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  1. Could I please have Barony of Bones added to the map @ 12/Rish, dead centers of the Sandy Sea. Every one that lives there calls it the Sandy Sea btw, not sure if things like that are added.
  2. I would like to talk about what I personally have always wanted from a starter town in wurm, maybe it will help some of the designers in general. When I first popped into the howl all those years ago and started wandering around the area looking at the fantastic deeds, like Festival Cove, my priority was always finding a home base. I started a small mountain side deed on a goat trail near Tunnel Mart. Once I lived there I would journey back to FM every-once in a while to work on crafting in the presence of other players, yet retain my hideaway on my goat trail. So there are several elements here. A home base. Just to start out the game get your feet under you and understand the world, a safe place to explore from. Mechanically this means, to me, an inn were i can stay and actually keep things under lock and key, with accessible crafting facilities. Independence and social interaction. Its the name of the server, we are pve we crave to build explore ect... But for a long time I have wished there was a centralized city in the pve cluster, or better Indi, that people flocked to socialize trade or what ever. The problem with that dream is its mechanically not functional(currently). This would require a deed that was completely unlock except building and or terriforming and some way for players to secure their items with out moving them in say a wagon or something. Fantastic deeds. Then the howl was just one small building iirc "back in my day". Not seeing the most potential of the game in the first town fostered the desire to explore and see what other people were doing, like making a counter in the kitchen out of coffins. Also for the player that wants to create themselves a giant amazing deed right off the bat is a bit like spoilers. Not sure if any of this helps but its what I have always and still want from a starter deed. Not just a pretty painting to fall in on but a community in its own right a living city. ~Thanks for reading:D.
  3. Nw Xan Impalong

    I will be attending and providing potter services!
  4. I will be attending in a clay smith capacity, any rares I make and don't hide before then ill send you as additional prizes. I can provide my materials, assuming my friends dig me up some good clay:D.
  5. CEST time now 5:09:42PM Wednesday, April 15, 2015
  6. I have never seen such a united front in the Epic community. Silver lining.
  7. Hey is there a mailbox at the lodge? If not build one and ill cast on it. Just throwing it out there.
  8. Is headhunter still around?
  9. I'm a wandering Fo priest. I sail around the server. For a while know I have been casting boxes and turrets for free, I have a que for jobs. Pm me in game or on the forum for casts. All cast are free, i try to get above 70 but sometimes its about 50. A bed and food are always welcome.