volume again. So you can move it from barrel to barrel all in one go, or move it in smaller quantities as long as the final 'drop' is put in there with it. This bug occurs whether using 'fill' or DnD and is affecting all known types of containers.
  7. Hi, I'm very pleased to hear you are enjoying it so far. And yes you are correct a regular schedule is what is needed, I am planning when my show is going to be and when more DJs get on board they will also be scheduled. I just haven't put a schedule section on the page yet because .. well ... the cooking update is cool isn't it hehe ... but seriously you are right and that is something you will see on the page soon. Do you mean right there on the page? if you use VLC or something it should show up, but sure I can certainly put that on the page too. I'm also going to change the listener module to something a little better i had some feedback that some people had problems with it. The chatbox is a nice idea but as its based around Wurm Online we should probably keep all that there, and yes the moderation is just another thing to deal with. Also, I have been thinking about a link that opens a new window that will self resize small and contains only the player so streamline it a little, any thoughts on this? I'm working on doing some competitions and silly giveaway type thing to which I think will help attract listeners as you said, I don't think I'll give away money, but items etc would be cool. ~Morlanius
  8. Sounds good, you would need to be able to run to a minimum time of 1 hour though but it sounds like it should be a good show. I sent you a PM with details on how to get started, its a two step process but pretty simple, just get some software you are comfortable using, perhaps do a few practice runs without a streamer and then follow the directions in the PM and I'll activate your accounts. There will be a schedule on the main radio page but at the moment I'm waiting for some more people to jump on board as DJs. So if anyone else is out there that would like to do a show then please contact me via PM in the forums or in game any time! ~M
  9. Sorry, I messed up. Bearfoot Stonedown should be on the island at 3005, -6221
  10. Bearfoot Stonedown is on the island at 4936,-3736 Thanks
  11. Hi, I have been trying to work out the recipe for "gravy" but unable to find it. I think I have found one route via the lore system but it requires "stock". I can not work out how to create "stock" so I can not test this either. I have at this time spent 5 hours, i have asked if anyone else has found it and nothing, and 3 other in my group have also tries combinations. I have tried every combination I can at the moment to create "stock" and nothing so far. If the route to "gravy" isn't the one I am currently chasing then I suspect that there is no recipe for either "gravy" or "stock".
  12. In light of recent events I feel it is necessary to clarify a few things. The radio station is "pre-licienced" eg: LOML is in place and PPL is pending whilst the PRS are aware of WOCR and I have been assured that we have a brief leeway where the LOML will be sufficient until it has been shown that a PPL is "worth getting". The systems I am putting in place and does use an external forum however this is only for use by DJ's and accounts are manually activated by me (see note below) The actual casting server also requires a login, these will be created for you if you join and you can change the password from the control panel. This is a FREE service both for listeners and for DJs alike. NOTES Anyone signing up t be a DJ will need to sign up to the forum, I would HIGHLY advise that you create your account using a unique password that you have not used ANYWHERE else before. The reasons for this should be obvious but for clarity I will explain: The forum does not allow admins to inspect passwords which are stored encrypted and on a secured server. This being said I do not want WOCR to be implicated in any of this drama with 3rd party sites, this is NOT what WOCR is aiming to do. If you sign up as a DJ and at any point you indicate/mention that you are using a repeat password, I will suspend your account with the required action to change your password. I am concerned that since the 3rd party site drama happened people are put off joining this project and this post is an effort to put peoples minds at rest, if you follow the advice I outlined here you should feel completely at ease using this. WOCR is a community project that is being privately funded, set-up and maintained again I would like to state that this is in no way endorsed by WurmOnline or Code Club AB, this is something we are doing by and for the community.