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Found 14 results

  1. I haven't really done artwork like this before, but I have a few art projects I am working on I am also making a custom t-shirt with some summer inspired artwork but its not shown here, just felt like sharing, Thanks for looking! "Summer Vibin Pineapple"Orignal painting done on 9x12 paper. Summer inspired artwork.Medium: Derwent Watercolor Pencils & Black Artist's Pen.Surface: Watercolor Paper Created: 3.4.2022
  2. Hi, I would like to suggest a change of the maple syrup harvest. It would be nice to have it change to a more realistic time in the calendar. Right now maple syrup harvesting is almost in the middle of summer time but in reality it should be in springtime, when the nights are still cold, water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree. During the day, the warmer temperature creates pressure that pushes the water back down to the bottom of the tree, making it easy to collect. And when syrup here is harvested, it's spring but there is still snow out. It's the first days of spring that in day time, its warm but at night it's still very cold so the snow melts but slowly still. And right now on the wurm calendar the only thing we can harvest are pine nuts in wintertime and then it's almost 10 days before the next harvest. Having the maple moved to the springtime would make those months a little less boring for foresters and a little more realistic.
  3. What's up, fellow Wurmians? Today I bring you Wurm Agent 1.2 (Well, to be fair, Today I've brought it to Google... Google will bring it in a few hours to you ). I've been working on this since I've had time, because I wrote down every single suggestion you made and I honestly wanted to improve the app. Some suggestions are still out of my reach, but most of them are not... and here it is the new version with those features I could implement. I've made a new design, trying to use "Material Design", a guide with some UI principles made by Google. I'm sure some people will like it, some will not. I can't really decide... Sure it looks cleaner but... well, I don't know. Of course, even if I have checked everything... bugs will appear. Please post any error or bug you may find! Remember, I honestly want to keep Wurm Agent free, mostly because a lot of things are not made by me: Art, data... So Wurm Agent is and always will be free. However, donations are appreciated. If you believe my work is worth a tip, Now, some screenshots from the new version (the server selection menu actually hides some new features... those will be a surprise... nah, not really, changelog after the screenshot): Changelog: v.1.2.0 * New design, trying to use "Material Design"; * Added Storm, the new Challenge Server; * Seasons now sorted by time; * Added twitter feed, separated in 3 categories: Uniques, Deeds and Other * Added a timer during game's night time, showing real time until dawn. Get it on Google play!
  4. We made a Season calculator for our village website. On the home page, you can see what, if anything, might be season right now in Wurm, so you don't have to log in to find out. AND I made a calculator to tell you when something will be harvestable in the future, so you can be sure to log in that day if you need something, like grapes or apples. Currently harvestable: Go here to see what's harvestable right now: Future Seasons: Go here to find out when something will be harvestable next: These are based on the calendar by Yaga on Wurmpedia's Time page and Seasons page plus some additional observational data.
  5. Hello there guys. Recently after a few winters I came up with an idea of body temperature. The feature would add a little more survivalish taste to the game. Below I will present what I would love to see and how would everything work. -Body temperature increases/decreases with certain seasons -The wind would decrease/increase the body temperature within time -Water and diffrent drinks cool the player down or make him warm (depends on drink) -Standing inside a finished structure would make the temperature drop slower -Standing near fireplaces, ovens, forges (lighted) would make the temperature increase -After dropping below a certain temperature or raising it too high player would take damage -Wearing certain clothes would either decrease the temperature or increase it (For an example cloth hoods and stuff on the desert and wearing furs at winter) Also! The newbs could get a perk that temperature will not hurt them for the first wurm year so the game would not beat the potatoes out of thier sacks. You get the idea. Tell me what you think about it in the comments!
  6. Tools like Wurm Assistant and wurmpedia are useful, hence my opinion versions of them should be integrated ingame. For example a craftable almanac or calendar for looking up what is harvestable on what seasons, the order of seasons, and how long in game time (and RL time) till said season.
  7. A recent thread has brought up some interest in restoring balance to the seasons by increasing the number of days (weeks) of winter in the Wurm calendar year. I'm sure many won't like this proposition, but for those of us who really do enjoy the snowflake-filled skies and powder white terrain this suggestion would be quite nice: please increase the number of days (weeks) of winter. This thread exists to gauge the interest level of an increased winter to balance out the seasons a little more. My own suggestion goes something like this: Autumn - 9 weeks Winter - 8 weeks Spring - 9 weeks Summer - 22 weeks Discuss your ideas, and try to keep the insults to a minimum please.
  8. Hi Me and my family made a server and we wanted to add the whole season changing and holiday events but we can't figure out how we do that, I tried searching how you can make a Halloween event or changing the season to fall, etc. but nothing has come up. We want to add and do the specials things on our server like Wurm Online does to theirs. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. this just a idea i had that i would like to sugest that maby in the future there is a island that is mainly coverd in snow for most of the time ecept the middle of summer. i personlay think this would be wonderfull because it would also make thigns harder as plants wouldent be growing as fast as the normal do so it would take longer for food and such things to grow meaing you could possably starve. there would also be the possabilty of most water being ice so you hafto mlet it first befour you could drink it . rember this was just a idea i had im only asking and would thin it would be a nice addition to the game thankyou
  10. Wouldnt it be great to have ice wolfs/golems, ent like mobs etc...? I think Wurm needs some new animals, maybe a bit more mythical ones rather than real ones
  11. Yes, spring is so great. But at the same time I know that some players miss winter. They dislike that winter is so short. Believe it or not have a lot of compassion for those folks on the other side of the fence. It just leaves me completely dumbfounded how Wurm can't see that letting use use SEASONS OVERRIDE will result in a better Wurm experience for its players. Further, happy players create positive outcomes for the success and future of Wurm. Please don't delete my thread just because you don't like what I have to say. No rules have been broken in the creation of this thread.
  12. Stagger the seasonal cycles so we can move around between servers to avoid undesired experiences. In my case, I hate winter and don't like fall much either. Note; I feel the the best solution, the one that maximizes customer happiness, is to let us override what season we see on our client. For some reason the devs seem to think their "vision" regarding seasons is more important than customer service.
  13. What I think would be really cool for Wurm is when winter comes wolves are changed to Snowy type wolves. Also bear's should go into hibernation in cave den's/ or a player built mine. This would also reinforce the idea of having a mine door so bear's don't go into your mine proving Wurm to be harder to play
  14. After having talked to people in game and reading over the forums it seems like winter is one of the more unpopular seasons in game. I believe there are some graphical changes that could be made to greatly improve the appearance and popularity of winter. Mu suggestions address what I believe to be at the heart of the issue, everything in winter looks the same, it's all snow, and relatively plain snow at that. While I believe this to be a fairly realistic portrayal, it is nonetheless monotonous and somewhat boring. Here are some things I have thought of that may reduce the monotony: Add some shading to the snow texture to imply unevenness such as that caused by wind or wet snow. Here is a link to a gallery of images of snow in other games of a variety of graphical styles and resolutions that may provide some inspiration. Have some terrain tiles look like something other than snow or muddy snow. I believe ice or ice with snow on it would be a very nice addition. I think rock tiles could work as ice, as could marsh and if possible reed and other primarily aquatic tiles. Here is a nice closeup image I found of the texture of ice that may provide insight into what I am thinking about: While the winter tress are, on the whole, very aesthetically pleasing, the smaller plants I have seen (most especially flowers but also grape vines) are rather unattractive. While there is a certain realism to this, I believe to improve the overall look of the season, some artistic license should be taken. I think the most attractive winter versions of these plants would be if they had just been covered in ice from a freezing rain storm, or perhaps if mid-season melt had cause some ice crystals to form on them or maybe even a version very similar to the original, but just covered in a light frost. Here are some examples: Obviously implementing some of these suggestions would take a fair amount of artist time/resources, but I think it would significantly improve the season that gets the least love and would help them all be more equally beautiful. If anyone else has any suggestions or comments they would be very welcome .